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Trial of Oscar Pistorius By: Andres Mendoza In this article, I´m going to talk about the Oscar Pistorius case, where he is accused of assassinating his girlfriend Reeya Steenkamp in his house in Pretoria, South Africa; and I´m going to make my opinion about it. The bail hearing started on February 19, 2013. During the hearing, both prosecution and defense said that Pistorius had fired four shots through a locked toilet door, hitting Steenkamp three times inside. The Prosecutor claimed that Pistorius had put on his prosthetic legs, walked across his bedroom to the bathroom, and intentionally shot Steenkamp through the door. But Pistorious said that he had thought that his girlfriend was in the bed, and that the person in the toilet was an intruder.

In this part, I think that what Pistorius did was wrong, because I don´t agree that he shot accidentally his girlfriend, because he thought it was an intruder. What he had to do was to check who was in the bathroom, and then stop the intruder, but not to shoot him. Anyways, the intention of Pistorius was to kill someone, he could kill his girlfriend or the intruder and still is a crime. I think he killed his girlfriend, because instead of shooting randomly the bathroom, he should check who was there, and then act, but not shooting through the bathroom. It was a bad decision to shoot like that, he didn´t saw the consequences of this, and now he is in trouble, he risked his career as a professional sprinter. The trial still goes on, and I thing that the judge should convict Pistorius for all the events occurred in his house. I say, that everything that happened in that event, ruined his career as a professional sprinter, he must thought about all the consequences that could happened to him, and were bad consequences.


By: Andres Mendoza 1. What´s your name? Belia Baca Villegas. 2. How old are you? 65 years old. 3. Did you study a profesional career? What career did you study? Yes, private accounting at Escuela de Comercio ESAC. 4. Are you working in something that has to do with the career you studied? Yes, as a bank administrative. 5. Are you satisfied with the job you have now? Yes, because I like the work I realize. 6. What´s the name of the bank? Had the bank been named in another way? Wells Fargo Bank. Before the actual name it was First Interstate Bank. 7. How many years have you been working there? And why do you still working there? 15 years, because I always do a great job in my position as a bank administrative. 8. What skills you must have to work in the bank? Experience in management and good treat to customers. 9. Why did you choose to continue working after your retirement? I´m still not retire, but I work less hours than the usual time. 10. How many hours do you work there? Had you worked overtime? During 14 years, I worked 40 hours a week, and sometimes overtime. 11. Why did you choose to work in that bank? Because they gave me the opportunity to work part time and after years I started working full time. 12. Do you like to work there? Why? Yes, because I have direct contact with customers. 13. What´s your experience in that bank? I had received appreciation awards for good employee. 14. Had you been assaulted during your work time? Thank God no, but during my work time I had not been assaulted. 15. Did you want to work in another thing? No, because I like a lot what I am doing up today.


Kobe Bryant by: Andres Mendoza

Was born in August 23, 1978 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He plays professional basketball in the NBA league as a shooting guard, with the Los Angeles Lakers team. Since 1996, Kobe Bryant, has ever played with the Lakers, winning five NBA Championships defeating: the Indiana Pacers in 2000, the Philadelphia 76ers in 2001, the New Jersey Nets in 2002, The Orlando Magic in 2009 and the Boston Celtics in 2010. Another achievement he has made are: MVP in 2008, 2 times NBA final MVP (2009-2010), 16 times NBA All Star, 2 times NBA scoring champion (2006-2007), NBA Slam Dunk Contest, etc.

He studied at Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia, and had a successful career there, because has been recognized as the top high school basketball player. After high school, he decided to play in the NBA, and the Charlotte Hornets picked him in the NBA Draft, and then traded to the LA Lakers. Kobe Bryant and his teammate Shaquille O´neal led the Lakers to three consecutive finals, but when they played against the Detroit Pistons, in 2004, the lost the finals, ending the streak with 3 consecutive NBA Titles. In 2006, he scored a career-high 81 points, against the Toronto Raptors, the second most points scored in a single game (Wilt Chamberlain-100 points). He also reach 30,000 career points and became the youngest player in league history to reach that. He is also the all-time leading scorer in Lakers franchise history, and the fourth all-time leading scorer in the NBA. He participated in the Beijing Olympics, and in the London Olympics, winning 2 gold medals. And they won gold medal in the FIBA Americas Championship.


