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Precisely Why Mental Health Liability Insurance Is Important For Practitioners A lawsuit can arise from almost anything. It usually is better to be safe than sorry, regardless of how careful you are to not get in compromising circumstances, For practitioners which actually work with a "low risk" populations, mental health liability insurance is a must. The potential for a client committing suicide or hurting others is a concern for mental health practitioners. Considering they are considered mandated reporters, mental health professionals often risk lawsuits if they are not following all legal and ethical obligations to report circumstances like child or elder abuse or neglect, patients who threaten to harm to themselves or the threaten to harm other people. For a myriad of reasons, patients could easily become agitated or angered. Since they are mandated to report dubious behavior involving abuse or neglect, mental health practitioners are required by law to report these kinds of behavior even if they do not have solid evidence. As analysis must be conducted when a person threatens to harm themselves and the physician has specific guidelines they must adhere to. Take for instance a patient has thoughts of suicide that involve an in depth plan, they would need to be assessed in an inpatient surrounding. However, a client that could mention harm to self in passing , for instance saying something to the effect of, “I'm so upset I wouldn't mind getting run over by a bus!†may not be deemed to need emergency medical treatment. A mental health professional however, might be found responsible for those clients with obvious intent on harming themselves or others and a situation results. In the Tarasoff case, where a man told his mental health professional that he plotted to murder his ex-girlfriend, this is a perfect case in point of why these laws and regulations are in effect. That patient completed his plan sadly. The obligations of the practitioner were at this point clearly defined to report those who threaten themselves and other individuals. A doctor may break confidentiality if a client reports that he or she intends to harm others in a concise and clear approach. Warning the police along with the targeted victim is a legal requirement of the practitioner who has knowledge of this plan. Keep in mind, situations are not absolutely so clearcut. For example, a person might exclaim, “My coworker annoys me so much I simply want to run him over with my car!†in a joking manner. If the client does not have any known history of erratic behavior or violence, the physician perhaps might not deem the client a real danger to others. The confidentiality would not have to be broken at this time by the doctor. In yet other cases, an individual could ramble and make vague threats. When the threat is blurry, the professional would not be able to reasonably alert law enforcement of a threat to others. Since no potential victims are identified, the same holds true as far as the professional is concerned. While dreadful at times, this can be a catch-22. While someone that has a history of violence or impulsive behavior may make a threat toward others, unless clear information is collected there is not much the practitioner or law enforcement can do about it. All a mental health care professional can do is hope, when a client that is considered a dangerous makes threats to others, where it does not result in harm or injury. Alternate measures can be made to put the person in a safe place, but a great deal may still be left to chance. Mental health liability insurance will help professionals in a time of need. When an action that was not the fault of the professional

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Precisely Why Mental Health Liability Insurance Is Important For Practitioners results in a lawsuit, having the correct insurance coverage is imperative to cover legal fee and other related expenditures. Better safe than sorry is one way to think about it. Protect yourself by acquiring the best insurance. Specialists from the psychological well-being sector are going to do well to take into account mental health liability insurance to guard themselves in addition to their clients against any mishaps that will occur. For even more info on The Solutions Group, pay a visit to them at their website,

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Precisely Why Mental Health Liability Insurance Is Important For Practitioners