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Vigil Family Chatter Volume 13

Juan De Jesús Vigil Family Foundation Board of Directors 2012-2013 Executive Committee John H. Vigil, President JoAnn Phillips, Vice President Mimi Vigil, Secretary Carl Salazar, Treasurer Carolyn M. Romero, Member at Large Members Rosemary Salazar George F. Vigil Rose Theresa Vigil Beverly Vigil Sasse José M. Pérez Phillip Vigil Andrea Romero Arsenio Vigil Kalee Salazar

November 2012

PRESIDENT’S REPORT Dear Family and Friends: I am pleased and proud to report that the recent Juan de Jesús Vigil Family Foundation Memorial Golf Tournament and Picnic was a wonderful success, the best ever. I would like to thank the entire Board of Directors for an outstanding job in helping to make this activity such a positive experience. This was truly a team effort. It behooves me to take this opportunity to also extend a special note of appreciation to Carl Salazar for the leadership, time, and effort he provided. Jose Pérez was responsible for taking over 200 photos of the event. These photos will provide us with a historical reference for the future. Finally, a special thanks to Jeff Vigil who was once again instrumental in acquiring a significant amount of corporate sponsorships for our Memorial Golf Tournament. At our last Board Meeting held November 4, 2012, the Board of Directors has set the date for the next Vigil Family Reunion. The reunion will be held in Trinidad, Colorado, during the third weekend of July 2015. The Vigil family has consistently held a reunion every five years since the first one in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1984. Between now and 2015, we will schedule two Memorial Golfing Tournaments in Denver, Colorado. Start planning to join us at our next one which will be July 20, 2013. Please start collecting and saving silent auction items and/or door prizes. This will be very helpful in added support for our scholarship and grant programs.

“Educación es la luz del mundo” Education is the light of the world The Juan de Jesús Vigil Family Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization established in 2005 by the descendents of Juan de Jesús Vigil dedicated to maintaining opportunities for scholarship and grants to qualified descendants of Juan de Jesús Vigil.

We recently welcomed two more Board Members, Kalee Salazar, Louisville, CO and Arsenio Vigil, Trinidad, CO. Please remember that the educational needs of our young people continues to grow and grow and we must do everything we can to help them attain their educational goals and aspirations. This cannot be done without your help. Sincerely,

John H. Vigil 1


Another Great Success

We held a BBQ after the tournament including a silent auction. This year’s event raised approximately $4,700 for our Scholarship Fund Family members, friends of the family, and companies that do business with family members also participated in the fundraising. Please join us in thanking the following people and businesses that sponsored golfers and donated prizes and items to our silent auction:

Joe Apodaca, Jr (registering), Florida Vigil, JoAnn Phillips, Rosemary Salazar, Rose Theresa Vigil, Carolyn Romero Carl Salazar

We had a lot of fun on September 15th in our continued effort to promote education in the Juan De Jesús Vigil Family Foundation. A total of 64 golfers and a wide variety of volunteers, most of whom were Board Members, worked together to achieve this success. What a wonderful treat to have Joe Apodaca Sr. participate this year. At 95, he is still giving the youngsters a run for their money.

Salazar Properties Inc LLC * Hair at the Village * Carolyn Romero * The Broadlands Golf Course * 91st East Salon * “B” Fitness * LouAnn Beal * Pierre and Loretta Lopez * Mimi Vigil * Joan Cordo * Art Romero* JoAnn Phillips * The Novak Agency * Valley Produce 8 Colorado Ranchers Dairy Products * Perlmutter for Congress * Jared Polis Foundation * Nova Mexican Foods * Compesino Foods * L&T Properties * Las Placitas Publications* Dave Nugent

We added an opportunity for people to be Memorial Sponsors, honoring the memory of their loved ones this year. Memorial Sponsors included: In Memory Of: Sponsor: Albert Jose Vigil Louise Apodaca Joseph Hattan Fernando and Sinforosa Vigil Jerry Romero Fidel and Celia Odona Vigil Claudia True Joseph Hattan