Recycling for a better environment

By: Andres Mendoza

Currently, we live in a world where we are not interested in recycling. That´s one of the reasons the world is invades by pollution. The people nowadays don’t care a lot about the environment; simply they just throw the garbage wherever they want. In this essay, I will mention the benefits that recycling can bring to the world, and my ideas, of how to recycle. For example, in Mexicali (the city where I live), is one of the most contaminated cities in Mexico, and is, because of the air pollution and the soil pollution. It´s also said that the pollution that generates this city is one of the leading causes of death, with different types of cancers, like lung cancer, bladder cancer, and can bring heart diseases, respiratory diseases, etc. That´s why I´m against pollution, because of the causes of death in the population, and because it´s the cause of damaging the nature. I have some ideas that can prevent all this problems, it´s impossible to disappear it, but can make a lot of difference, because if a lot of people don’t think about the bad consequences of not taking care the nature, it could be late. We can make the difference, and start recycling, it´s not too late, but in the future could be late, and worst. My idea is to make recycling campaigns, to promote environmental stewardship. Campaigns that explain the benefits that recycling cans, bottles, paper, etcetera, could bring. With this activity, we can make the people aware that recycling is good for the environment, and is a good way for saving raw materials. And instead of get rid of the recycling materials, you could reuse it, like for example, with bottles, you can make a recycling chair, or you can create new toys, or another interesting things, and with this happening, we could save, like 50% more raw materials. In conclusion, if we start recycling, we could have positive results in the environment. This is, with the finality of having a clean place to live, and the future generations would live in a better environment. Always be aware what you throw in the trashcan, if it’s a recycle material, reuse it, it could wave the nature, it could save the animals, the trees, and it could save you. Don’t pollute, for the welfare of the planet. Let’s recycle!

The voices I stand upon an inhabited plain of vanished days and years and over its gloomy waiste some strange, sad voices I hear, some voice from out the shadowed past; and one I call regret, whose memories remains yet. Then failure speaks in bitter tones, and with all this damage, with regrets, whose deep and cruel stings my painful reveals itself. This make these voices that speak to me and disappear, like shadow part; and tears drop thick and fast. But when, within the wide domain in the future day and year I stand, and over its illuminating plain On sweeter voice I heard I will listen gladly, and obey the voice of opportunity.


The voices By: Andres Mendoza

Sports Section By: Andres Mendoza

In the month of April: NBA Playoffs: In the Eastern Conference: Indiana Pacers (1) are facing Atlanta Hawks (8), and the series are currently 1-1. The Miami Heat (2) are facing Charlotte Bobcats (7), the heat is leading the series with 1-0. Toronto Raptors (3) are facing Brooklyn Nets (6), and the series is tied with 1-1. And the Chicago Bulls (4) are facing Washington Wizards (5), and the wizards are the only team that they are giving a surprise against the favorite team to win the series with 2-0 leading the Wizards. In the Western Conference: San Antonio Spurs (1) are facing the Dallas Mavericks (8), and they are currently 1-0 the series. Oklahoma City Thunder (2) are facing Memphis Grizzlies (7), and now they are currently tied with 1-1 the series. Los Angeles Clippers (3) are facing the Golden State Warriors (6), with a 1-1 series. And the Houston Rockets (4) are facing the Portland Trailblazers (5), with a 1-0, and the Trailblazers leading the series. The surprises are that teams like: Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and New York Knicks didn´t enter to the NBA Playoffs since 10 years ago.

Champions League: Currently they are in Champions League Semifinals. Chelsea is facing Atletico de Madrid, and when they faced off at Vicente Calderon Stadium, they tied 0-0, with an injury of Chelsea´s goalkeeper Petr Cech; the other match will be at Stanford Bridge. In the other side, Bayern Munich faced Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, and the final result was 1-0 Real Madrid over Bayern Munich. The other match will be at Allianz Arena. Bayern Munich and Chelsea are the favorites to go to the Champions League Finals. Injury report: Petr Cech (Chelsea), John Terry (Chelsea), Samuel Eto´o (Chelsea), Eden Hazard (Chelsea), Gareth Bale (Real Madrid). MLB: The baseball season has started! In the American League, in the East, the New York Yankees are leading the division with a 12-8 record. In the Central, The Detroit Tigers are leading 10-7 the division, having the tiger´s player Miguel Cabrera, the best well-paid of this season with 300 million dollars. And in the West, the Oakland Athletics are leading the division with a 13-7 record. In the National League, in the East, the Atlanta Braves are leading with a 13-7 record. In the Central, the Milwaukee Brewers are leading the division with a 15-6 record, and is the season when Ryan Braun has returned to the baseball season. And, in the West, the Los Angeles Dodgers, are winning the division with a record of 12-9. In other news, Albert Pujols (Angels player) hit his homerun number 500 against the Nationals.

1. What’s your name? Viviana Resendiz Ramirez

Interview t

Elementary Teacher

2. How old are you? By: Juan Carlos Woolfolk 35 years old 3. Did you study a professional career that has to be with teaching students? No, I did not.

4. Are you working in something that has to do with the career you studied? No, I am not. 5.

Are you satisfied with the job you have now?

