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The End of Control & the

Future of Retail & Marketing

This is not about technology...

The Age of Collaboration Emerging cultural practices New business models

The Age of Collaboration:

Egosystem becomes Ecosystem

The economic crisis drives people to the Net

After the 2009 lull things will heat up for eCommerce

5 Key Trends

2) Open System Win

1) Everyone connects


3) We all...

4) ‘Free’ as business model

The Internet’s initial wave of disruption may result in value reduction of 40-70% of some traditional business

Marketing and ‘Selling’ as we knew it is over The Internet

Direct, ‘free’, hyper-connected

Internet no longer means ‘Computer’

Storytelling & Engagement

And Brands become... Platforms

Better Experience & UI = More Sales

Followers... Buyers!

Where is it going? Blogs

Twitter *Microblogs *Mobile Feeds

On Facebook

In 3D virtual Spaces & Worlds

Same software for everyone

Widgets & iGoogle

Totally customized Mobile Apps

Central search

Bookmarks & Share-This

Social Search & Peer Navigation

Letters & News Releases At the Mall

The Brand that Pulls

Adding value beyond your core business

Did you know? 59 out of the 100 top U.S. brands have a Facebook presence

So what is Selling 2.0?

The Future of Selling

Word of Mouse (and Mouth) 100% Converged Online / Offline Think Mobile. Again. And again. Engage or be ignored Advertising IS Content The Product IS the Marketing

Can you say this about your business?

Thanks for listening Gerd Leonhard