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Juan Djuwadi Mrs. Mirecka, P1 December 2, 2010 “Behind the Doors of Discovery�

The man looked at the heavy sealed metal doors in his way and wiped the condensed air that blocked his view. This door, this very door was what separated him and the discovery of a lifetime. He imagined the foreign plain land that would stretch for miles and miles with barren lifelessness, yet with still so much to be explored. Light on his feet, he managed to take one meaningful step before stopping to breathe again. He would remember his triumph he sensed when he looked back at this specific moment in time, when he realized he had just permanently constructed a major event in the history of the human race. Besides the importance of human innovation, he considered the genuine meaning of the entire trip itself since the reason had long been lost when it was first introduced to him a few years ago. What was it? Adventure? Discovery? Or was it merely another step of the silent war, a process that would soon be forgotten when tomorrow comes, when they respond with a more significant feat. He put these thoughts aside and gradually dragged his attention to his surroundings, to the present time. He focused on this very day of July 20th, 1969 and with open eyes, looked towards the stream of the expected future. To the exhilaration, to human sophistication, and to craft that mark in human history he had always wanted to compose when he was a child with a hunger for aviation. The uproar millions of miles away from home didn’t seem so far anymore, and it was as if he could hear them despite the barrier of infinite darkness. The doors whispered to him, encouraging him to cross the line and take a step on the other side, yet it still remained in his way. He had been training for years now, buildings his bones, building his strength, and building the courage to accept such accountability, but despite all that work he had difficulty finding them in this moment, in this situation that overtook him.

Filled with apprehension, filled with anticipation, he stretched his arms searching for the shaft door that would soon slide open and silently scream in approval, but his arms stood there frozen like the cold bitter war he couldn’t help but to feel a part of. It was as if he was at the top of world but at the same time was terrified, afraid to fall down from the very peak he stood on. “What’s the matter, don’t you want to see what’s out there?” “Of course I do” he muttered avoiding Buzz’s eyes, “Why do you think I’m here?” “Then tell me something” He turned to look at him now meeting his blue eyes filled with inspiration, all ears. “Why is there still a damn door in your way?” He smiled, they both did and with a deep breath, turned to face discovery, to face the climax on this journey of a lifetime. Turning the door clockwise, the shaft hissed open, this time congratulating him. From his vision so vivid, he watched the barren empty land of dirt in the horizon and inhaled another mouthful of air. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” and with that Neil Armstrong took his very first step on the moon.

Behind the Doors of Discovery  

My short story

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