Yes I am very satisfied with my job. 6. Do you like to work on an Elementary School? I love working as a teacher, it is a very rewarding job that makes me very happy. 7. Do you feel something special working with kids? Yes I do, they are a wonderful part of my life. 8. You have never got stressed about the mess and the noise that children make? Of course there are stressful moments , but most of the time my job is challenging and fun. The joy of seeing my students accomplish their goals gives me constant satisfaction. 9. How long have you been working like a teacher? It's been 11 years already! 10. Have you ever tried to teach on a Junior High School or a higher grade? No, I haven't 11. Would you like to give class to teenagers? I haven't really thought about that.

12. Have you ever had new experience teaching elementary children? Yes of course I had a lot of new experiences. 13. You've ever bump into students that you teach years ago, that now are in high school? Actually some of my students are already in college and we get together once or twice a year. I constantly speak to them and try to stay involved in their lives. Bumping into ex-students is always something that makes me nostalgic and happy. 14. What was your reaction or how would it be if you bump into with one? I bump into them all the time! It's always about reminiscing and hugging! 15. Have you ever think what are you going to do when your career as teacher finish? No I haven't really thought about that. I guess I feel I will do this forever!

Personal Experience By: Juan Carlos Woolfolk

When you are a teenager you make things that you aren't conscious about, like the one that I will tell you on this personal experience. I was just 15 years old; my father had given me a Bora Volkswagen 2006. I never thought about the new responsibilities that I needed to assume, I just got the car and drive. I remember exactly, April-20-2012, it was a Friday in the afternoon like at 8:00pm, I was with my friends on my car, but we were going to San Pedro, because I was giving a ride to a friend for his car, so he joined me to a place, but I needed to hurry. People were waiting for me in another place. I increased the car speed on a very small and winding street, the street had sand on the sides, on a very big wind y couldn't control my car so I crushed on a wall, I entered a house of Vistahermosa Residencial by the back and break a few glasses, and by the impulse of the speed the car returned to the opposite direction that I was going. The car was wrecked and shattered, the airbag was out, I can't remember the crush very well, everything was so fast, but nothing happened to us. My other friends that were on the back of the car don't have the duty belt, but nothing happened to them. We weren't drinking, so the only problem was whit the guy of the house that I needed to pay the glasses, so we can stay out of the problem. I thank god that nothing happened to us. I really learned new manners to treat a car. Through this experience my responsibility started to get more serious, I started to understood a lot of things that a teenager don’t understand until she or he make this types of errors, that makes them wake up in a responsible manner. Sincerely the next days that I had the accident, I can’t saw my father with the same face that I had seen it a few days ago, but my dad acted in a very responsible way, he talk with me, instead of yelling at me or punish me. Obviously I don’t asked my dad for permissions that I know that I don’t deserve, and sincerely, I thanked my father for acting with a very mature level.

Pablo Escobar Life “La parabola de Pablo’

By: Juan Carlos Woolfolk

Escobar is a Colombian real story of one of the biggest drug trafficker of Colombia, his name was Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, this book is based on his life, and all the problems he had, the story begins with a mission in which Escobar dies, and the deaths of his most well-known victims with very a very realistic description of the real scenes, then you can see the origins as a son of a professor of a small town in Medellin, Escobar was a fragile kid. As you read the book you can see how Escobar is growing stronger and ambitious without knowing the consequences, from his beginnings as a delinquent who stole graves and until he joined the drug dealing business where the story begins, he was one of the richest man in Colombia but also one of the most dangerous in the world, everyone wanted to take him down. Escobar meets an old man named El Alguacil, he steals and is in the business of contraband, he signs on Pablo to be his bodyguard when he was a child and he begins in the business with the help of el Alguacil he show him the way through those dangerous jobs were Pablo would later grow to be one of the most famous of all. He and his cousin were together in the business as they became older they began their lives of organized crime by drugs from Ecuador to Colombia with the help of Escobar's associate El Alguacil. Pablo also had a love story one day Pablo and Gonzalo were hanging out when he saw a beautiful girl named Patricia. What began as a wonderful when that friendship became a relationship, but her brother Fabio would not allow her to go out with Pablo because he know that Pablo was a bad influence on his sister. The First famous death of one of his victims was the one of the minister of justice that was killed by Escobar assassins, with this he starts his long story in the way of vengeance and hate. He also kills the director of “Espectador� Guillermo Cano who supposedly gets manipulated by one of these kids. Pablo Escobar was a very dangerous person, he killed a lot of people that was in the politic of Colombia, but he also help a lot of families that lived in a poor way. He invented a lot of routes to exported cocaine to the U.S. and Europe so that was what formed the famous Medellin Cartel.

