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PORTFOLIO Selected works 2017


VEZTERRO In d ustri al d e si gner

“Design for me is more than a passion; it’s a lifestyle that embraces everything. Hence, it can solve, enhance and improve many things.�

Juan Carlos Chavez Terrones is a Montreal-born London-based industrial designer. Carlos has been a both part-time freelance designer and sales representative. From furniture and retail projects, eyewear concepts to brand development, his design-led process and business focus have brought him to some professional opportunities across his network. In combining business and design, exploring trends and major-shifts, his work is user-centered and design-driven while keeping a strategic vision in mind. This is a collection of works that represents him.

TOCCO One brand that truly understands customer experience is Nespresso. Here’s a concept of how the coffee-meets-tech brand provides great interactive experience to showcase their vast array of products. Located at some coffee boutique, this elegant POS enhances the purchasing/viewing experience by keeping the remarkable brand image.

Interactive Retail design |


Preliminary ideation and sketches




Tactile screen.

Seamless details.

3D modelling and material research

User-friendly interface POS

Interactive catalog

Scenario & visual communication

Composite material logo head

Extruded aluminum

Bent & embossed aluminium plate

Touchscreen monitor Stable & easy-to-mount structure Wooden skin panels

Smoked & translucent glass

Technical view & assembly development

DUAL Offices are now smarter, more flexible and, ultimately,more spacious than ever before. According to GROUPE LACASSE, in some industries this has been drivenby a desire to make the workplace a more enjoyable place to be. There are just a few issues, one of them is the lack of privacy when comes time to work as an individual. This project is a comfortable workspace that brings peacefulness without compromising versatile working positions.

Partnership competition |

Preliminary ideation and sketches

3D modelling and material research

Sound-proof materiel

Active position

Passive position

170° rotating seat Pivoting worktable

Scenario & final concept view

Structural pressed wool felt backing

Cushioned seat pads

Compressed bent wood board

Matt painted tubular steel base

Exploded view & assembly

CHAPTER ONE Protagonist is a Montreal-based eyewear brand for men founded last year. The mandate was to create a compelling wooden eyewear line. Sustainable materials and elegant-crafted design were the head-direction for this project. Structure exploration and material understanding was mandatory at the first stage of the making process to create a light-yet-resistant eyewear shape.

Private client | website coming soon.



Preliminary sketches and brand image


Brand Identity & Packaging

140 mm

R 315mm 9 mm 20 mm (16 + 2)mm x 5mm R 102mm

Molding visualisation & CNC milling process

3D prototyping & CAD modelling

REBRANDING This family organisation imports a vast array of natural stones and tiles from all over the world. As one of the first established importers and wholesalers, They specialise in providing the highest quality and the largest selection of stone and tile products. With a newly renovated showroom, a well-built brand identity was needed to communicate the modern company’s personality and its product value to potential customers, helping build brand recognition.

client |

Logomark outlines



2y y


Logo proportion


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PORTFOLIO | Juan Carlos Chavez Terrones  

Selected Work 2017

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