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This is another challenging year for decision making, to say the least. We are faced with making those decisions, as we know every adult education program is as well. We are a small, niche company with emphasis on materials for adult education, adult literacy, and corrections. We try to provide a wide selection of print and non-print materials that would be appropriate for this adult population. If you have needs for other products that we do not have selected for this catalog, please contact us and let us see if we can help find your needs. With electronic communications as they are today, we have made the decision of not publishing a hard copy of our catalog as we have done in many past years. This catalog is on our web site at: and a PDF copy of it can be downloaded or all of the products in the catalog can be viewed online. In making this decision, many dollars will be saved in printing and postage costs and therefore we can keep tighter control on costs of all products in the catalog. That’s not to say we haven’t had to increase prices! Many products in our catalog have had price increases. Many of the prices have remained the same and in some instances prices did go down. In those instances we were able to pass on these cost savings to you. By implementing some of these cost-saving strategies, we’ve also avoided an increase in shipping costs. To our many customers, we appreciate your loyalty and thank you for your continued support. On the other hand, if you’ve never purchased from us before, maybe finding us for the first time, we say welcome and hope you’ll give us a try. Best wishes for a great 2011 and we hope to hear from you. Sincerely; Manley Higgins


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GED & Pre GED Preparation………………….…..... Language Arts, Reading, Spelling…….……………. Mathematics…………………………………….…... Social Studies…...………………….……………….. Science…………………………………………….... ESL ………...…………………………….……….… Life Skills, Family Literacy……………………….... Software: GED………………………...……….…… Language Arts…….………....…………… Math………….……………...………….... CD’s/DVD’s GED & Pre-GED……………….……….... Math………………….………........……... ESL.............................................................. Life Skills, Family Literacy….…….…...... Corrections……....…………………………………..

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GED Whether GED candidates need in-depth work on one or all of the 2002 GED content areas, this series is the solution. Single-subject titles give your learners as much focused instruction and practice as they need. And no preparatory program matches Steck-Vaughn GED for depth and breadth of coverage of the skills and content tested by the 2002 GED test. The GED Exercise Books provide the student with extra practice. Sometimes all they need is a refresher. This series suits both situations, with up-to-date content reflecting the 2002 GED test.

GED Books Language Arts, Writing Language Arts, Reading The Essay Science Social Studies Mathematics

SV28311 SV28366 SV28328 SV28335 SV28342 SV28359

GED Exercise Books Language Arts, Writing Language Arts, Reading Science Social Studies Mathematics

SV36064 SV36040 SV36026 SV36057 SV36033

$13.10 ea.

GED (Spanish) Books Language Arts, Writing Language Arts, Reading Science Social Studies Mathematics Essay $18.90

$16.20 ea Instructor’s Resource Guide SV29400 Instructor’s Resource Guide (Spanish) SV69178

GED Preparation

SV69154 SV69161 SV69123 SV69130 SV69147 SV20834 $20.60 ea.

$47.00 $47.00

Pass Key to the GED

This single affordable title offers comprehensive coverage of the GED test with new test information, instruction, practice, and practice tests. The Steck-Vaughn GED book gives learners in-depth instruction and practice in all of the GED testing. Developed specifically for the 2002 GED test, these instructional materials will help adult learners succeed with the new testing targets.

This compact version of Barron’s larger GED test preparation manual is designed for test takers who need only moderate preparation before taking the exams. It presents one up-to-date full-length practice GED exam with all questions answered and explained. It also offers subPriceed ject reviews in all test topics with additional pracReduc tice questions and answers, plus a general overview of the GED. BA6351 $9.25

SV53993 $18.20

Barron’s GED/CDROM Updated to reflect the latest GED High School Equivalency Exam, this comprehensive manual presents a diagnostic test and two full-length practice exams with all questions answered and explained. Test-takers will also profit from the book’s extensive subject reviews that cover all test topics: Language Arts—Writing Parts I and II, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts—Reading, and Mathematics. An overview explains the test’s several parts and their time allotments and offers study advice and test-taking tips. Headings are printed in a second color for easy reference. Included with this manual is a CD-ROM, which presents practice tests that simulate the actual test-taking situation.

Barron’s GED Updated to reflect the latest GED High School Equivalency Exams, this comprehensive manual presents a diagnostic test and two full-length practice exams with all questions answered and explained. Test takers will also profit from the book’s extensive subject reviews, which cover all test topics: Language Priceed Arts—Writing Parts I and II, Social Studies, c u d e R Science, Language Arts—Reading, and Mathematics. An overview explains the test’s several parts and their time allotments and offers study advice and test-taking tips. BA6412 $17.25

BA7420 $26.95

GED & PreGED Here is the newly enhanced DVD editions of this best selling GED & PreGED programs! These interactive DVDs have been preparing students for the new, tougher GED exams since 2002. Each of the five subjects is divided into two levels: PreGED (for basic skills) and GED (for test preparation). From writing a winning essay to interpreting business documents to solving quadratic equations to using your calculator, this series will help students master all the skills needed to pass the new GED! PreGED PreGED Language Arts, Reading PreGED Language Arts, Writing PreGED Science PreGED Social Studies PreGED Mathematics Pre-GED Set VA1302 $399.75

GED GED Language Arts, Reading GED Language Arts, Writing GED Science GED Social Studies GED Mathematics GED Calculator Essentials GED Set

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Complete (PreGED & GED) set, 11 programs on 25 DVD’s, free downloadable study guides. over 43 hrs. total instruction VA2202 $889.45


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Building Strategies for GED Success

Keys to GED Success Keys to GED Success is the first series to base GED preparation on actual GED test-taker information. Developed in collaboration with GED Testing Service® (GEDTS), this five-book series focuses on key skills identified as those most often missed by test-takers. Each book includes a pre-test with a performance analysis chart and answers with explanations to better understand how to make correct answer choices. The Official GED® Practice Tests Form PA is provided as a post-test to predict readiness to take the GED Tests.

● Ongoing assessment that determines needs and monitors progress ● Easy-to-follow lesson that build learner's confidence ● Specific test-taking strategies in each content area ● Answers and explanations that facilitate independent learning ● Pretests that help instructors accurately diagnose what each learner needs ● Posttests that assess and track student progress Building Strategies for GED Success: Reading Building Strategies for GED Success: Writing Building Strategies for GED Success: Math Building Strategies for GED Success: Science Building Strategies for GED Success: Social Studies

SV07965 SV07972 SV07989 SV07996 SV08009

Instructor's Resource Guide

$15.25 ea


Mathematics Skill Book When your learners need isolated skill instruction and additional practice, nothing beats Mathematics Skill Books. These 48 page drill-and-skill workbooks deliver more practice exercises and pages for a competitive price. You get complete coverage of all the basic skill areas with a consistent, proven approach. Skill levels 4-10. 5500: Whole Numbers SV65342 6600: Fractions SV65359 7700: Decimals & Percents SV65366 8800: Solving Word Problems SV65373 Algebra SV43234 Measurement & Geometry SV43227 $39.10 ea

Language Exercises Language Exercises starts your learners off right with titles developed specifically for mature learners. Adult educators have turned to this popular practice program for many years to help learners improve skills in the six most difficult areas of grammar, usage, and mechanics. The Language Exercises Review is a quick, economical brush-up book covering the same skills as the eightbook series at reading levels 6-8. Title Catalog # Rdg. Lvl. 1 Book 1 SV18695 2 Book 2 SV18701 3 Book 3 SV18718 4 Book 4 SV18725 5 Book 5 SV18732 6 Book 6 SV18749 7 Book 7 SV18756 8 Book 8 SV18763 6-8 Review Book SV18770

Classroom Library SV18787 $197.75


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SV53474 SV53481 SV53498 SV53504 SV53511 $14.50 ea

Language Skill Books

$19.90 ea

Includes 2 copies each of 9 titles

Keys to GED Success: Mathematics Keys to GED Success: Language Arts, Writing Keys to GED Success: Language Arts, Reading Keys to GED Success: Science Keys to GED Success: Social Studies

$13.75 ea.

The most practice, at the right price, for the areas that need the practice most. Each 48 page title is full of exercises focused on specific aspects of grammar, usage, or mechanics—the skills adults have the most trouble mastering. A great supplement to any language program. Rdg. Lvls. 4-8 Vocabulary, Usage, and Spelling SV65137 Capitalization and Punctuation SV65120 Nouns, Verbs, and Sentences SV65113 Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, and Paragraphs SV65144 10-Pack (10 copies of the same title)

$39.10 ea

GED Skill Books These economical workbooks pinpoint the topics most often tested within the new GED subject areas, so your learners can concentrate on the skills and subjects that will improve their performance most overall. Learners gain confidence as they work with materials that simulate the 2002 GED test. Bound in answer keys give you flexibility with assessment. Lang. Arts, Writing: Essay Lang. Arts, Writing: Sentence Structure Lang. Arts, Writing: Mechanics, Usage Lang. Arts, Reading: Literary Texts Lang. Arts, Reading: Nonfiction Texts Science: Life Science Science: Earth Space Science, Phys. Sci. Soc. Studies: U.S. & World History, Geo. Soc. Studies: Economics, Civics, Govt. Soc. Studies: Key Historical Documents Math: The Calculator Math: Number Operations, Algebra Math: Data Analysis, & Measurement Interpreting Visual Information Higher Order Thinking Skills Evaluative Test Diagnostic Test

SV56598 SV56604 SV56611 SV56628 SV56635 SV56642 SV56659 SV56666 SV56673 SV63978 SV46698 SV56680 SV56697 SV57489 SV57502 SV63916 SV63947

10-Pack (10 copies of same title)

$39.10 ea

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2011 GED Prep Bundle consists of the following titles:

2011 GED Prep Bundle Software The GED Prep Bundle contains a group of Merit Software programs selected to help adult students complete the requirements for the GED exam. The programs contain a wide variety of interactive learning activities that have been effective in mastering skills relevant to GED success. The bundle will familiarize students with the type of content they will see on the exam. Lessons are self-paced and self-correcting. Student scores are tracked in a record management system that allows instructors and students to view results and print reports.

1 station stand-alone……...MEGED1 5 stations: networkable…...MEGED5 10 stations: networkable….MEGED10

$755.00 $4699.00 $8199.00

Language Arts: Reading and Critical Thinking Skills ●Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Upper Grades, Sets 3 &4 ●Reading Strategies For Career Success, Sets 1 and 2 Language Arts: Writing Skills ●Essay Punch ●Grammar Fitness, Set 2 ●Grammar Fitness For Upper Grades, Set 3 ●Writing For Business Mathematics: Computation and Problem-Solving Skills ●Basic Algebra Shape-Up, Sets 1 and 2 ●Word Problem Shape-Up, Sets 2 and 3 Science ●Science Reading for College Prep Social Studies


Complete PreGED This cost effective, single volume PreGED offers instruction in all the GED content areas. One book provides instruction and practice at manageable levels. ● Emphasizes critical thinking and graphic skills ● Pretests and Posttests in each subject area to target strengths and weaknesses ● Complete answers and explanations SV87851 $19.00

You can give your PreGED learners the best preparation possible with a single, comprehensive program. Now even learners reading at a fifth-grade level have access to essential information in the six GED content areas. The PreGED series gives adults instructional control. They have everything they need to work independently on GED content: clear instruction, real-world reading selections, appropriate practice exercises, and diagnostic and assessment tools. Writing SV66962 Reading SV66979 Science SV67006 Mathematics SV66986 Social Studies SV66993 Critical Thinking SV67013

Pre-GED Skill Books This six-workbook series offers targeted practice at the PreGED level to strengthen essential skills necessary for future GED Test success. Each workbook addresses a different skill area and includes abundant practice at an affordable price.

Instructor’s Resource Guide SV80623 $38.30

$16.25 ea

The GED For Dummies Getting Started with Graphic Literacy Language Arts, Reading: Understanding Nonfiction Mathematics: Geometry in the Real World Social Studies: US History & Government Language Arts, Writing: Grammar Language Arts, Writing: Writer's Workshop 10-Pack (10 copies of same title)

SV58844 SV58868 SV58882 SV58905 SV58929 SV58936

$34.60 ea

Ideal for first-time test takers and repeat customers alike, this friendly guide arms students with proven study methods and sure-fire test-taking tips and strategies. Featuring tons of expert advice and two complete sets of practice exams, it fills students in on what they need to know. Provides in-depth reviews of all five GED tests—including tips, hints, and a ton of valuable information about which skills are tested for in each test. Complete with two sets of full-length practice tests, complete including answers, explanations and suggested study materials.

JW4704 $17.95

The Spanish Essential Skills This series ensures success of Spanish-language learners by building the fundamental skills necessary for future GED Test success.

Destrezas esenciales: Getting Started with Graphic Literacy Destrezas esenciales: Language Arts, Reading: Understanding Nonfiction Destrezas esenciales: Mathematics: Geometry in the Real World Destrezas esenciales: Social Studies: U.S. History and Government 10-Pack (10 copies of same title)

Phone (479) 855-9453 Phone 417-659-9266

SV58851 SV58875 SV58899 SV58912 46.15 ea

Spanish GED Skill Books This series offers six titles with full-color graphics in social studies, science, and mathematics. Topics are based on actual GED Test results and provide instruction, test-taking strategies and bonus tips to prepare students for testing success. Practice formats mimic the actual GED Tests and develop higher order thinking skills including analysis, assessment, application, and synthesis.