Service By: Juan Carlos Woolfolk

This service will be wonderful for you to find places to stay for several days in the city of Mexicali, Baja California. Also has some features that are useful when you go to visit the hotel. 10 TOP-Hotels on Mexicali, Baja California. 1. Hotel Araiza • The average price per night is: $ 1,500.00 M.n. • 6 different types of rooms. • Facilities in perfect condition. • Address: Benito Juárez 2220, Jardines del Valle, 21270 Mexicali, Baja California, México. • Website: • Contact: 2. Fiesta Inn • The average price per night is: $ 842.00 M.n. • Address: Calz. Adolfo López Mateos 1029, Col. IndustriCentro Cívico, 21000 Méxicali, BC. • Phone: 01 686 837 3300. • Room Service 24 hours. 3. • • • •

Hotel Colonial The average price per night is: $ 1041.00 M.n. Address: Blvd. Lopez Mateos 1048, Centro Cíivico, 21000 Mexicali, Baja California. Phone: 01-800-327-5193. 4 different types of rooms.

4. City Express • The average price per night is: $ 891.00 M.n. • Address: Blvd. Benito Juárez 1342. Fracc. Jardines del Valle C.P.21270 Mexicali, B.C. • Cellphone: (686) 564-1650 • Contact: • 4 different types of rooms. • Facilities in perfect condition • Website:


5. Hotel Calafia • The average price per night is: $ 900.00 M.n. • • 3 different types of rooms. • Address: Boulevar López Mateos No. 1100, Centro Civco, 21000 Mexicali, BC • Cellphone: 01 686 557 3511 • Facilities in perfect condition. 6. • • • • •

Hotel Lucerna The average price per night is: $ 1497.00 M.n. Blvd. Benito Juárez No. 2151, Zona Hotelera, Mexicali, Baja California Cellphone: 01 686 564 7000 Contact: Website:

7. • • • • • • • •

The L Hotel Address: Km 15 Carr. Aeropuerto Cellphone: (686) 544-0000 Website: Contact: 2 different types of room. Facilities in perfect condition. The average price per night is: $ 899.00 M.n. Cellphone: 01 686 554 0000


8. City Junior Express • Address: Calz. Manuel Gómez Morín No. 2120, Col. Granjas Agrícolas, Mexicali, Baja California • The average price per night is: $ 636.00 M.n. • Website:‎ • Contact: • Cellphone: 9. Real Inn Hotel • The average price per night is: $ 636.00 M.n. • Address: Av. De Los Heroes 201, Centro, 21000 MexicaBaja California • Contact: • Website: mexicali

10. Hotel Crowne Plaza • The average price per night is: $ 1,383 M.n. • Address: Bvld. A. Lopez Mateos #201 Centro Civico Mexicali 21000 MX • Webiste: • Cellphone: 686 557 3600


Horoscope by: By: Juan Carlos Woolfolk Aries (March 21 - April 19) Comfortable? Good. Because you'll be interviewing potential partners for the next few days, and you'll need to give that tender task your full attention. Yes, it's a tough job. But heaven knows if anyone is up for tough jobs, it's you. Now settle down, pull out your yellow legal pad and your special pen, and get to work. Only so many hours are in a day. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) This could be tricky -- the whole day, that is. The good news is you're entirely familiar with the concept of doing battle, so if someone tries to put one over on you, no matter who they happen to be, you absolutely won't stand for it. That goes double for anyone who thinks higher of their own authority than they really should. It might be time to take them down a peg or two. Gemini (May 21 - June 21) Most of the planet doesn't deal well with change. Fortunately, you just love it. You're a living example of how great the ebb and flow of the universe can be. Keep those facts in mind today when you're trying to deal with others who aren't quite so open to last-minute modifications in their carefully planned schedules. They may not be kindred spirits, but they're fellow humans. Convince them to loosen up. Cancer (June 22 - July 22) Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to navigate a very delicate situation: Tending to your family duties and satisfying your urge to climb the career ladder. Well, if anyone can do it, you can. Tenacity, after all, is your specialty -- even so, staying diligent may be trickier than usual. Not to worry: If you work your magic the way you always have, you’ll pull it off. Leo (July 23 - August 22) You’ve done everything you possibly could to avoid having this conversation, but you’re not on the planet alone. So while you won’t relish having to say certain things, you can at least stop blaming yourself. Remember, you’re only half responsible. It definitely takes two to tango, and today’s dance is no exception. So say what you have to say, then move on with your life. The weekend looks great, by the way, so get over this rough spot and you’ll have it made. Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Don’t take any guff from someone who thinks they have you over a barrel because they know your secrets -- and how badly you want to protect them. You happen to know something just as potentially volatile about your tormentor. Not that you’d really ever choose to say anything about it. But do make it clear you know what they’re up to and you’re not going to play their game. Not for a second.

