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Trabajo final: Entrances

Reading & writing

Profesora Suaza

Juan Esteban Chica Gomez

Universidad Del Quindío

Facultad de Educación

Programa de Licenciatura en Lenguas Modernas


Junio, 2012

Entrance Number 1. -Write about your performance in the previous semester, and about you academic expectations for this new semester. In my first semester, I was afraid because I didn´t know and didn´t understand English. Thus, every time a professor asked me something, I didn´t know what to answer. In many cases, I got bad grades because of this, but the professors always said me that I could get them better with a little more of effort; however, I felt very sad and disappointed. In some moment I thought that I could lose the semester and by this I felt still sadder, but thank Gad, I could win the semester and continue my studies. In my first semester I lived many interesting things that I will never forget, such as: I lived new experiences, lived without my family, met new professors, met new friends like: Sara, who is very intelligent and nice; Florencia, who is beautiful and a good friend; Sebastian, who is very funny; Jairo, who is my best friend; Laura , who is very special to me because she is a real friend; Daniela, who is an excellent person; etc. I had new responsibilities and sometimes I felt alone because I didn’t live with my family, but everything was an unforgettable experience. However, in this second semester I have new expectations, and I would like to continue learning new things and new experiences such as travel to others places, learn about new cultures, etc. I would like to be better with my English because I want to be an excellent professional, be more responsible with my homework and responsibilities to improve my grades, be more studious and dedicated to approve all my quizzes, follow up and exams, and be friendly with the people around me to get a lot of friends . In this new semester, I hope to know many people, get new friends and share more time with them and my old friends. In others words, for this new semester I have more expectations, new dreams and new responsibilities.

Entrance number 2. -Write about you: your personality, your hobbies, your family and friends. The most important aspect in my personality is that I am a very friendly person, because I try to be loyal, faithful, and honest; in general, I consider myself a good friend most of the time. I like to give advices to my friends to make them feel better. I like to help them when they need me because I love them and it’s necessary to support them. My best friends are: Zulay Jaramillo, Yudi Flores, Karen Sanchez, Juan David Muùoz, Luis Felipe Gutierrez, Maria Elena Baldion, Eliceth Ospina, Sebastian Garcia, Laura Rodriguez, Sara Martinez, Jairo Montoya etc. They are my best friends because they stay with me all the time and help me when I need them, they are very important to me and I love them so much. I like to spend time with them; I like to go out with them when I can, for example: go dancing and listening to music, go to the cinema, go to parties, go to trips. Also, I like to make fun with them. I like to chat and share some experiences on facebook, do sports and I also like to talk too much with my friends. I am also a cheerful, kind, responsible and respectful person because I always have a happy face, I always do my homework and I have never been a rude person. My weaknesses are my bad temper because sometimes I get angry easily and I am also a jealous person because sometimes I am very insecure of myself. Now, I am going to talk about my preferences: first, my favorite shows are glee, the walking dead, the Simpsons, American horror history, and others. Second, I also like to listen to music such as rock, pop, and ballads and my favorite singers are Rihanna, Britney spears, Adele, Bruno Mars, David Guetta, Laura Pausini, Katy Perry and others because they are very talented and I can feel their music. Third, I like to watch movies such as Titanic, Twilight, New Moon, Breaking Down, The Others, The Black Swan, Scary Movie, Avatar, and others. Fourth, my favorite food is chicken because it is delicious. Fifth, my favorite color is blue because it represents the sky and water. Finally, my favorite animal is fish because it is quiet and beautiful.

Entrance number 3. -Look for a quotation at and comment freely about it. “The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.� Ben Stein I chose this quotation because I think that Ben Stein says something that is very true, since, if we want to get something, we should know what we really want, how to get it, when we want that it comes into our lives, and if we are prepared to receive it what we have been waiting. It is very important to know what we want to be, to succeed in our lives. I like this quotation because I think that each person is responsible for his own life. I have very clear what I want for my life because is necessary to know our goals and our dreams to then make them come true. First of all, I want a lot of peace, tranquility, love, and wonderful people around me; I also want to graduate in my career and then be a professor of reading & writing. I can get it studying very hard and learning each important thing from my professors. I want that the job success and life success in general, arrive into my life when it is the right moment and I will be prepared to carry all the weight and the responsibilities that this brings whit it. However, in this moment I am not prepared to have a lot of responsibilities since first of all, I must study and get prepared to know how to face what it is to be an adult, but I hope that when i will be an adult, the life and my experiences in the university give me the possibility to receive everything that i want to reach and that God can give me. I hope that everything in my life will be like I have prepared it, since if i can make my dreams and goals come true, it will be something very important and rewarding to me and to people who love me and appreciate me.

