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Sulky Rayon Thread

Add Pizazz to every project where you are going to see thread on top!

Sulky 40 wt. (Lighter) Rayon Decorative Thread

Sulky 40 wt. comes in 388 colors. It is a light weight, but exceptionally strong, silky rayon thread. It is colorfast, both washable and dry cleanable. It is recommended that no bleach or whitening agents be used when laundering. While it is a utilitarian weight that works very well in all decorative applications, it is the preferred thread for “free-motion” machine embroidery as well as computerized embroidery. Most computer embroidery designs are digitized for Sulky 40 wt. Rayon Thread. A size12/80 machine needle is most commonly used with Sulky 40 wt. Rayon, unless the thickness of the fabric/stabilizer calls for a 14/90. It can also be used in the bobbin when working on projects where having the same color bobbin thread as top thread is important. Normally for embroidery work, Sulky Bobbin Thread is most widely used in the bobbin in both white or black. Note: 40 wt. snap-spools have black printing on the spool.

Sulky 30 wt. (Heavier) Rayon Decorative Thread Sulky 30 wt. comes in 102 solid colors and 54 variegated and multi-colors, which are indicated by a R30 on the color chart. It is 1/3 heavier than 40 wt. and is ideal for top-stitching, quilting, satin stitch decorative stitches (fills them in completely) and it is an exceptionally strong, silky rayon thread. When enlarging computerized designs, 30 wt, will fill them in more completely than 40 wt. It is colorfast, both washable and dry cleanable. It is recommended that no bleach or whitening agents be used when laundering. A size 14/90 machine needle is most commonly used with Sulky 30 wt. Rayon. Where having the same color bobbin thread as top thread is important, use a matching Sulky 40 wt. thread in the bobbin. Normally for embroidery work, Sulky Bobbin Thread is most widely used in the bobbin in both white or black. Note: 30 wt. Snap-spools have red writing on the spools.