Libra (September 23 - October 22) Bet you’re feeling a bit tired right about now, hmm? Especially if you were out and about last night, playing with your friends or perhaps your main squeeze. Well, grab yourself a power nap, because last-minute changes in your plans for the evening could mean you’ll be up late once again. And if you can’t fit in a nap? Oh, well. As the saying goes, ‘You can sleep when you’re dead.’ But don’t worry, a good night’s rest is right around the corner. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) It’s an instant replay of yesterday, complete with every last stumbling block, barrier and impediment you could possibly have imagined -- as well as a couple you hadn’t. You being you, however, these challenges will only sweeten the pot. You’ll gladly jump through every hoop, navigate every obstacle on the course and do whatever it takes to get where you want to be. At that point, feel free to sit, relax and gloat. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) As optimistic as you ordinarily are, there’s one particular person out there who can bring you down, make you doubt yourself and others and set you to wondering if it’s really at all worth the effort you’ve invested. Your mission, right now, is to avoid that person for at least the next 48 hours. It’s not that you’ll never see them again. But you need all the positive energy you can muster. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) It might not be fun, and it probably won’t go down in your mental scrapbook as the best on record, but once you’ve made it through this day, you’ll feel really good about yourself -- as if you’ve accomplished something. So when it seems as if the universe is throwing everything but the kitchen sink between you and where you need to be, don’t give up. Ever heard about testing what you’re made of? That’s what’s going on -- and this is one test you’re guaranteed to pass. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) You have put everything you possibly could into making this thing work, but relationships can certainly develop minds of their own once they get going. Basically, for the past few weeks, you have been taking one step forward and two steps back. If you are not quite ready to end it, don’t worry. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a friendship, a romance or a business connection, this partnership will wait until all conditions are absolutely right. Pisces (February 19 – march 20) They can certainly try to put one over on you, but it’s not going to work. You have come up with a brand new approach to life. So when someone comes to you for your opinion, you will be happy to share it. Just try to be gentle. Today’s buffet of astrological energies could leave you looking a bit more stern and uncompromising than you really are.


Alcohol in adolescence by: By: Juan Carlos Woolfolk

They are many types of answers of why does the teenager like to drink alcohol. Teenagers like a lot the manner of being drinking alcohol in parties or in places where they can have fun. In each country the norms are different, and this depends a lot about how adolescents treat their attitudes. Also Generations had been changing, and this depends if people drink more or less. In my opinion, I think that children’s attitude has to be with the one their parents had when they were kids or if the friends that she/he has like to get drunk too. An example is, if one of their parents, either his/her mom or his/her father, like to get drunk very often, the children will have the possibilities that like to get drunk to. Talking about the friends that the adolescent has, nobody it’s obligated to drink alcohol, if you like it and you want to drink it, you will start to drink alcohol. All depends on you, also you can set limits on when you are going to start and stop drinking, and like this way you will avoid many problems about when you are drunk. You as a person you should not let you manipulate by your friends, also you will have the possibility to become a manipulator, and manipulate other people. I think the country we live depends a lot about the norms this have, example, in the U.S.A. the age for drink alcohol its 21, I think adolescent don’t waited and drink more than other countries. In Europe, in some countries, you can drink alcohol at 16 years old, this depends of the despair that adolescents have. In Mexico you can drink at 18 years old. Obviously adolescents don’t waited until 21, 16, or 18 years old, they don’t think and just started drinking when their friends do it. In my opinion, the people who drink alcohol in a moderate way, learn more things, have a better experiences of life, I am not saying that people who get drunk are cooler, I only mean that this people can learn things that you only learn living them.

How to: Make a Piggy Bank By: Roberto de la Herran

Making a piggy bank it’s easy and you can give it as a gift that was made by your own hands, it can also be very useful and secure to put your money there. First of all you have to inflate a balloon, to the size you want your Piggy Bank to be. It doesn’t matter which type of balloon is or how big you make it, it’s still going to work.

Then you have to cover the balloon you just inflate with gesso. Tip: Make more than 1 cover of gesso. Tip2: Cover every part of the ball with gesso.

Finally, you wait until the gesso dries, and you flat the balloon, after that you have to make a hole in the top of the piggy so that you can put the money through there. Tip: You can add any accessory to your piggy bank, like a tail, ears, eyes, etc.

Interview to a medical student by: Roberto de la Herran

1.- How do you think is it to be a doctor? Well it’s a really hard work and tired work to do be it has its perks also, even though you have really long nights at work you are always prepared, when someone on your family feels sick you know what to do. 2.- How long have you been studying to be a doctor? Well right now I’m in my 5th semester of university, and I can say these have been a great two and a half years. 3.- In which school are you studying? Actually I’m studying in UABC. 4.- What can you tell me about your career? Well I can say that I really love my career I hundred perfect approved, even though sometimes you have to spend whole nights studying. 5.- How many years you need to finish this career? The career depends on how many classes you take, or if you go on an exchange program, but it’s about 6 or 7 years to finish it, then you can have your mastery. 6.- Which subject you think it’s the hardest of your career? Well there are lots of subjects in this career that make be hard but everything in which you dedicate some time won’t be hard. 7.- Why did you chose this career? Because I’ve always dreamed of being a doctor and my parents are really happy I’m studying medicine 8.- What difference you see in medicine than in other career? Well I can’t talk about other careers but I can really say medicine its really demanding in what you have to do.

