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Folkstyle, Freestyle, Greco-Roman…

The Tale of 3 Styles H

aving coached wrestling at all age levels over the past 25 years, I have noticed in recent years the pendulum swing to a point where the Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling seasons have been shortened considerably. I am not going to debate why this has occurred, but I would like to speak to the positive skills, both physical and mental, that a young wrestler can gain by wrestling Freestyle (FS) and Greco-Roman (GR). Just the other day I overheard a Mother at mat side say, “my son just does not like Freestyle, and I had to force him to wrestle today!” As is the case with most human beings, we don’t like change, and learning the nuances of FS and GR wrestling can be challenging for a young wrestler who is accustom to wrestling Folkstyle. From my observations, if a wrestler or wrestling program supports Freestyle and/or Greco-Roman, there is usually a coach(es) in their ranks who is supporting these styles and actively teaching them in their practice room. I applaud these coaches who step outside of their comfort zone in an attempt to share and teach FS and GR to the athletes in their room. For some coaches and athletes who are focused solely on Folkstyle wrestling, the question often asked is, “why waste the time and efforts to teach or wrestle any style other than Folkstyle?” In much the same philosophy as those who recognize that playing multiple sports is healthy for young athletes’ development, wrestling FS and GR pose new physical and mental challenges 

to young wrestlers. Obviously in FS and GR, wrestlers are asked to execute wrestling skills (new and old) which are scored differently in a fast paced style of competition. I would suggest that it is this new “mental chess match” that wrestlers benefit from when learning and competing in the styles of FS and GR. Wrestlers are required to move their own bodies, and control their opponent’s body, in new and creative ways in attempting to score points therein forcing them to learn new ways to be successful on the mat which ultimately helps them become better Folkstyle wrestlers. For that coach who is hesitant, or apprehensive, about learning FS and/or GR, I would simply say, “jump in feet first!” There are quite a few good FS and GR learning opportunities out there for coaches such as clinics, RTC’s and instructional videos. I had the opportunity quite a few years ago to attend a resident FS/GR conference in Colorado Springs, CO for three days. I was a little nervous going into it, but I returned to Indiana with new knowledge and a new-found respect for these fast paced and exciting styles of wrestling. Typically, coaches and mat officials who are knowledgeable about FS and GR styles of wrestling are more than eager to share their knowledge with coaches who are new to those disciplines of wrestling.

President Trent McCormick (Yorktown HS) Vice-President Danny Struck (Jeffersonville HS) Secretary/Treasurer Trent Staggs (Martinsville HS) Past President Cale Hoover (Center Grove HS)

REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES Jay County Brett Clark (Delta HS) Perry Merridian Aaron Moss (Ben Davis HS) Rochester Al Hartman (SB Clay HS) Peru Andy Hobbs (Peru HS) Bloomington South Chris Cooper (Columbus E.) Richmond Mike Day (Centerville HS) Jeffersonville Zach Harper (Jeffersonville) North Montgomery Open FW Carroll Reg. Rep. Sam Riesen (Churubusco HS) Goshen Joel Pippenger (Westview) LaPorte Joe Willmann (Lowell HS) Castle Matt Thompson (Heritage Hills) Mooresville Steve Livingston (Cloverdale) Logansport Tom Cook (Seeger HS) Pendleton Heights Nate Andrews (Lapel HS) Calumet Jim Wadkins (Calumet High School)

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Trent McCormick IHSWCA President

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Cover story

Top California coach Creighton to speak at Spring Clinic

Coach Creighton, you have been a state champion, and a 2x NCAA Champion, 4x NCAA AA what did it take to keep that long term success? I have been wrestling since I was 5 years old. I really didn’t like wrestling when I was growing up. It created so much fear and anxiety for me. I had a really hard time coping with my nerves. Three things happened that changed my experience. #1: I found John Smith! His style was so unique. All the wrestling I had seen up until that point had been a power, Iowa style type of wrestling. John’s style appealed to me much more. #2 My father took me to see the NCAA DI tournament. I was amazed at the level and excitement of the tournament. I decided right then that I was going to be a State Champion. #3 My mother bought me a book called “Mental Toughness Training for Sport” by James

E Leohr. The book changed my life and taught me how to perform. Once I learned how to set goals and achieve them, then I was hooked. I began setting new goals and accepting tougher challenges. It created incredible “performer muscles” in me. I developed a tremendous desire to be the best. I also had outstanding coaches and role models at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. After you won your first NCAA championship, what types of feelings where there when trying to repeat? Winning that first title was the best feeling that I have ever had. It was a surreal experience that I can re-live anytime I start to think about my finals match. Winning my second title was a little anti-climatic. It was more about meeting expectations and helping my

team. Our team took second in the nation to the University of PittsburgJohnston by 4 points. I often think about how I could have done more to help us win the National tournament. What are some original things you did when you trained that you feel you can share with others? I spent hours watching and breaking down John Smith, Pat Smith and Gerry Abas video. I would write down things they did on the mat, then take those notes to the wrestling room with me and try to mimic their moves. I heard Dan Gable say once that he wanted to get himself so tried in practice that he literally had to crawl out of the wrestling room. I tried to do that many times... never quite got there;) I spent a considerable amount of time writing out the script of how my perfect match 