John and Joyce Vigil JoAnn Phillips Lillian Hattan Carl and Rosemary Salazar Carolyn and Andrea Romero Agnes and Jack Birosak Mark True Carolyn and Andrea Romero

Melanie Medina, Carlos Valdez and Andrea Romero



The date has been set so mark your calendars. We will return to Trinidad, Colorado for our 6th Vigil Family Reunion. We need your help to plan this fun event. We need a Reunion Chair as well as Reunion Committee members. If you are interested in joining the planning committee – or have ideas of activities we should include, please send your suggestions/contact information to John Vigil at

Each year Wells Fargo Community Support sponsors an auction. Participating employees donate items to auction off and select the organization(s) the auction funds will be donated to. This year, I donated a variety of purses and unused gift cards I had received and selected the Juan De Jesus Vigil Foundation to donate the proceeds to. I selected your foundation specifically because you helped my family with their genealogy and because I wanted to be a part of the good work the foundation performs by providing scholarships to Vigil family members. My mother started documenting my Vigil roots and found information about her 3rd great grandfather, José Maria Vigil, on the Juan De Jesus Vigil Foundation website. She talked to you and you were able to refer her to someone who had information about our roots. This information allowed us to document our lineage back to Spain. Although my relationship to Juan De Jesús Vigil is too distant to calculate, the Wells Fargo employee who won the auction, Michelle Gutierrez, is also a relative of Juan De Jesús Vigil. It is a small world. Patricia Grigorian *****

2005 Reunion in Trinidad, Colorado

Social Expansion

Decendents of Juan de Jesus is now on Facebook, keeping you upto date on all the latest news and events. Share photos, ask questions and meet more of our fabulous family. Find us on Facebook at:

Applications for scholarships and grants can be downloaded from the Vigil website, or contact John Vigil at (303) 650-0470 or Cut-off for the 2013 Scholarship Applications – 4/30/2013



NOTE: We recently received a very generous donation in which you may be interested. Dear Carolyn,

Rita Vigil (Celedon)

The Archdiocese of Denver notified us that mom (Rita Vigil) has won the Saint Cecilia Award for her years of service as a pastoral musician. A mass for her and one other person plus a little reception will be held Friday, November 16, 2012 at Most Precious Blood Catholic Church, Denver, CO 80210. (I-25 and Colorado Blvd.) Feel free to go to 3

and put St. Cecilia Award in the search box to find out more information if you are interested. This is a wonderful honor and only two or three people receive this award annually. Please join us in congratulating her and celebrate her years of service.

Markus Vigil (Celedon)

Hi Carolyn, Our son, Makaeus, just turned one year old. Here is a photo of him and his daddy.

In early November, Phi Mu Alpha hosted a Fall recital. I decided to arrange Adele's "Someone Like You" for the recital. Instead of playing the original with a piano, I decided to make it my own and arranged it for my secondary instrument, the Steel Pans. The Steel Pans are steel drums (Bass, Cellos, Double Seconds, and Tenor) from Trinidad and Tobago. What makes this so cool is that it's never really been done before. Steel Pans have never accompanied voice before (to my knowledge), especially in this context. Take a listen! Rich

Thanks again for all of your efforts for our family.

Markus and Makaeus Vigil

Rich Hattan (Celedon)

Hello everyone. I'm a sophomore at the Northern Illinois University. I'm majoring in Music Education. During my first semester of my freshman year, I ran into an old friend that I had in high school. He told me about a music fraternity called Phi Mu Alpha. Now hearing the word "fraternity", I was turned off. When I looked into it, I found out that musicians like Prince, the band "Chicago" and famous composers like John Philip Sosa were in Phi Mu Alpha. Learning this, I decided to give it a shot. Fast forward a few months, and I joined Phi Mu Alpha. During my first semester, I was chosen to be the Social Chair of the fraternity. Ever since then, I've been in love with Phi Mu Alpha. Now, I'm Secretary, Alumni Officer, and Social chair of the fraternity. Next year I'll be running for President. Phi Mu Alpha, to me, is a getaway. It gets me away from the stress of school and work. It allows me to have fun with music.