9.- What kind of jobs you can have with this career? Well you can work as any type of doctor like gynecologist, plastic surgeon ,etc. 10.- What mastery is most likely to you to study? Well, right now I can surely tell you but most likely I’m bowing to plastic surgeon. 11.- What would you say to someone who can’t decide in which career to study? I will tell him that you should first of all do what you like and study in what you picture yourself working in a future. 12.- Have you always wanted to study at UABC? Actually no, but since I had to stay here at Mexicali I enter to UABC and I can actually tell it wasn’t a bad idea. 13.- Do you think most of the people who get in medicine career like the career or they just get in to study something ? Well I think that if you are going to get in a career so the demanding as medicine is you might as well like it, because it isn’t a career you enter “just to study”. 14.- Do you have any family who study medicine? Yes, actually I have an uncle who studied Gynecologist who actually was the one that told I should study medicine. 15.- Are you anxious to finish your medicine career? Yes, I’m really anxious to finish it , even though I have a really long way to go before I finally finish it.


By: Roberto de la Herran

Due to the immense drought in Mexicali B.C. has had in this 2014 in the forest zones it has a risk to get on turn of fire mostly from the month of May until the end of summer due to the strength of the sun in the drought grounds of the forests. The assistant director of the “Conservacion y restauracion de la comision nacional de forestacion” (Conafor) Juan Ramon Cruz Dominguez said that for that reason they would contemplate more than 200 brigades to be alert to combat the fire that could rise in the forest. The federal dependence estimates contemplates 42 brigades to combat the fire and another 5 brigades from the “Secretaria de Proteccion Ambiental del Estado”. The brigades would be spared in the area on the area’s most likely to burn. The past year in the season of danger the superficies in the forest were much less than in 2012 that means that they have made a progress. Sources:


bY: Roberto de la herran

It was a great day I was in Rosarito with my friends we were down the beach just chilling and having some fun, when we decided to play some soccer so we went on and started playing. When we were at the end on a really long game that have been on for hours we were really tired but we had to make the last push to break the tie so we said last goal wins it all we had bet a barrel of beer for the winner and the losers would pay it I went on as the goalkeeper all the game and I was making a great show I had been unstoppable, and even though I was tired I felt great so as soon as the overtime started the other team took the ball and we started playing it went on and on for some time and finally they throw a really fast throw at the goal and I jump towards the ball but the sun blinded me so I jumped totally blind and I felt how the ball hit me in the face I started bleeding from the nose and the mouth and the worst problem was that the ball got in and everybody started laughing even though I was almost dead in the floor, that’s when I decided never too be a goalkeeper, it’s a bad idea.

Literary Criticism by: Roberto de la Herran

The book “Tres metros sobre el cielo” it’s a novel written by Federico Moccia en 1992 and it’s written in first person which makes it more interesting and easy for the reader to fully understand the novel. The story starts with the two main characters each one of them getting ready to start their day, Babi a girl with a rich family a girl who has had everything, but at the same time she has a very strict parents which want the best for her, in the other hand you have Hugo Olivera “H” a boy that family problems have changed the way in which he sees life. The autor makes with the two main characters fall in love even though they are very different in their way of being, but that doesn’t matter because they fall in love but no novel its good unless it has drama in the love story, the author manages to make you fall in love with the book and even in the love that Babi and H have. The title “Tres metros sobre el cielo” comes out in the book when Babi it’s in the car in her way to school and as she looks to the sky she sees in a bridge the sentence “Tu y yo a tres metros sobre el cielo” it was something that H made for her. The book also has other great characters and other love stories as the one of “Pollo” the best friend of “H” and Katina the best of friend of Babi, the four of them live the best moments of their lives being in love. The author makes it really easy for the reader to like the book because it’s a novel that has everything anyone, who likes books would like that is: passion, love, action, drama, hate, death it has everything and even though the book may have a sad end, it really shows that in life, real life not everything is flowers and fun it shows you that not everything in life will happened the way you wanted, that love stories don’t always have happy endings, and if you don’t fight for what you want you are never going to have it. In conclusion it’s a great novel, so great that it even has another two sequels named: “Tengo ganas de ti” and “Por to amor” also great books of the same author Federico Moccia, I recommend all three of those books because the author makes you love the books so much you won’t want to stop reading.


Service 8 things you didnt know your iPhone could do By: Manuel German You must read this article if you want to know some tips and tricks for your iPhone, first, have you ever wonder at what time did you send that text?, well just swipe the screen to the left with your finger and dang! There you got it, the exact time when you send the text on your iMessage, useful right?

Another very useful trick, is the compass app, you can just put your iPhone on the top part of a tilted picture and swipe the iPhone to the left and ass soon as you get the picture level it will appear a -0- which means you got it! No more tilted frames around the house.

