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? Wango is a cargo bicycle made to fit your necesities, we wanted to create the best cargo bicycle in the world, in order to achieve this goal, we had to be passionate for details. Taking in consideration the perfect balance between weigh, functionability, versatility.

? Wango consist in a blend of element that creates the best cargo bike experience, beign able to carry the things you love with security and confort. With our doku rail system you are able to insert things and take them off easilyl The doku system offers other manufacturesrs the possibility to adapt their products to our bike.

? Doku rail system is integrated all along the frame of the bike, giving you endless posibilities for carrying all the objects you love.

We used T6 grade aluminium wich offers the strongest resistance due to its heat treatment prior to wielding. The handlebar and the fork are made to look as one piece by following the same lines and colour.

Carbon fiber is the main material used in our bike and the wheels were no exeption We decided to offer the costumer the sensation he is in a speed bike with the same performance qualities and lightness while being in a cargo bike.

With our Doku rail system we are offering the only seat on the market taht can be adjusted also backwards and fordward giving you the possibility to have a better feel and comfort while driving. The seat is made from a carbonfiber hardshell and memory foam covered in black leather.

The doku rail system was the most challenging part when building the bycicle, we had to incorporate an extra sheet of steel to create the holes needed for clipping parts to the frame because if not the strength of the carbonfiber frame would be compromised.

The wango bike is a shaft driven bycicle to avoid the uncomforts of plate pulley systems and to keep the organic language usted on the rest of the bike.

Wango Biclycle  

Project IED

Wango Biclycle  

Project IED