Cover story continued would go. I read, watched and listened anything wrestling related. I went to every local wrestling camp or practice in my area. I even saved my own money and took the bus to Stillwater from Omaha so I could attend the John Smith wrestling camp. You have coached at both the high school level and college level. Could you let us know the differences, pro’s and con’s that you saw on each level? Coaching at both levels brings it’s own challenges. In general, I think HS coaching is much tougher. There’s way more teaching involved. You also have to deal with parents more. At the college level, guys are more set in their ways. It’s difficult to break their bad habits. In addition, the recruiting part of college coaching is never ending. You now have a wife, and kids, a successful wrestling school, and you are head high school coach, what tips do you have to balance all this? To be honest, I need to improve in this area. Something I have done recently is give myself 20-30 minutes everyday to relax, pray, center myself and give gratitude. It has already made a tremendous difference in my quality of life. I need constant reminders about what is really important. You run one of the biggest and most successful summer camps in California, tell us a little about it. This summer will be our 4th annual Creighton School of Wrestling summer camp. The camp is totally unique. We do film study, mental toughness classroom, conditioning and a ton of technique. I bring in the best technicians in the country and 

treat them well. The kids that attend my camps get access to the skills, personalities and philosophies of myself and my clinicians. In the past we have had: Tony Davis, NCAA champion, UNI Gerry Abas, 3x NCAA Finalist, Fresno State Jordan Leen, NCAA Champion, Cornel Mauricio Wright, 2x NCAA DII Champion, SFSU Nathan Morgan, 3x All-American, OSU Steve Costanzo, Head SCSU Coach, Ranked #1 This year’s clinicians: Pat Smith, 4x NCAA Champion, OSU Shawn Charles, ASU Head Coach Tell us about your MENTAL TOUGHNESS PROGRAM, who have you given it to, what is it about, why

does it work? My Mental Toughness program is really an education program that teaches people how anxiety effects their performance. I teach people how to gain control of their emotions, thoughts and their bodies. Through practice, my students are able to more consistently perform towards to upper range of their abilities. The butterflies in your stomach will never go away... it’s about getting them to fly in formation. I have done this with dozens of athletes and coaches from various sports. Kerry McCoy’s Stanford Wrestling team World Champion MMA Fighter Nate Marquardt Unlimited Fight team in Milpitas CA High School volleyball and Football teams San Francisco State U wrestling program Menlo College Wrestling program Olympic Training Center resident athletes St Cloud State University wrestling team Several HS wrestling programs

ref profile

Kevin Huelsman discusses 21 years as an official Can you start with telling us a little about your family? I come from a very small family. My supporting parents are John and Ruth Huelsman. They introduced me to the sport of wrestling in 1976, which has evolved to present day.  In 2005, I married my best friend, Stacy. I was blessed with a son, AJ, who is 5, and a step-son, Craig Popp, who is 15.  We live in Jasper, IN.  Without the support of my wife and family, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be affiliated with wrestling today. THANK YOU, STACY AND FAMILY!!! How many years have you been officiating?  This year marks my twenty-first wrestling season of officiating, and I continue to look forward to the next year. From 2005 through 2009, I was a rules interpreter for IHSAA. I’m currently a rules clinician for the southern part of the state. At what level are you at now with regard to semi-state, state etc..?   I have officiated 4 Individual State Finals and 2 Team State Finals. 

attending a Jasper wrestling meeting, I was approached by the Athletic Director, Mr. Ed Schulthies.  He informed me that one of the officials for the JV match didn’t show up and wanted me to officiate. I agreed to take on the task. However, right before the match began; I was informed I could not officiate. I was told that I was lacking the credentials to officiate (no license).    The disappointment in my face, led Mr. Schulthies to give me an application to apply for a license. I immediately filled it out and submitted it. This was the evolution of my career in officiating.

Have you officiated any special events in your tenure? I really enjoyed participating and in the following tournaments… Turkey Classic, Jeff Classic, Mater Dei Holiday Classis, Hoosier Hill Conference, Harrison 10 Way, and Pocket Athletic Conference. I also volunteer my official skills locally from time to time, I like giving back to my community whenever possible.

Where did you wrestle in high school and who was your coach? I wrestled at Jasper High School from 1986-89.  While at Jasper High School, I had the opportunity to wrestle under two Wrestling Hall of Fame coaches…. Coach Joe Rohleder and Coach Rick Stenftenagel. Both coaches taught me a lot about wrestling and life. Thank you, Coaches!!!