R30 30wt Rayon

R40 40wt Rayon

PD Poly Deco

C Cotton

White-Cream-Yellow-Gold 1001 Bright White R30 R40 PD C

1002 Soft White R40 PD

1071 Off White R30 R40 PD C

1022 Cream R40

1061 Pale Yellow R30 R40 PD C

1067 Lemon Yellow R40 PD

1829 New Créme Brulé R40

1066 Primrose R30 R40

1135 Pastel Yellow R40 PD

1167 Maize Yellow R40

1023 Yellow R30 R40 PD

1124 Sun Yellow R40 PD C

1187 Minosa Yellow R30 R40 PD

1185 Golden Yellow R30 R40 PD

502 Cornsilk R40

1083 Spark Gold R30 R40

1333 Sunflower Gold R40

1137 Yellow Orange R30 R40 PD

1024 Goldenrod R30 R40 PD C

1832 New Desert Glow R40

567 Butterfly Gold R40 C

523 Autumn Gold R40

1025 Mine Gold R30 R40 PD

1826 New Gallery Gold R40 PD C

1262 New Dk. Autumn Gold R40

1159 Temple Gold R40 PD

1260 New Summer Gold R30 R40 PD C

1243 Spring Moss R40

1227 Gold Green R40

1817 New Lemon Grass R40

1834 New Pea Soup R40

Cream-Beige-Brown-Rust-Mahogany 520 New Bone R40

1082 Ecru R30 R40 PD C

508 New Sand R40

1127 Med. Ecru R40 PD

1828 New Seashell R40

1149 Deep Ecru R30 R40 PD C

1128 Dk. Ecru R30 R40 PD C

1838 New Cocoa Cream R40

1269 New Mushroom R40

1839 New Cameo R40

1054 Med. Dk. Ecru R40

1837 New Lt. Cocoa R40

1822 New Toffee R40

1823 New Cocoa R40

1070 Gold R30 R40 PD C

1055 Tawny Tan R30 R40 PD

1549 Flax R40

562 Spice R40

1819 New Outback R40

1313 Bittersweet R40

1126 Tan R30 R40 PD

1056 Med. Tawny Tan R40 PD C

521 Nutmeg R40

568 Cinnamon R40 C

1158 Dk. Maple R40 PD

1021 Maple R30 R40 PD

1237 Deep Mauve R40

1216 Med. Maple R30 R40

1217 Chestnut R40

1264 Cognac R40

621 Sunset R440

1181 Rust R30 R40 PD C

1180 Med. Taupe R40 PD C

1266 Toast R40

1265 Burnt Toast R30 R40

1179 Dkk. Taupe R30 R40 PD

1170 Lt. Brown R30 R40 PD

1267 Mink Brown R40

1129 Brown R30 R40 PD

1130 Dk. Brown R40 PD C

1059 Dk. Tawny Brown R30 R40

1131 Cloister Brown R40 C

1057 Dk. Tawny Tan R30 R40 PD

1058 Tawny Brown R40 PD C

1186 Sable Brown R40 C

1247 Mahogany R40

1214 Med. Chestnut R40 PD

1215 Blackberry R40

1183 Black Cherry R40 PD

Lt. Orange-Red 1239 Apricot R40

1238 Orange Sunrise R40 C

1065 Orange Yellow R30 R40 PD

1168 True Orange R40

1833 New Punmkin Pie R40

1078 Tangerine R30 R40 PD C

1827 New Coral Sunset R40

1184 Orange Red R40 PD C

1246 Orange Flame R30 R40 C

1317 Poppy R40

1037 New Lt. Red R30 R40 PD

1147 Christmas Red R30 R40 PD C

1039 True Red R30 R40 PD

561 Lipstick R40


Pink-Fuchia-Taupe-Burgundy 1120 Pale Pink R30 R40

1068 Pink Tint R40

1113 Pastel Mauve R40 PD

1064 Pale peach R40 PD

1121 Pink R30 R40 PD

1225 Pastel Pink R40 PD C

1115 Lt. Pink R30 R40 C

1108 Lt. Mauve R40 PD

1117 Mauve R40

1224 Bright Pink R30 R40 PD

1256 Sweet Pink R40

1109 Hot Pink R30 R40 PD

1515 Rosebud R40

1307 Petal Pink R40 C

1511 Deep Rose R40 PD

1231 Med. Rose R40 PD

1533 Lt. Rose R40 PD

1191 Dk. Rose R30 R40 PD

1192 Fuchsia R30 R40 PD C

1824 New Gentle Rain R40

1213 Taupe R40

1809 New Iced Mauve R40

1807 New Soft Heather R40

1808 New Velvet Slipper R40

1304 Dewberry R40 C

1311 Mulberry R40

1312 Wine R40

1119 Dk. Mauve R30 R40 PD C

1190 Med. Burgundy R30 R40 PD C

1034 Burgundy R40 PD

1035 Dk. Burgundy R30 R40 PD C

1309 Magenta R40

1081 Brick R40

1263 Red Jubilee R40

1169 Bayberry Red R40 PD C

Peach-Coral 1801 New Flesh R40

1821 New Creamy Peach R40

1802 New Soft Blush R40

1543 Peach Fluff R40

1017 Pastel Peach R40 PD

1258 Coral Reef R30 R40 PD

619 Dusty Peach R40

