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Sustainable, intelligent automation solutions for MDU Developers.

About Zero1

Zero1 was acquired by JT in early 2020 — driving Zero1’s services and capabilities to new heights. Together, Zero1 and JT empower homes and businesses in the Channel Islands to control their environment and connects them to their sustainable future through world-class networking and engineering and connectivity infrastructure.

Zero1 was founded by two former JT engineers in 2012, and has since enabled clients across the Channel Islands to achieve greater sustainability, productivity and efficiency through the automation of integrated solution systems. Its services encompass full consultancy and project delivery, catering to a range of commercial sectors.

What do we do?

Revolutionising the modern home with the latest technologies

Smart Home automation for highlydesirable MDUs in the Channel Islands Zero1 is committed to helping you elevate brand-new properties into irresistible homes, through innovative and integrated Smart tech. We work closely with your team as a Single Service Provider from concept to design, through to installation of your systems end-toend, making your Smart Homes a reality. We’ll identify the most practical, cost-effective solutions — maximising the appeal of any property. Today’s homeowners expect more. We leverage this insight to deliver a bespoke service that adds value to properties and entices prospective buyers with the promise of a stunning new home running on cuttingedge, intelligent systems.

We cater to a wide range of Developers across the Channel Islands, with extensive experience in intelligent engineering, intelligent environment, and intelligent entertainment solutions. We can boost efficiency and sustainability within any home, advancing your development’s green credentials.

When you choose to work with Zero1, expect no less than the highest standard of expertise, service, and creativity. We’ll ensure your properties are more sustainable, which is crucial in an increasingly ecoconscious world. We’ll also identify ways to make your units more efficient for buyers, empowering them with easier, more effective energy control of their new home. We’re passionate about driving positive change in property development and households’ daily behaviour. And our integrations mean your buyers can enjoy more privacy and comfort in the home, too. Privacy glass, climate control, integrated screens, immersive home theatres, surround sound, ambient lighting, and more all combine to make modern living effortless.

Intelligent homes for diverse lifestyles Flexibility and customisation helps make a new-build a home. All of our smart controls are designed to help homeowners tailor their space to suit their needs. Automated climate control, for example, helps homeowners with large families to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the property while minimising waste. After all, heating bedrooms for hours on end is an unnecessary expense if everyone’s gathered in the living room or kitchen all day. Small but effective solutions like these can make new developments much more appealing to buyers with their pick of contemporary property options.

Efficiency and Sustainability The responsible future we’re all working towards.

Zero1 takes great pride in working with MDU developers to maximise efficiency and sustainability, on projects of all scales. We’re all concerned about how much energy we consume — particularly in the home. The technologies we depend on for news, work, entertainment, communication, etc. all demand electricity. And while consumers may be able to streamline their habits to reduce waste, implementing more efficient systems can make a significant difference, too.

Embracing sustainability in your development helps to cut carbon emissions, reduce unnecessary strain on power supplies, and lessens the environmental impact of new Multi Dwelling Units. We always strive to deliver the highest standard of performance across all systems. We’ll work with you to plan exciting new ways to boost efficiency through desirable features, which empower homeowners with the means to adjust their environment through simple automation. They can take control in a more convenient, more intuitive way. Imagine promising potential buyers integrated lighting systems with the power to recognise when one or more rooms are unoccupied. These would turn those unnecessary lights out to reduce waste and contribute to lower bills. Small changes here and there, on a daily basis, can add up to substantial savings year after year. And how about offering buyers an inhome system designed to monitor resource consumption, including water usage? Again, it serves two crucial purposes: cutting waste and saving money. Automated systems take much of the decision-making out of being energyefficient. We blend them seamlessly into your properties, and help your developments to exceed modern sustainability expectations.

Zero1’s team delivers a fully-managed service based on an in-depth understanding of your project’s goals and requirements. There’s no generic packages — for any client. We approach each as a unique opportunity to work at our best and make a positive impact, together. As we work side by side, Zero1 is always available through a single point of contact: we offer fast responses when you need support, we address faults quickly, and we always have ideas for potential upgrades on properties.

Intelligent Engineering Your partner in smart home excellence.

Tailored to specific requirements and expectations

Designing and delivering harmonious systems

Building multiple properties from the ground up can be a formidable challenge, even for seasoned developers. You’ll have agreed on specifications to deliver against, and want to provide buyers with properties they simply cannot overlook.

Together, Zero1 and JT blend today’s most complex technologies and isolated systems harmoniously. But we can’t expect homeowners to speak that language. That’s why all our intelligent systems are designed with user-centric simplicity in mind.

