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The Capacity Of Our Mind


ď‚— Smartphones and smartphones are a new

form of mobile phones that incorporate much more processing power and mobility than traditional devices. The development of microelectronics technology and telecommunication networks is what has made ​possible its appearance and its popularization, so they are one of the most demanded technology multifunction devices today by users.

Predominant brands


IOS VS ANDROID  IOS  For beginners, iOS is a great

operating system due to its simplicity, making it extremely intuitive, but according to advance the knowledge of the user, iOS is losing potential. Apple likes to have everything under control and your operating system is very specialized.

 On the positive side, this allows a

greater advantage for those who are content with things made factory, and it is certain that their applications are very well made ​and thought out, but for those who like to tinker a little phone and modify to your liking, will not be easy.

 Applications for iOS work as well for

the mere fact that Apple controls and develops both applications and the operating system, so always make sure you have a customization with very high standards.

 Android


 Android is a great operating system, but as everyone has positive parts and negative parts. The highlight of Android is that, despite being a slightly complicated for those who do not come from a mobile smartphone, as you acquire fluency, phone experience is greatly improved operating system.  In addition, Android is a highly customizable operating system, even though it needs to invest time and technological knowledge to create our own customizations, the fact is that there is great support from the community of users that can solve many of your problems.  One of the worst things about Android are updates. Each company chooses the number of updates that will give each smartphone, and can Serque yours is left out of the list of cut and finish with a completely outdated version of Android (or at least a couple of versions behind the latest in the market)

FUTURAS TCNOLOGIAS PARA SMARTPHONE ď‚— Today, when most cell phone users are

learning and beginning to take advantage of modern third generation networks (3G), the mobile phone companies and technology manufacturers are already thinking-and working-in the next step, 4G networks, which allow the cell can be, without limitation, all that can be done today with a desktop computer, including video calling, entertainment with interactive real-time games, and watch videos from the Web. In addition, with the new network, improve the quality of communications and new services appear


stunt riding

ď‚— Motorcycle stunt riding, sometimes


referred to as simply stuntriding, is a motorcycle soport characterized by stunts involving acrobatic maneu vering of the motorcycle and sometimes the rider. Common maneuvers in stunt riding include wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts. sports bikes have become a common vehicle for stunts.

History ď‚— A wheelie on a motorized vehicle is nothing new. In drag racing they are considered a problem, robbing power that could be used to accelerate the vehicle faster, and many classes of drag racing use wheelie bars to prevent them. ď‚— But those are for vehicles specifically built for drag racing, which rarely are street-legal, or unmodified from stock. In contrast, since at least the 1970s, some motorcycles straight from the showroom floor were able to be wheelied. ď‚— In the late 1980s and continuing today, motorcycles, and especially sportbikes, have become lighter and more powerful, and have therefore become easier to wheelie. Other stunts have also become possible if not easy with the advancement of motorcycle technology. As Martin Child wrote in Bike, "With lighter, shorter, betterbraked bikes on the market, the stoppie has never been so easy for so many."[1] But at the same time, the cost of a motorcycle has remained relatively low compared to other street-legal vehicles with similar power-toweight ratios.

Motorcycle stunt riding, sometimes referred to as simply stuntriding, is a motorcycle sport characterized by stunts involving acrobatic maneu vering of the motorcycle and sometimes the rider. Common maneuvers in stunt riding include wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts. Sport bikes have become a common vehicle for stunts.

ď‚— In the 1990s some riders made

performing stunts the primary focus of their riding. A wheelie or other stunt was not just something to do while riding, it became the main goal in riding.



Skateboarding is a sport played with a skateboard or skate on asphalt or on a track specially designed for this sport (Skatepark). It is to seek beauty test the ability of the exponent, get spins, or glide long rails, edges of platform and other urban elements. This extreme activity is related to street culture, and under the name of the sport is a great culture, there is set to begin at this age mode, the only requirement is to raise your adrenaline pumping. Skateboarding merged with the punk and new wave music. In turn, the artwork and graphics also played an important role culturally. The skate appropriated a style of music closely related to punk bands like The Ramones, Minor Threat, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. The world of skateboarding took shape thanks to brands like Airwalk, Vans and Vision and a world about movies and books and creating a culture of skateboarding that continued into the 90s and today.

