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A Monthly Publication of the First Baptist Church of Pelham “Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors and let each new year find you a better [person].” Benjamin Franklin


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A Word from Our Pastor “Dave Says” by Dave Ramsey

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Education Ministry The Counselor’s Corner

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Stewardship Emphasis Cheergivers Ministry Student Ministry

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Senior Adult Ministry Children’s Ministry

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“In Touch with the Church Family” Welcome, New Members

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January Calendar Ministry Weekend Rotation

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Wednesday Night Meals General Information

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“Becoming Great Commission Christians by Making Much of Jesus”

A Word From “ Our Pastor


Seek His Face

“My heart says of you ‘Seek His face!’ Your face, LORD, I will seek” Psalm 27:8 NIV

Dr. Mike Shaw Senior Pastor Several months ago I was seeking to find what God desired for us to have as an emphasis for the next three years. My prayers seemed to be unanswered, but one Sunday morning in the 8:00 AM service (the day before our ministry staff was having a planning meeting) we sang

the old hymn “Sweet Hour of Prayer.” As I was singing and worshipping the Lord, a line resonated within my soul: “And since He bids me seek His face, believe His Word and trust His grace, I’ll cast on Him my every care, and wait for thee, sweet hour of prayer!” (William W. Walford, 1845). 2011 Seek His Face 2012 Believe His Word 2013 Trust His Grace The “Prince of Preachers”, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, said of this verse: “God is willing to be known. He is willing to open and discover himself; God delights not to hide himself. God stands not upon state, as some emperors do that think their presence diminisheth respect.… The more we know of Him, the more we shall admire Him. None

admire Him more than the blessed angels, that see most of Him, and the blessed spirits that have communion with Him. Therefore He hides not himself, nay, He desires to be known; and all those that have His Spirit desire to make Him known.” C.H. Spurgeon, The Treasury of David, Volume 2, p. 13. As believers, let us seek His face, as families let us seek His face, as Sunday school classes let us see His face, as missionaries let us seek His face, as true worshippers let us seek His face. Jeremiah 29:13 promises: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” I love you, I love you, I love you. God bless you and God bless America!

Bro. Mike

Dave Says Dear Dave, I just got engaged, and already people are telling us that pre-marital counselling is a good idea. What is your opinion? Bradley Dear Bradley, It doesn’t necessarily mean that someone thinks you aren’t right for each other when they suggest you think about pre-marital counseling. In fact, I think it’s a great thing, a smart thing, and something every couple should do prior to marriage. There are four areas in which you and your fiance should be in agreement before you walk down the aisle. These are religion, children, parents, and money. Studies show that couples who agree on these issues prior to marriage have a much better chance of experiencing successful marriage and spending long, happy lives together. Unity creates romance, whether you’re talking about holding hands or handling money. And it’s not just about

Dave Ramsey coming to an agreement, either. It’s about sharing your innermost thoughts, goals, and dreams, and mapping out a life together that will make you both happy! Dave Dear Dave, How do you feel about people refinancing their homes? Is it smart to refinance a house in order to have a lower mortgage payment? Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, No, it’s not. But it is smart to refinance a house to get a lower interest rate. By doing this, you pay off the home faster. Think about this. Right now, with a 15-year fixed rate mortgage and one point paid, you can get an interest rate under four percent. That’s awesome! Let’s say you have a $300,000 mortgage, and you refinance from six percent to four percent. A two percent savings equals $6,000 a year, and that’s $500 a month in interest saved. In my book, that’s worth doing! So, refinancing definitely makes sense in cases where you’re going to stay in the home a long time and you get a lower interest rate. Good question! Dave

*For more financial advice, you may visit

Education Ministry New Discipleship Classes

New classes for January through April in Discipleship Training begin on Wednesday, January 5 and Sunday, January 9. Sign-up sheets for the classes are in the Gathering Area and will remain there through January 9. A few of these classes being offered are: Parenting A study of the book of Revelation A study of the book of Romans Money management A study of Daniel Lord, Change Me Visitation. This is not a complete list. Other classes are being offered as well. Please stop by the table for a listing of all the classes.