Interpreting Visual Information High Order Thinking Skills Mathematics: Calculator Social Studies: Key Historical Document Social Studies: Economics, Civics, Government Social Studies: US & World History, Geography 10-Pack (10 copies of same title)

SV53368 SV53382 SV53429 SV53900 SV53924 SV53948 $51.15 ea

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Complete GED Preparation, Spanish Ed. An all-in-one program of skills, strategies, instruction, practice, and assessment to evaluate students' readiness for the Spanish GED Tests. The Spanish Complete GED Preparation book contains: ● Diagnostic pretests ● Evaluative posttests ● Simulated GED Practice Tests ● In-depth instruction and practice for all 5 GED Tests ● Answers with full explanations ● Emphasis on higher-order thinking skills - a MUST for GED success SV53344 $24.30

Barron’s GED Spanish Edition The Spanish edition of this high school equivalency test manual has undergone major revision with up-to-date subject review material, a full-length diagnostic test, and two all-new full-length practice exams. Presented entirely in Spanish for those who intend to take the Spanish language version of the GED. Questions on the diagnostic test have answer keys, answer analyses, and self-appraisal charts. All questions in both full-length practice GED exams are answered and explained. The book features extensive review in all test areas, which include Spanish grammar and essay writing, social studies, science, arts and literature, and math. BA0281 $22.50

Crossword Forge Crossword Puzzles & Word Searches ● Create customized crossword puzzles and word searches with ease! ● This powerful tool features ready-to-use word lists or use your own words and add a background image for a customized activity! ● Prepare puzzles in 19 different languages, including English, Span ish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. ● Save puzzles as an image or PDF to print as student worksheets. ● Use the same word list to create several different word searches and crossword puzzles. ● Supports a variety of image formats. TC5094 $49.95

Caps, Commas, and Other Things A reproducible book that offers a flexible program to teach writing skills to students whose knowledge of English varies widely. Activities are appropriate for regular, remedial, and ESL students. The material is arranged sequentially but students can begin wherever their needs are. Concentration is on capitaliPrice zation, punctuation, and written expression. d e Reduc Gr. Lvl. 6-Adult HN3259 $20.95

Idioms Delight The 75 idiomatic expressions in the book are presented in six lessons, each with reproducible supplementary activities to introduce and fix the meaning of the idioms in the student’s memory. Delightful illustrations portraying humorous literal interpretation of idioms are sprinkled throughout the book to enhance enjoyment. Gr. Lvl. 5-Adult

HN8897 $15.95

Price ed Reduc

Help LD and remedial reading teachers make the best possible determination of students' specific reading, writing, and spelling strengths, weaknesses, and attitudes toward reading when used along with standardized test results. Many reproducible informal assessment devices. JW5683 $34.95 Gr. Level 5-Adult

Phone 417-659-9266

Paving the Way in Reading and Writing offers secondary teachers from across the content areas a structured approach for motivating reluctant students to tackle difficult reading and writing assignments Priceed and thus boost their potential for academic sucReduc cess. This book presents an arsenal of practical instructional strategies along with teacher-tested tools, techniques, and activities for helping students improve their comprehension of informational and literary text as well as strengthen their written communications. Activities combining reading and writing tasks are emphasized along with graphic exercises for engaging the more visually oriented students. JW4146 $24.95

Activities & Materials For Improving Content Reading Skills Evaluate and improve your student’s reading, writing, study and test-taking skills in the content areas of literature, social studies, science, and math with this exceptional resource. It first provides several ways to categorize the skills needed and a list of specialized vocabulary and skills required for effective reading/writing/study skill in each subject area. It offers a multitude of ready-to-use methods and over 100 reproducible activities to help assess and improve the ability of all students. JW8155 $36.95

Gr. Lvl. 4-12

Alternative Assessment Techniques for Reading and Writing


Paving the Way in Reading and Writing

Mastering Punctuation Presents punctuation (period, question mark, exclamation point, comma, semicolon, colon, and quotation marks) in an easy-to-follow format and offers practice.

Mastering Capitalization Presents capitalization concepts in a step-by-step approach. Organizes the concepts in logical order and gives students extensive practice in applying them. Blackline Masters Gr. 3 through Adult Mastering Punctuation Mastering Capitalization

GA114 $21.45 GA113 $21.45

Fax 417-659-9465

Grammar Grabbers!

Reading Simplified

Ready-to-Use Games & Activities for Improving Basic Writing Skills Would you like to make learning grammar more fun for your students? Would you like to have more fun teaching it? Grammar Grabbers! is packed with more than 200 creative, ready-to-use activities that give students the tools they need to use grammar more effectively in their writings and make the writing process more enjoyable. These challenging grammar teaching games are all designed to spark and hold students’ interest. Reproducible. Gr. Lvl. 4-8

Guided Practice in Basic Skills ● Vocabulary controlled for grade-level reading ●Presents keyed reading skills checklist ●Includes all major reading skills ● High interest topics 48 pages each Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Book 5 Book 6 Book 7

JW5928 $29.95 $7.95 ea

EL0242 EL0243 EL0244 EL0245 EL0246 EL0247

grades 1-3 grades 2-4 grades 3-5 grades 4-6 grades 5-7 grades 6-8

Challenger, Second Edition Rdg. levels: 1-8.5

Reading Teacher's Book of Lists This new, updated edition features over 190 lists ready for instant use in building word recognition and vocabulary, preparing lessons and tests, improving comprehension, spelling demons, metaphors, homophones, and more. Reproducible

What's new in Challenger? NEW content at every level Updated storylines and new literature-both original and classic fiction NEW informational articles Topics such as Earth Day, hybrid cars, cell phones, Internet dating, cloning, multiple births, diverse families, eldercare, 21st century job search, global warming, deforestation, and more. NEW art Helps students understand and relate to the characters, stories, articles NEW writing books 5-8 Pick up where 1-4 leave off and prepare students for the GED essay

Gr. K-12

Reading For Today

Challenger's eight levels guide adult learners from beginning reading through to preparing for the GED. Challenger uses phonics, controlled vocabulary, and sequential skill development. Skills and concepts are presented in the context of diverse fiction and nonfiction passages relevant to adults. Consistent, parallel lesson design makes Challenger easy to use in any classroom, small-group, or one-to-one setting. Activities can be adapted for the multilevel classroom. Proven track record in volunteer-based, ABE, pre-GED and GED, secondary remedial, and corrections programs. Challenger builds reading and writing skills • Word analysis skills include phonics, word families, and prefixes and suffixes. • Reading Comprehension skills include main idea and detail, making inferences, cause and effect, and literary interpretation. • Controlled vocabulary is developed through fiction, nonfiction, and literary reading selections based on topics and themes that interest adults. • Writing mechanics and composition skills are developed in each lesson, with more practice included in the writing books. Student Book BOOK 1 BOOK 2 BOOK 3 BOOK 4 BOOK 5 BOOK 6 BOOK 7 BOOK 8

NP2568 NP2569 NP2570 NP2571 NP2572 NP2573 NP2574 NP2575

$11.60 $11.60 $11.60 $11.60 $11.60 $11.60 $11.60 $11.60

Writing Book NP2900 NP2901 NP2902 NP2903 NP2904 NP2905 NP2906 NP2907

$7.40 $7.40 $7.40 $7.40 $7.40 $7.40 $7.40 $7.40

Phone (479) 855-9453 Phone 417-659-9266

JW2577 $29.95

Teacher’s Manual Lvl. 1-4 NP2576 Lvl. 5-8 NP2577 $15.50 each

Reading For Today is the first and only adult literacy program to give learners full-color books featuring relevant reading and writing activities. Each unit incorporates activities in: sight words, phonics, writing, comprehension/critical thinking, and life skills. Now you have a truly appealing, magazine-like alternative to boring texts, juvenile line drawings, and dull drills. Student Books Rdg. Lvl. Title 0 Introductory Book 1 Book 1 2 Book 2 3 Book 3 4 Book 4 5 Book 5 6 Book 6 Workbooks Title Rdg. Lvl. 1 Book 1 2 Book 2 3 Book 3 4 Book 4 5 Book 5 6 Book 6

Catalog # SV28380 SV28397 SV28403 SV28410 SV28427 SV28434 SV28441 Catalog # SV29530 SV29547 SV29554 SV29561 SV29578 SV29585

Instructor’s Guide SV29523

$13.75 ea



Reading & Study Skills Mastery Activities With over 200 reproducible activities, students can develop basic reading skills. This resource book provides units on vocabulary, work attack, comprehension and study skills. Comes with answer key and skills check list. Gr. Level 5-Adult

JW5930 $34.95

email: Fax (479) 876-5390 Fax 417-659-9465


Saddleback Classics Reading Level 4.0 Interest Level 5 TO 12, Adult, ESL Saddleback Classics were expressly designed to welcome developing readers to the wondrous world of great literature! Each 80-page novel has been painstakingly adapted to retain the integrity of the original work. Each provides the reader a sense of the author's style and an understanding of the novel's theme. The low reading level assures success and stimulates a desire for further reading. Included in the set is the corresponding study guide. Each 48-page study guide includes teaching suggestions, background notes about the author and time period, chapter-bychapter plot summaries, and answer keys. 35 reproducible exercises evaluate comprehension and teach higher order thinking skills as well as literacy appreciation. Study Guides Contains everything a teacher needs in an easy-to-use format with 35 reproducible exercises. There is a correlated study guide for each novel. Each 48-page study guide includes teaching suggestions, background notes, chapter summaries, and answer keys. Read-Alongs Here’s more help for struggling readers. These audio versions are paced for students to read along, word-for-word. Each read-along contains one book and one cassette or 2 CD’s packaged in a durable vinyl album.

The Vocabulary Teacher’s Book of Lists This book offers content for literally hundreds of vocabulary improvement lessons for elementary and secondary teachers, self-improving adults, and students studying for their SATs. While there are dozens of shorter high interest lists of words, the core of the book is based on Latin and Greek roots and prefixes. But the largest list is Homophones. This list, like many others, is appropriate for spelling lessons or writer’s reference as well as vocabulary improvement. There are two dozen teaching methods in the Methods chapter and teaching suggestions to help improve reading and writing are scattered throughout the book. The lessons can be as short as a word-a-day or as long as a school year. The range of difficulty can go from upper elementary to college freshman classes, and be as diverse as adult education to English language learners. Gr. Lvl. 5-12

JW1014 $29.95

The Writing Teacher’s Book of Lists Ready-to-Use Activities and Worksheets include 90 useful lists for developing instructional materials and planning lessons for students. In addition, the book includes innovative activities and reproducible black line masters that help students to improve their writing skills, word usage, and vocabulary. For quick access and easy use, all of these lists and activities are organized into seven sections and individually printed in a format that are reproducible as many times as required for individual or group instruction. This handy resource is filled with helpful lists, activities, teaching suggestions, and reproducible worksheets. Gr. Lvl. 3-12


JW0802 $29.95

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Title Around the World in 80 Days Captains Courageous Kidnapped 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Adventures of Tom Sawyer Call of the Wild Christmas Carol Count of Monte Cristo Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dracula Frankenstein Great Expectations Gulliver's Travels Hound of the Baskervilles The Hunchback of Notre Dame Jane Eyre Jungle Book Last of the Mohicans The Man in the Iron Mask Moby Dick Oliver Twist Pride and Prejudice Prince and the Pauper Red Badge of Courage Robinson Crusoe Scarlet Letter Swiss Family Robinson Tale of Two Cities Three Musketeers Time Machine Treasure Island War of the Worlds White Fang

Read Along Set $18.95

Student Book $8.95ea.

Study Guide $17.95

10 Books+ Study Guide $109.00

SP8654 SP8700 SP8751 SP8794 SP3105 SP3113 SP3121 SP313X SP3148 SP3156 SP3164 SP3172 SP3180 SP3199 SP3202 SP537X SP3210 SP3229 SP3237 SP5388 SP3245 SP3253 SP5396 SP3261 SP327X SP3288 SP3296 SP540X SP330X SP3318 SP3326 SP3334 SP5418 SP5426

SP8638 SP8689 SP8735 SP8778 SP2508 SP2524 SP2540 SP2567 SP2834 SP2605 SP2621 SP2648 SP2664 SP2850 SP2893 SP5256 SP2680 SP2915 SP2931 SP5272 SP2583 SP2958 SP5299 SP2877 SP2702 SP2729 SP2745 SP5310 SP277X SP2974 SP2796 SP2818 SP5337 SP5353

SP8646 SP8697 SP8743 SP8786 SP2516 SP2532 SP2559 SP2575 SP2842 SP2613 SP263X SP2656 SP2672 SP2869 SP2907 SP5264 SP2699 SP2923 SP294X SP5280 SP2591 SP2966 SP5302 SP2885 SP2710 SP2737 SP2761 SP5329 SP2788 SP2982 SP280X SP2826 SP5345 SP5361

SP9588 SP960X SP9626 SP9642 SP0114 SP0130 SP0116 SP0118 SP3342 SP0134 SP0136 SP0120 SP0138 SP3369 SP3385 SP5787 SP0140 SP3407 SP3423 SP5809 SP0132 SP3466 SP5825 SP344X SP0122 SP0142 SP0124 SP5841 SP0126 SP3482 SP0144 SP0128 SP5868 SP5884

Grammar Workout Address grammar essentials—and make them enjoyable. 28 lessons, exercises, and activities to jump-start your writing. ● Offers a basic course at a manageable level ● Correlates to state guidelines and to NCTE/IRA standards ●Contains comprehensive teaching materials, including lesson guides, and test-prep tips Gr. Lvl. 6-8 WA42504 $20.00 Student Book WA42717 $16.00 Tchr's. Guide

Writing Smarter! This practical resource gives you 106 step-by-step lessons with reproducibles to help all students begin writing better—immediately. Each lesson plan is complete and self-contained, including objective, discussion guides and questions, home work options and reproducible activities, charts, lists, or samples to guide students into their own writing. Gr. Lvl. 7-12

JW7390 $32.95

Spelling: A Phonetic Approach Teach spelling with user-friendly lessons! • This reproducible book stimulates learning in students with varying learning styles. • Correlates to NCTE/IRA standards • Includes essential spelling words for instruction • Features material specifically geared for special needs and ESL students Gr. Lvl. 5-Adult WA42482 $2.95

Fax 417-659-9465

Mind Joggers

Building Literacy Skills

Here's an exciting, one-of-a-kind collection of "quickie" activities to help you stimulate the development of thinking skills in students of varying abilities and review basic skills at all grade levels!

Older students who require additional support in reading and spelling will benefit from activities that reinforce basic literacy skills. Structured and sequential lessons build competence in reading, spelling, and contextual use of single and multisyllable words. Each book focuses on a distinct group of skills.

Gr. Lvl. 4-8

JW5831 $29.95 $9.95 ea

Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation "Designed to answer the most pressing grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and usage questions . . . In this revised and updated tenth edition the author adds a new section on Confusing Words and Homonyms. The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation is filled with easy-to -understand rules, real-world examples, dozens of reproducible exercises, and pre-and post-tests. This handy workbook is ideal for teachers, students in middle school through college, ESL students, homeschoolers, and professionals. Valuable for anyone who takes tests or writes reports, letters, Web pages, emails, or blogs, The Blue Book offers instant answers to everyday English usage questions. "Never has there been such a well-arranged, easily navigated guidebook as this. It is perfect for the homeschool family. One of the most practical, useable, beneficial resources, it doubles both as a quick reference guide and student workbook (with answers in the back)!"—The Old Schoolhouse Magazine JW 2683 $15.95

Merriam-Webster Dictionary This pocket-sized paperback is based on Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. ●Spellings and pronunciations help you write and speak accurately ●Easy-to-understand, authoritative definitions help you communicate effectively. MW9306 $6.95 ● Over 70,000 definitions

TC3238 TC3239 TC3240 TC3241 TC3242 TC3243

Words Syllables Vowel Sounds Word Beginnings & Endings Complex Words Irregular Words

Price ed Reduc

The Cloze Line This reproducible book is ideal for middle school and above for students whose comprehension skills need strengthening. The worksheets all have secondary settings to help motivate reluctant learners to properly fill in the blanks. A great program for Priceed vocabulary development. Reduc Gr. Lvl. 5-Adult

HN8641 $15.95

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus Two essential language references integrated into one handy volume. ● Nearly 60,000 alphabetical dictionary entries ● More than 13,000 thesaurus entries including extensive synonym lists ● Clear and concise word guidance including abundant example phrases ● Based on the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary 960 pages; 6 1/2" x 9 1/4"

MW6404 $14.95

190 Ready-To-Use Activities That Make English Fun Sound Puzzles This series of reproducible, one-page crossword puzzles builds phonic skills as well as spelling and word meaning. Worksheets can be used in any sequence once assessment has been done to determine areas of needed attention. Answers are included. Use with regular students as well as Special Education at Priceed the Jr. High or High School levels. c Redu Gr. Lvl. 5-Adult

HN8625 $15.95

English Brainstormers Over 180 fun-filled activities that help build the skills your students need for test-taking and overall academic success. Make learning enjoyable and stimulating while covering the entire English curriculum including grammar, mechanics, vocabulary, creative writing, literature and critical thinking. Reproducible Gr. Lvl. 6-12

JW5839 $29.95

Phone (479) 855-9453 Phone 417-659-9266

Hold students’ interest with these classroom-tested activities that are fun and entertaining to complete. They feature word grids, word searches, word puzzles, alphabetizing, word sorts, sentence completions, and more. Reproducible Gr. Lvl. 4-12

JW8860 $29.95

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Basic English All new edition of a dictionary designed for people with limited English language skills. Great for ESL students. • More than 36,000 entries, • Concise, easy-to-understand definitions ● More than 20,000 usage examples, • Over 400 detailed line drawings, many revised, • Word histories; special sections including Signs and Symbols; Confused, Misused, and Misspelled Words; and Tables of Weights and Measures. Format: Trade paperback MW7319 $10.95 Size: 800 pages; 5 3/4" x 8 1/2"

email: Fax (479) 876-5390 Fax 417-659-9465


Laubach Way to Reading

Steps to Good Grammar

THE TIME-TESTED METHOD THAT HAS TAUGHT MILLIONS OF ADULTS TO READ HAS A FRESH, COLORFUL LOOK Reading Levels: 0-4 What's New in Laubach Way to Reading? · Colorful student books · New illustrations · New design For over 30 years teachers, tutors, and learners have depended on this unique approach to reading instruction. The Laubach method was developed specifically to help adults with limited or no reading skills achieve success and become confident readers. This structured, phonics-based series works even with learners who have had negative experiences with other reading programs. Laubach Way to Reading is based on Dr. Frank Laubach's years of research in teaching adults. The series begins with establishing the letter-sound relationships through the use of one-of-a-kind phonics charts. Then, learners progress step by step from the known-spoken words to the unknown-written words. Student Books Book 1 NP2917 Book 2 NP2918 Book 3 NP2919 Book 4 NP2920 $9.00 ea.

