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jUAN CORRALES OBJECTIVE For my future I have very clear goals. Which is to finish my university, gain experience in the area of architecture either in the United States or Europe and when I have the experience and maturity necessary I want to form my architecture firm, also little by little build and buy properties to rent. For my education I have managed to obtain my diploma from the hight school and now I have just obtained my associate degree.

I worked for five months in a recyclable materials plant in the city of Costa Mesa CA. In my city of birth, which is Colombia, my family owns a company that sells materials for construction and I have worked as a costumer service. learning a little about the different positions that exist in the company helped me undertand beter how it works.

Since I was growing, architecture became the essence of my life so I am very passionate about everything related to architecture. I am also very good at everything related to technology. In my free time I like to play soccer since sport is essential to my life. I am also passionate about Colombian horses that are competitive

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PERSONALITY I consider that I am a person who likes to learn more every day. I like to help others and work in groups. I like to do things well done and every time improve more.

manchester uk 2 In this project the teacher allowed us to choose a city. I chose Manchester. The purpose of the activity was to have the basic knowledge about mass and volume. With some images of manchester we took out three mosaics, and then we created three mini models which helped us to get ideas for the final model. Arch 185 Environmental Design Systems.





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Architecture portfolio  
Architecture portfolio