Entrance number 4. - Free topic. You can write or create what you want.

My favorite singers. Around the world there are amazing and talented singers, which are my favorite. In the first place, there is Adele who is from West Norwood, South London, England; and she is only 24 years old. From my point of view she is the most amazing singer in the world because she has excellent songs with genres like pop and soul, emotive lyrics and greatest sounds. In addition, Adele has won over 77 awards to date, including eight Grammy Awards, three Brit Awards, and three American Music Awards. Secondly, Britney Spears who is also known as princess of pop. She is a beautiful and talented American singer with a long career in the music, full of success, controversy and serious problems. However, Britney is one of my favorite singers because she has awesome songs, incredible videos and excellent shows. She has been a strong and fighter woman and for this reason I admire her. I also like Enrique Iglesias because he manages genres such as Pop, Latin pop, R & B, dance-pop, soft rock, rap, which are very interesting to me, besides his songs contain romantic lyrics. Enrique is a Spain singer and is consider as the best Latin artist because he has had five Billboard Hot 100 top five singles, including two number-ones, and holds the record for producing 22 number-one Spanish-language singles on the Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks. Moreover, there is Rihanna, since she is amazingly talented and her songs such as Umbrella, Rude Boy, Only Girl, What’s my name? , and others are awesome and contain different rhythms or genres. Rihanna has an excellent voice and an exotic beauty. My favorite Rihanna’s song is S & M because it is very funny. Finally, there is Katy Perry who is very beautiful, intelligent, talented and friendly. Her songs can be very romantic, sad, or funny. She has excellent songs and excellent videos such as California girls, Teenage Dream, Firework, I Kissed a Girl, or Part of me which is her last song. In conclusion, my favorite singers are talented and they can offer me good, different, varied and emotional music. Entrance number 5. -write about one important news this week, national or international. Explain it with your owns words.

“Outpouring in Chile over gay man's death” In Chile, a young gay man of 24 years old called Daniel Zamudio, was attacked because of his sexual orientation in a city park and then he died due to strong injures in his body. Zamudio’s attackers beat him for an hour, burned him with cigarettes and carved Nazi symbols on his body. In the Zamudio house, which was decorated with white flowers and white balloons, hundreds of neighbors gathered to say the last goodbye to the young and then they take him to the cemetery for his funeral. On the road to the cemetery, people held up signs in memory of Zamudio and demanding new laws against these acts of vandalism. Only close family was inside the cemetery. Other people were near to the musicians and speakers, who celebrated Zamudio´s life. Fortunately, after Zamudio died authorities arrested to the potential murderers of the young identified as Raul Lopez Fuentes, 25, Patricio Ahumada Garay, 25, Alejandro Angulo Tapia, 26, and Fabian Mora Mora, 19. The United Nations passage of an anti-discrimination law and proclaimed this: "We deplore the violent criminal act that took the life of this young man and urge the Chilean Congress to pass a law against discrimination, including on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity, in full compliance with relevant international human rights standards The case should be seen in the wider context of hate-motivated violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons around the world". I think that these acts of discrimination are produced because some people cannot be tolerant and understand that in the world there are a big variety of different qualities and thoughts. Entrance number 6. -Storytelling: create a story and narrate it. Animal Princess.