Workbooks Book 1 NP2935 Book 2 NP2936 Book 3 NP2937 Book 4 NP2938 $7.80 ea.

All the essentials of good grammar are here in 169 reproducible lessons, exercises and tests in one ready-touse series of worksheets. Answer key included. Gr. Lvl. 6-Adult

Understanding and Using Good Grammar 150 reproducible lessons, exercises and tests assist students with the more complicated points of grammar and provide teachers with notes, answer keys and grading scales. WA28773 $36.00

Gr. Lvl. 6-Adult

Study Smart 150 reproducible activities to teach and reinforce basic comprehension, organization, and testtaking skills. Organized into four sections: Developing Reading Skills, Developing Study Skills, Locating Information Skills, and Presenting Information Through Graphic Aids

Teacher Manual Book 1 NP2921 Book 2 NP2922 Book 3 NP2923 Book 4 NP2924 $10.40 ea.

Gr. Lvl. 5-Adult

A storehouse of lessons and reproducible worksheets to help students master important testtakings skills. Lessons help students learn to follow directions and apply specific strategies to various test formats, including standardized tests.

Warm up your English classes with reproducible, critical-thinking, exercises! ● Fosters critical thinking through puzzling and engaging activities ● Includes activities such as Word Chains, What If?, Dictionary Madness, and more ● Sparks creativity and gets the whole class thinking

JW9167 $29.95

Gr. Lvl. 9-12

Reading Smarter Over 200 reproducible activities to build reading skills. Complete with literary selections that help students become more active readers and improve their proficiency across a wide range of skills and strategies such as questioning, using context clues, decoding complex passages, and understanding literary techniques. Gr. Lvl. 7-Adult

JW9764 $29.95

Ready-to-Use strategies & activity sheets for correcting all types of reading problems. Written by a nationally known authority on reading instruction, this reproducible resource gives instructors everything they need to quickly correct or remediate common reading problems encountered in grades 3 and up. Included are over 260 tested techniques and activity sheets for correcting 35 specific problems in seven major reading skill areas — from poor visual memory, to the mastery of consonant sounds, to difficulty identifying the main idea in a paragraph.


JW2064 $34.95

Phone 417-659-9266

WA37977 $21.00

Real-Life Reading Activities Here are over 200 ready-to-reproduce lessons and exercises organized into 7 convenient sections to teach and reinforce basic reading skills with students of all abilities. Help students experience greater success and give them confidence in reading challenges they may encounter in every-day life situations. Each lesson includes an instructor’s page with background information and teaching suggestions.

Reading Skills Problem-Solver

Gr. Lvl. 3-Adult

JW8726 $29.95

10 Minute Critical-Thinking Activities for English

Test Smart

Gr. Lvl. 5-Adult

WA28765 $36.00

Gr. Lvl. 6-12

JW4608 $29.95

Real Life Reading Cards Help low-ability readers develop essential reading skills! Presents high-interest/low readability short stories in a convenient card format. Strengthens language skills essential for independent reading and reinforces vocabulary and comprehension with worksheets. 50 cards, 81/2” x 11”, 150 reproducibles Gr. Lvl. 6-Adult

WA2882X $53.00

Fax 417-659-9465

Got Grammar?

Reading Comprehension Skills and Strategies Each book contains 125 plus reproducible pages more than 125 activities - that combine solid reading comprehension skills reinforcement and enrichment with reading comprehension strategy instruction. Based on current educational standards, the series features ready-to-use resource pages filled with instructional tips and extended activity ideas plus a Scope and Sequence skills chart to track student progress. Perfect for classroom use or homework, the reproducible activity pages help students master the basic skills and strategies necessary to succeed. Rdg. Lvl. 3.0-8.0 SP0300 Level 3 SP0319 Level 4 SP0327 Level 5

SP0335 Level 6 SP0343 Level 7 SP0351 Level 8

This book is the comprehensive classroom guide. Each of the over 60 lessons are ready-to-use and reproducible, and each begins with helpful teaching pages that define, explain, and illustrate grammar, usage, or mechanics concepts. These lessons and the many ready-to-use student activities include 15 diagnostic tests, 15 section-review activities, 18 final tests, and over 100 other creative reinforcement activities, including diagramming. As practical as it is fun-filled, the book is divided into six sections: Parts of Speech ● Parts of a Sentence ● Sentences ● Usage ● Mechanics ● Meeting the Tests Head-On JW 3870 $29.95

$19.95 ea

Merriam Webster's Pocket Thesaurus

Dictionary of Synonyms & Antonyms

Revised and enlarged, this bestseller is now a greater value. Thousands of new entries for synonyms, antonyms, and idioms help readers choose their words with real confidence. Alphabetically organized, this thesaurus is authoritative, dependable, and easy to use.

● A convenient guide to choosing words precisely ● Clear descriptions show subtle differences ● Example phrases included ●Antonyms listed at most entries MW9061 $5.15

MW5247 $4.95

Brain Games

Adult Diagnostic Reading Inventory

Here’s a unique collection of over 170 reproducible exercises to fill your extra classroom minutes with challenging and practical exercises that stimulate your students to think and reason more intelligently and critically! Better yet, the exercises are fun, can be used an any time for a variety of instructional purposes, and are great for large and small groups as well as independent work. JW1253 $29.95 Gr. Lvl. 6-12

ADRI provides placement and diagnostic information and identifies reading patterns, enabling you to choose effective teaching strategies. This manual contains a word list, 40 graded passages that range in readability from grades 1 to 12, and a combination of factual and inference comprehension questions. As well, the manual provides step-by-step instruction on how to score and interpret ADRI. Please note that ADRI is designed for one-on-one testing, rather than group testing. You need to purchase only one copy of ADRI as the passages and questions can be photocopied.

Building Vocabulary Skills and Strategies

GR1593 $72.95

Int. Lvl. 3-12, Adult, ESL Here's a great new reproducible vocabulary program that is equally appropriate for younger students working at grade level and older students who have "forgotten" or never mastered the basics. The friendly look and tone of this series belies the comprehensive sweep of the instructional sequence. Every topic - from primary level phonics to the specialized terminology of essay tests - is developed "from the ground up." Includes answer key, 144 pages each book. Lvl. 3 SP7216 Lvl. 4 SP7224 Lvl. 5 SP7232 Lvl. 6 SP7240 Lvl. 7 SP7259 Lvl. 8 SP7267 Rdg. Lvl. 3-8

Writing Skills Problem Solver More than 250 reproducible activity sheets to correct 101 of the most common writing errors made by students, from often-confused words and double negatives to indefinite pronouns, run-on sentences, and irrelevant details. For each error, two or more activity sheets are included to give students information and practice needed to understand and correct that problem. JW0394 $29.95

$19.95 ea

Vocabulary Connections With Vocabulary Connections, you can help your learners build vocabulary where it matters most in the content area. Lessons developed around curriculum-based, thematically-organized literature and nonfiction selections provide meaningful context for essential vocabulary words.

Student Editions Book 1 SV19876 Book 4 SV19906 Book 7 SV19937

Phone (479) 855-9453 Phone 417-659-9266

Book 2 SV19883 Book 5 SV19913 Book 8 SV19944

Book 3 SV19890 Book 6 SV19920

Classroom Library ( 2 ea. of 8 titles)

$17.50 ea.

SV19951 $250.00

email: Fax (479) 876-5390 Fax 417-659-9465


Words, Words, Words: Ready-to-Use Games and Activities for Vocabulary Building Words, Words, Words offers teachers a handy and much-needed resource filled with creative and engaging games and activities that will help students improve their vocabulary. The book features proven, practical, and accessible methods to encourage your students to increase their vocabularies and have fun while they are doing it. Words, Words, Words is divided into thirty thematic units each containing fifteen interrelated words. Each unit contains four different ready-to-use activities for each group of words. The book is designed to help students understand each word’s meaning, associations, similarities, and differences. Gr. Lvl. 7-12

Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage A comprehensive guide to usage and style, This book defines key terms and provides useful, relevant examples. Accommodates a wide range of students needs through flexible practice. Reproducible Gr. 7-Adult

Writing A comprehensive guide to the writing process. Help students start writing and stay on track. Supplies all the tools necessary to support the writing process. Contains teacher support to take students from brainstorming ideas to writing the finished product. Reproducible WA38574 $25.95 Gr. 7-Adult

JW1168 $29.95

Survival Vocabulary

Daily Warm-Ups: Language Arts Series

A long-time favorite presents 20 vital words in each of 10 areas: home, family, school, community, travel, etc. Varied exercises hold learner's attention. Teacher notes and answers allow you to enrich student's vocabulary skills easily and inexpensively. 120 blackline masters Gr. Lvl. 6-Adult WA28439 $25.95

Turn lost learning time into an educational experience! • Reinforces vital English/Language Arts skills • Helps students communicate more effectively • Prepares students for standardized tests. Reproducible Teacher Books

Survival Vocabulary Stories Using the terms presented in "Survival Vocabulary", these entertaining stories present the terms in context. Each unit presents 20 basic functional words within five different stories. Vocabulary lists and answers are included in this reproducible book. Gr. Level 6-Adult

WA28633 $25.95

Teaching Adults: A Literacy Resource Book This best-selling resource developed by Laubach Literacy Action is ideal for every new or experienced adult literacy tutor or teacher. Pulls together many of the "best practice" ideas in the field and includes everything needed to begin assessment , goal setting, and lesson planning Includes 69 specific easy-to-use activities.

Gr. 5-9 Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups:

Vocabulary, I Spelling & Grammar, I Analogies , I Journal Writing, I Writing, I Critical Thinking, I Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots, I Commonly Confused Words, I Test-Prep Words, I Poetry, I Common English Idioms, I Daily Edits, I

WA43209 WA43225 WA43217 WA43608 WA4485X WA50590 WA51066 WA46305 WA58826 WA45201 WA5104X WA54561

Daily Warm-Ups: Critical Thinking, II Daily Warm-Ups: Grammar & Usage, II Daily Warm-Ups: Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots, II Daily Warm-Ups: Test-Prep Words, II Daily Warm-Ups: Vocabulary Word Play, II Daily Warm-Ups: Figurative Language, II Daily Warm-Ups: Analogies, II

WA44825 WA60553 WA60502 WA44841 WA6060X WA54618 WA62565

Gr. 9-12

NP2039 $17.00

$19.95 ea

Language Arts Skills & Strategies Here's a great new, reproducible English-language arts program that is equally appropriate for younger students working at grade level and older students who have "forgotten" or never mastered the basics. Every topic from capitalization and punctuation to transitive/ intransitive verbs is developed "from the ground up." Includes answer key. Rdg. Lvl. 3.0 - 8.0 .

SP8379 Level 3 SP8395 Level 5 SP8417 Level 7

SP8387 Level 4 SP8409 Level 6 SP8425 Level 8

Brain Teasers!: Over 180 Quick Activities & Worksheets That Make Kids Think Nearly 200 "quickie" classroom activities and reproducible worksheets to develop the thinking, reasoning and memory skills of elementary students and help them master both basic and advanced concepts in math, language and writing. Ideal ways to get kids involved, vary instruction, fill spare minutes, introduce or reinforce specific skills/concepts, and assign as homework. Gr. Lvl. K-6

$19.95 ea


Phone 417-659-9266

WA38019 $25.95

JW1239 $ 29.95

Fax 417-659-9465

Spelling Demons Watch the demons tremble and retreat. Here's the only weapon you'll need: a full years worth of ready-to-use lessons, worksheets, quizzes, and review tests. Students will master spelling for themselves as they work with reinforcement exercises, tips, memory aids, puzzles, and other lively resources. Reproducible Gr. Lvl. 6-Adult

WA28749 $35.95

201 Ready-to-Use Word Games for the English Classroom Give your students an exciting new awareness of what they can do with words and what words can do for them! You’ll find these activities ideal when you want to spark interest in a new topic, award extra credit, supply substitute teacher plans, or begin or end class with something different. What’s more, these 201 reproducible word games make it fun for students to learn and review word origins, vocabulary, spelling, literary devices, and other language skills!

Skills-Based Reading Interest Lvl. 4-adult, Rdg. Lvl. Gr. 2-6 Main idea, word analysis, analogies, cause and effect, inferences, drawing conclusions... when you need to target specific reading skills these books are for you! With this series you won't have to waste time searching through stories and activities to find one that targets the skills you need to include in your lesson plan. Each high-interest book features intriguing stories followed by activities, which are labeled according to the specific skills targeted. There's even a quick reference chart that links specific reading skills to their accompanying stories! A valuable resource and a terrific time saver! Reproducible

RE950 Rdg. Lvl. 2 RE951 Rdg. Lvl. 3 RE952 Rdg. Lvl. 4 RE953 Rdg. Lvl. 5 $9.75 ea.

Gr. Lvl. 6-12

Ready...Set...English Bring new excitement into your English classes with 225 fun-packed, ready-to-use activities that build skills across the curriculum, from grammar and literature and writing. You’ll get scores of intriguing activities that you can use at a moments notice to begin or end class, introduce new topics, review skills, assign homework, or just to spice up your lesson plans. Reproducible Gr. Lvl. 6-12

Motivate students to find and correct common errors in humorous anecdotes. The activities focus on errors, ranging from spelling and punctuation to dangling modifiers and clichés. Features extensive teacher support including grammatical rules, answers, and additional activities. Includes a pretest and posttest for easy assessment. Reproducible Gr. 7-9 WA37241 Gr. 9-12 WA43284

Gr. Lvl. 6-9 Reinforcement is the key to mastering everyday vocabulary words presented in these bestsellers. The units cover real-life topics like personal care, weather, and entertainment. Activities include multiple choice, fill-in blanks, and puzzles. Answer key included. Reproducible.