Thank you

My family and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent us cards, gifts, and well wishes during the CHRISTmas season. We have such a loving and wonderful church family. We are truly blessed to serve a church family that loves their staff. Robert Heard

The Counselor’s Corner Coping with Stress This is an exciting time of the year. The holidays are ending and a new year begins. Many resolutions have been made and we look forward to a new start in life. While the holidays bring joy and laughter, for many it leaves behind unpaid bills and financial woes. In these times of uncertainty it is difficult to find someone who isn’t stressed in some way. Stress is a normal reaction to events in life but it can also be a motivator to take action. Stress that occurs over happy events affects the body in much the same way as stress that occurs from sad events. Over time, stress can lead to frustration, anger and depression. The good news is that we can learn to manage stress by making a few minor adjustments in our lifestyle. •

Monitor negativity. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself and others. Are you negative? On the defensive? Negativity can be contagious or it can push others away. Don’t assume that current events are a never ending pattern of defeat. Reshape your thinking. You could just as easily assume that the tough times will pass. Stop and think. Don’t make hasty decisions. When people are stressed, they are usually feeling anxious.

• • •

• •

Anxiety contributes to poor decision making. Take care of yourself. This is not selfish but is self sufficient. Get plenty of sleep, eat a well balanced diet and get plenty of exercise. Additionally, relaxation exercises, meditation and deep breathing techniques help to eliminate stress and anxiety. Use your support network. Meet with people you know and love and who love you. This will be someone you can trust to share your feelings with. Brainstorm ways to cope. Live in the present. Don’t be concerned with “what ifs”. Focus on the things you have control over. Be honest about emotional needs. Good communication keeps relationships healthy. Protect children from feeling your anxiety. Younger children do not have understanding of financial problems and may become fearful. Older children are better able to handle tough situations when they are discussed in a calm manner. Learn new coping skills. Get professional help if you are having difficulty coping.

When it comes to stress, financial issues are on the top of the list. Get a handle on financial stress by taking

charge of your finances. Control your finances rather than have them control you. • •

Record what you spend. An expense log is the easiest way to see where your money is spent. Prioritize spending. The most important things that you spend money on, such as mortgage, rent, car payment, tithes, etc. go at the top of the list. Compare this to income in order to see which items at the bottom of the list you can eliminate or spend less money on. Don’t forget to save money. Be committed to putting money back for emergency purposes. Examine your lifestyle. If you are living above your means, cut back on vacations, buy less expensive clothes, don’t eat out, and learn to do without cell phones or cable TV. Always take stock of your lifestyle to see if it can be reconciled with your earnings. Set goals. If you have debt, set reasonable goals for paying it off. Create a payment schedule and stick to it. Focus paying off debts with the highest interest rate first. Consolidation of loans might be an option.

Do yourself and your family a favor Manage your stress so that it doesn’t manage you. Happy New Year! —Linda Story

Stewardship Emphasis


Cheergivers Christmas Ministry

Happy New Year from the Cheergivers! In December we delivered Christmas stockings filled with candy and other goodies we thought our precious people would enjoy. These people will know from our visits and gifts that they are not forgotten and are loved by their church. All of the people we visit have families who love them and visit them, but remember the 80% of people in nursing homes who never have a visit. If you have a family member in a nursing home or assisted living facility or who is homebound,

please let us know and we will visit them. If you are interested in visiting with us, let us know that as well. Some of our church members made donations to our homebound fund and made it possible for us to do this act of love. We wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness. Jesus said “Whatever you did for the least of one of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” NIV Matthew 25:40 God bless, Jeanette Owens 664-9700

Student Ministry Family Ski Trip

“The Camp That Is Not For Everyone”

Spring Break - March 14-17, 2011 Camp Pastor: Cory Horton Cost: $165.00 per person $50 deposit due February 20 Final payment due March 6

February 18-21 Maggi Valley, North Carolina We will ski at the Cataloochee Ski Resort and stay at Lake Junaluska Retreat Center. Children and Middle Students must have parents with them to be a part of the trip. Call Donnie Sisk for more information. Cost: $250 per person $100 deposit due January 16 $150 balance due February 6 Snow board is $10 extra

Discipleship Training and Creative Ministries begin January 9

On Sunday, January 9th this semester will begin with orientation and a preview of upcoming classes. DT meets first - 5-6 PM Creative Ministries follows - 6-7 PM

