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Investment Grade Art from Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema

Investment Grade Art from Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema

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Archived Treasures Treasures Archived

Investment Grade Art from HISTORY Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema


ICONIC The Institute has selected from its vaults the rarest artistically and culturally significant movie posters from Mexico’s “Golden Age of Cinema” (1935-1960) for Giclée Limited Release.

This celebrated period of artistic achievement

represents a superb visual history of graphic design and illustration of international prominence. The vibrant color, history, and drama of this iconic collection provides a dramatic centerpiece for the distinguished collector. Many of these archived treasures have not been available for public viewing for over half a century.

Rarest Selection from our Vaults

Los De Abajo Juan Antonio Vargas Ocampo 1939

Las Islas Marias Juanino Renau Berenguer 1951

Soy Charro De Levita Ernesto Garcia Cabral 1949

Espuelas De Oro Jose G. Cruz 1947

Institute Vaults Institute Curator


Poster Art



AMBIANCE The aesthetic appeal of movie posters has elevated their status and transformed them into a unique form of art. Poster art speaks out and conveys a message through the artist’s creative talent and inspiration. As unique pieces of decor, they create a particular mood, define the ambience of the room, and reflect the collector’s personality. They now play a paramount and significant role in modern Interior Design worldwide.....from stately mansions to modern urban condos. Mexican cinema art is generally far superior to American theatre graphics of the same time period.

Poster Art

Digital Master from Original



AUTHENTIC Institute conservationists first meticulously prepare each poster for preservation by acid neutralization and “linen backing�. Skilled artists touch up fold lines and imperfections, if needed, using special paper fillers and pigments. The poster is then photographed using accurate, high resolution, high dynamic range imaging. The digital file may then be color matched while preserving the faded elegance and nostalgic beauty of the original poster. The Institute maintains these original posters and digital files as a timeless treasure for future generations.

Meticulous Restoration



Rumba Caliente Ernesto Garcia Cabral 1949

Meticulous Restoration Process


Investment Grade



HEIRLOOM Rare movie posters have skyrocketed in value making display of the original unwise.

The Institute’s acclaimed Giclée process creates rare fine art with

deeply saturated colors in the tradition of original stone lithography. Archival inks and substrates of museum specification are durable and fade resistant with a display life of between 125 and 175 years under normal indoor environmental conditions. These heirlooms may be enjoyed for generations and you will be remembered by your heirs as someone who knew the value of fine quality. Archival Giclées are recognized by dozens of museums and art galleries worldwide (such as The Metropolitan Museum , The Guggenheim, the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, and the National Museum of Mexico, among others) and they have mounted exhibitions or have purchased Giclées for their permanent collections.

Acclaimed Quality

Rincon Brujo JosĂŠ Spert, 1949 The only known original to exist.


Certificate of Authenticity

Instituto Del Cine Mexicano is represented by selected Fine Galleries and Authorized Art Dealers.

An embossed Certificate of Authenticity from the Institute

accompanies each major acquisition. For information on framing options, sizes, available artworks, and special orders, please contact an Institute representative.


Mexico’s Rich Cultural Heritage The artwork cannot be divorced from the time of its creation as it is created from the soil of Mexico itself. The hopes, dreams, fears, sorrows, social conditions, politics, dress, family values, customs, and heroes of the Mexican people, living not only in Mexico but the United States as well, are revealed in this important collection. Mexico’s rich cultural heritage is immortalized in this collection of art and it will always be relevant as other trendy themes come and go. You will easily discover artwork that speaks intimately to you.

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Instituto del Cine Mexicano

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