$23.95 ea.

400 Words That Work Gr. Lvl. 6-9 Twenty vocabulary lessons, 20 words each. • Motivates students to master must-know words through real-life situations. • Provides context tools needed for success outside the classroom • Extensive teacher support including directions, extension activities, and answer key. WA38590 $19.95 Student Book WA38868 $15.95 Teacher Bk.

JW8853 $29.95

200 Words You Need To Know 200 More Words You Need to Know

Find the Errors!

Find the Errors! I Find the Errors! II

JW5360 $29.95

200 Words

WA37381 $25.95

200 More Words

WA42539 $25.95

English Teachers Book of Instant Word Games Spice up classroom activities in an instant! This unique collection of over 200 fun, ready-to-use, reproducible word games and activities introduce students of all ability levels to the sheer joy of word play while they practice and review a wide variety of skills. Gr. Lvl. 7-12

JW3035 $29.95

Hooked on English

Survival Reading Skills

This unique, practical resource gives teachers 186 stimulating, reproducible activities that can be used anytime to review and reinforce concepts across the English curriculum in a challenging way. The activities include a variety of crossword puzzles, word jumbles, word searches, magic squares, word scrambles, and more.

Here are all the tools you need to help students master reading and succeed in the classroom and in their lives. You’ll get hundreds of proven strategies covering all areas of importance for content and daily-life reading success. Included are sight word knowledge, phonics skills, vocabulary, and comprehension-survival reading skills. Reproducible worksheets.

Gr. Lvl. 7-Adult

JW5846 $29.95

Phone (479) 855-9453 Phone 417-659-9266

JW5976 $29.95

email: Fax (479) 876-5390 Fax 417-659-9465


McGuffey's Eclectic Readers Revised Edition Since 1836, children have been delighted by these volumes filled with exotic adventures, exciting tales, beautiful poems, and funny fables. Included are phonics charts, spelling rules, word lists, stories, and more. 7 volume set (Primer through Book Six) JW4284 $71.95

Endeavor Reading Levels: 3-8 Endeavor is a research-based reading series designed specifically for adult learners. This easy-to-use program builds reading and writing skills with emphasis on fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Every level centers on these 10 themes important to adults: ● Health ● School & education ● Housing & transportation ● Work ● Civics & government ● Food ● Family ● Sports & recreation ● Consumerism &money ● Community

Level 3 Student Book Teacher Guide Level 4 Student Book Teacher Guide Level 5 Student Book Teacher Guide Level 6 Student Book Teacher Guide Level 7 Student Book Teacher Guide Level 8 Student Book Teacher Guide

NP2853 $11.80 NP2871 $12.00 NP2854 $11.80 NP2872 $12.00 NP2855 $11.80 NP2873 $12.00 NP2856 $11.80 NP2874 $12.00 NP2857 $11.80 NP2875 $12.00 NP2858 $11.80 NP2876 $12.00

Voyager: Reading and Writing for Today's Adults Redesigned and streamlined, this revised series provides a solid foundation of balanced instruction to ensure success: ● phonics and word recognition strategies develop vocabulary ● learning goals empower students ● pre-reading and active reading strategies engage students ● writing process instruction builds on students' experiences ● reading, writing, and critical thinking skills in every lesson Voyager Introduction Student Book Voyager Student Book 1 Voyager Student Book 2 Voyager Student Book 3 Voyager Introduction Teacher Guide Voyager Teacher Guide 1 Voyager Teacher Guide 2 Voyager Teacher Guide 3

NP2909 NP2910 NP2911 NP2912 NP2913 NP2914 NP2915 NP2916

Student Book $13.75 ea. Teacher Guide $10.00 ea.

Word Strips! 180 Vocabulary Posters ● Focuses vocabulary instruction through indepth study ● Enriches word knowledge. 90 two-sided posters, 6 reproducibles, and guide

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition A new edition of America's best-selling dictionary! Setting the standard with:

• •

Fully revised print edition featuring more than 225,000 definitions More than 10,000 new words and meanings

Win/Mac CD-ROM for local electronic access Format: Jacketed hardcover, thumb-notched with Win/Mac CDROM Size: 1,664 pages; 7 1/4" X 9 7/8" MW8095 $26.95

Upgrade Your Writing Finally, an easy-to-use resource that helps everyday students dramatically upgrade their everyday writing! Video Aided Instruction’s Upgrade Your Writing DVD series is like a virtual writing clinic on DVD. It helps middle school students through adults (especially challenged learners requiring remediation) to express themselves more effectively; improve their command of grammar, usage, and mechanics; meet (and exceed) the requirements of their assignments; focus on their purpose and their audience; and develop a writing style that’s smooth, engaging, and truly their own!

With these unique programs, viewers will master the tricks of: ● brainstorming and getting ideas down on paper ● turning a jumble of ideas into a structured outline ● beating procrastination and treating “blinking cursor syndrome” ● writing sentences that are varied, interesting, and grammatically correct ● constructing paragraphs that hang together cohesively and are divided logically ● guiding the reader gracefully from each point to the next ● writing captivating introductions and compelling conclusions ● excelling in poetry, short stories, and other creative writing assignments ● learning new words by using roots, prefixes, suffixes, context clues, word cards, etc. ● avoiding errors in spelling, punctuation, agreement, word choice, and other areas ● and much, much more! Now students can avoid the kind of incoherent, disorganized, and errorladen writing that inspires teachers to break out the proverbial red pen: they can finally learn to articulate their ideas effectively and actually upgrade their writing! NOTE: The 10 DVDs in this invaluable series make ideal self-study aids, and they’re also the ultimate resources for educators (teachers, professors, administrators, etc.) who wish to further their own professional development, provide in-service training for their staff members, or supplement and enhance their classroom lessons. 10 volumes on 10 DVDs, approx. 13 hrs. total, free study guides online VA2104 $499.50

WA18085 $50.95


Phone 417-659-9266

Fax 417-659-9465

Core Reading Develops Decoding Skills for Multisyllable Words and Reading Fluency Easy to use, the 25 weekly lessons (lesson packets of 6 -8 pages) are based on a core vocabulary from English, science, and social studies. Students carefully move from two-syllable words to five-syllable words or more, through a unique spelling approach and content related timed readings from grade 5 through grade 12. The program includes reproducible lesson masters and teacher instructions neatly organized in a binder. Gr. 5-Adult

Fully revised edition! Specially designed to meet the standards of the National Association for the Visually Handicapped (NAVH). • 40,000 entries • Clear Definitions, spellings, and pronunciations • Includes a punctuation guide • 768 pages; 61/2” x 9 1/4” MW6442 $19.95

GA118 $150.00

2011 Basic Skills Pack Consists of a group of Merit Software programs bundled together, selected to cover the core compe tencies necessary to improve students basic skills. The software is self-paced and self-correcting. Students advance as they demonstrate readiness. Scores are tracked in a record management system that allows teachers to view and print detailed reports. The questions, answers and explanations of the program can be spoken aloud by using the Merit Text Talker. Designed for students in grades 3 through 5 (ages 8 and up), the software can also be used by older students. The Basic Skills Pack is comprised of the following three curriculum components: Reading / Vocabulary, Writing / Grammar, and Mathematics. The Reading / Vocabulary Basic Skills Curriculum consists of the following titles (listed in order of difficulty): ●Early Reading Booster Builds confident, life-long, readers ●Reading Shape-Up, Set 1 Teaches students basic reading skills. ●Reading Comprehension Booster Helps students improve reading comprehension. ●Vocabulary Stretch, Set 1 Helps students with word recognition, meanings, and origins.

Technology Tools for Teachers

Program Versions


#ME1BSP—1 Station: Stand-alone


Use on one computer. Record keeping for 42 students.

#ME5BSP—5 Pack: 1 Station: Stand-alone


Use as 1 Station: Stand-alone version on up to 5 separate computers.

#ME5NBSP—5 Stations: Networkable


Use on a network with 5 concurrent users. Record keeping for 1,000 students.

License Terms

Teacher Templates—Use the more than 120 templates specially designed for teachers to calculate grades, make seating charts, generate reports, and create dazzling multimedia presentations. Requires Microsoft Office 97/98 or above. Using Templates—Choose from dozens of projects on the CD to create calendars, newsletters, permission slips, posters, and more! Requires Microsoft Office 97/98 or above.

Microsoft Access Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft FrontPage

TC2771 Teacher Templates TC3876 Using Templates

$18.95 ea

Counting Money and Making Change Complete and up-to-date, this easy-to-read material helps students learn to recognize coins and common bills. Your students will learn to count amounts in different combinations and make change. This reproducible teacher book includes activities, a pretest, and posttest. WA39449 $22.95 Gr. Lvl. 6-Adult

Phone (479) 855-9453 Phone 417-659-9266

The Writing / Grammar Basic Skills Curriculum consists of the following titles: ●Basic English Fitness, Set 1 Helps students cope with troublesome points of English grammar. ●Grammar Fitness, Set 1 Students learn to master troublesome points of grammar. ●Starter Paragraph Punch Students learn different ways to write a basic paragraph. Helps students with word recognition, meanings, and origins The Mathematics Basic Skills Curriculum consists of the following titles: ●Fraction Shape-Up Helps students understand and work with fractions. ●Word Problem Shape-Up, Set 1 Teaches students how to solve whole number word problems.

Microsoft Templates

These books begin by teaching teachers how to use the program. The rest of each book provides curriculum-based projects that can be done in classrooms or computer labs. CD with templates included with each book. TC3811 TC3802 TC3800 TC3838 TC3875

Merriam-Webster’s Concise Dictionary, Large Print Edition

$18.95 ea

Everyday Math Gr. 4-12, Rdg. Lvl. Gr. 3-4 Everyday Math is the perfect way to build students' math skills while helping them gain a true appreciation for math in everyday living. Students read each real-life scenario, then must decide whether to add, subtract, multiply, or divide to solve each word problem. Other exercises involve fractions, decimals, percents, and more! A real, practical application of math! Reproducible

RE598F $8.99

email: Fax (479) 876-5390 Fax 417-659-9465


Working with Numbers: Refresher

Working with Numbers

This complete survey of basic math concepts — the most comprehensive of its kind — is ideal for GED preparation, workforce development, developmental studies, or a review of elementary and secondary math skills. Student Book SV35456 $15.95 ea Tchr. Guide SV44120 $9.50 ea

Build math success from the ground up with this proven program. Working with Numbers starts with math skills as fundamental as counting and works up to measurement in six consumable volumes. Student Book Level A SV91568 Level B SV91575 Level C SV91582 Level D SV91599 Level E SV91605 Level F SV91612

Teacher Guides Level A SV91629 Level B SV91636 Level C SV91643 Level D SV91650 Level E SV91667 Level F SV91674

$15.95 ea

$9.50 ea

Working with Numbers: Algebra Give your learners a powerful resource in one low-cost volume, now covering an even broader range of topics including functions, graphing, and slope. This is the single algebra solution for secondary education, ABE, Pre-GED, and GED learners.

Basic Essentials of Mathematics An effective, review of GED and life-coping skills! If you need a concise supplemental program of math instruction and practice, this is the answer. No two-book series offers more for such an affordable price. Ideal for ABE skill instruction and pre-GED practice. Provides instruction, examples, and computation exercises on a single page. Whole Numbers, Fractions, & Decimals Percent, Measurement, & Formulas, Equations, Ratio and Proportion

SV46686 SV46693 $19.90 ea

SV35432 $15.95 ea SV44113 $9.50 ea

10 Minute Thinking Activities Each book covers a wide variety of topics including critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. 10 Minute Thinking Activities for Math includes topics on number theory, geometry patterns, algebra, order of operations and more. 10 Minute Thinking Activities for Algebra including understanding patterns; using algebraic symbols; solving problems with graphs, tables, and equations: and more. Reproducible 10 Minute Thinking Activities for Math 10 Minute Thinking Activities for Algebra

190 Ready-To-Use Activities That Make Math Fun Here are 190 reproducible, high interest, ready-to-use activities to help students master basic math skills including whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages, money concepts, geometry & measurement, and more for students of varying ability levels. Gr. Lvl. 4-9

Student Book Tchr. Guide

WA38167 $20.95 WA43438 $20.95

Math Skills For The Workforce Teach all the math skills your learners need for job success. Math Skills for the Workforce develops the math skills that ensure workforce success. All unit openers and practice exercises deal with work-related issues and scenarios.

JW5853 $29.95

Reading Level Gr. 4-6

Math Games Math Games offers a dynamic collection of 180 reproducible activity sheets to stimulate and challenge your students in all areas of math - from whole numbers to data analysis - while emphasizing problem solving, critical thinking, and the use of technology for today's curriculum! Each of the book's activities can help you teach students in grades 6 through 12 how to think with numbers, recognize relationships, and make connections between mathematical concepts. You pick the activity appropriate for their needs . . . encourage the use of a calculator . . . or provide further challenges with activities that have multiple answers. Designed to be user friendly, all of the ready-to-use activities are organized into seven convenient sections and printed in a lay-flat format for ease of photocopying as many times as needed. Gr. Lvl. 6-12


JW0819 $29.95

Phone 417-659-9266

Whole Numbers Fractions Decimals and Percents Measurement, Geometry, and Algebra

SV63751 SV63768 SV63775

$19.80 ea


Checkbook Math Gr. 4-12, Rdg. Lvl. Gr. 3-4 Detailed Exercises for Learning to Manage a Checkbook After learning how to write a check, students are challenged with real-life finance word problems. First they must solve a math question. Next they are required to write a check for the correct amount, record the transactions, and keep track of the balances. Reproducible RE524 $8.99

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Math Practice Simplified ● Supplements any instructional program ● Makes individualized instruction easy ● Provides structured pages and predictable expectations ● Pages and pages of practice ● Builds automatic recall of facts ● Covers all critical mathematical skills ● Facilitates accurate test responses ● Comprehensive program from basic skills to pre–algebra.

$7.95 ea

Addition (grades 1-4) Subtraction (grades 1-5) Multiplication (grades 2-6) Division (grades 3 -7) Fractions (grades 3 -up) Decimals (grades 4 -up) Word Problems (grades 4 -up) Tables & Graphs (grades 4 -up) Money & Measurement (grades 5-up) Pre-Algebra (grades 6-up)

EL0258 EL0259 EL0260 EL0261 EL0262 EL0263 EL0264 EL0265 EL0266 EL0267

Math Smart!

Math Starters!

Whether you are seeking materials to provide further challenges, or reinforce specific concepts or skills, Math Smart! Gives you over 220 reproducible activities to motivate and challenge students—from whole numbers to data analysis while emphasizing problem solving and critical thinking.

Here is a super collection of over 650 ready-to-use, reproducible math starters that gets students quickly focused and working on math, Perfect for any math curriculum, these high-interest problems spark involvement in the day’s lessons, help students build skills, and allow the teacher to handle daily management tasks.