Did you know that you could use the volume button to take a picture? Well you can! Use it to easily take a selfie, also if you hold the shutter button you take a ton of images at 10 frames per second!, get the perfect shot.

SIRI can be very useful, just ask her what planes are overhead and she will show you! Including their flight numbers, travel directions, altitudes and even a cool map! Crazy huh? Now you can now which planes are over your head that scares me even a little bit.

Tired of just numbers in your passcode? Use letters! Go to settings, then passcode, turn simple passcode off , turn passcode on and tadaaa! Enter your new passcode, with letters.

Hold on to your seats this is mind blowing, shake your phone to delete a text, yes, just shake it no need to erase them one by one , just shake it, as simple as that. Another useful tip, double tap the shift key to activate caps lock, now you can text shout all you want no need to keep pressing that button for every letter you want to cap. So do you know more easy tips for an iPhone because this eight are just some of the many there out there in your mobile and they don’t come in the instructions you just have to live and learn! Hope they were useful !

Movie Review

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

By: Manuel german

The movie is the second part of the story of Captain America, it has some details from other Marvel movies and you can see a small trailer from the next movie at the end of the movie if you watch it on the theater, it is a good movie. The movie starts with the captain in Washington living normal life with friends but he has to do a mission, in that mission the black widow steals some information and the captain doesn’t like it so there’s were the problems start because people get killed and there’s a disaster in SHIELD. The bad guys from the first movie appear again but this time they were inside SHIELD all the time, so captain America and the black widow have to run from them and escape with the help of a friend of captain America, they have to save the world from destruction because the bad people want to kill everyone that gets on their way. There is a lot of action in the movie, you see a lot of bombs and technology, you also see some comments about other Marvel movies like Iron Man and Thor and SHIELD, you will see a lot of movement not like in the first movie that has more story, here you already know the captain so he just keeps fighting all the movie because all want to kill him. A very interesting thing about this movie is all the secrets, you never know who the bad guy is because they all keep secrets so you get surprises and you also see characters from the other movie so you must see the first one to understand the second or you will get lost, you also need to see all the other Marvel movies or you will get lost because they do talk a lot about the other movies and characters. The movie is very big, it lasts 2 hours so you better get some popcorn, but it was very fun to watch because action movies are always good, if you stay until the very end you will like very much the trailer they put because it’s about avengers 2 and it was awesome they show you how the story will be by showing the new weapon the same bad people will be using, the surprise is that we have already seen this weapon! But you will have to watch the movie if you want to know what it is

Nostalgia Cartoon Childs by: Manuel German

We are a generation that was born in the 90’s, Cartoon Network was born on 1994 and it had such a great and original programming, some of the series that were on that time are Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken , The Power puff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog and many more. Most of us can remember getting home and turning the television on to watch some cartoons and those were some of our favorites because those were pretty much all of them apart from the nickelodeon ones we all loved Sponge Bob at some point of our life, I can steel remember watching Dragon Ball Z on the afternoon, we can even sing the Pokémon song because that was our childhood. The 90’s kids were the type of kids you saw playing outside or inside watching television or playing with a GameCube, we didn’t have an iPhone, most of us didn’t had a music player until like 12 years, and of course we didn’t have a cellphone because we didn’t need those things, we were happy kids that liked cartoons and even playing outside because we didn’t spent all the time inside just watching television we did like to go and play sports outside and we liked tazos. It is nostalgic to remember how television was and even how toys were because I can steel remember my own little cars and how much I liked to play with them, but things have change, now everything is online, kids no longer watch television because they have Netflix, kids don’t even know how old sponge bob is, he is even older than some of us 90’s kids, they don’t know our beautiful cartoons and the great anime you could see freely on television. Most of the people on my generation might miss our loved cartoons but Netflix does come to use because most of our cartoons are there, we can live those moments again with a simple click so we might say that this new kids will miss how good our old cartoons were but the truth is there are some awesome cartoons now, like adventure time and other cartoon network specials, those are good and we could also enjoy them just as the 2000 kids do. Just as we grow up our favorite channels change, they grow bigger as we do and they need to change, but gladly there is still boomerang! They pass our old and favorite television shows just for us the old kids that love cartoons because we grew with them and we can’t never forget how well where the moments when we could just enjoy cartoons as we got home from school.

There was pizza crying in the graveyard when another pizza goes by and tells the pizza: -Was it a familiar?-No, it was a large one-

JOKES by: Manuel German

What are the blonde's first words after 4 years of college? "Would you like fries with that?" Yo’ mama so fat, she has a real horse on her Polo shirt. Boy: "I got an F in arithmetic." Father: "Why?" Boy: "The teacher asked 'How much is 2×3?' and I said '6'" Father: "But that's right!" Boy: "Then she asked me 'How much is 3×2?'" Father: "What's the f**** difference?" Boy: "That's exactly what I said!" Two husbands were having a conversation, First guy (proudly): "My wife's an angel!" Second guy: "You're lucky, mine's still alive."