And from his proud dad and mom‌ He composed this for the Steel Pans and wants you all to see it. He is the tall white guy in the middle (ha ha). He said it was hard and is probably the last time he will do that! Dennis and I are now (temporarily?) empty nesters. No kids at home, but we do have our yellow lab Luke. We turned Ted's old bedroom into a den/dressing room. We have an old house with very limited closet space. It was nice to take over Ted's closet. All the kids are doing well. Richie is in his second year of college. We see him at his concerts or at Don's house (Richie lives 5 minutes from Don Hattan's house). Ted is teaching music in Champaign, about 2 hours away. I have gone to one of the football games to watch him direct the band. We will also be going to his winter concert. I had the opportunity to visit Michelle in San Francisco last May. Hopefully Dennis and I will both be able to visit her next year. Michelle will be home for Christmas and New Years. It will have been over six months since we were all together. Hope all is well with everyone.

Me being a music major, there is always a pursuit of perfection with my instrument. This almost takes the fun and energy out of music for me. 4

Ted Hattan

years as a happy music teacher.


Well I finally succeeded in landing a job as a music teacher. It is at a small Catholic school, which isn't exactly ideal but it is working out well enough so far. My only real issue is the lack of a teacher's union and the small salary that is a result of such. The job itself, however, is wonderful. I teach band, choir, group guitar and two percussion courses. The program is small (there are roughly a dozen students in choir and fifteen in band, though only 300 students total at the school) but the students are very well behaved and talented. I recently took a handful of them to perform in the Honor Band. This consists of the most talented students from each of ten schools who rehearse together all day and perform a concert in the evening. It was a great experience for all. My students were able to work with a much larger ensemble than they were used to (the Honor Band was about 95 students). I was able to teach sectionals to the 20 euphonium, tuba and trombone students. These were my main instruments in high school and college. We have none of these instruments being played in my tiny band, so I nostalgically enjoyed this opportunity. I am also very busy leading Madrigal rehearsals at the school. Our dinner/performance is in a few weeks and I feel that we are nowhere near ready for this. However, I've seen enough to know that this feeling exists 99% of the time for all music teachers. I'm sure the students will sound wonderful but I cannot stop worrying about it. All my music groups also have a Christmas concert in mid-December, which is currently another source of anxiety. I know it has only been a few months, but I truly love my job. Hopefully this leads to many more Rich, Dennis, Michelle, Eileen and Ted Hattan (and Luke the dog)

Things are going well in my personal life as well. Maintaining a long-distance relationship is rough, but Stephanie and I are handling it very well. I see her up by her place every weekend and she comes down to visit me mid-week sometimes. Alex (her daughter) is growing up so fast. She will be 2 years old in a month (she was 10 months old when Stephanie and I met). She adores me and is finally able to say my name, or something close to it, which I cheesily find heartwarming. Stephanie, Alex and I video chat at least once a week, which helps make the distance seem much smaller. I hope this letter finds you all well. If you are in Illinois, come see our Madrigals perform on November 30th-December 1st and see our winter concert on Tuesday, December 11th. Merry Christmas to all and have a joyous new year.

Rose Theresa Vigil and Jose PĂŠrez (Manuel)

Machu Picchu is one of the Seven Wonders of the World for 2012. Last December, Jose made reservations for a visit and vacation in Peru to meet his family, friends and spent a week in Cuzco for our trek to Machu Picchu. I can't even begin to describe our adventure as one must experience it for themselves. "Machu Picchu is a place which cannot be described in words, but has to be seen and experienced. Its uniqueness is far beyond your imagination. You must experience all the beauty that Machu Picchu offers to believe that such a wonder does exists and is waiting for you to explore it. Machu Picchu is known to be Rose Theresa Vigil and Jose PĂŠrez the most sacred wonder of the world. The unique views you will see here will stun and amaze you with its beauty 5

and magnificence. Here you will have an unforgettable time filled with numerous attractions and entertainments".