people with

Once upon a time, a princess called Clara, who lived with her parents the King Robert III and the Queen Marietta in a big castle. Clara was so beautiful like her mother, so strong like her father and so intelligent like both, but she had something special, something different, she could take several animal’s forms. This situation was very hard for her parents, who didn’t know what would make with her, since they feared that she could be a danger. Once, while Clara played with some animals in the forest, she saw a handsome Prince that was coming towards her, the Prince which name was Edward stopped in front of her and said: “You are the most beautiful girl that I have seen in my life", but Clara only ran away. The Prince who had fallen in love with Clara ran behind her, however, he only saw several wolves, ignoring that Clara had taken this form. The next day, in the morning Edward sent his servants to search to the beautiful girl, and when he knew that she was the princess Clara immediately he went to searched her. When Edward arrived to the castle, he spoke with the kings about his intentions to marry with the princess and they accepted it thinking that it could be benefit for Clara. At night, the Kings told their daughter the good news and she only smiled happily because she also had fallen in love with Edward. By the time in that the Prince and the Princess began to go out together, they fell in love even more. Everything was special and different for Clara, who had not returned to make some strange animal. She and her parents thought that it stranger quality had come to its end, but just one day before the wedding, the prince went to visit Clara and saw a big dragon, which was destroying the castle and throwing fire everywhere, Edward trying to save the princess fought against the dragon and finally killed her. However, the dragon was actually his future wife, who before to die, took her original form and said “forgives me for I didn't tell you who I was actually". The Prince cried while he kissed her and swore her eternal love Entrance number 7. -Write about your learning experience in each component during the previous month. The Previous Month.

During the previous month I learnt a lot of things in each English component. First of all, in Listening and Speaking II, I learnt the differences between minimal pairs, which are words that differ in only one phonological element and in many cases were very difficult for me, especially when I needed to listen it. I had problems to identify these words and its sounds, but fortunately I learnt to identify some of these; however, sometimes I have problems with minimal pairs. I also learnt to fight against my fear for public speaking and I improved my pronunciation. I like this component because the professor Alvarez is an excellent person, besides she always gives us opportunities for be better in our homework and get excellent grades. Second, in Grammar II, I learnt first and second conditional, past perfect, past simple, present continuous, present prefect, present simple and tag questions. I like this component because Rene is very funny and he is making games all the time. This component is very necessary and funny, besides I can understand it easily. Third, in Reading & Writing II, I learnt how to handle a dictionary correctly, which is very necessary to save time when we want to know some word’s meaning. I also learnt about reading mechanisms such as: scanning, skimming, predicting, inferring and guessing, which are methods to make easier, understandable and comfortable reading. At the end, I learnt about the narrative paragraph, which is my favorite because I like to write about fantasy histories or storytelling. I enjoy Reading & Writing II because this is my favorite component, besides I feel comfortable whit this area. The professor Alexandra Suaza is who teaches this subject, she is very intelligent, beautiful, hard worker and responsible. Finally, in Spanish II, I learnt about speech, description and pragmatic. The professor Alejandro was always very polite, responsible, intelligent and understandable. In conclusion in the previous month I learnt several important things, which are very useful for me. Entrance number 8. -Look for a 1 or 2 minute video on and transcribe its content. Listen, pause and write.

There’s a place where people never believed impossible was a word. A place where the rivers wanted to be an ocean and the ocean grew weary of the solitude and joined the waterfall, the mountain, the snow peaks and even another ocean. A place where the past leaves harmoniously with the future and the word infinity is written on the colors of the beach, the mountains, the jungle and the sky. A place that challenges the imagination every single day. A place called COLOMBIA. No one can imagine what Colombia is like. The sea really has seven colors, where the angels go on vacation. The beauty of the variety of animals, the energy of the river, the jungle, the adventure of my life. A walled city open to the world without knowing, you fall in love. If you feel close to the sky, in fact you are in the subsidiary of heaven in the salsa’s capital. A paradise where whales come from vacation. It´s magical and full of colors and contrasts. A place that surprises you every day in a different way. The city that blooms and never goes out of fashion. The city of the everlasting spring. A country full with history and culture, where you arrive one day and when you leave, you know you must return. A country of people who welcome you with open arms and a cup of coffee on the table. Catch (us) the passion of the Colombian people, the people you always want to have close by. The most beautiful people in the world, you feel alive and you realize that Colombia is not what you thought it was.

A place where you will be surprised every day in a different way. Where reality can be magical and where happiness is just around the corner. Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay.

