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WHERE EYEWEAR BECOMES FASHION Take a Look While you Wait. New Information here at Laurier Optical Rideau Ray-Ban specials, Explanation of conventional, optimized, and seemax progressives and a Laurier Optical annoucements. Laurier Optical on Rideau. 613. 569. 2222 320 Rideau St. Ottawa On. K1N 9J7


Laurier Optical Carries the new 2012 Ray-Ban Collection

RB2140 2140-6 - 1085/3 1085/3F F RB ORIGINAL WAYFARER BLOCKS Special Series #6 Frame: blocks three-dimensional multicolor | Lens: light blue

RB3025 - 001/3E Frame: arista | Lens: pink gold gradient mirror

is proud to present the RARE PRINTS special series. As you can guess from the name, these are no ordinary sunglasses. This special series collection combines colorful new patterns with the original Wayfarer design. Wear them proudly or tuck these limited edition prints away because they won’t be around for long.

RB2140 - 901/32 ORIGINAL WAYFARER Frame: black | Lens: gradient grey

RB3016 - W0365 CLUBMASTER Frame: ebony/arista | Lens: green

RB4147 - 710/51 Frame: shiny avana Lens: faded brown

New & Trends in The Industry

Laurier Optical would like to introduce the newly released 2012 Rayban collection, and will be offering an introductory offer on all Raybans until July 31. Buy one RayBan at full price and receive a second Rayban with a 40% off discount. Perfect for bringing in a friend to share or just simply buying one with a spare.

Laurier Optical is proud to announce that it has signed a contract with Chanel to be the exclusive brand’s dealer in Ottawa for all their new 2012– ing some of the most unique sunglasses and prescription glasses in the market. See store for details.

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Optimized Progressive

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Conventional Progressive




Seemax Progressive

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Near Feild of View Distance Feild of View

For all powers of progressive lenses to fit within a pair of eyeglasses, frames in the past had to be relatively large. If the frame was too small, the reading portion of the lens would sometimes end up uncomfortably small after the lens was cut to size and inserted in the frame. However, lens manufacturers have overcome this problem by introducing "short corridor" progressive lenses with compact designs that provide larger reading zones for today's smaller, fashionable frames. Th popularity of progressive lenses has rocketed in recent years, making progressives the most widely purchased lenses for correcting presbyopia. Today, there are many progressive lens designs available, fitting virtually any needs.

Things you need to know before choosing the Best Progressive Lenses for Your Needs ‌

Are you in the market for Bifocals or Progressives

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Laurier Opticlal V1  

Read while you wait, and take a look at what is now new with Laurier Optical. Where Eyewear Becomes Fashion

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