50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY 2012 John and Joyce Vigil celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Labor Day, Monday, September 3, 2012, exactly 50 John and Joyce Vigil years after their initial wedding on Labor Day, September 3, 1962 in Delta, CO. The celebration was held and hosted at the popular wedding facility of Stone Brook Manor, Thornton, CO. The program included a Vigil/Maes Photo Display, Power Point Presentation, and a historical review of the Vigil/Maes family highlights of 50 plus years. Cocktails, Buffet Dinner, and Music were provided. Dr. Don Bruno was the Master of Ceremonies, and Mrs. Charlene Albin, local pianist, provided the music. Fr. Mark Franceschinini gave the Dinner and Anniversary Blessing. The celebration was sponsored by the children and grandchildren of John and Joyce: Jacquelyn Vigil, Jeraldine and James Elliott, Jeffrey Vigil, Tyler, Carley and Allyson Elliott. Fun was had by all the family and friends in attendance. Lillian R. (Vigil) Hattan (Celedon)

Thank you all for coming to the "Lil is Back" gathering at Carolyn's. It was so wonderful to see you all and get reacquainted and reminiscing and remembering old times. Your taking time out to come see me was greatly appreciated.

As I made my way down to Aguilar and Trinidad, I made it a point to visit as many homesteads as I Lillian Hattan, Andrea and Carolyn could with Romero memories and tears but also laughter. The Trujillo Creek Cemetery looks great and I tip my hat to all that take care of it. John, I did see your place with the double wide. Looks good. Thanks to Carolyn and Andrea for organizing the gathering and to the many cooks that made contributions. Everything was delicious. I hope I can make the next reunion and see everyone again. Best wishes to all for the upcoming Holiday Season. Stay well and happy.

Dorothy McQueen (Celedon)

As the year is ticking by faster and faster, time is getting away from me. My year started out very badly as my father, Joe Hattan, was taken ill at the same time my mother, Lil Hattan, was in the hospital. Mom recovered but dad went downhill from there and passed April 19th. It was a very sad time for us all. Mom is hanging in there and learning to make the best of her new life. Bill, Dorothy and Joe McQueen

At our household, we have been putting in sewers on our properties. The whole Florida Keys are supposed to be have sewers by 2015 and each home owner is responsible for making it happen. As we live on cap rock, it has been a very labor intensive job. As all good hard workers, we persevered and got the job done! I never want to have to use another jackhammer 6

LOL. Bills welding business has been hanging in there and he loves working for himself. My business has been off but we are hanging in too. Looking for the economy to get better for everyone.


Linda Trujillo (Celedon)

My son, Joe, started his own scrap metal business. He sounds so excited when we talk to him and is doing well.

Written by Kathy (Trujillo)

Bill's health has been good. He no longer must have angiograms for his aneurism in his head. Doc says it is healed. He still has to have yearly MRI's to check on where he had his brain tumor but so far so good.

My Aunt, Linda Mondragon (born Trujillo) passed on August 7, 2012. She was preceded in death by her beloved "Bill," (Elias William Trujillo) in 1993.

We have put our boat back in the water after hurricane season and are looking forward to spending many good days being on the water having fun fishing. I wish you all Peace and happiness and good health this next year. Enjoy life, it goes fast.