How did you get started in officiating? My passion of the sport of wrestling, led me to officiating. In 1989 while

Do you have any fond memories/ accomplishments from your high school experiences that you can share? I wrestled on the varsity team for four

straight years. I wrestled 105, 112, 130, and 135 weight classes.  My freshman year, I finished 4th in the 105 weight class at Regionals.   My sophomore year, I finished 2nd at the Castle Regional in the 112 weight class, and I was eliminated in the ticket round of the semi-state.  I had knee surgery during my junior year, but I was able to come back to wrestle in the tournament series.  I finished 4th at the regionals due to a ref decision (see below for story).  My senior year, I finished 2nd at the Regionals and was eliminated in the first round of semi-state.  At the time, I ended my career with the second most wins at Jasper High School. What do you enjoy most about your officiating?  There are a lot of things that I enjoy.    Since I officiate all levels of wrestling (elementary, middle school, and high school), I like watching the kids develop their wrestling skills and mature as individuals from year to year.  I really do think wrestling is a fraternity.  You get to know and make new acquaintances with coaches, athletic directors, principals, and officials. I am really close with some officials that I consider them the brothers that I never 

had growing up. They provide a support system that I can lean on if I need to.

probably would not make it back in time for the tournament. During my rehab, I worked very hard trying to whip that Do you have most memorable moment knee back into shape. Determination there?   paid off and I was able to participate in A long term goal of mine was to the tournament series. I won sectional.   officiate an individual state final.  Getting During Regionals, I won my first round, the notification in the mail was my but lost the second round to a Mater most memorable moment. My most Dei wrestler. I was wrestling for 3rd place memorable moment on against Kelly Christie from the mat was my second Princeton. Third place year at the state finals.  I advances to Semi-State, was officiating the 135lb and the loser goes home. State Finals Match (Caleb We were tied at the end Schmitt/David Zimmer).  of regulation 1-1. At the At the end of regulations, end of overtime, the score the score was tied. It was still tied 2-2. It went went into the ultimate tie down the last criteria…refs breaker. I was nervous but decision!  John Shatner, excited about the situation.  the official, declared Kelly The crowd was going crazy Christie as the winner. It before I had a chance to get was a heartbreaking loss, the wrestlers positioned.  but I learned to never leave They made the hair on my arms stand up.  it in the officials’ hands. The feeling was awesome. Caleb Schmitt did get an escape for the victory.  I’m What else do you officiate, and why do pretty sure this was the first state finals you like those better/different/less?  match to go to the ultimate tiebreaker. I am also an IHSAA baseball umpire.  I’ve also umpired the Indiana Some upsetting wrestling moments in IHSAA state finals in baseball. Not only my life.  do I umpire baseball at that high school The biggest upsetting moment in level, but I do collegiate level too. A goal my officiating career was the loss of of mine is to umpire a major league a very close friend and official, Walt baseball game someday.  It is too hard to Ferguson.  He was diagnosed with cancer, choose one sport over the other, when and lost his battle shortly after being you love them both.  diagnosed.  In his memory, many officials wear a patch on our official shirt sleeve Is there anything else you would like that says Walt 8/14/04.    to share with the Indiana wrestling Another upsetting moment occurred community? when I was eliminated in the first round There are a few people that have of semi-state my senior year. I knew this impacted me as an official. Scott Wallace was the end of my very long journey, has been my mentor from day one of my where I had put a lot of sweat and tears in officiating career. Jim Russell, Tom Clark, over the past 10 years. Chuck Barnett, Steven Anslinger, and The last upsetting moment occurred Greg Moe have helped me sharpen my my junior year, we were wrestling Castle.  officiating skills over the years. Without I was winning my match 1-0, and all the help of these people, I would of the sudden I felt something pop in not be where I am at in the world of my knee. Nothing hurt, but I could not wrestling. THANK YOU! straighten my leg out.  I tried to continue Dream Big, Work Hard, Be Aggressive, to wrestle, but my opponent tech fall Never Give Up! me on takedowns.  I found out the next day that I required knee surgery, and I 


UPDATE ON TEAMS FOR 2012-13 IHSWCA CLASSED TEAM STATE DUALS 5 Large Division teams have accepted their invitation at this time. All 6 of the Middle Division teams have accepted their bids at this point. All 6 Small Division teams have accepted at this point in time as well. Remaining Wild Card positions will be voted on and invitations sent out by the end of April (after Spring Clinic). % = denotes teams that have accepted their spot and have committed to participate in this event. # = denotes teams that have declined their automatic bid. Class 3A (Large Division) % - Bloomington South % - Perry Meridian % - Evansville Mater Dei % - Cathedral # - Crown Point % - Elkhart Memorial # - Merrillville *still 3 wildcard to be voted on for selection Class 2A (Medium Division) % - Jimtown % - Evansville Memorial % - Yorktown % - Culver Academy % - Southmont % - Danville **still 2 wildcards to be voted on for selection Class 1A (Small Division) % - Adams Central % - Milan % - Lewis Cass % - Churubusco % - South Putnam % - South Adams **still 2 wildcards to be voted on for selection

Clinic information


2012 SPRING CLINIC WHEN: Friday - April 20, 2012 WHERE:

University of Indianapolis – Ruth Lilly Fitness Center


8:00 - 9:00 a.m. 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Ruth Lilly Fitness Center

– Downstairs lobby

Braumon Creighton – Creighton School of Wrestling, San Jose CA

11:00 - 12:30 p.m.

Lunch and IHSWCA Business Meeting – Regional Coach of the Year presentations

12:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Braumon Creighton – CSW, San Jose – Technique, questions, & answers


$35.00 individual $30.00 per coach for staff of 2 or more **comes with new IHSWCA Thumb drive, loaded with coaching ideas from coaches across the state and country

Register and pay at the door – email Trent Staggs if you plan to attend - We need to make sure we have enough food for lunch.

Braumon Creighton – 4x NCAA AA – founder Creighton School of Wrestling

*Coach Creighton will have his DVD series available for purchase

Individual State Championship Match Results

Team state results

106 – Stevan Micic 10 Hanover Central (47-0) def. Nathan Boston 10 Lawrence North (44-1), dec. 5-1. 113 – Jarred Brooks 12 Warsaw (35-0) def. Schuyler Phillips 11 Yorktown (47-2), dec. 18-6. 120 – Paul Petrov 12 Hanover Central (47-0) def. Brenden Campbell 12 New Castle (53-3), dec. 14-11. 126 – Kyle Ayersman 12 Lake Central (52-0) def. Cody LeCount 10 Perry Meridian (46-1), dec. 1-0. 132 – Jared McKinley 12 Perry Meridian (48-1) def. Todd Batt 12 South Adams (45-3), dec. 9-2. 138 – Devon Jackson 12 Yorktown (52-0) def. Josh Farrell 11 Greenfield-Central (39-4), major dec. 12-2. 145 – Jason Tsirtsis 12 Crown Point (420) def. Vincent Corsaro 10 Indianapolis Cathedral (35-4), tech. fall, 22-7. 152 – Isaiah Bradley 11 Muncie Southside (44-0) def. Luke Kriech 11 Franklin Community (35-6), dec. 2-1. 160 – Brian Harvey 12 Indianapolis Cathedral (47-0) def. Connor Robinson 12 New Palestine (39-9), major dec. 12-4. 170 – Sean Mappes 12 Center Grove (460) def. Jake Masengale 11 Perry Meridian (47-2), dec. 7-6. 182 – Tanner Lynde 12 Delphi (52-0) def. Lukas Schaeffer 12 Westfield (53-1), dec. 8-1. 195 – Mitch Sliga 11 Fishers (49-0) def. Kourtney Berry 12 Merrillville (32-1) Pin 3:20. 220 – Tyler Kral 12 Crown Point (41-2) def. Joe Gallegos 12 South Bend Clay (453), dec. 3-2. 285 – Abraham Hall 12 Bremen (500) def. Dominique Stauffer 12 Elkhart Central (38-2), dec. 3-1.

17th Annual IHSAA Team Wrestling State Finals Center Grove High School, Greenwood February 25, 2012 Quarterfinals Match 1: Indianapolis Cathedral 37, Penn 24. Penn finishes 24-4. Match 2: Crown Point 46, Kokomo 15. Kokomo finishes 35-6. Match 3: Perry Meridan 52, Warren Central 19. Warren Central finishes 21-8. Match 4: Evansville Mater Dei 45, Bellmont 19. Bellmont finishes 21-6. Semifinals Match 5: Crown Point 36, Indianapolis Cathedral 21. Indianapolis Cathedral finishes 25-4. Match 6: Perry Meridian 40, Evansville Mater Dei 19. Evansville Mater Dei finishes 23-1. Championship Match 7: Perry Meridian 43, Crown Point 14. Perry Meridian finishes 27-0; Crown Point finishes 23-1. State Championship Perry Meridian 43, Crown Point 14 106 – Jacob Cottey, 10, (PM), def. Brett Ervin, 11, (CP), Fall (3:05). 113 – Brandon James, 9, (PM), def. Darden Schurg, 9, (CP), Dec. 13-10. 120 – Joshua Fuqua, 10, (CP), def. Aiden Kenny, 10, (PM), Dec. 3-2. 126 – Cody LeCount, 10, (PM), def. Trevor Burlison, 10, (CP), Dec. 8-4. 132 – Jared McKinley, 12, (PM), def. Cameron Halsted, 12, (CP), TF 25-10 (5:10). 138 – Nick Bova, 11, (PM), def. Tyler Burlison, 11, (CP), Fall (0:55). 145 – Jason Tsirtsis, 12, (CP), def. Riley McClurg, 11, (PM), Tech. Fall 19-4 (4:56) 152 – Paul Matthews, 11, (PM), def. Trevor Blue, 12, (CP), Maj. Dec. 9-1. 160 – Kirk Johnson, 12, (PM), def. Jake Fuqua, 12, (CP), Dec. 5-0. 170 – Jake Masengale, 11, (PM), def. Dustin Schurg, 11, (CP), Fall (1:29). 182 – CJ Martin, 12, (PM), def. Jacob Hazi, 11, (CP), Maj. Dec. 9-1. 195 – Matt Langbehn, 11, (CP), def. Devante Ash, 12, (PM), Dec. 10-4. 220 – Tyler Kral, 12, (CP), def. Jordan Naughton, 12, (PM), Dec. 7-0. 285 – Donte Winfield, 11, (PM), def. Josh Swope, 12, (CP), Dec. 7-2.

Strength and Conditioning

Be an Athlete Coach Struck is a Gold Level USA Wrestling Coach, a certified Bigger Faster Stronger coach, holds a Sports Performance Certification with USA Weightlifting, coaches football, wrestling and teaches a Sports Performance Class at Jeffersonville High School. Last month we took a look at the Jeffersonville Weight Training philosophy, now we are going to take a look at the HIP CONTROL DRILLS, and FOOT SPEED DRILLS In last months issue we discussed our actual weightlifting program, and we hinted on some of the other parts of our athletic development; not just in wrestling, but athletic development as an athlete! Asides from weightlifting, we also concentrate on Tumbling Drills, Speedwork drills, Medicine Ball Drills, and with our large football population we do “wrestling to football drills”. This month I am going to concentrate on two of our warm-ups for weightlifting/ wrestling practice– tumbling drills and speed work drills. 5-6 days a week we do two 5-8 minute drill sets. Either we do tumbling drills, or we do speedwork. We do these every day, all year. We do them to warm up for weightlifting, or for wrestling, whatever it is we are doing, we do these first. TUMBLING DRILLS I tell our kids – “If you can’t control your hips, how are you going to control someone else’s.” I truly believe in this, and so do my kids. Furthermore, I believe in this with all sports! I have my football players do tumbling drills when we are without pads. I have them do it before we lift weights. I feel if is very important for all sports to have complete control over their own bodies. I have traveled to 13 different countries, and what I have found in the most successful wrestling countries (Olympic

sport dominate countries), is that they all practice gymnastics within their own sports! This takes us ten or less minutes per practice. We have fun with it, the kids are familiar with it, and after a few weeks we have them all doing back handsprings, by the end of the season many of them can do complete back flips. This is a very important part of our program from prek-12th grade! If you can get kids to be in good control of their body, you can hide a lot of other flaws in their wrestling just by them always being in control of their body. I believe you will know most of these moves. Our typical beginner routine goes as follows : 1) Forward rolls, 2) back ward rolls, 3) cartwheels, 4) round offs, 5) back hand springs 6) walk on hands, 7) shots across the mat 8)sprint down and back Once our kids are grasping that, we take it up a notch in the older groups and in late season. We call these “BE AN ATHLETE.” In wrestling, we want you to be able to chain wrestle. So in our gymnastics routine, we want the kids to be able to put multiple Rolls tumbling drills together. So in “BE AN ATHLETE” these are drills we do that are “advanced movements.” 1)Forward roll spin back ward roll 2) no stopping – forward roll, cartwheel, round off, back-handspring 3) Copeland rolls – named after a former wrestler – you actually will roll forward over your stomach arching your neck back and bring your feet over your head. See picture 4) Dive Rolls 5) backward roll to hand stand 6) crab walk hip heist, or “break dance” 6) sprawl and sprint 7) SHOW OFFS – every kid takes a turn showing their best acrobatic

move!! Then we have PARTNER TUMBLING DRILLS – the kids love these, you will see a HUGE increase in your hip power and control, the tumbling WITH another person is very wrestling specific - 1) neck rotations 2) partner neck flips – from a back arch position , grab your partners ankles and pull your self over always staying on top your head 3) partner throw overs - face eacother, interlock fingers, rotate until your facing away from eachother, bind down and whip your partner over your back with him landing on his feet, rotate around and go again 4) froggers – shoot through the legs then hop over 5) shoot through right – shoot through left (go through, stay low and run around to the right, then the same to the left) 6) partner is in his base – arm crawl under him – put your hands on his back and handspring over 7) back arch/jump over: your partner is in his base, back arch over him, turn round, jump over 8) reverse guts side to side, working on popping your hips and throwing him through 9) partner headlocks, each partner always clearing his hips all the way through, then landing on his feet.10) SHOW OFFS – each kid get in a line, and run out of everyone and just “freestyle” some acrobatics. SPEED DRILLS I am also a firm believer of getting kids in awareness of their feet. It is not only the foot speed, but being able to place your feet at times lightly, and at times with force in the exact spot you want them. Some kids just can’t walk a straight line, they just can’t move their feet where they want them to be, some are to heavy footed, and some never use 

Strength and Conditioning Continued force. More importantly sometimes kids (against my will) take summer off of sports. The first thing I need them to do it get their feet moving. I need them to be ready to move their feet fast when someone shoots, or to take a step in the correct direction quickly. You do these drills enough, even you worst athletes will be able to move their feet. We do these drills on days we don’t do tumbling drills. We alternate. Early season and pre—season we do each station for 2 minutes (8 minutes). Late season we do each station for 1 minute (4 in all). Then other times we will use it for a low impact conditioning, doing it at each station for 20 seconds on 10 seconds to run to the next station, and go through each station 2x.

Foot ladders

3) Foot ladders – just get creative!!! Both feet in, side to side, two spots forward/one spot back, just get creative!! 4) Box Jumps – again be creative, but we are trying to do these fast and explosive, so don’t do more than 6. Feet together facing the box, jumping over and back, facing to the right, facing to the left….just don’t do more than 6 unless your using it for conditioning.

Speed-work and Box jumps tumbling drills are two very important parts of athletic development for us. Being able to control your hips and Dot drills move your feet are things that are VERY important in wrestling, and will DRILLS translate to any sport you do! I have 1- Dot drills – do six jumps then let also found that we RARELY have back your partner go, we do problems as our core is these for foot SPEED very strong from the hip mostly, not conditioning. control. We rarely have We want to stay explosive ankle or knee problems so we limit it to 6 jumps. because our speed drills are like doing PRE-hab on your 2) Jump ropes – do legs everyday. We do these 25 jumps forwards, 25 things to warm up! We backward, 25 right don’t stretch to warm up, foot, 25 left food, 25 stretching is for flexibility run throughs, and for when you are warm. We Jump ropes advanced: 25 criss cross, stretch after practice. 25 double jumps Stretching can also result in 10

loss of explosiveness when done before a sport or weightlifting. So we do it after. In our next articles I will share those medicine ball drills I keep eluding too, our “wrestling to football” drills that keep us in good graces with the football coach, teach a football player to wrestle quickly, and make them more effective on the grid iron. Keep wrestling hard!

mat side with Jim Tonte

Tonte discusses success at PM

Tonte, you have been around Indiana a little bit in coaching, can you give us a brief commentary on where you have been, the school sizes and what you thought of your overall experiences in different settings? I have coached at 5 different schools. I was the freshman coach at Southport for one year, the head coach at Tri West for two years, assistant coach at Ben Davis for three years and the head coach at Connersville for three years. Each in its own way was very rewarding and has helped in molding me into the coach I am today. I was a city boy so coaching at Tri West and Connersville gave me a different perspective on life itself and kids in different areas. Ben Davis, on the other hand, is a very diverse school and again, gave me insight into many different cultures and experiences. Small school or big school the goal was the same-beat every opponent who stands in front of you.

COACH Tonte’s STATS Personal life • Wife-Tina Tonte • Kids-4 boys: Jacob Tonte, 20 years old(2x IHSAA state placewinner), Tristen Tonte 13 years old(2012 Folkstyle state runner up, schoolboy), Corinthian Tonte, 4 years old; Micah Tonte, 1 and a half years old. • What town do you live in-Indianapolis Coaching Achievements • Number of years as head coach-21 • State champs coached-8 IHSAA State Champs • Team champs-2x IHSAA Team State Champs, 3 time runner up, one third place, 11 time team state qualifier • Sectional, or regional team champs-12 straight sectional titles, 11 Regional titles, 7 Semi State titles • State qualifiers coached-63 state qualifiers • State placers coached-40 state placwinners • Highest national ranking-12th this year by the • Any others that you would like to add. 13 time Conference Indiana champs


mat side with Jim Tonte continued Jim, your kids are very involved in all styles of wrestling, why do you push them into Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling? Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling are great for our kids and for any kids. When I grew up as a wrestler it was always fun to take on a different style in the off season for a change of routine and also for a challenge. Learning to challenge yourself and competing at a different style only makes you more well-rounded as a wrestler and as a person. It’s more relaxed, with less pressure and yet you are still competing in the ultimate style of wrestling that our country competes in every four years at the Olympics. You also learn to be better at different things. For example, you have to take and finish your shots clean or you give up big points in freestyle which helps you in folkstyle. Also, Greco teaches great feel for positions that normally may not be your style but could very well be your opponent’s style. So, it’s fun and it’s rewarding. You have won many individual state titles as a coach, and 2 now as a team – what is most special to you and your program? Each title, be it team or individual has its own special memories and reward. My biggest accomplishment in coaching, however, is not a title but rather having kids come back as men and saying thanks coach. Seeing these young men walk in the room with college degrees, stripes on their uniform for fighting for our country, as teachers, as family men….that makes me the most proud. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE WINNING, but to see these kids through to the next level in life is worth its weight in medals. You have 4 boys, how do you find the time for family and coaching? What is a key to this? The key is my wife, Tina. She has 12

