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Relationship Between CCSVI and MS

Ccsvi meaning chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency involves the narrowing and blockage in veins which are responsible for carrying the blood from central nervous system to heart. Ccsvi term was first time used in 1998 by Paulo Zamboni who is an Italian physician. It was used to describe the condition when the blood flow in the central nervous system is inadequate due to the narrowing of veins in spine, neck and chest. Researchers believe that reduced blood flow from central nervous system is drained through different veins known as collateral vessels reverse to the heart. In this case blood comes out of the vessels which leaves the iron set down in the adjacent tissues. Causes of ccsvi: Plumbing problem: - this theory states that the ccsvi is caused due to the plumbing problem in veins in the people with MS. Researchers say that the people with MS (multiple sclerosis) are born with narrow veins or malformed which becomes more and narrower with the time. Autoimmune response to the infection: - some of the researchers who have studied the ccsvi believe that it happens due to the autoimmune hit on valves in CVS (cerebral venous system). This leads to the scarring and chronic inflammation. However some other researchers believe that it is caused due to bacteria or viruses because of the relationship of neurotropic and Chlamydia pneumonia viruses such as rubella, varicella and measles with MS. There are various theories to describe the relationship between the Ccsvi and MS. Some states that MS leads to the ccsvi and some other states that Ccsvi leads to the MS. However it has been not cleared yet as both have the equal weights when studied. However Dr. Paulo Zamboni believes that Ccsvi is not caused due to the disease modifying treatments. Ccsvi is also seen in the body parts like legs and spine. If we say that MS leads to the ccsvi, it cannot describe these cases of the

ccsvi in legs and spine then. Therefore, after going through the entire research it is much more logical to say that ccsvi leads to the MS rather than vice - versa. However we must wait for further studies and results before being definitive about anything. So many researchers are working and waiting for the results on above theories. However the first major step has been accomplished that is the link between CCSVI and multiple sclerosis. Basically Ccsvi is the process of blood circulation in the central nervous system. This entire article clearly describe about it.

Relationship Between CCSVI and MS - Learn about CCSVI treatment for MS at Mexico's largest private hospital network with our Stanford trained cardiologis...

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