Senior Adult Ministry


Dear Senior Adults, Thank you for all your participation during the year of 2010! I am pleased with how much we have accomplished this past year. We have more senior adults participating now than ever before while I have been with you. However, there is still much to do! Remember, our next luncheon will be January 11th at 11:00 AM in the Annex. Bro. John Jones will be cooking for us. We have some of our plans made for next year, yet some activities are still not completed. I will get you an activity sheet as soon as possible. If you have suggestions, please let me know and we will consider those. At this point, our Senior Adult Mission Trip will be April 3-8. That is not written in stone yet, but we will discuss it with you and the church leadership and nail that down soon. As you know, we are getting our plans finalized for the Alaska trip August 24 through September 6. If this is of interest to you, please contact us NOW. For His Glory, Bro. Paul

A winning pattern for the New Year

Some anonymous wise person penned the following directions for living without bringing pain to others or oneself: “You will never be sorry — for thinking before acting, for hearing before judging, for forgiving your enemies, for being candid and frank, for helping a fallen brother, for being honest in business, for thinking before speaking, for being loyal to God and the church, for standing by your principles, for refusing to participate in gossip, for holding your words when tempted to demean another, for not entertaining impure or hateful thoughts, for sympathizing with the afflicted, for being courteous and kind to all.” —copied

Children’s Ministry These activities are ready to resume on the dates listed! Invite your friends to come with you.

For Preschool: Wednesday night activities January 5, 6:30 PM Sunday night discipleship January 9, 5:00 PM

For Children: Wednesday night activities January 5, 6:30 PM Sunday night discipleship January 9, 5:00 PM PraiseMakerz Choir January 30, 4:00 PM

1st-5th Grades UAB Indoor Pool


(Mothers Of PreSchoolers) will meet on January 5 and 19

January 17, 2011 $3.00 per child Time: 1:00-3:00 PM

Elementary D-Now registration begins in January 1st-3rd Grade D-Now is Friday, March 4th

4th-5th Grade D-Now is Friday-Saturday, March 4th-5th There is space for only the first 50 who register in each of these two age groups.

In Touch With the Church Family


Proverbs 31 has announced their 2011 meetings

January 7, 7:00 PM - Bring your old ornaments, decorations, wreaths, etc., to trade. Meetings will also be held on April 29, August 26 and November 18. Topics TBA.

Congratulations to … …Georganne and Rene Perez and big sister Julianna on the arrival of Luke Alexander on November 29th, weighing 8 pounds 12 ounces and measuring 21 inches. …Jessica Hubbard and grandparents Shirley and Harold Hubbard on the birth of Logan Bryant on December 7th, weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces and measuring 21 inches.

First Baptist Church of Pelham is proud to announce that Anson Walck, son of Larry and Michelle Walck, graduated from Auburn University on December 13 with a degree in criminology.

2010 Church Family Giving (through December 19)

General Fund given to date $ 2,233,125.71 Budget needed to date $ 2,789,219.00 Year to Date Expenses $ 2,217,676.18 Debt Retirement given in 2010 $ 67,188.07 Loan Balance as of 12/15/2010 $ 8,824,904.70

…Craig Stanfield and family in the death of his father. …Debbie Reeves and family in the death of her father. …Bobbie Franklin, Linda Story, and family in the death of Mrs. Franklin’s brother. …to Karen Wood and family in the death of her father. …to Lori Goodwin in the death of her uncle.

If you haven’t given to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, there is still time! Our goal is $43,845.86, the amount it takes to keep one missionary on the field one full year. As of 12-19-10, we had given $14,829.37.

Miss Lottie Moon Missionary to China

Welcome, New Members!

James S. Savelle III (by letter)

Joshua Reeves (baptism)

Camryn Fillingim

Hannah-Rose Corbin



Far Left: Barry and Wanda Hopper (by letter)

Left: The Hooper Family John, Dawn and Hope (by letter)

Right: Jessica Hardin (for baptism) Christi Hardin (by letter)

Andrew White (baptism)

January Calendar Sunday














8 Upward Games begin

Adult Discipleship Training Classes Preview

1 PM “Crafty Chicks” PM Upward Basketball


Wednesday Night Dinners Resume

9 AM Job Search Ministry

No PM Activities


Refuge Begins PM PM Preschool Choir and Upward Basketball The Crew Resume Upward Basketball


