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Word on the techy street is that a new girl in town is set to transform the New Zealand education sector. Her name is KAREN. Should we believe the hype? How is KAREN going to bring about a transformation and is it sustainable? JUDE BARBACK takes a closer look.

Acronym overload ICTPD: Information and Communications Technology Professional Development. Around 60 per cent of schools have completed the Ministry of Education’s ICTPD programme and around 15 per cent of schools are involved in any one year. The ministry is currently looking at how we can further support the development of e-learning capability in all schools. KAREN: Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network.

NEN: National Education Network

trial extension. A 2008 trial, offering 23 schools high-speed access to education content and services, is currently being extended to more schools.

SNUP: The School Network Upgrade Project. Involves progressively upgrading internal data and electrical infrastructure in state and stateintegrated schools.

TELA: Laptops for Teachers and

Principals. Eighty-six per cent of principals and teachers (43,000) are supplied with laptops under the ministry’s TELA scheme.

UFB: Ultra-fast broadband. Continued overleaf >>

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