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Buying into a high-tech future

Thoughts of “genius” and “gifted” fluttered through my mind as I recently watched our daughter, just turned one, successfully operate our iPod nano. After sharing this revelation (as nonchalantly as possible) with friends also blessed/burdened with one-year-olds, I was swiftly brought back down to earth; it would appear that babies and toddlers are generally very adept at grasping the concepts of new technology. This prompted me to look more into the issue. How much is technology ingrained into our early childhood education curriculum? And is it wise to expose children to technology at such a young age? Kidicorp offer interesting insights on the subject in the article ‘Toddlers and technology’. The rest of this issue stemmed from there. News and research concerning technology, and particularly its relevance to the education sector, is generated as quickly as the technology itself, or so it would seem. In this issue we journey down to Christchurch for a taste of the amazing research and innovation coming out of the HIT Lab NZ (think robots and the like). We also explore the extent to which social media can be used to map the moods of a nation – invaluable information for the modern advertiser. And given the frenzy around Rugby World Cup 2011, it seemed only polite to consider the current and future technological implications for the game with the odd-shaped ball. It is plain to see that technology and procurement are closely linked. Schools have all sorts of purchasing decisions to make and we take a closer look at a variety of things schools can spend their money on to enhance the environment for students and teachers alike. Soundfield amplification for classrooms, wireless networks and videoconferencing systems are among those discussed in this issue. We delve into the debate on compulsory technology for students and are fortunate to gain an insight into the decisions of four quite different New Zealand schools on their ICT procurement policies, and views on one-to-one ratios of device per student. Troy Smith’s research on how schools are spending the technological dollar should also prove to be useful for many readers. Beyond ICT, we look at other aspects of procurement. We talk to Melanie Taylor, principal of the newly-built Golden Sands Primary School in Papamoa, for her experience and advice on how to make money go further in outfitting a new classroom. With the recent marine oil spill placing Papamoa in the world media spotlight, we also take a closer look at this rapidly-growing suburb and consider how education factors into the overall strategy for dealing with local population growth. New Zealand’s new Procurement Academy has taken a high profile, with experts offering training and courses to help organisations make purchasing decisions. We are lucky to have leaders of the academy put together a “dummies’ guide” to spending, which will hopefully be a useful reference for schools and businesses alike. I would like to encourage readers to pop online and have their say on any of these articles in this jam-packed issue dedicated to procurement and technology. Similarly, please get in touch if you have a topic you would like to see discussed in any of the themed issues of New Zealand Education Review for 2012. Jude Barback, editor




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2 Four different schools join the debate on 1:1 devices 6 Jude Barback examines the 1:1 preoccupation 7 Student soundbites from Te Puke High School 8 Troy Smith looks at higher trails for the technological classroom 10 From Murrays Bay Intermediate, three student voices on technology in the classroom 12 Andre Basel on the wireless world at Rosmini College 13 KAREN for dummies 15 Education Minister Anne Tolley reports on political progress 16 NZ’s new Procurement Academy shares the top 10 secrets of better buying 18 Allanah King on the yellow brick ICT road 20 Cognition Education’s Tracy Bowker reflects on digital technologies into the future 22 From Plato to iPads 23 Ben Kepes presents varsity in the clouds 24 Rugby: technology and the tries 26 Catching the drips with PPPs 27 Social change initiative is creating an accessible world 28 School boom in the Bay of Plenty focuses on strategies to accommodate population growth 30 YouTube Education channel is a big deal, reports Jude Barback 31 “It’s like they’re not listening to a word I say.” 32 Stretching dollars for new classrooms – Q & A with principal Melanie Taylor 34 NZ lab is hitting the mark at the cutting edge of tech research 35 The best educational apps around 36 Toddlers and technology 38 Jude Barback examines the darker side of ICT 39 Five traits of an effective 21st century teacher 40 Debbie Currie shares what goes on in Room 7 41 Suresh Sood analyses the many moods of social media 43 Business growth is going fast forward in Wellington, reports David Craig 44 Roll call for new secondary funding model 46 The future of face to face – videoconferencing for the classroom 48 Clever tech teachers rewarded

ICT & Procurement

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Education Review series ICT & Procurement 2011


New Zealand Education Review ICT & Procurement  

Information and communications technology (ICT) is an increasingly core part of education, as is procurement. The ICT & Procurement edition...

New Zealand Education Review ICT & Procurement  

Information and communications technology (ICT) is an increasingly core part of education, as is procurement. The ICT & Procurement edition...