Julie Apodaca (Celedon)

We had a terrific time using the helicopter adventure over Colorado Springs that we won at the 2011 Vigil Golf and BBQ. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Linda Trujillo circa 1970

Linda was born to Lucia Estrada and Felipe Nerio Trujillo in September 1924 in Eaton, Colorado. They had one daughter, Pat, who also preceded her in death in 1989. Linda is survived by her two dearly loved granddaughters, Kelley and Danielle, and 2 greatgrandsons. She is also survived by 11 nieces and nephews who loved her dearly. Aunt Linda was one of my biggest genealogy supporters, and was very excited about going to Colorado in September to see her family again, and attended several family reunions. I will miss her greatly!

Crystal Raee Ojeda (Celedon)

CRYSTAL RAEE OJEDA of Littleton, CO was 38 when she passed on . Survived by sons, Jordon and Daniel Vega, Parents Beverly V. and Ernest J. Ojeda, Sister, Nicole Ellerman Romero Passed away peacefully while she was dreaming. May the Lord hold her close.

Turi, Dominic and Julie Apodaca

EMAIL PLEASE If you are receiving this newsletter via snail mail and have an email address, help us save costs. We will email you a copy. 7

We also need your help with updating the mailing list. If you have moved, or you know people who have not been receiving our newsletter and should, please let Carolyn Romero know at 303-514-0620 or


Since July 2005, we have obtained the oral histories for more than 70 people. If you are willing to participate in this project, please contact Jan Lindgren at or at (303) 980-0432. If you are not in the Denver area, we can make arrangements to take your history over the phone. “Check out my website to see what has been written about the Juan de Jesus family!�


Rose Theresa Vigil and Jose PĂŠrez

John H. Vigil and Joe Apodaca, Sr.

Carlos Caballo, Justin Tapia, Kalee Salazar, Arthur Apodaca


Morata, Gary Salazar, Ime Salazar, Dave Gover

Jacob and Jerry Phillips, Joe Apodaca Sr, Joshua Phillips Dan and Dell Stollsteimer, Henry Martinez and Ricky Stollsteimer


VIGIL POETS Beautiful By: Turi Apodaca Beautiful is the soft snow slowly dancing before pounding against the hard surface. Beautiful is the frantic search for the first snowflake disappearing into the cold dry earth. Beautiful is the enduring digging through the other side of the snow cave. Beautiful is even the soft red face people gain from the cold. The wind sounding like a constant echo through the sky. Beautiful is not het soft cry from the very quaking loss of someone close. Beautiful is not the cold loss of a toy, followed by the pure sadness, That is the ugly of life…Tornados, Hurricanes, Terrorist attacks… Pure sadness is pure ugly.


On behalf of the Juan de Jesús Vigil Family Foundation Board of Directors, I would like to thank you for your past support and contributions. The demand for scholarships continues to increase. The Juan de Jesús Vigil Family Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. Established in 2005 by the descendants of Juan de Jesús Vigil, the Foundation honors the name of Juan de Jesús Vigil and promotes our Vigil family legacy into perpetuity. The Mission for our Foundation is to promote educational scholarships, grants to qualified and deserving descendants of Juan de Jesús Vigil, and to provide support to charitable causes that will benefit the descendants of Juan De Jesús and Maria Bustos Vigil. In addition, we provide leadership opportunities for young people. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors that represent a cross section of our community and who are committed to making a difference for the educational success of the Juan de Jesús Vigil descendants. Please help us by sending your donation to: Juan de Jesús Vigil Foundation 3072 E. 136th Place Thornton, CO 80602 Any amount will help and your donation is tax deductible. Thank you again for your continued support.


IMPORTANT DATES Deadline for Scholarship Applications * April 30, 2013 2013 Scholarships Awarded * June 30, 2013 3rd Annual Vigil Memorial Golf Tournament and BBQ * July 20, 2013 6TH Juan de Jesus Vigil Family Reunion * July 17 – 19, 2015

Vigil Family Foundation 3068 W 11th Ave. Circle Broomfield, CO 80020


Vigil Newsletter 11 2012  

Vigil Family Chatter

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