Gr. Lvl. 6-Adult

JW6423 $29.95

Gr. Lvl. 6-12

Hands-On Math Projects with Real-Life Applications

Money Sense Rdg. Lvl. Gr. 3-4 Money Sense is the perfect way to build students' math skills while helping them gain a true appreciation for math in everyday living. This comprehensive book offers plenty of practice using everything from addition to division, percents, fractions, decimals, and more! Students are introduced to a variety of money situations such as: budgeting, credit cards, income tax, savings and checking accounts, getting paid and paychecks, sales discounts. A real, practical application of math! Reproducible RE598E $8.99

Daily Warm-Ups: Math

Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Gr. 9-12 Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups: Daily Warm-Ups:

Build a wide range of math concepts and skills from basic math to algebra. Develops criticalthinking and problem-solving skills. Reproducible Gr. 5-8 Brain Teasers WA55045 Math Word Problems WA50663 Pre-Algebra WA44973 Algebra WA44965 Logic I WA51236 General Math WA60650 $19.95 ea Algebra II WA50841 Geometry WA44981 Math in Real Life WA63166 Problem Solving II WA63111 Data Analysis & Prob. WA63067

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JW5664 $29.95

This practical resource provides 60 ready-to-use hands -on math projects that apply basic math concepts to real-life problems and situations. A special section presents tested guidelines and reproducible tools for managing the math classroom and assessing student work. Gr. Lvl. 6-Adult

JW1792 $29.95

Hands-On Math Help your students learn the tools they need to solve math problems, while encouraging them to think independently with the essential, hands-on math games and activities. This reproducible book is in-line with the latest NCTM guidelines and is an invaluable teacher’s aid in developing basic and advanced math skills. JW7406 $29.95

Math Stories For Problem Solving Success, 2nd edition Students read high interest stories then solve related math issues. The 256 page book has 60 complete math lesson plans, each with a true-to-life story to get students interested in the practical value of math and concepts. Reproducible Gr. Level 7-Adult

JW6307 $29.95

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You Can Do It! Guide to Algebra

Hands-On Algebra This reproducible book will lay a solid foundation of algebra proficiency with over 155 hands-on games and activities. This ready-to-use resource contains materials sufficient for a two-semester course in Algebra I and can be adapted for advanced students as well as students with dyslexia. Gr. 7-Adult

Algebra Teacher’s Activities Kit

Boost with problem-solving problemBoost your your textbook instruction with activities solving targeted to areas where These exercises targeted activities to areas where students need help! students need help! Thesebasics exercises provide thinking about provide practice in algebra and stimulate practice in algebra basics and stimulate thinking principles behind the skills being used. Fifty Nine Blackline about principles behind the skills being used. Masters. Fifty Nine Blackline Masters. WA28501 WA28501 $23.95 $22.95

Gr. Lvl. 7-12 Build students’ confidence while preparing them to be financially independent • Includes banking, budgets, shopping, home ex penses, insurance, car expenses, and income tax • Incorporates new internet and calculator activities and more • Features a teacher book with answers, teaching suggestions, and chapter notes. Student Text WA4258X $22.95 Tchr. Guide WA42830 $15.95

Your Checking Account Teach students the skills they need to maintain a checking account. Using facsimiles of real forms, students will deposit their weekly pay, write checks for bills and purchases, keep check register, balance checkbook, etc. This best selling book also gives students experience in electronic banking. The teacher's manual includes answer key, reproducible forms, pretest and posttest. WA59121 $18.95 Gr. Lvl. 10-Adult WA59148 $15.95 Tchr. Guide

Problem-Solving Mastering Word Problems Gr. 4-6 Students are motivated to learn math skills, and they are prepared for the types of questions that appear on standardized tests. This book presents activities in ways that allow students to work in groups or individually

Math Investigations Gr. 7 & Up "When will I ever use this stuff?" Students discover the answer to this question as they find solution paths to interesting scenarios, such as "What size popcorn tub is best to purchase at a movie theater?" Problem solving, logic, geometry, probability, and communication are among the skills addressed in this unique teacher resource. Mastering Word Problems TC3357 $12.95 ea Math Investigations TC3304

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Get creative and challenging algebra activities—that require minimal teacher preparation—at your fingertips with the Algebra Teacher’s Activities Kit. This unique math resource contains 150 fun and challenging activities that follow a pre-algebra and algebra curriculum. Each activity stands on its own and requires minimal prep time for the teacher. These activities support NCTM standards and focus on real-life applications. Reproducible Gr. Lvl. 6-12

Math in Everyday Life


WA2851X $25.95

Gr. Lvl. 8-Adult

JW3868 $29.95

Algebra Exercises AlgebraPractice Practice Exercises

Gr. Level 8-Adult Gr. Level 8-Adult

A reproducible book of clear explanations and advice for tackling first-year algebra problems. Each of the 62 topics includes explanations, step-by-step directions, pointers, examples, and practice problems. Answer key and list of motivating tips for students is included.

JW5983 $29.95

Consumer Math Success Kit Reinforce a wide range of consumer math skills! • Addresses relevant topics such as interest rates, taxes, prices, ATM banking, and more • Provides clear explanations, worked-out examples, and realistic practice problems WA28528 $35.95

Survival Math Skills Activities will hone learners' problem-solving skills while providing practical life situations. Students will learn to plan adequate nutrition, maintain savings and checking accounts, prepare budgets, pay taxes, understand job benefits, and more. Math skills include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentages. Answers and teacher notes are given in this reproducible book. WA38191 $23.95 Gr. Lvl. 7-Adult

Have Fun With Math Reproducible Engage student interest with a variety of fun-filled puzzles and exercises Covers whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, and more Builds critical-thinking and problem-solving skills Gr. Lvl. 7-12

WA13091 $25.95

61 Cooperative Learning Activities In Algebra I Improve understanding and retention of algebraic concepts and skills by creating an interactive learning environment. ● Explores key concepts including solving equations, factoring, slope, graphing, functions, and more. ● Includes step-by-step procedures, suggested materials, notes on effective group strategies, and more. Reproducible WA28668 $25.95 Rdg. Lvl. Grade 8

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Basic Math: Fractions, Decimals, Percents Many everyday situations require basic math literacy — whether you’re following a recipe in your kitchen, sharing a candy bar at the movie theater, making change at a hardware store, or calculating interest at the bank. Although lots of people know their multiplication and division, they still find the basic math areas of fractions, decimals, and percents very confusing. Now you can master these fundamentals — and build a solid foundation for effective calculator use and future math study — with Video Aided Instruction’s Basic Math: Fractions, Decimals, Percents! Perfect for middle school students through adult learners, this extraordinary program features real teaching by a real teacher! Your master teacher’s friendly demeanor and engaging delivery make him easy to listen to and to learn from. And his uncanny ability to explain basic math concepts in plain English makes them easy to understand. You’ll feel like part of his classroom as he works at the chalkboard, showing you the step-by-step solutions to hundreds of problems! 4 DVDs · 7 hrs. 53 mins. free study guide online

VA1701 $159.95

Algebra 2 & Trigonometry From logarithmic equations to the law of cosines, Video Aided Instruction’s Algebra 2 & Trigonometry can help you make sense of secondyear algebra and trig. The ultimate resource for high school students through adult learners, this set covers the standard algebra and trigonometry topics taught in Algebra 2 and Intermediate Algebra classes and is jam-packed with hundreds of practice questions and strategies for tackling even the toughest problems. A crucial follow-up to our Algebra 1 course, this extensive Algebra 2 & Trigonometry set covers: ● factoring & operations on rational expressions ● real numbers & radicals ● the complex numbers ● quadratic equations ● graphs of quadratic functions, relations, & equations ● exponential functions ● logarithmic functions ● trigonometry of the right triangle ● trigonometric functions of angles of any size: general angle ● trigonometric graphs ● generalized trigonometric relationships ● trigonometric equations ● trigonometric applications 2 DVDs · 4 hrs. free study guide online

Algebra 1 YOUR QUICK & EASY GUIDE TO FIRST-YEAR ALGEBRA! ● Step-by-step solutions to hundreds of practice problems ● Score high on tests with foolproof shortcuts and strategies ● Perfect for middle school students through adults ● Build a solid foundation for more advanced math Now you can make sense of first-year algebra with Video Aided Instruction’s Algebra 1. The ultimate resource for middle school students through adult learners, this set covers the standard topics taught in Algebra 1, Elementary Algebra, and Beginning Algebra classes and is jam -packed with hundreds of practice questions and proven strategies for tackling even the most challenging problems. Algebra 1 set covers: • order of operations • signed numbers • evaluating algebraic expressions • monomials • polynomials • first-degree equations & inequalities • factoring • fractions • radicals • quadratic equations • applications of quadratic equations • graphs & equations of straight lines ● systems of linear equations & inequalities

4 DVDs · 8 hrs. free study guide online

VA1736 $159.95

The Math Teacher’s Book of Lists Packed with ready-to-use teaching ideas, The Math Teacher’s Book of Lists gives you a source of good examples, key words, and teachable activities. This book provides over 300 useful lists for developing instructional materials and planning lessons. Reproducible Gr. Lvl. 5-12

JW3988 $32.95

Educational Resources PO Box 63 Racine, MO. 64858 417-659-9266 phone 417-659-9465 fax

VA1701 $199.95

American History Teacher’s Book of Lists

Develop instructional materials and planning lessons for students from the American History Teacher’s Book of Lists. Packed with over 325 reproducible, useful lists organized into six sections, this is an indispensable resource. JW5725 $29.95

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Daily Warm-Ups: Social Studies ● Helps student master key historical facts. ● Boost critical, creative, and historical thinking Skills. ● Adheres to national standards for U.S. History, world history, and geography. Reproducible U.S. History, I U.S. History, II World History, II Geography, I Geo. & World Cultures, II

WA60774 WA44604 WA43454 WA44906 WA50825

$19.95 ea

Short Lessons in U.S. History Engage students with bite-sized lessons that can be completed in one class session!

Improve students’ comprehension of all eras of U.S. History! ● Develops critical thinking and analysis ● Fosters cooperative learning Reproducible

WA64644 $28.95

61 Cooperative Learning Activities in U.S. History Fosters cooperation skills in U.S. history classes! Encourages critical and historical thinking skills; explores new perspectives on U.S. history. Features a thorough teacher guide and assessment activities. Reproducible WA28579 $25.95

WA37721 $25.95

Short Lessons in World History Engage students with bite-sized lessons that can be completed in one class session! ● Reinforces the basics of world history ● Features activities, quizzes, puzzles, and answer key that enables students to assess their own progress Gr. Lvl. 6-9 Reproducible Teacher Book

U.S. History Map Activities Bring history into perspective by helping students visualize where it all happened! •Includes 25 maps and accompanying reproducible worksheets ● Addresses all eras of U.S. history Provides stand-alone activities that encourage independent learning Gr. Lvl. 7-10

Worktexts in full-color integrate map and graph skills instruction with any social studies curriculum. Practice, enrichment, and extension activities comprise this 3-book series. ● Numerous full color, up-to-date maps, photographs, and illustrations provide extra practice for GED candidates. ● Perforated Answer Keys give you instructional flexibility. ● Extension activities promote both cooperative learning and critical thinking. Rdg. Lvl. Title Cat. # 4 Book 1—States and Regions SV09778 5 Book 2—The United States SV09785 $17.35 ea 6 Book 3—The World SV09792

Games and Strategies for Teaching U.S. History

● Reinforces the basics of U.S. history ● Features activities, quizzes, puzzles, and answer key that enables students to assess their own progress Gr. Lvl. 6-9 Reproducible Teacher Book

Maps ● Globes ● Graphs

America’s History: Land of Liberty Your most accessible, most affordable option for presenting American history at reading levels 5-6 in two separate, paperback volumes. Readability, uncluttered pages, minimal text, and manageable chapter length encourage rather than frustrate. Rdg. Lvl. 5-6

WA43497 $25.95

Book 1 Book 2 T. G.

World History Map Activities Gr. Lvl. 7-10 Reproducible

Examine the role of geography in global history • Stimulates visual learning with 35 reinforced active ties • Contains easy-to-use background reading sheets and teaching suggestions. WA28803 $25.95

Geography Skills Activities ●Teaches skills such as reading legends, and everyday map use, with 78 reproducible activities. ●Familiarizes students with maps and globes, direction and location, scale and distance, thematic maps, and more. Gr. Lvl. 7-10



SV97034 SV97041 SV97072

$23.65 $23.65 $23.80

America’s Story America's Story offers an easy-to-read alternative. Featuring vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and geography skill-building components, this exciting text presents content at reading levels 2-3. Book 1 includes exploration, settlement, the fight for freedom, growth of the nation, the Industrial Revolution, the Civil War. Book 2 includes reconstruction, westward expansion, working for reform, World Wars, the space race, civil rights, and modern-day challenges. Book 1 Book 2 T. G.


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WA64651 $28.95

SV97102 SV97119 SV97157

$21.40 $21.40 $23.90

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Wonders of Science

Daily Warm-Ups: Science Enhances students understanding of key concepts and facts in life, earth, and physical science. Reproducible Teacher Books Daily Warm-Ups: General Science I Daily Warm-Ups: Biology, II Daily Warm-Ups: Earth Science, II Daily Warm-Ups: Physics, II

WA59466 WA43527 WA43624 WA4633X

$19.95 ea

ESL Teacher's Holiday Activities Kit Price ed Reduc

Over 175 fully illustrated, reproducible activities featuring U.S. holidays, customs and special events to help ESL students develop a solid grasp of English vocabulary, reading, and language skills. Gr. Lvl. 4-Adult

This best-selling resource developed by Laubach Literacy is designed to assist new or experienced ESL tutors and teachers with the special challenges they face. ● Includes everything needed to begin assessment, goal setting, and lesson planning. ● Includes many easy-to-use activities. $17.00

At Work in the U.S. This program will help your beginning-level English language learners gain general language skills and understanding needed to function successfully at work. Price ed Reduc

Skills can be transferred to meet students' personal requirements, regardless of their work or job status, and will have an immediate impact on their work.

Student Book Teacher’s Resource Guide


Phone (479) 855-9453 Phone 417-659-9266

SV91827 SV91834 SV91841 SV91858 SV91865 SV91872 T.E. $22.00

ESL Activities for Every Month of the School Year Based on a natural language approach, this fully illustrated resource provides more than 200 hands-on activities and reproducible worksheets to help ESL students of all ability levels practice English. e c i Pr Activities reinforce new vocabulary and skills in ed c u d e R listening, speaking, reading, and writing. PH6705 $26.95

ESL Teacher's Book of Instant Word Games ESL teachers in secondary grades and adult education have instant access to over 200 reproducible activity sheets to teach and reinforce English language Price skills. educed R PH2702 $26.95

ESL Teacher's Activities Kit Easy-to-use language generating activities to increase the motivation and participation of English-As-aSecond-Language students. Reproducible

Price ed Reduc

Gr. Lvl. 7-Adult

PH4789 $26.95

Merriam-Webster Spanish/English

This unique teacher time-saver includes scores of helpful, practical lists that may be reproduced for classroom use or referred to in the developPrice ment of instructional materials and lessons. educed R The material contained in this book helps K12 teachers reinforce and enhance the learning of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing skills in ESL students of all ability levels. For easy use and quick access, the lists are printed in a format that can be photocopied as many times as required. A complete, thoroughly updated glossary at the end provides an indispensable guide to the specialized language of ESL instruction. Reproducible JW2676

SV91766 SV91773 SV91780 SV91797 SV91803 SV91810

St. Book $19.50

NP2393 $10.95 NP2396 $29.50

The ESL/ELL Teacher's Books of Lists

Gr. Lvl. 4-Adult

The Human Body Land Animals Water Life Matter, Motion, and Machines Plant Life The Earth and Beyond

PH3059 $26.95

Teaching Adults: An ESL Resource Book


This affordable softcover series covers the complete science curriculum in manageable titles written at reading levels 2-3. ● Hands-on activities turn passive learners into active ones. ● Brief reading selections provide learners with successful experiences. ● Reviews and tests offer experience with standardized formats.

Dictionary A bilingual, bi-directional guide to Spanish and English, including Latin American Spanish. ● 80,000 words and phrases MW9160 $6.50 ● Includes examples of words used in context

61 Cooperative Learning Activities in ESL Help your students function comfortably in the classroom—and in their communities. • Encourage students to interact with each other • Allows for student assessment through discussion, reading, and writing activities. Reproducible

Gr. 5-Adult

WA28412 $25.95

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English/Spanish Flash Cards Flashcards for learning English or Spanish are a great tool for students to use independently, in groups, or as a class activity. These cards are grouped according to words essential for communicating in everyday situations. The cards may be reproduced & laminated, offering a wider range of activities allowing teachers the flexibility of each student having their own set of cards for practice or classroom activities. 80 flash cards per book. Price ed Reduc

$4.95 ea

ER1025 Family, Home, & Health ER1038 Around Town ER3849 Words For Work

ER1008 What Needs Fixing ER1049 Shopping for Necessities

ER3850 Complete set of (5) English/Spanish Flash Cards $24.00

That’s Life and Life Goes On New, from popular ESL author Ann Gianola - more of the engaging and amusing low-level stories that students love to read. Everyday life themes are consistent across levels, making these books ideal for multilevel classrooms.

Basic language and reading skills taught with an easy, relaxed approach • 15 stories in each book portray diverse characters in familiar, often amusing, situations. • Reading comprehension and vocabulary exercises follow every story • Activities get your students speaking with discussion starters, focused listening activities, and dialog practice • Easy-to-follow format means that you-or your students-can just pick up a book and start reading • Teacher's guide includes lesson notes, warm-ups, expansion activities, and answer key, as well as an audio CD with recordings of all stories, dialogues, and listening exercises. (20-28 pages) That’s Life Introductory Student Book That’s Life Introductory Teacher Guide w/ Audio CD That’s Life Low Beginning Student Book That’s Life Low Beginning Teacher Guide w/ Audio CD That’s Life High Beginning Student Book That’s Life High Beginning Teacher Guide w/ Audio CD That’s Life Low Intermediate Student Book That’s Life Low Intermediate Teacher Guide w/ Audio CD Student Book $9.40 ea.

NP2774 NP2775 NP2777 NP2778 NP2780 NP2781 NP2783 NP2784

Life Goes On Introductory Level Student Book Life Goes On Introductory Teacher Guide w/Audio CD Life Goes On Low Beginning Student Book Life Goes On Low Beginning Teacher Guide w/Audio CD Life Goes On High Beginning Student Book Life Goes On High Beginning Teacher Guide w/Audio CD Life Goes On Low Intermediate Student Book Life Goes On Low Intermediate Teacher Guide w/Audio CD

Teacher Guide

Student Book

Teacher Guide

$20.00 ea.

$9.40 ea.

$20.00 ea.

NP2786 NP2788 NP2789 NP2791 NP2792 NP2794 NP2795 NP2797

From Home to School Rdg. Lvl.: 2-3, 3-5 ESL Lvl: Low Beginning-High Beginning An engaging series of readings and follow-up activities set against the backdrop of school culture. From Home to School is geared to parents of school-age children and serves as an excellent supplement to any Adult Basic Education, Family Literacy, or ESL program. HIGHLIGHTS ● Fifteen theme-based lessons per book each include a motivating story and follow-up activities. ● New Literacy Book presents a simplified version of a story from Book 1 or Book 2 in each lesson. ● A student audio includes a reading of each story, dialogs for each lesson, and prompts for listening activities. ● Student workbook activities strengthen listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Workbook Audio CD Student Books Literacy Book NP2490 Student Book 1 NP2300 Workbook 1 NP2302 Audio CD 1 NP2308 Student Book 2 NP2304 Workbook 2 NP2306 Audio CD 2 NP2309 Teacher’s Guide $9.75 ea


$7.75 ea

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$18.00 ea



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Laubach Way to English

The Basic Oxford Dictionary

Teacher’s Guides Reading Levels: Literacy - Low-Intermediate Laubach Way to English is designed to help you use the Laubach Way to Reading with ESL students who have no, or low-literacy skills in their native language and need basic English skills. Laubach Way to English Teacher's Guides ● conversation skills practice dialogs ● aural/oral practice with vocabulary and structures ● practice in word attack skills ● teaching techniques for working with ESL students Book 1 NP2939 Book 2 NP2940 Book 3 NP2941 $20.00 ea.

Teacher Guides

Literacy—Beginning Developed to meet the needs of low-beginning level adult and young-adult students, it is organized into 12 relevant topic areas that emphasize life skills and focus on key, everyday vocabulary. Monolingual English English/Spanish

OX2329 OX2350

$16.25 ea

Teacher’s Resource Book Workbook Picture Cards Overhead Transparencies Dictionary Audio CD’s (3)

OX4692 OX5675 OX5651 OX9735 OX5985

$24.25 $10.25 $35.95 $221.00 $54.95

The New Oxford Picture Dictionary Beginning—Intermediate

U.S. Citizenship Test Review With this brand new, comprehensive course, prospective citizens can review all of the reading, writing, and civics test questions that they might have to answer during their official USCIS interview. In addition, applicants will receive step-by-step guidance through the entire naturalization process, from understanding who’s eligible to apply to understanding the rights and responsibilities of American citizens, from getting fingerprinted to submitting an application, from staying relaxed and making a great impression during the interview to eventually taking the Oath of Allegiance during the naturalization ceremony. Best of all, this unique program features interactive quizzes designed to simulate the real experience — so viewers can “test themselves” again and again as they work toward mastering English, memorizing all the civics facts, and perfecting their interview skills!

3 DVD’s

A favorite for many years, The New Oxford Picture Dictionary contains over 2400 illustrated vocabulary words divided into 82 topics. Monolingual English…….......… English/Spanish………………...

OX1998 OX3558

Teacher’s Guide……………....... Beginner’s Workbook……….…. Intermediate Workbook……….... Overhead Transparancies…...…. NOPD CD-ROM Monolingual English…………... English/Spanish………………...

OX3305 OX3268 OX3251 OX5323

$21.95 $13.95 $13.95 $235.00

OX8669 OX6481

$52.50 $52.50

$19.95 ea

VA5225 $149.95

The Oxford Picture Dictionary Program, Oxford Picture Dictionary, Second Edition

Second Edition A remarkable new edition of the bestselling and well-loved Oxford Picture Dictionary Program! The second edition was developed with extensive input from teachers across the country to truly meet the needs of today’s teachers and learners. The Dictionary provides unparalleled support for vocabulary teaching. • 4,000 up-to-date English words and phrases illustrated with crystal-clear and vibrant artwork that make meanings easy to understand. • Practice activities on the page enable students to put words right to use. • NEW! Intro pages at the beginning of every unit present key vocabulary for learners at all levels. • NEW! Story pages at the end of each unit promote reading development and critical-thinking skills. • NEW! More verbs and phrases provide the building blocks needed to create meaningful conversation. • 13 bilingual editions include complete second language indexes.

Phone (479) 855-9453 Phone 417-659-9266

Dictionaries Monolingual English………………………...... English/Arabic…………………………….…..... English/Brazilian Portuguese…………..…….. English/Chinese…………………………..…….. English/Farsi ………………………....………... English/French……………………………......... English/Haitian …………………………....…... English/Japanese………………………….....…. English/Korean……………………………........ English/Russian ……………………………....... English/Spanish………………...…………........ English/Thai.................................................... English/Urdu .................................................. English/Vietnamese ........................................ Teacher Resources Assessment Program ...................................... Classic Classroom Activities .......................... Dictionary Audio CDs (4) .............................. Lesson Plans with Audio CDs (3) ………….... Overhead Transparencies …………………..... Vocabulary Teaching Handbook …………...... Workbooks with Audio CDs Low Beginning Workbook …………………..... High Beginning Workbook ………………........ Low Intermediate Workbook ………………..

OX9763 OX0104 OX0111 OX0128 OX0203 OX0135 OX0142 OX0159 OX0166 OX0173 OX0098 OX0180 OX0210 OX0197

$19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95

OX1961 $99.00 OX0234 $31.95 OX0531 $54.95 OX0227 $27.95 OX0609 $235.00 OX0241 $14.95 OX0401 OX0449 OX0487

$15.95 $15.95 $15.95

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Stories Plus Low Beginning-High Beginning Engaging content and valuable skills practice join as one. These best-selling books provide a perfect supplement for beginning level students. Fifteen entertaining stories in each book encourage reading fluency. Activities follow each story with focused practice in reading comprehension and a wide range of language skills. Audio component presents all stories and dialogues, and prompts for all listening activities. Student Book Audio Tape Audio CD Stories Plus NP2208 NP2232 Easy Stories Plus NP2252 NP2251 More Stories Plus NP2518 NP2520 More Easy Stories Plus NP2550 NP2552 Teacher’s Guide $9.40 ea

$18.00 ea

$18.00 ea

A healthy dose of readings and language activities to help adults navigate the U.S. health care system. Helps students acquire the language they need to make healthy choices.

Literacy-Low Beginning

• Increases students' understanding of common health issues. • Three levels of instruction, each covering the same general topics. • Provides informative and entertaining readings focusing on relevant health topics NP2700 NP2703 NP2701 NP2704 NP2702 NP2705


Citizenship: Passing the Test, 3rd Edition

Health Stories

Introductory Level Student Book Introductory Level Workbook Low Beginning Student Book Low Beginning Workbook High Beginning Student Book High Beginning Workbook


$9.20 $7.60 $9.20 $7.60 $9.20 $7.60

Prepare your students for the new citizenship test! Information that is critical in passing the revised Civics and Literacy tests is presented in a visual format and using accessible language. The student book audio CD helps students build the listening comprehension skills needed to succeed on the Civics test. The Literacy test workbook helps students develop basic literacy skills in the context of civics using short, simple activities. The workbook CD provides oral instructions, models of pronunciations for featured words and dictations.

Civics & Literacy Student Book Civics & Literacy Audio CD Literacy Skills Workbook Literacy Skills Workbook Audio CD Ready For the Interview Student Book Ready For the Interview Audio CD Teacher's guide

NP2888 NP2891 NP2890 NP2892 NP2226 NP2299 NP2889

$13.60 $18.00 $8.40 $18.00 $13.20 $18.00 $8.50

Upgrade Your Communication Skills at Work These engaging DVDs are the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to make a good impression and gain an edge on the competition. We’ll teach you powerful strategies and easy-to-use techniques that will help you communicate more effectively with your coworkers, managers, customers, suppliers, and other business contacts. You’ll learn fundamental principles that will help you demonstrate your value, polish your image, and impress your boss — so you stand out from the crowd and get ahead in your career. These engaging DVDs are the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to make a good impression and gain an edge on the competition. 10 DVD’s

VA5240 $499.50

Learning English Steps 1-2-3 Learning English Steps 1-2-3 is the perfect resource for beginning ESL-ELL students, from middle school through adult learners! With lots of practice in the basics of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, Learning English Steps 1-2 -3 includes dozens of easy-to-follow lessons and practice exercises from everyday life. Combining colorful computer graphics and timetested teaching methods, this one-of-a-kind DVD set uses “real world” situations – like conversations at the bank, in a restaurant, at the airport, on the job, and more – to help you learn the basics of American English. VA1411 $359.95


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English Grammar Series 10 programs on 10 DVDs, approx. 14 hrs. total. Free downloadable study guides for middle school students through adult learners — including ESL students! The English Grammar Series makes the tricky rules of English grammar easier to learn than ever before — whether you’re new to English or you’ve been speaking it for ears! The 10 programs in this series are each divided into 3 to 5 short lessons, making them perfect for classroom use or self-study. Using easy-to-follow examples and practice exercises from everyday life, this series can help you master even the most complicated English grammar topics! The 10 programs in this series are: English Grammar: Sentence Structure English Grammar: Parts of Speech English Grammar: Sentence Complements English Grammar: Verbs English Grammar: Pronouns English Grammar: Agreement English Grammar: Modifiers English Grammar: Parallel Structure English Grammar: Punctuation English Grammar: Spelling & Capitalization



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English ASAP

Real-Life English

Connecting English to the Workplace Skill levels: Literacy to Low Intermediate

Real-Life English helps learners acquire language in the context of essential competencies. From the very beginning, even pre-literacy learners can use English in the most common real-world settings. This complete, interactive program takes ESL learners from preliteracy to intermediate level with one consistent, proven approach.

• Designed to help prepare adult learners for the workplace • A complete ESL program • Unit-by-unit practice on the key language and grammar structures employees encounter on the job. • Regular exercises align to CASAS,TABE, SCANS, and MELT skills and competencies. Student Editions Literacy SV79509 Level 1 SV79516 Level 2 SV79523 Level 3 SV01871 Level 4 SV01932

$23.30 $23.30 $23.30 $23.30 $23.30

Audiocassettes Literacy SV79608 Level 1 SV79615 Level 2 SV79622 Level 3 SV01895 Level 4 SV01956

$30.75 $30.75 $30.75 $30.75 $30.75

$15.90 $15.90 $15.90 $15.90

Teacher Ed. Literacy SV79530 Level 1 SV79547 Level 2 SV79554 Level 3 SV01864 Level 4 SV01925

$23.30 $23.30 $23.30 $23.30 $23.30

Workbook Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

SV79561 SV79578 SV01888 SV01949

Levels Literacy Low-Beg. Beginning Low-Inter. Intermediate

Student Books SV32115 SV32122 SV32139 SV32146 SV32153


Teacher Ed.

Audio Cassettes

N/A SV32214 SV32221 SV32238 SV32245

SV32160 SV32177 SV32184 SV32191 SV32207

SV45658 SV45665 SV45979 SV45986 SV45993

2001 Spanish and English Idioms A bilingual dictionary of high-frequency Spanish and English idioms alphabetized according to their key words. BA0284 $15.50

Key Vocabulary For a Safe Workplace High Beginning - Low Intermediate Help your ESL students learn the essential vocabulary they need to be safe at work! ● Warning signs and first aid items ● Safe use of tools and machinery ● Health and ergonomics Price ed ● Safety information on labels and tags Reduc Student Book Teacher’s Guide Photocopy Masters

NP2175 NP2176 NP2177

$9.20 $9.00 $20.00

On-the-Job English High Beginning-Low Intermediate Help ESL learners develop the functional language skills and effective communication strategies they need to succeed in the U.S. workplace! Student Book Workbook Teacher’s Guide

NP2147 NP2250 NP2148

Price ed Reduc

$9.20 $7.25 $9.00

Parents Do Make a Difference Building Moral Intelligence Gain a new understanding of moral intelligence, and a step-by-step program for its achievement. In this indispensable book for parents, the author has created a new break-through in conceptualizing and teaching virtue, character and values under the auspices of a measurable capacity -- Moral Intelligence. This book confronts the front-page crisis we now face in our country regarding youth violence, alienation, self-destructive behavior, cold-heartedness, lack of compassion, insensitivity, intolerance and the break down of values. The author provides a new way to understand, evaluate and inspire our kids with the seven essential virtues which comprise moral intelligence. JW2265 $16.95

How Can We Talk About That? How Can We Talk About That? is a down-to-earth resource that can help you overcome your hang-ups so you can talk to your kids openly and honestly about sex. Author Jane DiVita Woody's new approach will inspire you to examine your sexual history so you will be better able to give your children both accurate sex education and meaningful moral guidance. Throughout the book she offers parents practical ideas for making changes and gaining the information and communication skills they need to guide the next generation toward sexual health. JW9142 $18.95

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Finally, a book that shows you how to teach kids the eight indispensable skills; self-confidence, selfawareness, communication, problem solving, getting along, goal setting, perseverance, and empathy they'll need for living confident, happy, and productive lives. Filled with step-by-step advice, practical ideas, and reallife examples, Parents Do Make a Difference puts field-tested tools into the hands of every parent and teacher who wants their children to succeed. JW6050 $18.00

Keys to Success How to Ace Any Test Shows you how to build efficient test-taking skills and score your best each and every time, whether it’s a surprise quiz or a final exam. Features sample test questions of all types, tips for scheduling your time and remembering what you studied. How to Build a Super Vocabulary Gives you the power to understand and use new words. Plus, you’ll get to know 600 words that are often found on standardized tests. How to Study for Success How to Study for Success lets you build those habits and master essential study skills that will help you become a better student. How to Ace Any Test How to Build a Super Vocabulary How to Study for Success Gr. Lvl. 5-8

JW1565 JW1572 JW1558

$12.95 ea

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Learning Basic Social Skills

Real-Life Math

Reinforce basic social skills with these 55 reproducible activities and show your students how to put their best foot forward! Includes such topics as choosing and caring for clothing, getting along with others, developing conversation skills and more. Includes objectives, key vocabulary, additional activities, and answers for each unit.

Integrate a real-world, problem solving focus into all math classes! Each book covers key topics in the context of everyday life scenarios. Reproducible Fractions, Ratios, and Rates WA63203 Decimals and Percents WA63258 Algebra WA63241 Geometry WA63265 Gr. Lvl. 8-Adult Tables, Charts, and Graphs WA63234 $20.95 ea Probability WA63210 Data Analysis WA63227

Gr. Level 8–Adult

WA3885X 22.95

Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students With Special Needs This book gives teachers over 180 step-by-step lessons with reproducible activity sheets to help special students develop and practice the basic "survival" skills they need for both school and daily living situations. Builds skills: interpersonal, communication, academic, practical living, vocational, lifestyle choices, and problem solving. JW6201 $29.95

Gr. Lvl. 7-Adult

Social Skills Lessons and Activities for Grades 7-12 A ready-to-use curriculum based on real-life situations to help you build students self esteem, self-control, respect for the rights of others, and a sense of personal responsibility. The reproducible activities encourage developing skill in using good judgment to resolve life's conflicts peacefully. Gr. Lvl. 7-Adult

Life Skills Literacy Series Help your students to move from the classroom to the community! • Target special education students, including adult literacy classes, low-intermediate ESL learners, & corrections students. • Builds vocabulary, critical thinking, & writing skills ● Includes teaching suggestions Community Resources Cars and Driving Medicine and Health Housing Personal Paperwork Spending & Saving Money

WA42741 WA38280 WA38825 WA39422 WA38833 WA38302

Reproducible $20.95 ea.

Readers at Risk Readers at Risk is designed to provide grade-levelappropriate material for struggling special education students and for students who are testing below their grade level. This book focuses on nonfiction and testing prompts, making the reading experience and word play more enjoyable for exceptional students. Gr. Lvl. 9-12



Winning Grants Step-by-Step, 3rd ed. Written for both novice and experienced grant writers, the workbook is filled with practical advice and illustrative examples, including: ● Clear examples that make it easier to create a well-written letter of intent ● Targeting your proposal to meet the priorities of the funder ● What happens to your proposal once it reaches the funder ● How to adapt this program- and project-specific funding approach to assist in general funding Once the workbook exercises are completed, your organization will have a fully developed grant proposal.

JW4759 $29.95

Social Skills Activities for Secondary Students With Special Needs Flexible activities-based program including 187 readyto-use worksheets to help special needs secondary students learn and internalize appropriate behavior around others. The activities will not only enable them to get along, but help them gain control over a situation by actively contributing to the social outcome. Reproducible Gr. Lvl. 7-Adult

JW9063 $29.95

How to Write a Grant Proposal Step-by-step guidance on how to write effective grants that get the funding you need. Complete with examples of fullycompleted proposals, you'll also get an easy-to-use companion CD-ROM containing guide sheets and templates that can be easily downloaded, customized, and printed. The authors provide examples of completed proposals and numerous case studies to demonstrate how the grant-seeking process typically works.

JW2201 $49.00

Grant Writing For Dummies, 2nd Ed. This hands-on, step-by-step guide leads you through researching options, dealing with application forms, handling potential sponsors, and getting the money you need. Revised and up-todate, this book covers everything you need to know to: ● Fill out federal grant application kits ● Win grants from corporations and foundations ● Obtain grants from international funds ● Meet the review criteria of government grants and contracts ● Master cover letters, abstracts, and more ● Put the finishing touches on your application Demystifying the process of grant writing, this all-out guide gives you just the facts with no information withheld. Also included is a complete example of a grant application narrative. With Grant Writing for Dummies, 2nd Edition, you’ll be able to craft effective proposals and go for the gold!

JW6371 $32.00 JW4169 $23.00


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Practical Parenting This easy-to-understand activity text deals with nutrition, physical care, discipline, teaching children and day care. Emphasis is on developing positive, affirming child guidance skills. Each section includes application lessons, examples, illustrations, and review questions. Gr. Lvl. 6-Adult Student Text Tchr. Guide

WA20896 WA21485

$17.95 $8.95

Using The Newspaper to Teach Basic Living Skills ● Link life skills with literacy and language! ● Enhances students’ appreciation of newspapers with more than 50 reproducible activities ● Learners will practice filling out job applications, finding an apartment, managing money, buying food and more. Teacher support material includes objectives, directions, materials lists, and extension activities. Gr. Lvl. 9-12, Adult WA37268 $25.95

Living On Your Own Give students real-life experiences in independent or semi-independent living—all from the safety of your classroom. Help students build solid skills in finding the right job, choosing a place to live, managing expenses, and more. Teacher’s book includes daily lesson plans, reproducibles, and answers to all activities. Grade 8-Adult. Student Text Reproducible Tchr. Book

WA42733 $17.95 WA42814 $22.95

Daily Warm-Ups: Everyday Skills ●Emphasizes daily routines for basic hygiene, nutrition, and housekeeping. ● Encourages individuals to focus on essential everyday responsibilities. Reproducible activities. Gr. Lvl. 9-12

WA50671 $19.95

Finding a Job is a Job Skills For Everyday Life Gr. 9-Adult Teach your students vital living skills such as following schedules, reading maps, finding help, planning a trip, and more. Includes comprehensive teacher materials and step-by-step application activities. Student book Tchr. Guide

WA16740 $18.95 WA16759 $11.95

Student Book

Survival Skills in the World of Work These reproducible, comprehensive exercises give your students the tools and techniques to be successful in the world of work. From finding a job to getting along with others, to understanding benefits and obligations, this book has it all for students transitioning from the classroom to the outside world. Gr. Lvl. 7-Adult

WA39309 $22.95

WA25774 $15.95

150 Ways to Keep Your Job Teach students basic work ethics, habits, and attitudes critical to staying employed. This activity text gives them 150 tips on topics ranging from the first day on the job to getting raises and promotions. Illustrated case studies and questions highlight job issues. Pullout sections of answers and vocabulary lists are included. Gr. Lvl. 8-Adult Student Book

WA24735 $18.95

Filling Out Forms

150 Job Application Words Help students increase their job marketability! • Facilitates self-evaluation with a “Personal Fact Sheet” and 2-page pretest/posttest • Provides flash cards for learning 150 job application words and abbreviations • Includes teaching suggestions, activities, and answer key 150 Flash Cards 5 1/2” X 8 1/2” plus WA19189 $41.95 10 Teacher Reproducibles

Gr. 4-12, Rdg. Lvl. Gr. 3-4 Filling Out Forms is a great way to help students become more confident and independent as they work through activities involving "real-life" situations. Students will get plenty of practice filling out forms while follow-up questions and openended activities invite creativity and test their comprehension. Forms include: driver's license, job application, birth certificate, standardized test form, social security card application, school admittance form, and more! Reproducible

RE0435 $8.99

The Good and Easy Cookbook

Kitchen Math Add a new dimension to math classes with these 38 activities connecting math to daily life. Provides plenty of practice in basic math operations and real-life applications. Includes activities for counting calories, purchasing food, reading labels and more. Reproducible Gr. 6-Adult

This activity text takes students with special needs step by step through the process of getting a job. At each stage--choosing the type of job, filling out applications, preparing for interviews--students have three choices of how to proceed. These exercises get students personally involved in making decisions and experience the consequences.

WA28811 $21.95

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Teach students to make healthful, economical meals on their own with this food planning and preparation guide! ● Provides menus, shopping lists, and complete instructions for two full weeks of meals and snacks ● Features large-type recipes with easy-to-follow layout and an illustration Gr. 6-Adult WA2395X $16.95

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10-Minute Critical Thinking Activities Series

Survival Words

These reproducible books teach students how to think with these quick and easy activities! Helps students learn to work and think independently as well as cooperatively. Includes teaching suggestions, skills matrix and answers. Activities for English WA37977 Activities for Math WA38167 Activities for the World of Work WA3823X Activities for Algebra WA43438 Gr. 9-Adult

$20.95 ea

Gr. 4-12, Rdg. Lvl. Gr. 3-4 Students develop important survival skills with these easy-to-use activities sure to improve vocabulary, reading, spelling and writing ability. Special signs, symbols, and directions are encountered in all areas of our lives. Therefore, it's essential that our students learn the meanings of these cautionary words and symbols in order to become more independent in the "real world." Survival Words was created to meet this need and offers plenty of practice with more than 60 keywords, phrases, and symbols! So help your students acquire vital life skills with this practical, solidly conceived book. Reproducible RE0910 $8.99

Magical Math Series Games and Activities That Make Math Easy and Fun Don’t Just Learn Math … Master It! Brimming with fun and educational games and activities, the Magical Math series provides everything you need to know to become a master of mathematics! Each of these books will help students understand mathematical concepts.

Dazzling Division Delightful Decimals and Perfect Percents Fabulous Fractions Great Graphs Groovy Geometry Marvelous Multiplication Measurement Mania Dr. Math Gets You Ready for Algebra Dr. Math Explains Algebra Dr. Math Introduces Geometry Dr. Math Presents More Geometry

JW9837 JW0580 JW9813 JW0603 JW0597 JW9820 JW9806 JW5560 JW5553 JW5546 JW5539

Forms and You Students practice filling out a wide variety of real-life forms commonly used in the work or home setting. Included are forms and applications for such things as Social Security, a drivers license, the armed forces, college entrance, bank loan, etc. Gives students practice in reading and following directions and helps them learn to write clear, concise responses. This set includes full teacher notes. Blackline Masters. WA01417 $22.95

Gr. Level 6-Adult Each book is 128-192 pp. Grades 3-8 $14.95 ea

Wacky Word Problems In Wacky Word Problems, you'll discover how to decode many different types of word problems, from counting, logic, and percentage problems to distance, algebra, geometry, and graphing problems, in order to solve realworld dilemmas. Gr. Lvl. 3-8

JW0610 $12.95

Steps To Independent Living Show students how to take care of themselves and face the challenges of everyday living! How To Set Up a Home Explains how to find an affordable place to live; choose a suitable roommate; understand a lease, deal with utilities, and furnish an apartment

How To Use Money Wisely Shows how to budget money and set goals; how to use the bank for savings, checking, credit, and loans; and how to be a wise consumer

How To Look Out for Yourself WA64934 WA64873 WA64897 WA64910 WA64958 WA64972

Use Money Wisely Look Out For Yourself Get Well When You’re Sick Stay Healthy Set Up A Home Take Care Of Your Home

Steps To Independent Living, 6-book set WA65269 $93.25


How To Get Well When You're Sick or Hurt Covers treating common illnesses such as colds and flu, seeing a doctor, using medicines wisely, and using basic first aid.

How to Stay Healthy Focuses on developing good grooming habits, take care of one's body, practice good nutrition (based on the Food Pyramid), and stay fit.

$15.95 ea

WA64996 Teacher’s Guide

Covers staying emotionally healthy, keeping personally safe, and making wise decisions about alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and sexual activity.


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How to Take Care of Your Home Explains how to make a home safe, use cleaning tools and supplies, clean different areas of the house, and do laundry and ironing.

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Apartment Renting 101: What Happened to My Security Deposit?