That’s why Zero1 is committed to being your end-to-end Single Service Provider for all your project’s requirements. We focus on understanding your goals, your needs, the type of buyers you’re looking to attract, and to provide the best possible Smart Home systems.

Your buyers can leverage their new home’s technology daily, no matter how inexperienced they may be, thanks to our emphasis on streamlined functionality.

Secure and stable networking for reliable system-connectivity We have access to unparalleled expertise in networking and engineering. By working with JT, Zero1 provides service on JT’s hyperfast connectivity infrastructure proven to achieve incredible results. Our specialists can design an IP network tailored to your unique requirements, providing connectivity you — and your buyers — can depend on. This gives you the peace of mind that the network is secure, safe, and fast.

Bespoke to your unique specifications We know that nobody understands your workspace better than you and your teams. That’s why we prioritise working closely with you from the outset, to understand you, your team, your customers or clients, your environment — and how they intertwine in order to provision the optimum network set-up for your business. We then build an integrated solution that helps you make the most of your current space and respond intelligently to future needs.

Your Single Service Provider; Consultancy and project management end-to-end With Zero1 as your Single Service Provider, you’ll get in-depth consultancy and project management services. We can work with multiple contractors, collaborating to achieve goals or leading the way with our extensive experience and focus on innovation. We’ll identify the best options to minimise costs and maximise quality, from start to finish. You can trust Zero1 to present the ideal technologies for your project requirements and your end-buyers’ expectations. We provide a complete end-to-end service through conception and design to delivery.

Intelligent Environment Making a new-build house, a home.

With our intelligent systems integrated into your MDUs, you can attract and incentivise buyers with the latest intelligent Environment and Entertainment automation solutions.

Cutting-edge lighting and shading Lighting can transform the look and feel of any room. Zero1, in partnership with industry leading manufacturers, provide an extensive selection of intelligent lighting and window treatments to suit any home environment. Homeowners can tailor artificial and natural lighting to suit their preferences: to help them set the mood for family games, entertaining friends, or just for a little TV time.

Secure your investments — and their homes Security is paramount when working on MDUs. Zero1 can install advanced security systems to monitor your site and deter potential threats effectively. We’ll set up cameras with real-time video feeds you can access on your smartphone or tablet. This provides ongoing peace of mind when you’re away from the site, and prevents any potential disruptions that security risks could cause.

Greater control over internal environment systems Our interconnected, automated technologies provide homeowners with a huge range of flexibility to maximise comfort — without even being at home. They can turn the heating up or down, adjust their living room lighting, and more before they even leave the office. Their home will be waiting for them, just as they like it, when they walk in.

Intelligent Entertainment

Market-leading home entertainment systems, designed for any tenant.

Zero1 brings state-of-the-art entertainment right into the home: think the mood and surround sound of a cinema-going experience, from the comfort of the couch.

The ultimate audiovisual experience

We can install cutting-edge screens and sound systems for immersive viewing experiences. Allow your buyers to enjoy a true cinematic thrill with the latest speakers, mood lighting, environmental management, acoustic treatments, and more. Empower homeowners to relax and unwind, with total control over their multimedia environment.

Lighting and sound can be programmed for fast activation — there’s no lengthy manual to decode, or time delay to factor in. Your customers can focus on impressing their friends and family, while Zero1’s powerful tech works in the background. Zero1 offers a truly end-to-end service, right down to the telecoms cabling within a property’s walls. Buyers can make use of our Fibre broadband connectivity right to their doors. As a result, all automation systems remain interconnected for fast, reliable performance whenever users need them. As a developer, you can “set and forget” — safe in the knowledge that Zero1 and JT have been involved..

Structured Cabling Above all else, we want to make elevated living easy for your homeowners. And — as Zero1 is partnered with JT — we can implement structured cabling to support a huge range of hardware. This is ideal for fast, reliable, secure connectivity, whether homeowners are streaming a movie or video-chatting with friends on the other side of the world.

We cater to a wide range of Developers across the Channel Islands, with extensive experience in intelligent engineering, intelligent environment, and intelligent entertainment solutions to create your end-buyer’s ultimate Smart Home experience. To know more about the endless possibilities that automation can offer and how it might work, bespoke to your needs, please contact the Zero1 team: +44 (0) 1534 888 003 Alternatively, why not visit our showroom for a demonstration? Zero1, 6-10 Minden Street, St Helier

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Zero1 Brochure - MDU Developers  

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