Entrance number 9. -Look for a quotation at and comment freely about it. “Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, for love is not ours to command.” Alan Watts I chose this quotation, since I consider that although it is beautiful and tell us something very real, it contains a thought that I always have shared. Love is something very complicated and confuse, generally it is very hard to understand and sometimes is difficult to appreciate, but in other cases it is amazing, incredible and fantastic. Love can give us peace, tranquility, joy, fun, big smiles, beautiful thoughts, and make us act in a strange way, like in the fairy tales. However, love can be sad, hard to bear, bitter and sometimes can make us drop tears. This feeling is easy to feel, but very hard to forget; for this reason is necessary to know to whom we give our hearth and our love, for then not be a heartbroken. Love is so complex that it cannot be faked, it cannot be act and it cannot be forced. Before, I could not understand and could not believe it and I almost always think that love could be forced, but I discovered that love chooses freely and without telling us anything. When we fall in love, we don’t think of anything or anyone, we only think in ourselves and in this special person, which our heart chose. Most of the times we don’t look at the defects of the person who we love and only see good things and values, and maybe this is our mistake since idolizing someone in this

way is a big mistake. However, love is like this and it doesn’t look in things like that, love is born and developed like all in the world. Love is like a little baby, who makes the things without fear. Entrance number 10. -Free topic, you can write or create what you want. Animals in Danger of Extinction. Around the world there are 6 species of animals in extreme danger of extinction. First, the Siberian Tiger, who is the largest living felid and ranks among the biggest felids that ever existed. This animal is in danger of extinction because the increased logging and construction of roads, forest fires, and poaching, since, hunters are hunting the tiger for its valuable skin. There are only approximately 200 specimens. Second, the Angel Shark, which is unusual gender of sharks with flattened bodies and broad pectoral fins that give them a strong resemblance to rays. This special is disappearing because the result of over fishing and bycatch, habitat loss and destruction, and its primary food source becoming more limited due to plunging fish stocks. Third, the Polar Bear that is considered as the world's largest land carnivore and also the largest bear. The polar bear is in danger of extinction because global warming is causing the ice caps to melt and he needs the ice to survive, besides, people hunt the bear because its soft skin, which is very useful to make coats. Fourth, the Sea Turtle is disappearing because is being taken for its shells, jewelry, meat which is considered as a delicacy in luxury restaurants. The Sea Turtle is a reptile that inhabits all of the world’s oceans except the Arctic. Fifth, there is the Blue Poison Frog which is typically found in South America. These species are diurnal and often have brightly-colored bodies. Although all wild dendrobatids are at least somewhat toxic, levels of toxicity vary considerably from one species to the next and from one population to another. This animal is disappearing because indigenous people are using its poison in weapons. Finally, the Nile Crocodile, is an African crocodile, these primordial brutes reach a maximum size of about 20 feet (6 meters) and can weigh up

to 1,650 pounds (730 kilograms). This animal is in danger because humans are hunting it for their skin, which is made into shoes, belts and bags. In conclusion these animals are endangered and we should help them before it is too late. Entrance number 11. -Write about your dreams and wishes. When I was a little kid, I always dreamed to be a doctor to help sick people and win good money I have been at the university since August, 2011. I decided to study modern languages because I think that this degree could give me the possibility of having a lot of chances in my future. I think that the know others languages is a big experience. When I arrived at the university, I felt very worried because I didn’t know anything and I didn’t know anyone, but nowadays I feel very happy because I have known a lot of people and I have been learning new things. Therefore, I miss my family and my city. I have another dream, which is be an important actor, since I like everything about this career.

Entrance number 12. Write about one important news this week, national or international. Explain it with your own words. “Everest season ends with 150 reaching summit” This Saturday an incredible number of climbers reached the summit of Mount Everest to celebrate the end of season, around 150 people reached the top of the 8,848-metre

mountain; fortunately this week had fewer accidents than the previous one, since the last week there were 4 deaths. While some experts reported that the weather could be bad, a good weather saw more than 250 climbers reach the top of the world. Although the season has already come to an end, there are still some climbers who want to reach the top in the next days. Some people who could climb the great mountain were Wasfia Nazreen, 29, who was climbing the mountain to celebrate 40 years of Bangladeshi independence and Prakash Dahal, who is from Nepal. However, some bad things happened, such as the death of

four climbers from

Germany, South Korea, China and Canada who died while descending from the crowded summit area last weekend, which saw 150 people reach the summit before a severe windstorm set in. Experts say that Mount Everest is a danger place, which has now claimed more than 220 lives; they also say that inexperienced climbers were making the mountain more dangerous. According to Eberhard Jurgalski the record number of ascents in one day is 169 on May 23. 2010. Entrance number 13. Look for a 1 or 2 minute video on and transcribe its content. Listen, pause and write. This is Andrew Klavan on the culture. As the New Year begins, I hear you asking: “what do we mean by our culture?� Maybe that was just me.