1803 New Island Peach R40

1019 Peach R30 R40 PD

1259 Salmon Peach R30 R40

1800 New Shrimp R30 R40 PD C

1820 New Fruit Shake R40

1015 Med. Peach R30 R40 C

1016 Pastel Coral R40

1303 New Watemelon R30 R40 PD C

1148 Lt. Coral R40

1154 Coral R30 R40 P

1020 Dk. Peach R30 R40 PD

1558 Tea Rose R40 C

1257 Deep Coral R40

1188 Red Geranimum R40

Lavender-Purple-Taupe 1111 Pasrel Orchid R40

1031 Med. Orchid R30 R40 C

1080 Orchid R30 R40 PD

1830 New Lilac R40

1033 Dk. Orchid R40 PD

1814 New Orchid Kiss R40

1813 New Plum Wine R40

1255 Deep Orchid R40 PD


Lavender-Purple-Taupe (cont.) 1812 New Wildflower R40

1545 Purple Accent R40

1300 Plum R40

1189 Dk. Chestnut R30 R40 PD C

1811 New Wineberry R40

1193 Lavender R30 R40 PD

1032 Med. Purple R30 R40 PD C

1194 Lt. Purple R40 PD

1122 Purple R30 R40 PD C

1195 Dk. Purple R30 R40 PD

1299 Purple Shadow R40 C

1554 Purple Passion R40

1112 Royal Purple R40 PD

1297 Lt. Plum R40

1810 New Wild Mulberry R40

1298 Dk. Plum R40

1254 Dusty Lavender R40

1296 Hyacinth R40

1561 Deep Hyancinth R40

1235 Deep Purple R40 PD C

1302 Eggplant R40

1301 Deep Eggplant R40

Gray-Black 1268 Lt. Gray Khaki R40

1325 Whisper Gray R40

1327 Dk. Whisper Gray R30 R40

1236 Lt. Silver R40 PD

1218 Silver Gray R40 PD C

1085 Silver R30 R40

1011 Steel Gray R30 R40 PD

1328 Nickel Gray R40 C

1329 Dk. Nickel Gray R30 R40

1219 Gray R30 R40 P

1040 Med. Dk. Khaki R30 R40 PD

1041 Med. Dk. Gray R30 R40 PD

1166 Med. Steel Gray R40 PD

1295 Sterling R40 PD

1306 Gun Metal Gray R40

1220 Charcoal Gray R30 R40 PD

1240 Smokey Gray R40

1241 New Dk. Ash R4

1234 Almost Black R40 PD

1005 Black R30 R40 PD C

Lt. Green-Emerald-Lime Green 1086 Pale Sea Foam R40

1063 R30 R40

1331 Pale Green R40

1077 Jade Tint R30 R40 PD C

1275 Sea Mist R40

1100 Lt. Grass Green R40

1047 Mint Green R40 PD C

1279 Willow Green R40

1280 R40

580 Mint Julep R40 C

1232 Classic Green R40 C

1208 Mallard Green R30 R40 PD

1510 Lime Green R40 PD

1274 Nile Green R40

1831 New Limeade R40

1825 New Barnyard Grass R40

1049 Grass Green R30 R40

1277 Ivy Green R40

1278 Bright Green R40

1101 True Green R30 R40 PD

1079 Emerald Green R30 R40 PD

569 Garden Green R40


Dk. Willow Green

Pale Yellow-Green

Christmas Green

R30 R40 PD C


Gray/Green-Army Green 1321 Gray Khaki R40

1229 Lt. Putty R40 C

1270 Dk. Gray Khaki R40 C

1508 Putty R30 R40 PD

1211 Lt. Khaki R30 R40 PD

1228 Drab Green R40

1212 Khaki R30 R40 PD

1272 Hedge Green R40

630 Moss Green R40

1815 New Japanese Fern R40

1835 New Peopod Green R40

1156 Lt. Army Green R30 R40 PD


1210 Dk. Army Green R30 R40

1836 New Loden Green R40

1273 New Dk. Forest R40

Med. Arny Green


Yellow/Green-Pine Green 1818 New Fairway Mist R40

1816 New Honeydew R40

1104 R40

1209 Lt. Avocado R40 PD C

1322 Chartreuse R40

1332 R40 C

1177 Avocado R30 R40 P

1276 Pistachio R40


1175 Dk. Avocado R40 C

1174 Dk. Pine Green R30 R40 PD C

Med.Dk. Avocado

R30 R40 PD

Pastel Yellow-Grn

Deep Chartreuse

Misc. Green 1552

1550 Desert Cactus R40



1287 French Green R40 C

525 English Green R40

538 Forest Green R40

1271 Evergreen R40 C

1103 Dk. Khaki R30 R40 PD

Dk. Desert Cactus

Dk. French Green


Lt Teal-Dk. Teal 1204 Pastel jade R40

1205 Med. Jade R40

1305 Sage Green R40


1045 Lt. Teal R30 R40 PD

1288 Aqua R40

1046 Teal R30 R40 PD C

640 Med. Aqua R40

1503 Green Peacock R30 R40 PD


571 Deep Aqua R40

