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Leaders imagine a world that they would like to be a part of, a world worth fighting for.

Leaders imagine : Vision worth fighting for: Execution


Connecting our purpose to Unique experience evolution!

the individual leadership transformation

This is Erick‌ He was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. A succesful engineer and a distinguished student.

Erick has this dream of going to Russia since he was a Little kid. He imagined himself running through the Kremlin and meeting the Russian culture.

We made this dream happen! We managed to get the sponsorhip of his university to send him and 9 other students abroad‌ we was warmly received!

He went to the most important monuments in Russia and worked with children in his GCDP!

His dream evolved and was more powerful tan what he thought it was… he had the opportunity to promote his country while telling the truth about Colombia – not everything that the media says is right about our country. Colombia is beautiful and ful of passion… Colombia is the answer!

He impacted this russian community, he changed the perspectives and points of view about Colombia, this intership changed his live‌ but there´s someone else that impacted his life Something unexpected happened‌

So we wanted to keep this dream going‌ and one of our sellers managed to get a new TN Taker under the promise of global competitive development!!!

So Irina came to Colombia as well to teach english to students while changing their perspectives about Russia‌ and fulfilling Erick´s dream!

So this is what happen in 2 AIESEC exchanges‌

Imagine 600.000 XPS

Good Organizations are storytellers

Great Organizations are storydoers

Fulfilling our promises

Showcasing impact cem  
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