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Building a Worplace Development Program For businesses of all sizes, one of the most significant challenges that is faced on a regular basis is keeping employees motivated and working towards goals. Most businesses will end choosing ineffective ways to motivate employees, which will lead to complacency, and ultimately will lead to a lack of efficiency. To help to motivate employees and continue their professional development, all businesses should create a workplace development program, which is designed to help develop the skills and careers of the employees. To create a good development program, several characteristics of the program should be met. The first characteristic of a development and training program is that part of the program should be general and completed by all employees. For employees to feel truly engaged in an organization, they will need to fully understand the business, its history, how it operates, and what its goals are. Part of the development and training program should include presentations and classes on the business. This should also include question and answer segments where an employee could share their opinions and advice for the future of the organization. While it is important for an employee to understand the business as a whole, they also need to better understand their job and how it fits into the overall goals of the organization. This part of the development program should focus on how to increase efficiencies in each job, how to properly utilize the company's systems and processes, and to educate on the importance of each job within the organization. This program should also help to provide each employee with goals to work towards to be more effective. These goals should then also be utilized when it comes to completing performance reviews. A strong workplace development program should also be used to incentivize people towards non-monetary goals as well. While it may not be applicable in all workplaces, including potential licensing programs in the development program should help people stay motivated as this will provide people with the ability earn licenses that could benefit them professionally. Other options would include having people earn the right to go to an industry conference or receive a couple additional vacation days. Regardless of what the goals of the program are, or what the rewards will be, the program should be something that will keep the employees engaged and motivated. To do this, progress should be clearly tracked and made available so someone can review their progress. More Knowledge on: