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learning CORE ACHIEVE Bringing closer to teachers

Whole-School & Cluster Options

Professional development represents a considerable investment for schools The CORE Achieve Whole-School and Cluster options provide a proven, cost-effective way of providing high quality professional learning right into your school or cluster.

Traditional Approach to PLD

CORE Achieve Approach to PLD

Periodic inservice days

Long-term, sustained and in-depth

Available only to some staff

All staff involved

Focus on improving individual practices

Off-site delivery strategies and/or add-ons to the regular school day

Transfer of knowledge and discrete skills from “experts” to teachers

Focus on whole-school development

In-school provision, customised to local context

Continuous and ongoing, providing follow-up support for further learning Collaborative problem-solving and teaching as inquiry External expertise brought into your school context

Generic workshops with little continuity or application


Builds internal facilitation capability

Integral to school/cluster strategic goals

Education Review series ICT & Procurement 2011

Gaining access to affordable, high quality professional learning and development (PLD) for teachers is becoming increasingly more difficult. In response to this, CORE Education has recently released their CORE Achieve programme of professional learning. CORE Achieve allows educators to learn in the area of their choice, at a time and place suitable to them, with the focus being on participation, collaboration and interaction rather than just delivery. Research shows schools and teachers are finding the costs associated with travel and release to attend PLD courses is becoming prohibitive, or limiting participation to just one or two staff, says CORE Director of elearning, Derek Wenmoth. “With increased access to the internet, and the range of online tools for communication and sharing, the move to providing our services online makes sense. Achieve is our response to the declared need of schools for the provision of our services.” In addition to the individual ‘study at your own pace’ courses, the Achieve Whole School and Cluster Option provides a cost-effective and proven professional development option focusing on whole school development. Based around a trial

approach involving a cluster of Canterbury schools through part of 2010 and 2011, the model has proved extremely effective in providing high quality professional learning programmes. “This model of PLD is the way of the future,” says cluster coordinator and Deputy Principal at Marian College, Frank Moran. “It’s the type of PLD you can use at different levels in your school, from meeting personal needs through to involving whole staff. The model also provides access to people and expertise that we might not otherwise be able to connect with or afford.” Another benefit of the CORE Achieve Whole School and Cluster Option is its ongoing development over time, rather than the one-off withdrawal experiences often provided. “The resources are always available to go back and use at any time that suits. The programme gave us a very clear focus for what we wanted to achieve, providing a stimulus and structure for ongoing discussion.” The CORE Achieve Whole School and Cluster Option can be tailored appropriate to each school’s context and goals, and can involve all staff in the school, offering considerable savings in terms of teacher release time, travel and accommodation.

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