1551 Ocean Aqua R30 R40

Coachman Green

R30 R40 P

1230 Dk. Teal R30 R40 PD C


Sea Foam Green


Lt. Blue-Dk. Blue 1151

1165 Lt. Sky Blue R30 R40



1203 Name R40 PD

1223 Baby Blue Tint R40

1289 Ice Blue R40

1248 R30 R40

1222 Lt. Baby Blue R30 R40 PD

1145 Powder Blue R30 R40 PD

1292 Heron Blue R40 C

1806 New Madras Blue R40

1644 New Caribbean Mist R40

1030 Periwinkle R40

1028 Baby Blue R30 R40 PD

1201 R40

1249 Cornflower Blue R40

1029 Med. Blue R40 PD

1196 Blue R40 PD

1804 New Bayou Blue R40

1253 Dk. Sapphire R40

1076 Royal Blue R30 R40 PD

526 Cobalt Blue R40

1535 Team Blue R30 R40 PD

572 Blue Ribbon R40

1143 True Blue R30 R40 PD

1805 New Ocean Blue R40

1198 Dusty Navy R40 PD C

643 Arctic Sky R40

505 Deep Arctic Sky R40


1043 Dk. Navy R30 R40 PD

1044 Midnight blue R30 R40 PD

Powder Blue Tint

Med. Pastel Blue

Med. Powder Blue

Deep Slate Gray

R30 R40

Pale Powder Blue

R30 R40 PD

1182 Blue Black R40

Misc. Blue 1226 Dk. Periwink;e R40

1242 Name R40



Deep Nassau Blue

Bright Navy Blue

R40 C

R30 R40 PD

1200 Med. Dk. Navy R40 PD


1197 Med. Navy R40 PD C

1283 Slate Gray R40 C

1291 Winter Sky R40

1172 R30 R40 PD

1284 Dk. Winter Sky R40

1134 Peacock Blue R40

1202 Deep Turquoise R30 R40

1206 Dark jade R40 PD

1285 Dk. Sage Green R40

1162 Deep Teal R30 R40 PD

1233 Ocean Teal R40

1171 Weathered Blue R40 PD

1536 Midnight Teal R40 PD

Admiral Navy Blue

R40 C Md.Weathered Blue

Turquoise 1513 Wild Peacock R30 R40 PD

1560 Marine Aqua R40

1090 Deep Peacock R30 R40 PD

1096 Dk. Turquoise R40 PD

1251 Bright Turquoise R40

1250 Duck Wing Blue R30 R40

1095 Turquoise R40

1094 Med. Turquoise R30 R40 PD

1252 Bright Peacock R40 PD

1534 Sapphite R30 R40


Variegated 2100




Vari-Pastel Pinks

Vari-Baby Pinks



R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40






Vari-Pastel Blues

Vari-Teal Blues


R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40






R30 R40

R30 R40

Vari-Royal Purple

R30 R40 2130





Vari-Mint Greens

Vari-Grass Greens

Vari-Bright Greens

R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40





Vari-Avocado Green

Vari-Pine Greens

Vari-Willow Greens

Vari-Aqua Teals

R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40





Vari-True Greens

Vari-French Grns

Vari-Grass Greens


R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40








Vari-Rust Peaches

R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40 2107 Vari-Navy Blues

R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40






Vari-Gold Yellows

Vari-Med. Browns

Vari-Lt. Browns

R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40





Vari-Dk. Browns

Vari-Coffee Browns


Vari-Dk. Taupes

R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40

R30 R40

Multicolor 2201 Baby Blue/Pink/ Mint R30 R40

2203 BabyPink/Mint/ Blue R30 R40

2202 Mint Greens/ Pinks R30 R40

2208 Seafoam/Coral Reef/Ecru R30 R40

2206 Turquoise/ Coral/Silver R30 R40

2204 Teal/Purple/ Fuchsia R30 R40

2205 Blue/Fuchsia/ Purple R30 R40

2243 Med. Green/ Purple/Gold R30 R40

2246 Med. Blue/ Green/Tan R30 R40

2241 Peach/Blue/ Rust/Green R30 R40

2242 Red/Gold/Blue R30 R40

2244 Coral/Brown/ Teal R30 R40

2245 Old Gold/Black/ Red R30 R40

2207 Green/ Burgundy/Tan R30 R40

2208 Burgundy/ Green/Blue/Tan R30 R40

2210 Dk. Grn/Brn/ Burg/Lt. Brn R30 R40

2240 Green/Coral/ Blue/Yellow R30 R40

2247 Blue/Lav/Red/ Yellow/Green R30 R40

2504 New Red/White/Blue R40