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Walking Tour in Bogota In Bogota, there are many places to walk around one of them is Usaquen, you can find a lot of restaurants, bars and stores. The Sundays there are cultural activities like storytellers, live music and flea market.


The tour begins in the corner of the 120 and carrera 6ta at Cinema Paraiso. It´s a place to watch movies in a different way from others cinemas. Because can buy cocktails, food and everything like a restaurant. The movies that this place show are independent films.

2. Go straight on the carrera 6ta two blocks. On the left is the Santa Barbara church. This architecture is colonial and it´s a good place to take pictures. If you want to enter, it´s open until 4 pm.


Across from the church is the park of Usaquen there are many trees and benches to sit to relax and see people around. The Sundays in this park there are storytellers in the afternoons.

4. On the 119 in the middle of the  street  across from the park there is a  restaurant  La tienda del café  it´s a very  nice to meet with friends and maybe  have a romantic dinner.

5.When you go out of the restaurant turn left onto calle 119 and go to the end of the next block, turn left and walk one block on the right there is a parking lot but the Sundays there is a flea market can find a lot of things to buy.

Walking Tour  

Walking Tour in bogota

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