10 11 9 AM Job Search Ministry 11 AM Senior Adult 10 AM - WMU Luncheon 1 PM FW Friends and Bible “Crafty Chicks” Drills Begin PM Upward Adult Discipleship PM 7 PM Training Classes Upward Basketball Deacons Meeting Preview




17 18 9 AM Job Search Ministry


7 PM Proverbs 31 Meeting/Christmas Swap (Quad Rm) 14

15 Upward Games Celebration Choir Fellowship

PM Upward Basketball 20



22 Upward Games

1 PM “Crafty Chicks” Student Fellowship After Evening Activities

1 PM Children’s Winter Swim PM Upward

P PM Upward Basketball

PM Upward Basketball

9 AM Job Search 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 1 PM Upward Games “Crafty Chicks” PM Upward AM 30 31 “State of the Church” Message 4 PM PraiseMakerz

9 AM Job Search 1 PM “Crafty Chicks” PM Upward

PM Upward Basketball

SUNDAY SCHEDULE 7 AM Prayer Team 8, 9:15, 10:45 AM Sunday School & Morning Worship Handbell Rehearsal (A115-116) F.W. Friends (Preschool) Begin January 9 Bible Drills (Elementary) Begin January 9 5:00 Adult Discipleship Classes Begin January 9

PM Upward Basketball WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE 5 PM Wednesday Night Dinners Begin January 5 6 PM Prayer Meeting (Annex) 6:30 Celebration Choir Rehearsal Discipleship Training Begins January 5 Refuge (Students) Begins January 5 College Bible Study Music Maker (Preschool) Begins January 5 The Crew (Elementary) Begins January 5

January Ministry Staff Weekend Hospital Rotation

Jan. 1-2 - Robert Heard - Home 663-8767, Cell 936-2302 Jan. 15-16 - Mike Shaw - Home 663-1788, Cell 283-4749 Jan. 8-9 - Jonathan Williams - Home 982-6237, Cell 223-4277 Jan. 22-23 - Donnie Sisk - Home 620-1157, Cell 567-7475 Jan. 29-30 - Paul Moore - Home 663-0155, Cell 913-5129

U.S. POSTAGE PAID Non-Profit Org. PERMIT NO. 7 Pelham, AL 35124

2867 Pelham Parkway Pelham, Alabama 35124-1728

Address Correction Requested

Dated Material

Monthly publications are subject to change. Please check for the latest information.

Wednesday Night Meals Church Family Meal at 5 p.m. Prayer at 6 p.m. Please check the First Baptist Church of Pelham web site and/or your Sunday bulletin for current menus. Prices: Adults - - - - - - - - - - - - $ 4.00 Children (12 and under) - $ 3.00 Family maximum (one household) $15.00 Reservations: Before noon on Monday (no exceptions, please) Standing reservations payable in advance monthly Serving time: 5:00-5:45 PM This is a volunteer, self-supporting ministry (non-profit) from our church cook team. (Complimentary dinner for 1st time visitors by reservation.)

On beginning the New Year

Lord of heaven and earth, prosper thou us this year even as our soul prospereth. Let thy presence go with us. Be thou the Companion of our way. In our home, grant that we may cheerfully welcome thee as our daily Guest. In our relationships with others, teach us to practice the Golden Rule. In all our seeking, grant that we seek first thy kingdom and righteousness.­ —17th Century Prayer


Dr. Mike Shaw, Pastor Rev. Robert Heard, Administrative Pastor Dr. Paul Moore, Assoc. Pastor: Ministry/Senior Adults Rev. Donnie Sisk, Pastor to Students/Activities Rev. Jonathan Williams, Preschool/Children’s Director Paula Kornegay, Worship Leader Linda Kennemore, Administrator


Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00 Church Office Phone: 664-0237 Children’s Offices: 216-0028 Fax: 621-2351 HOPE Center: 663-2779 School of Fine Arts: 664-2466 Sunday School Annex: 664-0237, ext. 5020 (All phones are area code 205) Web Site - Pelham Vision is published one time per month. Items for publication are accepted on a space-available basis and are subject to Post Office regulations for our class of mail. Please submit in writing or email No phone submissions, please. Pelham Vision exists to inform and to show the Good News in action. Check out all our activities and read us online at www. Editor: Pat MacKay

Pelham Vision - January  


Pelham Vision - January