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A motionless quiet house Your eyelids rise up suddenly Like the Venetian blinds in Your bedroom An unknown pattern against the floor “Who is it,” you whisper? You peer down the pig tail staircase An intruder His side pocket Uneven from the other Your heart drops down that staircase Abnormal irregular beats Run to your room as you detect the Faint shimmer of safety Your fingers slipping across the screen Sliding the code that contacts protection Then you hear “Hello, what’s your emergency?”

So, it started with a slap I heard your body move Through the walls, Familiar steps with the same pattern Coming through the narrow hallway Searching for me Here it goes Remember Cover your face and pull everything close, I remember that day before this all started So, it started with a slap He thrusted his shoulder against my locked door Finally the hinges protecting the lock gave up and flew open That’s why I have this imperfection plastered across the left side of my face Letting everyone know that there was a story behind this defect The ring that remained stuck on his pointer finger like a leech His flying hand with that obnoxiously bulky ring slicing the surface of my identity In movies and TV shows, people know that the face is the most significant An action film, a punch in the face, you go down An argument, hit in the face, you go down An abusive scene, your face, down down down It’s a mental sort of torment Your face is your identity, its everything about you Being struck in the face is Slapping away everything that you are

“Even angels have their wicked schemes and you take that to new extremes.” ― Rihanna

“... you don't have to wait for someone to treat you bad repeatedly. All it takes is once, and if they get away with it that once, if they know they can treat you like that, then it sets the pattern for the future.” ― Jane Green, Bookends

Spoons Such a simple little utensil carved into such an unordinary shape But so much is achieved with that little piece of metal Their purpose is to provide us, fuel us with cuisine Just as cars need fuel to be powered This kind of transportation and cutlery have different forms of power Cars desire fuel to accomplish its purpose for being created while spoons provide energy by fueling Our bodies with nourishment

Here we go This is it I crossed my fingers, praying, hoping, that I would hear our name called That we wouldn’t be sent home We’ve worked too hard to leave now These people have been so good to me I’ve had an unforgettable experience here I promised I wouldn’t tears be apart of this moment These guys are my best mates They are my four brothers that my parents never told me about Come on Simon; tell us we’re going to be the next big thing Say yes, say yes, say yes, say yes, say yes “You are all too talented…we’ve thought long and hard of you all as individuals…we’ve decided to make two separate groups…” We made it

What do I look like, a bathroom? Did you read the sign, Curb your Dog? My purpose isn’t to be as a facility I exist to provide all living organisms with life So, why hurt me? Squirrels and birds trust me to protect them and their families And provide a secret hideaway for their meals I am a playground for those creative games boys compose I’m “base” as they call it or a protection shield from their finger shaped guns Lovers lye under me carving their initials Their names will remain forever a part of my appearance But that doesn’t mean their love will last forever

Competition The enthusiasm in your heart The concentration in your mind Sudden, sudden perspiring feeling as you are about to start. Hands sweating, weakening knees, leaving you falling apart Warming up with your opponent to whom you were assigned The enthusiasm in your heart That incomplete phony “good luck” smile with a hand shake as we depart Knowing the ball was definitely in but she called it out, does she think I’m blind? Sudden, sudden perspiring feeling as you are about to start. I’m down 3-0, just giving her a head start Wait, this is not how my team should be defined The enthusiasm in your heart I saw that coming, oh you think you’re so smart Let’s pull back our hair and remove the sassy comments and act kind Sudden, sudden perspiring feeling as you are about to start. Aw, after these 45 minutes spent together, it’s so sad to see us part It felt so good kicking your behind The enthusiasm in your heart Sudden, sudden perspiring feeling as you are about to start.


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