sacrificed her youth, her work, her goals for the goals of my team, family and our boys. It is not easy to live this kind of life. It’s busy. It’s stressful. Many coaches get divorced for this very reason. In order to compete at the level we compete at and to maintain or even better improve it takes a special person at

home. I am fortunate that God gave me four boys in the sense that I can coach them in whatever sport they play and they can be with me during those times. I thank God every day for the Glue to my family-Tina!! All your boys and many of your

mat side with Jim Tonte continued wrestlers play multiple sports, what is your philosophy on the multi-sport athlete? I love multiple sports. My 7th grade son plays three sports right now and I hope he can continue to do that in high school. State champ and NCAA National Champ, Nick Walpole played football and baseball as well. Our starting linebackers, all five, wrestled. Hey, if they are competing they are getting better. We are very demanding in wrestling but at the same time, I love seeing our kids out on the field on Friday night or in the spring. Learning to compete is as important as technique in wrestling if not more important. Many people like to think there is a special potion for Perry Meridian, can you tell me what a typical year in Perry Meridian wrestling is like from k through 12th grade? We have three levels-elementary, middle school and High school and our staff is involved in all three. I could write a book on this so I will keep it short and say each is important in its own way and they all depend on each other. We basically start in September/ October and go till August. I tell the boys I don’t want to see them in August. There are three phases to each level (Elementary, MS, HS each has three phases). Perry Meridian wasn’t always the state power in wrestling, what was that journey like, and what are some of the keys to your success? My first year at Perry we were 5-15 and forfeited 3 weight classes. Our club started with 3 kids at practice. Wow, seems like a long time ago. We were at the bottom of Marion County in 1996. Dan Gable’s words always stick in my head-it’s simple-Work Ethic. Outwork your competition-as years have went by I feel we(I say WE because it takes a great coaching staff-Elementary, Middle School and High School to succeed)

have learned to out think some as well and work smarter. It’s always a work in progress. My high school coach, the late great Chauncey McDaniel’s said, if you ever think you know it all in this sport-get out!! I am always learning, adapting and moving forward. After that first year, we have since went 384-22 in the last 14 years. I remember the 22 the most!! The journey itself could be a great book to read. We are going to name it “The Chase”.

do you do to keep things fresh and new for you? Keeping things fresh is important. I pick the brain of new young coaches, listen to up to date music in the room, and change the warm up around at times as well as look into new ideas of pushing the kids in workouts……if it is nice out we go outside and do some stuff that is sport specific. I believe all of this is very important. Also, getting new gear-kids love the gear!!! Oh, and so do I!!

You seem to be at every tourney, every weekend, what else does a coach do to relax? I love to workout, it’s relaxing, except for all my joints. I’m getting old. I like to be in wilderness at the Lake House at Cumberland. I enjoy biking, camping, hiking…..I like reading on the deck overlooking the lake in the mornings, and I love going to the Cincinnati Reds ball games, drinking a Hudepohl, and cheering on the best baseball program ever. I also collect sports cards and love to take my kids to the movies. I am kind of a movie buff. I always put a movie on the night before a big meet after everyone in the house falls asleep. It helps me relieve stress. Especially a shoot ‘me up action film.

Why are you a member of the IHSWCA, Why did you get involved with so many of the committees and groups that the IHSWCA has to offer? I am a member of the IHSWCA because I am for the growth of Indiana wrestling. We have some great things going on in wrestling right now in Indiana and I know that I can make a difference if I help work together with other coaches around the state. We are all very competitive against each other but at the same time we are a fraternity of brotherhood because we all stand for what we believe in and that is that the sport of wrestling is a great sport for kids for all the aspects of life that it touches upon in their childhood days and in our adult lives as well. Together we can Unite!!! I am also a member because it is the right thing to do!!

After all your years of coaching, what


IHSWCA offerings & Forms

Milestones in Coaching

a list of Coaches whom we have information on, and the level they have attained in terms of Dual Meet Victories. BelowWeisknow that there are many names that should be on this list that are not here. That is meant as a slight to no one. It is just that we only had information for about the last 5-6 years to go on in building this list. We would like to add to this list and make it as accurate as possible. If you are a retired Coach and your name is not here please contact one of the Officer so they can put your name on this page. If you are a current coach please access the link on this page and send a “Milestones in Coaching” form to Trent Staggs at his email address. 100 + DUAL VICTORIES JOHN BENNETT BOB BRENNAN ROBERT FREIJE JIM MAGLIS DUSTY MARCHAND MURRAY MILLER TERRY O’NEILL BRIAN SELTZER DUSTIN WILKE BOB WILLHITE ROB WILLMAN 150 + DUAL VICTORIES DR. JOHN BARNETT SCOTT FERGUSON LOUIS KUZDAS DAVE MAYSE ERIC MYERS PAUL NICODEMUS RON STATELER 200 + DUAL VICTORIES STEVE BALASH DAVE CAPLE TOM COOK RUSS HESLER J.D. MINCH JIM PICKARD SCOTT ROUCH RUSS SCHENK CRAIG STANDISH TRAVIS WALLS Tyson Skinner






