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Random Stuff News August 26 2013

You Will Find... Games ; New Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wonder Weapon!!! Today’s Horoscope Tomorrow you will receive a special package. It has something to do with the origins of something.

Sports Atletico Madrid 5-0 Rayo Vallecano

Daft Punk’s Get Lucky streamed 100 million times


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English So in English class we are doing this 3 part project. There is part C part B and part A. Part C is a presentation. Part B is a comparison assignment. Part A is a 500 word story about the genre you are writing about in both part B and C. You have to do all 3 of the assignments to be able to get a 100% on this project. It is way to long for me. It has taken me 3 days after school to work on this and still I am not done. It is so long! You also have to correctly cite everything. It takes a long time to cite all. It is also kind of boring having to cite everything. Also comparing to different genres of books is kind of difficult. You also have 2 find novels that fit both a similarities and a difference. That thing IS hard!

Food Court. Most people say the new system is horrible. Why do it with the fingerprint when you have cash. Also sometime run out of money without even noticing. It is horrible. You start to feel sick when you don't eat. You get this feeling that make you want to scream “I AM STARVING�! You feel like if you where in the middle of a desert without food, and no water and simply you can not die. Having hunger us way to dangerous.

Origins The time of the arrival has arrived . The origin of the story. You should know what I am talking about. That precious moment when Richtofen, Nikolai, Dempsey and Takeo met. There the story started. They battled though hordes of zombies. Giant robots roam the place. They can destroy you in pieces with a single step. You can upgrade yourself with golden helmet so when this gigantic beasts step on you, you wont get killed. You can also build the 4 ultimate staffs, each powered by a different element. This are fire, snow, wind, and lightning. All of the 4 staffs can be upgraded. This stuff can be so powerful. Also the new drop, Zombie Blood, which tricks zombies into thinking that you are a zombie. When you get the shovel and get Zombie Blood you can dig to get extra perk slots so you can achieve up to 9 perks. The starting pistol has been changed to a Mauser. The Pack A Punched version of this gun in a BEAST! It has 150 1 hit kill bullets. The MP40 has returned as a wall gun around the map. This gun is pretty good. Also there is a new Pack A Punch that also includes a new Pack A Punch camo. A new World War 1 light machine gun has been added to the game. It is extremely good when Pack A Punched.

Random Stuff News  

Just Random Stuff. Simple but amazing.

Random Stuff News  

Just Random Stuff. Simple but amazing.