In any case Western Culture began with a democracy in Ancient Athens. There, since Christianity hadn’t started yet, everyone was gay. As a result, theater thrived… including the ground breaking production of Sophocles’ Antigone which dramatized an extraordinary question: “doesn´t individual have a natural right to defy the power of the state in order to obey the gods?” Unfortunately, there were very few Jews in Athens at the time, so no one actually went to the theater, and Antigone folded out of town. There were Jews, however, in Jerusalem. One of them Jesus of Nazareth seemed too many to personify the presence of their one God lending to individual man an authority and worth that superseded the prerogatives of both Church and State. Church and State celebrated the joyous revelation with their traditional banquet, followed by a crucifixion. A clever plan to make sure Jesus philosophy would never spread. Now, within the crucible of the Roman Empire, Jesus inspired Christianity united the visions of Athens in Jerusalem. Giving western man the raw materials he needed to understand the imperative of individual liberty. He also had the raw materials he needed to invent the light bulb, but he didn’t do that either. Instead, Rome was overwon by savage tribes who spent the next fifteen hundred years “slavering” one another while working out the ramifications of Christian loving-kindness. This blood’s omelet was known as Europe. And despite all these wars and persecutions and French people, it managed to create the single greatest culture the globe has ever known. Bach and Mozart, Shakespeare and Dante, Leonardo and Michael Angelo,Descartes and Newton. A culture whose spirit informed the stunning moment in 1776, when the most brilliant group of political thinkers ever born gathered in Philadelphia to declare: “individual man has a God given authority and worth that supersedes the prerogatives of both Church and State”. Why didn’t we think of that before? Those began the United States of America, which led the western world to its freest and most prosperous era yet, and the story continues to this day, I think.

Actually I have to get back to on that... so stay tuned to PJTV for this year’s cleaving on the culture.

Entrance number 14. -Free topic, you can write or create what you want. My Family. Each member of my family has special qualities, which makes them unique to me. First of all, my mother Nora Gomez, who is the reason of my life because she gave me the chance to live. My mother is intelligent, hard worker, responsible, respectful, and reliable. I love her so much because she is my confident, my accomplice, she always understands me, and I can always count on her. My mom always knows how to do everything very good, in other words, she is the best mother in the world. Second, my sister Laura Alejandra, who is very intelligent, very pretty, funny, friendly, responsible, but sometimes she is annoying, and disorganized. However, she is my little princess because she is only 12 years old. I love her so much and she is always in my heart. Third, my cousin Natalia, who is like a friend because, put my trust in her, my secrets and important facts about my life. She is reliable, beautiful, friendly, nice and very interesting. She and I studied together in the high school because we have the same age. Fourth, my cousins Camilo and Santiago. They are very intelligent, funny, mischievous, good students and responsible. I love them so much because they are very similar to me and I like when they go to visit us. Fifth, there is my aunt Victoria, who is the twin sister of my mother and Santiago and Camilo’s mother. She is like my second mother because she is always giving me advice, helping me, and giving me a lot of love. She is my favorite aunt and I like to share time with her and her sons. Finally, there is grandmother Mercedes, who is dead. She was one important person in my life because she always gave me a lot of love, affection, and bear hugs. She was very funny, outgoing, kind, sincere, etc. My grandmother was a strong woman all her life, she always wanted be a leader and

guide her family on the right way. She was very special to me and I never forget her, no one could forget her. In conclusion my family is unique because they have important things, which make them very special to me.


Algunas experiencias que vivi en el segundo semestre de licenciatura en lenguas modernas estan escritas en este documento.


Algunas experiencias que vivi en el segundo semestre de licenciatura en lenguas modernas estan escritas en este documento.