 Skateboarding is a sport practiced by

young people from all walks of life, some do it just for fun look but others consider it as a profession.  The skate was created by surfers in the 70's by their inability to surf  every day of the year. For this took a shorter table and wheels were added. At first the skate only based on down grades and do some

the best skaters in history ď‚— TONY HAWK ď‚— Anthony Frank Hawk (born

May 12, 1968 in San Diego, California), better known as Tony Hawk, is an American skater. It is considered the best skateboarder in the world on vert (half-pipe) [citation needed] and one of the most versatile and skilled, it is also considered one of the best in the vertical skateboarding (downhill skateboarding) [citation needed], because his great ability and frequent practice [citation needed], but does not have much practice in the flatland.

Rodney Mullen  John Rodney Mullen was

born on August 17, 1966 in Gainesville, Florida. It is a professional skateboarder. considered one of the most influential in the history of skateboarding and the father of street skateboarding. [citation needed]  He has invented a number of tricks in the 80s and early 90s, including the Kickflip, the Heelflip, the 360 ​Flip, impossible tricks used in the most common styles of skateboarding: Vert, Street and Freestyle.



history of graffiti ď‚— A late sixties teenagers in the city of New York began to write their names on the walls of their

neighborhoods , but actually used pseudonyms , and an identity being created on the street. These guys write for your friends or even for his enemies . Perhaps the most significant and also the best known of all is that of Taki 183 , a boy of Greek origin at the age of 17 he began to put his nickname. His real name was Demetrius (hence the nickname " Taki " ) and 183 was the street where he lived ( put the name of the street was an element used by many more writers ) . Taki worked as a messenger and traveled constantly on the subway from one side to another of the city. On the way stamped his tag (signature ) on all sides , inside and outside the car . The did not consider it as a bad thing , actually was responding to questions posed to him in an interview in the New York Times : "It's just something I have to do. Work, pay my taxes and do not hurt anyone. " These actions made ​him a hero and soon hundreds of young people began to imitate him.

"They were unreachable for the rest of humanity  Some of the writers. of that era also

 

featured were: Frank 207 , 127 Chew , Julio 204 , Barbara 62 ... In principle not seeking style , just wanted to appear on all sides . It is from here when came the boom and hundreds of teenagers started to put his name all over the city , necessitating the creation of a style, both in calligraphy , and the methods of implementation or even locations used for this purpose . For example , Soul 1, a writer in the area of Manhattan , went on to write his name halfway up the sides of buildings. Tracy 168 quoted : "They were unreachable for the rest of humanity . It seemed he could fly . " We could also highlight the story of Bama , whose desire to outdo the other in terms of location of their painted him to try to write your name at the top of a mountain in upstate New York. What was his surprise when the away the branches and clean the surface saw that he had advance: "Shit ." He complained the boy . A famous case was that of Seen to paint his name in huge letters on the very sign of Hollywood Hill .


As for calligraphy , in principle used a quite legible , until the arrival in New York of a graffiti artist from Philadelphia named Top Cat , who said that all he knew about graffiti had learned at the legendary Philadelphia cornbread . He wrote his name in long thin letters close together. They were hard to understand, but just that made ​them stand out from the others and called the attention of the rest , so that a large number of writers of Manhattan adopted their style and named it as " Broadway Elegant" . As against Brooklyn writers invented their own style, which consisted of more separate letters decorated with hearts, arrows , spirals ... And , of course, also had a period Bronx popularity style was the mixture resulting from the previous two . Although I must say that in the end each writer chose to create his own style. There came a time when the mass of firms was such that there was a need to focus on the size and color of the letters , giving rise to the first tags with " outline" ( steak or borderline ) initiated by Super Kool and Phase 2 later perfected resulting in a fatter letters shaped and colored : bubble bubble letters or letters . From this was born the now famous then throw up or vomited , which as the name suggests , are pieces spontaneous and quick delivery . Other letters are block letters , like legible labels . But beyond competitive zeal , and the obsession with getting popularity and respect comes to artistic complexity such that the letters begin to even be difficult to understand, culminating in the Bronx Genuine style : Wild style or wild style .