PERU UNION CITY Jeffersonville







MILESTONES IN COACHING FORM The IHSWCA will present a certificate to coaches who have attained milestones in their coaching careers such as: 100+ 150+ 200+ 250+ & etc. Dual Meet Victories. The certificates will be presented at the annual IHSWCA Hall of Fame banquet which is held the Sunday following the Individual State Wrestling Tournament. If you qualify in one of these categories, please fill out the application below and mail, or FAX, the information to: Trent R. Staggs - IHSWCA Secretary Martinsville High School 1360 East Gray St. Martinsville, IN. 46151

Name ______________________________ School _____________________

School(s) ____________________________________ Record __________

School ____________________________________ Record __________

School ____________________________________ Record __________

School ____________________________________ Record __________

Years Coaching __________

Career Dual Meet Record __________


I.H.S.W.C.A. JOIN NOW! MEMBERSHIP (ONLY) FORM YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SEND THIS FORM WITH CLINIC REGISTRATION NAME ________________________________________________________________________________ SCHOOL NAME ________________________________________________________________________ HOME ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________________________ CITY___________________________________________STATE_________ZIP______________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________________________ PHONE(______)_________________________________CELL(_______)___________________________ FAX (______)________________________ Coaching Level Head Coach ________Assist _______ Jr. High _______ Official ______ Other ________ CHECK THE MEMBERSHIPS THAT YOU WISH TO PURCHASE IHSWCA - $25.00________ Associate/Retired - $20.00_________ NWCA - $30.00 ________ TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED FOR THIS COACH $_____________ Make all checks payable to I.H.S.W.C.A and send to: Trent R. Staggs – IHSWCA Secretary Martinsville High School 1360 East Gray Street Martinsville, IN 46151


IHSWCA STANDING COMMITTEES AND CHAIRMEN Open committee positions are available for any IHSWCA member. Contact information is on page 2. Membership Committee Chairman: Trent Staggs (IHSWCA Secretary/Treasurer) Committee rep #1: Bronson Curtis (Northeastern HS) Committee rep #2: Mike Day (Centerville HS) IHSWCA Hall of Fame Banquet Committee Chairman: Scott Schwarz (sschwarz@sunmandearborn. Committee rep #1: Ed Fox Fall and Spring Clinic Planning Committee Chairman: Danny Struck (Vice- President) Committee rep #1: Greg Gastineau (Hamilton SE) Committee rep #2: Brett Clark (Delta) Committee rep #3: Trent Staggs (IHSWCA Sec/Treasurer) Scholastic Duals Planning Committee Chairman: Tom Miller (Lafayette Jeff) Committee rep #1: Aaron Moss (Ben Davis) Committee rep #2: Maurice Swain (North Montgomery) Contact: Jeff Schaefer (Castle Regional) Contact: John Cook (NWCA) Marketing and Promotions Committee (includes Newsletter) Chairman: Trent Staggs (Sec/Treas) Committee rep #1: Sam Riesen (Churubusco HS) Committee rep #2: Tyson Skinner (Madison HS)

Regional “Coaches of the Year� Planning Committee Chairman: Trent McCormick (President) Committee rep #1: Joel Pippenger (Westview HS) IHSWCA Middle School State Planning Committee Chairman: Rex Peckinpaugh (New Castle) Committee rep #1: Nick Hull (Arsenal Tech) IN/IL All-Star Duals Planning Committee Chairman: Trent McCormick (Yorktown) Committee rep #1: Al Hartman (SB Clay) Junior Academic All-State Planning Committee Chairman: Joe Willmann (Lowell) Committee rep #1: Al Hartman (SB Clay) Coaches Mentoring Committee Chairman: Steve Livingston (Cloverdale) Committee rep #1: Danny Struck (Jeffersonville) Committee rep #2: Tyson Skinner (Madison) IHSWCA Classed Team State Duals Selection Committee Committee rep: Tyson Skinner (Madison) Committee rep: Sam Riesen (Churubusco HS) Committee rep: Zach Harper (Jeffersonville HS) Committee rep: Mike Day (Centerville HS) Committee rep: Jim Tonte (Perry Meridian HS)

Academic All-State Planning Committee Chairman: Greg Gastineau (Hamilton SE) Committee rep #1: Nate Andrews (Lapel HS)



Sam Riesen, Trent McCormick, Danny Struck

Sam Riesen, Trent McCormick, Danny Struck, Lawrence, Darrick Snyder, Aarron Moss, Brett Clark, Clint Gard, Tyson Skinner, Jim Tonte, Rex Peckinpaugh, Mike Day, Tom Miller, Zack Harper, Stephanie Warren, Joe Willmann, Al Hartman, Nate Andrews, Cale Hoover, Tom Erikson, and JD Minch... Sorry to anyone we forgot.


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IHSWCA Spring Clinician Braumon Creighton in action.







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