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Vol.4 No.3 March 2014

Café Alfredo and Q-Residence - a cozy space right at your neighborhood

ewly opened Café Alfredo N and Q-Residence are housed in a 3-storey building located at no. 22 Rainbow

St., SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City. The Café and the dorm are strategically located in an area which is fast becoming a hub of commercial activities owing to its ease of access to commuters, the residents, students, and employees within the vicinity. It is a walking distance to the new PLMar, the other to page 4

Savor Binondo foodstuffs via King Jao Chinese Lumpia

arikeños craving for M authentic Chinese foods are a lucky lot. They need not go to Binondo to satisfy their discriminating taste

buds, for right in the heart of Marikina is a place with an equally authentic name, the King Jao Chinese Lumpia. Named after the couple’s eldest child, the King Jao Chinese Lumpia brings the “Binondo Style” product line to Marikina most especially the Chinese fresh lumpia, hopia, and siopao, courtesy of to page 3


Marikina Area

Top 5 destinations to go this summer season!!! Boracay

Cebu City

The white powdery s a n d of the famous Boracay beach is undoubtedly world-class in terms of the facilities and services catered to foreign tourists. A wide array of water sport activities abound in the island

Queen of the South, Cebu has to its name some magnificent world-class beach fronts and resort hotels where business and leisure become part of one’s daily routine. Cebu City is also a perfect for basking in the sun and unique diving adventure.

Baguio City


Known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. It is the only place in the country that enjoys a mild climate all year round. Baguio City is not devoid of urban lifestyle. It is in fact a metropolitan city surrounded by mountains. Places to enjoy include Wright Park, Burnham Park and Mines View Park.

Has one too many g r e a t places if interest which the Tubbataha Reef, Underground River, El Nido, Honda Bay, just to name a few. Palawan is for those who are looking for really close encounters with Mother Nature.


Home to the famous tarsier and chocolate hills; Bohol is another great destination rich in historical and cultural lineages. Bohol prides itself with gentle coves and white sand beaches and with great diving sites too.

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Savor Binondo foodstuffs via King Jao Chinese Lumpia couple Elijah and Toni Ortiz. Before they got married, the couple used to spend their dates in Binondo to eat and buy lumpia, hopia and try other Chinese delicacies. Now with two kids, they seldom go to that famous Chinese hub because traffic alone would eat most of the travel time. For this reason, the couple started to conceptualize bringing their favorite Binondo foods to Marikina and thereby start their own lumpia business The couple’s love for Chinese fresh lumpia brought them to almost all the famous places serving Chinese Lumpia in Metro Manila. Armed with the experience and a minimal investment, they incorporated their ideas to open the King Jao Chinese Lumpia. Toni’s love for cooking encouraged her to concoct the recipe of King Jao's Best Sellers, Chinese Lumpia and the Special Lomi. Elijah, a former employee of Dell Computers decided to resign from his job, having two priorities in mind, namely, his family and his new business endeavor. Toni, on the other hand, is a manager of a local universal bank. Prior to managing King Jao, the couple introduced the scramble food cart on wheels sometime in 2010, under the name Mr. Cool Scramble. This was a major hit and was able to do ROI in a month’s time. They also have a food cart business under the name Chips on Sticks. As entrepreneurs, they have to calculate the risk fully

aware that a new business like theirs can only tolerate medium risk and that include manpower risk, competition, and increasing prices in food/ basic necessities. These factors notwithstanding, King Jao highlights their best seller which is the Chinese Fresh Lumpia. It is all vegetable and freshly prepared on the spot. The customers watch while the food is prepared right in front of them, truly a unique experience for them to see their food being prepared as they order. The place is actually designed for take-out orders. But because there is a demand for dine-in, King Jao provided space for four persons who would want to enjoy their meal in the shop. The dedicated and hardworking service crew also treats their customers as Kings. Customers may make special request as to how they want their lumpia prepared. Others would like to add extra garlic or peanuts or even wansuy. This can be accommodated just as long as the taste of the finish product will not be affected. Customers need not also worry about the cost of satisfying their palate, for King Jao fits their prices based on the market in the area. For instance, the C, D market can have decent meal for less than P50 or at P50 they can have lomi and siopao as meal. As a young business barely two months old, King Jao has already sets it goal, to put up a branch in Quezon City.

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Café Alfredo and Q-Residence - a cozy space right at your neighborhood schools and the churches, and directly accessible to public transportation. Café Alfredo is, for the residents of a small neighborhood, a welcome “third space,” where they can hangout and gather to exchange ideas, entertain friends or simply sip, surf and browse in a relaxed and comfortable ambience over a cup of truly delicious fresh coffee and beverages as well as sumptuous and healthy snacks. The Café is also well stocked with a good collection of best-sellers, thrillers and general interest books as well as the latest magazines. The younger sector will also find Café Alfredo a more wholesome place compared to the hodge-podge atmosphere of commercial malls, gaming centers, pubs, and the like. The parents for their part can feel safe that their kids are spending time at Café Alfredo doing their homework, surfing the net through the free WiFi, or simply meeting friends. Families won’t worry anymore when friends and relatives suddenly visit their homes unannounced as Café Alfredo offers the “third space” where they can meet and entertain them.

For people who know their coffee well, Café Alfredo offers a large selection of gourmet coffee and beverages. They also serve exquisite grilled sandwiches and pastas handed out by dedicated and skilled baristas who have undergone the requisite courses and training. As for the price, Café Alfredo is able to sell its goods using the best and freshest ingredients, such as high quality coffee beans, breads, pastas, and rice bowl menus at prices so much lower than its competition because of its continued streamlined processes and careful financial planning. Its policy, first and foremost, is to never compromise quality over profit. Q-Residence is the only ladies dorm in the area. For ladies who work or study in the vicinity and who seek a clean, secure, and well-serviced residence Q-Residence, offers the best choice. Equipped with security cameras, flat screen tv and modern audio equipment in its spacious recreation room, brand new beds and mattresses, and not to mention ample bathrooms and washing space, the dormers can truly live in style and comfort. Surprisingly, such style and comfort need not burn a hole in the dormer’s pocket. At PHP 2,800/month rental inclusive of basic electricity and water, living in Q-Residence is also the most cost effective choice. Café Alfredo is open on Mondays to Saturdays from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm. For Q-Residence reservation and other inquiries, please contact 0917 961 5278. Advertise with Us! Contact: (632) 477-5355 │ Email :

Vol. 4 No. 3 March 2014


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Juan City Market Volume 04 Number 03  

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