Since the late seventies , graffiti reaches its peak with the addition of popular iconography images such as cartoon characters or cartoons , and even portraits and selfportraits in caricature ( these influences will be discussed later in special section ) . With the addition of these images appear in complex scene master pieces ( masterpieces ) , that in addition to distinguish the great masters of novices , significantly expanding the size of the works. The community burns expressive writing , and this leads to a state of fierce competitiveness that results in the rise of the famous Wars Style ( Style Wars ) for anything violent . This competition leads to alliances between writers. It is a very important as we face the birth of the crews (gangs , groups) . Your goal is to get stronger and thus get the respect of others. We must take into account the fact that there are more members of a group putting the same name simplifies the act of " being seen " ( gettin 'up ).

Some writers look for tricks to keep going in that particular fight . Others will seek other alternatives , one of which is to cross the Atlantic to Europe , announcing this subculture in the old continent ( this fact is a component of the subsequent diffusion of this culture on our continent , apart from others, especially favored by the media) . Apart from the special war with the MTA , a new character on the side of evil villain exercising and also contribute to declibe of writting . We talked about the crack that takes over the Big Apple and to top it off this lethal drug does not come alone , but brings everything surrounding a black market : Violence and money.

ď‚— It is a time in which a firearm is something available to anyone, and this somehow changes the mentality and spirit of many. But that's not all , they begin to enact laws restricting the sale of paint to minors , it requires sellers to keep paint under lock and harden penalties against graffiti.La writers straw that breaks the camel is not certainly the most damaging fact . Not enough to have the authorities

  

against but that society and even the media (through in many cases political campaign ) begin to turn against them . Arise brigades and even neighborhood associations that promote anti-graffiti campaigns , posters ... Arise ads on television and in the press trying to raise awareness of evil graffiti in society . All this makes the writers much more territorial and aggressive . This apparent decline is not nothing but a stage of respite from the imminent arrival that is upon us : A second boom .

Halfway through the decade of the eighties we have a period could be called as a survival phase . When all seems lost and the MTA as mistress of the situation and the Transit Police in full force when the tags , throw ups and other items begin to dwindle at an alarming or are so hidden that nobody sees , appears the new hero of the film that will rescue the graffiti of this dark pit. The explosion in the mid -eighties Hip- Hop movement rekindles the flame of culture Yorker writing . This encourages the teens again . Everyone wants to be b boys ( hip hop fans ) . The writers accompanied now by the breakers ( breakdancers ) and MCs ( rappers ) are again in the disparadero . From the West Coast (California ) news come relatively easy to paint freight trains , which encouraged many writers to take their cans (although many purists wrong Yorkers see graffiti in goods) . It also promotes the resurrection of the writing of the act unconsciously that begin withdrawing MTA damaged cars ( trash trains) to car scrap in Brooklyn , which makes underground enthusiasts load again driven by the hope of reviving the old and better times, or simply have a picture piece on a subway car Yorker . Whatever the writing emerges from the ashes , but the old days will never return.

one evolution with culture . ď‚— The European movement began in the mid eighties in principle brings us inside the package graffiti Hip- Hop ie , comes with two other elements of this movement , in principle, break-dance and rap ď‚— They start touring American writers in Europe and the Europeans by the graffiti mecca , where this art is taking over and settling in the streets , walls and appropriating the tennis sport in the city , following the custom today : Pieces commemorative tributes to the victims of AIDS and violence. This is followed by the proliferation of graffiti fanzines , they go from being in black and white photocopies of color magazines and even edited as publications from the legal point of view and , of course, the last great leap : The graffiti on the Internet where countless pages contain all kinds of photos and texts , reports, interviews with people , web sites dedicated to a single group or even a single writer, old school pages , pages of graffiti on trains , chats , forums and so on .

ď‚— All this and much more (events,

competitions, programs, increasingly frequent TV spots, festivals , album covers ... ) expanding and consolidating this street art futile effort despite the authorities ( and is even sometimes these promoters and funders of many of the events and / or activities) even into art galleries or generate money to the authors. The premises used increasingly to practice this act legally on the one hand encourage the development and integration of the phenomenon in society and disappointment and disagreement of the purists on the other . Just say that the art of writing has passed, like it or not , part of our streets , our neighborhoods, our cities ... In short , our lives , in a world in which the power of the image is the order of the day.

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