Q: How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb? A: None, that's a hardware problem.

SURVEY By: Yonathan Rodriguez This survey has the purpose of gathering information to know how people like their ice cream, which is their favorite product and things like how much they pay for it and where they buy it. The people voted for chocolate as their favorite ice cream flavor, followed by vanilla and cookies and cream, they also choose strawberry for the fourth place. Some of the people in the survey said that they didn’t eat ice cream! There were only like 2 but that is surprising since most of them said that they ate ice cream 1-2 times a week, we all love ice cream. The prices in ice cream vary must of the people said that they paid from 4-6 dlls per ice cream, some paid 1-3 dlls and almost no one paid more than 6 dlls, they usually bought their ice cream at Dairy Queen, people love blizzards, and at second place Thrifty, the original one, some said that they bought it at a store or a fast food restaurant. Almost everyone preferred their ice cream either on a cone or a cup, except the ones that didn’t eat ice cream, weirdoes and the ones that ate directly from the box; most of the people also added chocolate to their ice cream! There’s never enough chocolate, some fruits or candy , those where the favorite answers. When I asked them if they ate ice cream at summer must of them said yes but some also said that it didn’t matter, then I asked them about winter and most of them said that they didn’t care, they liked ice cream, so we can conclude that people like chocolate ice cream on a cone with more chocolate on summer!

How to make cheesecake by: Yonathan Rodriguez

Ingredients 1 - 1/2 cups of graham cracker crumbs 3 tbsp. of sugar 1/3 cup butter or margarine 32 oz. of PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese 1 cup of sugar 1 tsp. vanilla 4 eggs Steps First Heat oven to 325oF Second Mix graham cracker crumbs, 3 tbsp. of sugar and the 1/3 of butter or margarine (melted). Third Mix the 32 oz. of PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, 1 cup of sugar and vanilla until blended. Fourth Add eggs, 1 at the time, mixed well before adding the next egg. Fifth Put over crust. Sixth Bake 55 min, or until center is almost set. Seventh Refrigerate 4 hours.



by: Yonathan Rodriguez Before there was an iPod we used to had something call Mp3, yes there was something before Apple, this portable devices could storage music and play it, it was invented by a German company, it can only play MPEG audio files, Mp3 where not huge things they were quite small and light, at that time those were the best since you could listen music without a CD but no with the same great quality as one. So when did this Mp3 became iPods the story begins on 2001 when iTunes digital jukebox software was introduced and Apple presented the iPod with the slogan” 1000 songs in your pocket” , imagine that at the beginning of the 21 century , it was a huge thing everyone was so excited about it and Apple kept delivering by 2002 the iPod was compatible with Windows this was his entrance to a huge market. With the iPod iTunes came, this was also a huge change for the music industry because now CD’s were a thing of the past, there’s were virtual music libraries were presented and now you could buy your songs online at 99 cents along with the new third generation iPod, it was 2003 when iTunes store became available to Windows users and the same year were they reached the 25 million song downloads. Music got even smaller when they introduced the iPod shuffle, everything was getting smaller, now music was about downloads and a new war against piracy began, artist don’t gain that much profit from CD’s now must of the money they make comes from concerts, technology has brought great things to the music industry such as this revolutionary iPods. Now we are a touch generation, almost any music device has a touch interface and it can storage more than 1000 songs (depending on the quality). Now, almost every cell phone has a music player because music is available almost everywhere, there are tons of music libraries online. iPod is probably the favorite music player because of his capacity and design, but the price is as high as ever, people love Apple products. Nowadays it’s easy to acquire music, technology has opened the gates for the music industry letting people hear more music, anytime, anywhere and probably at a higher price. Thanks to Apple and their awesome invents people enjoy more the experience of hearing music, because that is what they have done, improving the experience of hearing music.

NEWS By: Yonathan Rodriguez

The past November in Culiacan Sinaloa a convoy of cars with balaclavas on their heads got into a private party and they shoots inside the party and take one of the kids that was in the party and took him into the car and disappear. They were two death kids in the party and about five injured kids at the party the ambulance came right away to help the kids. The kid that was kidnap was name Jorge Ramirez he was 19 years old, the police tried to find the kid, his friends told the police that he was in “malos pasos� and that he owned some bad people a lot of money he was dealer and the police started to search for the kid. A week later the kidnappers called the fathers of the boy and ask them if they wanted to see him again they would had to pay what they own or they would kill him and send him his head, they gave the parents one week to pay an amount of hundred grand of dollars, so the parents sold everything they had to pay the amount of money to save the kid but the days past and the parents tried to contact the kidnappers but the kid was found death in front of their house two weeks later. The police haven’t found who the kidnappers where but they are still looking for them.

World ilustrated  

Juan Carlos Woolfolk Roberto de la Herran Andres Mendoza Yonnatan Rodriguez Jose German Morales

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