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Vol.3 No.6 June 2013

GreenWheel Travel & Tours Celebrates its 5th Year Anniversary in the Service GreenWheel Travel and Tours is a full service travel agency managed by Ms. Maritess Madamba with inspiring experiences and competent knowledge in the travel industry business. The company caters to both domestic and international ticketing, domestic and international tour packages,

hotel and tour reservations, visa assistance, passporting, group tours. It has established 8 Corporate Accounts already and lots of individual accounts. GreenWheel Travel and Tours practically started in March 2008 and became D.O.T. (Department of Tourism) to page 3 accredited in

Drinking water with health benefits from Blue Heaven’s Alkaline Refilling Station The Blue Heaven’s Alkaline Refilling Station, the innovative water refilling establishment that offers antioxidant-rich alkaline water, is now in the neighborhood. Strategically located at 11 Hackney St., Rancho IV East, Marikina City, the Blue Heaven’s Alkaline Refilling Station is under the proprietorship of Ms. Joji

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Marikina Area

Drinking water with health... Reyes. This former OFW and Registered Medical Technologist decided to put up the business after several years of doing extensive research on the health benefits of drinking natural alkaline. Natural Alkaline is the highest form of drinking water with good mineral content & High pH level. It has a plenty of good minerals oxygen that helps in human cells growth, development, energy and sickness prevention. It also helps in flushing out excess human acid waste that cause arthritis, diabetes, ulcer, cholesterol build up and others. It helps in flushing out toxins that causes cancer. “The Stainless Alkaline Processor (SAP2500) has 3 filter cartridges plus multimedia designed to form alkaline for water station that will give good minerals and benefits to our body. Water processed by SAP2500 can be stocked for approximately 3 months but the quality of pH level is maintained. SAP2500 has 25 stages of filtration system: (1) Solenoid Valve acts Pre-filter that removes visible impurities such as sand, rust, algae etc. It also acts as water regulator for efficient purification. (2) Sediment filter that removes impurities as small as 5 microns or the size of 60 times smaller than the average human hair. (3) High grade coconut activated granulated carbon that takes away the unpleasant and offensive odor of water, absorbs chlorine, and removes organic chemicals that dissolves in water such as carbon dioxide. Too much chlorine

causes cancer and irritation to the eyes, skin and nose. (4) An-ion and cat-ion exchange that takes away chemical contaminants of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers such as nitrates and sulfates; It also makes water soft by reducing the calcium and magnesium of water minerals: it also takes away or reduces heavy metals in waters such as lead, iron, mercury, copper, silver nickel, chromium, and others. (5) Uv sterilization that kills micro-organism composed of bacteria and viruses that causes hepatitis virus, Ecoli, cholera, hepatitis, diarrhea, amoebiasis, etc. (6) Cartridges nets and foams that reduces impurities of water.(7) Electronic sensor that shuts off the water valve when it sense that the UV germicidal lamp is not switched ON. (8) Alkaline PH post filter that checks water acidity.”

Reasonably priced at P35.00 per 5 gallon, were reducing the price further at P32.00 as part of our June promo or Get 7+1 Free promo, every purchase of 7 (5 Gal.) entitles you to 1 Free (5 gal.). We also have 500ml containers to meet your needs. In addition, your order will be delivered right in front of your doorstep for free. Open 8:00am to 6:00pm Mon-Sat and Sunday (Half-day) 8:00am to 12:30pm. For orders and inquiries, please contact land line no. 7924341 or mobile nos. 09281994529, 09162686245 and 09323874988. Blue Heaven’s Alkaline Refilling Station is currently looking for interested Dealers particularly around District 1 Marikina.

KUTIS FILIPINA MEDISPA Advertise with Us! Contact: (632) 477-5355 │ Email :


Vol. 3 No. 6 June 2013

GreenWheel Travel & Tours... the year 2012 and changes its Slogan from “ Where You Fly To Greener Pastures” to “Flying Higher”… Ms. Maritess has a wide exposure and experience in the tourism industry having been part of Philippine Airlines for five (5) years, Thomas Cook Philippines for three (3) years, Vice President for Onboard Travel Services for four (4) years, and Operations Manager in three (3) different Non-Iata and Iata travel agencies for three (3) years. Last May 22, 2013, GreenWheel Travel and Tours EXPANDS and opens its Main Office at Bayan-bayanan Ave., Concepcion Uno, Marikina City, in which the old office retains as Branch in Parang , Marikina City. This coming June 08, 2013, GreenWheel Travel proudly launches Main Office

GreenWheel Travel & Tours Main Office: 2/f J and F Bldg., Bayan-bayanan Ave., Concepcion Uno, Marikina City

in Concepcion Uno, Marikina City, as it also celebrates its 5th Year Anniversary in providing an excellent service to its clients. Now, GreenWheel Travel and tours has one Main Office in Concepcion and one Branch Office in Parang, Marikina City growing to serve you better. For bookings and inquiries please contact: Main Office: 2/f J and F Bldg., Bayan-bayanan Ave., Concepcion Uno, Marikina City .954 2691 / 385 8195 Branch Office: 1-A Gen Meñes St., Parang Marikina City. 933 3026 / 409 2174, Cell No.: 09328695500 (sun) / 09236012170 (sun) 09162089508 (globe) 09999645140 (smart) Please send email to

GreenWheel Travel & Tours Parang Branch: 1-A Gen Meñes St., Parang Marikina City

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