Life Skills for a Well-Adjusted Adolescence Adolescence is a time of positive changes and exciting opportunities. But because teenagers lack adult perspective and life experience, good judgment and strong internal coping mechanisms may not be in place when they need them the most. Give your students an extra edge in life by helping them learn to say no to negative risks, cope with stress, and build durable psychological resilience with this threepart series. Correlates to National CTE Organizational Standards. 3-part series, 22-27 minutes each. ME56853 DVD $389.95

Taking Control: Strategies for Coping with Stress A student's first step to dealing constructively with stress is understanding it: what it is, how it works, and why it's such a powerful force in a teenager's life. Use this program to show your students how to take control of stress! It distinguishes between positive and negative stressors, describes how the body reacts to stressors, explores common causes of teen stress, and suggests ways to manage stress-particularly as it relates to exams. The video also explains why drugs are the wrong way to try to cope. Correlates to National CTE Organizational Standards. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. A part of the series Life Skills for a Well-Adjusted Adolescence. (22 minutes) ME56891 DVD $129.95

Nicks and cuts, minor burns, bruises, abrasionsmore accidents occur in the home than anywhere else. To reduce the number and severity of injuries, people need to understand the three P's: prevention, preparation, and practice. Ideal for students living at home or out on their own. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. A Meridian Production. (15 minutes) DVD $89.95

Housecleaning 101: Fighting the War on Grime Can cleaning the house be made fun and exciting? Not really, but this tiresome chore can be cut down to size by following the simple tips and suggestions in Housecleaning 101. Which rooms should be cleaned first (and last)? How should you approach a room so that nothing is missed? What supplies will you need, and how often should you clean? Humor and practical strategies will motivate viewers to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Guaranteed to be a hit with anyone who has too many dust bunnies and too little time. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. A Meridian Production. (17 minutes) ME81370


DVD $89.95

Furnishing and Decorating Your First Apartment You're moving away from home and into your very own apartment. It needs to reflect you and your taste-so where do you begin? This video covers the basics of furnishing and decorating on a limited budget. Viewers learn about elements and principles of design as well as how personal style and accessories can affect the look. We take you to flea markets, secondhand stores, and thrift shops to find just the right piece of furniture and talk about floor and wall coverings. We also differentiate between essential furnishings and non-essential items. Furnishing a room or an apartment on a budget is certainly possibleespecially if you're willing to stretch your imagination! (15 min.) A Meridian Production. ME65190

Home Safety: Prevention, Preparation, and Practice


This comprehensive video addresses all of the issues that need to be considered to find comfortable housing at a reasonable price. The program begins by examining the reasons to choose an apartment and how to determine what percentage of income should be allocated for housing. Beginning with a list of needs and wants, the video shows where to find available apartment listings (including on the Internet), what is covered in lease agreements, and how to document existing problems to keep from losing your security deposit. The program also covers the different options for finding furnishings and how to decide whether to move yourself or contract with a mover. Ideal for teaching independent living skills to teens or adults. A Cambridge Educational Production. (29 minutes)

DVD $89.95 Get Organized! Managing School, Life, and Fun Lost backpacks, unfinished homework, missed carpools...disorganization isn't just annoying-it can seriously jeopardize a student's future. This video teaches young people the value of personal management skills, and provides tips and strategies for getting organized in several key areas: living space, school materials, study time, extracurricular activities, and social life. Dramatizing situations in which a group of teenagers have made themselves miserable through a lack of self-management, the program uses a lighthearted approach that engages young viewers, while driving home a serious message: Effective organizational tactics will be a valuable asset throughout your education and career. A viewable/printable instructor's guide-complete with learning objectives, fast facts, vocabulary terms, discussion questions, student activities, and other features-is available online. Correlates to National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences, National Educational Technology Standards, and Standards for the English Language Arts. A Cambridge Educational Production. (23 minutes) ME49893

DVD $89.95

DVD $89.95

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Banking Basics Covering a wide range of money-related topics, this detailed four-disc series co-produced with United Trust Bank introduces the subject of personal finance clearly and thoroughly. Each CD-ROM contains information simple enough for young teens to understand yet challenging enough to capture the interest of older students. Instructors will appreciate the learning objectives, which are built around recognized scholastic standards, and a printable teacher's guide for each program. Learners will enjoy rich content that features video role-plays, interactive exercises, self-assessment questions, and audio narration. A user-friendly interface, a built-in interest calculator, a glossary, and an index are also bound to please. A Meridian Production. ME39319 CD $399.80

The Money Management CD Series This four-disc series can help students develop the money management skills they will need throughout their adult lives. Each training module combines learning objectives, live-action video, and interactive testing to create an optimal environment for studying the basics of personal finance. A Meridian Production. Available for Windows only. 4-part series on 4 discs. ME99344 CD $399.80

Basics Of Personal Finance Curriculum Kit This updated package includes: five laminated overview posters, five PowerPoint® Presentations with over 50 screens, and 40-50 PDF reproducible worksheets. The 5 topics include: Budgeting Basics, Paycheck Basics, Credit Card Basics, Insurance Basics, and Basics of Working With Banks. SCCRK500 $175.99

Supermarket Bits: Shopping Skills for Real-World Success-on CD-ROM If your students' idea of food shopping is running through a market flinging ice cream and microwave pizzas into a cart and going home broke, they need Supermarket Bits-fast! It's a fun-filled, discovery-based simulation game loaded with life-skills lessons and plenty of good advice! By immersing themselves in this virtual shopping environment, students experience the real-world process of grocery shopping without having to leave the classroom or spend a dime. Here's how it works: "Before You Shop" gets students to use their heads for more than a food disposal unit as they learn how to make a list with actual menu ideas in mind, check circulars for coupons, and even pick the best time of day to shop. "Off to the Store" turns them loose among aisles and aisles of items clamoring for their attentionsound familiar? By the time they get to the checkout line, they'll know a lot more than they did before about how to decipher labels and price signs, save bucks using coupons and shopper value cards, and spot common marketing tricks that can trap them into buying who knows what. Think of it as a consumer confidence course! "After You Shop" rounds out the learning experience by giving feedback on whether they got everything on their lists, kept from blowing their budgets, remembered to use their coupons, and resisted the temptation to buy unneeded stuff-or at least not much. Extra tips ranging from how to bag their groceries, to what to do if they're unhappy with a purchase after they get home, to making use of leftovers are also provided. Value-added features include printable tip sheets, lots of Did You Know? pop-ups, audio narration, a shopper's quiz, a hyperlinked index, and a glossary. A printable PDF Teacher's Guide is squeezed into the disc too. It's packed with correlations to national educational standards, learning objectives, a program summary, fast facts, vocabulary terms, discussion and assessment questions, student activities, and a list of extra resources. This virtual shopping safari is designed for teens, but it's not kid stuff. If your students are ready to take a "byte outta life," they're ready for Supermarket Bits! Correlates to National Economics Standards, National Standards for Health and Nutrition, and National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences. A printable instructor's guide is included. A Meridian Production. Can be used with both Windows and Macintosh.

ABC's Of Personal Finance Curriculum Kit

ME70893 CD $99.95

Topics include: auto insurance, car maintenance, emergency savings, finance do and don'ts, goal setting, insurance terms, track, payroll and withholdings, save on fees, credit history, ID theft, and more. Contents: PowerPoint® presentation, student reproducible worksheets, and one 17 x 22 laminated poster. SCCRK831 $49.95

Checks and Balances Skills Workbook Each lesson in the Checks and Balances Skills Workbook contains a summary of key terms and their meanings, a quiz emphasizing the most important aspects of the lesson, and exercises putting into action what has been learned. A check package and teacher's manual are also available. A Meridian Product. Correlates to National Standards of Life Skills for Life Work.

Checks and Balances: The Basics of Banking Because teenagers have sources of income too, it's increasingly important for every young adult to master basic banking skills. This video covers the fundamentals of checking and bank accounts, such as filling out a check correctly, maintaining a checkbook register, and reconciling a bank statement. In addition, the video presents various banking techniques, including ATM transactions, debit cards, and online banking. Correlates to the National Standards of Life Skills for Life Work. A Meridian Production. One 26-minute video, blank checks, workbook, and teacher's manual. ME53094 DVD $99.95


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ME93915 $5.95 ea.

Checks and Balances Skills Workbook Teacher’s Manual This teacher's manual holds the keys to the lessons in the Checks and Balances Skills Workbook, which contains a summary of key terms and their meanings, a quiz emphasizing the most important aspects of each lesson, and exercises putting into action what has been learned. A check package and student workbook are also available. A Meridian Product.Correlates to National Standards of Life Skills for Life Work.

ME94202 $19.95

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On Your Own: Independent Living Skills Help young adults jump out of the family nest with this practical six-part series! Quick and to the point, each video focuses on a key area of independent living. Whether it’s finding the right apartment, managing cash and credit, stocking the pantry, making meals, doing housekeeping, or building a wardrobe that sends the appropriate message in every situation, On Your Own will leave viewers feeling more confident about making important life decisions as they prepare to take responsibility for their futures. Correlates to all applicable National and State Educational Standards including the NCLB Act. Viewable/ printable discussion questions are available online. A Meridian Production. 6-part series, 17-25 minutes each. The Series Includes : Finding an Apartment | Managing Your Money | Practical, Healthy Cooking | Shopping Smart | Housekeeping How-Tos | Building the Right Wardrobe 6 part series ME66540 DVD $599.70

Managing Your Money

Finding an Apartment What are the expenses of living in an apartment? What obligations come with signing on the dotted line? Is it good to have roommates? This video explains to first-time renters how to locate, lease, and set up an apartment while avoiding common problems. They’ll learn about dealing with rental agents, evaluating a unit’s condition, reading leases, getting renters’ insurance, having the utilities turned on, and handling the roommate option. Information on moving and finding furniture on a budget is also included. Correlates to all applicable National and State Educational Standards including the NCLB Act. Viewable/printable discussion questions are available online. A Meridian Production. A part of the series On Your Own: Independent Living Skills. (20 minutes) ME66205 DVD $99.95

Money management is the key to independent living. This video puts money under a microscope as it looks at budgeting it, spending it wisely, and protecting it (and, by extension, that all-important credit rating). Specifics include opening a checking account, writing checks, making deposits, and balancing a checkbook; using ATM and debit cards; applying for a loan; and deciding whether to opt for a credit card—and if so, how to use it responsibly. A smart investment! Correlates to all applicable National and State Educational Standards including the NCLB Act. Viewable/printable discussion questions are available online. A Meridian Production. A part of the series On Your Own: Independent Living Skills. (23 minutes) ME66212 DVD


Shopping Smart Practical, Healthy Cooking Moving away from home means moving away from home-cooking, too—a fact that, surprisingly, escapes many young adults new to life on their own. After watching this video, viewers will see how easy it can be to read a recipe, measure out ingredients, prepare all sorts of meats and vegetables, package up and store leftovers, and clean up the kitchen so everything is sanitary and neat. Kitchen safety is stressed. Practice makes perfect! Correlates to all applicable National and State Educational Standards including the NCLB Act. Viewable/printable discussion questions are available online. A Meridian Production. A part of the series On Your Own: Independent Living Skills. (25 minutes) ME66229 DVD $99.95

Housekeeping How-Tos

Building the Right Wardrobe Every outfit sends a message. This video shows how to send the right one at the appropriate time— without breaking the budget. Topics include the functional and social characteristics of clothes; the concepts of style and fashion; planning a wardrobe that accommodates work, school, and leisure; and shopping for value and price. Indispensable! Correlates to all applicable National and State Educational Standards including the NCLB Act. Viewable/ printable discussion questions are available online. A Meridian Production. A part of the series On Your Own: Independent Living Skills. (19 minutes) ME66250 DVD $99.95

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There’s no question about it: the grocery-shopping experience can be overwhelming! This video will guide viewers smoothly through the process of planning balanced meals, making a shopping list, clipping coupons, and setting (and sticking to!) a budget. Helpful tips on stretching a dollar and sidestepping supermarket gimmicks are included, and food safety is emphasized. Essential viewing for first-time shoppers! Correlates to all applicable National and State Educational Standards including the NCLB Act. Viewable/ printable discussion questions are available online. A Meridian Production. A part of the series On Your Own: Independent Living Skills. (17 minutes) ME66236 DVD $99.95

From a dust mop and other necessary equipment, to cleaning supplies, to making (and following!) a what-and-when cleaning schedule, this video provides a step-by-step look at housekeeping. How to do laundry is also included, as well as a segment on how to clean a computer. Even viewers who have seldom straightened a room will learn how to maintain an entire apartment a mother would be proud to visit! Correlates to all applicable National and State Educational Standards including the NCLB Act. Viewable/ printable discussion questions are available online. A Meridian Production. A part of the series On Your Own: Independent Living Skills. (17 minutes) ME66243 DVD $99.95

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Non-Traditional Careers For The 21st Century Series Featuring lead experts in the fields of workforce reentry, this new series targets the basic and special challenges associated with people seeking one of many high demand careers in the next decade. Fast paced, contemporary in style, and organized and presented with only the most important information, each show will engage the viewer in a very practical and relevant way. Each of the four shows is 10 minutes in length, making each ideal for individual counseling or classroom presentation. Titles in this series include: Genders, Jobs, & Non-Traditional Work Arrangements; Hot Jobs Of The Future That Don't Require A College Degree; Work Ethics In The New Economy; Non-Traditional Job Search Basics For Re-Entry Success. Length: 10 minutes each. DVD Set of (4)

SCDCD030 $252.00

Genders, Jobs, & Non-Traditional Work Arrangements

Non-Traditional Job Search Basics For Re-Entry Success Focused on populations that have special challenges getting into or reentering the workforce, this show sets out the attitudes and job search skills set needed to succeed in the new economy. Length: 10 minutes. SCDCD034 $69.00

Hot Jobs Of The Future That Don't Require A College Degree Almost 70% of jobs do not require a four year or advanced university degree. This show emphasizes flexibility and long range planning in order to meet goals. Specialized training is needed in many fields for the immediate career goal, but so is continuing education for the constant upgrading required by most industries. Specific high demand jobs are explored including specific tips for further exploration. Length: 10 minutes. SCDCD02 $69.00

As the workforce environment changes, some companies have responded with creative flex scheduling arrangements in order to increase productivity and promote stress-free work environments. This show looks at what it means for the employee in the world of work to shift from a traditional 9 to 5 work setting to a non-traditional work arrangement. Length: 10 minutes.

Work Ethics In The New Economy Education is the key to surviving the new economy. This show looks at and details work ethics in the new economy. The new economy reality is that in order to compete globally, industries must constantly change and adapt. This show discusses specific survival tips useful to the employees caught in this global shift. Length: 10 minutes.

SCDCD031 $69.00 SCDCD033 $69.00

Quick Tips To Health Care Career & Skills DVD/Video Series Capturing the increasingly professionalized and cutting edge feeling associated with health care, this series features clear and precise concepts with examples and positive motivational messages about the high demand for qualified and motivated individuals in the health care field. Each show features experts who precisely communicate only the most important information. Students will appreciate the practical nature of specific skills presented. Teachers and counselors will find useful the opportunities described in such fields as therapeutic services, information services, diagnostic services, and support services which all point to the increasingly complex and expanding world of health care. Approx. 8-10 min. each

DVD Series of 4

DCD040 DVD $244.00

Health Career Skills: Team Building Skills Work teams that function well are critical to a health care organization's success. These organizations depend on teams to develop new techniques, solve problems, increase productivity, improve quality, and achieve cost. Two veterans in the health care and education fields provide insight into the role of teams and the skills needed for excellent patient care. Topics include: communication, appearance, discussion points, tapping into the strengths of each team member, listening, and observing. Self work is also discussed as part of preparing for a career in the health care industry. A review at the end of the program highlights the main concepts presented. DCD044 DVD $59.00

Health Care Careers Without A Four Year Degree A variety of health care paths and careers are explored in this eye opening presentation. Careers in therapeutic services, health information services, health diagnostic services, and health support services are explored that require less than a four year university education. Specific skills, potential for advancement, and the reward structures are also discussed. DCD041 DVD $69.00

Health Care Skills: Communicating w/Different Types Of Patients Important communication skills for health care workers include listening, understanding, and the ability to build trust and rapport with the patient. Communicating with and understanding a patient is complicated by things like age, situation (emergency or post-op care), culture, language, and previous knowledge of the medical industry. Each patient is unique and requires a sensitivity on behalf of the professional. The directors of a college dental assistant program and a nursing program provide practical advice and snapshots of thorough communication techniques and building trust which links to healing. DCD041 DVD $59.00

Health Care Skills: Math & Medication Dosage Skills This show discusses the math skills needed for determining medication dosages in a visual and "real world" way. Diagrams and graphic images help students understand the correct metric conversion techniques used in determining medication dosages. A practical approach to learning to calculate and prepare medications and solutions including calculating intravenous flow rates and unit conversions make this an extremely useful show for health care professionals. DCD042 DVD $69.00


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Job Success Without A College Degree DVD Series This is a best-selling series! From industries that don’t require a college degree and reentry success to helping those in career transitions and retraining, this series provides some practical tips that can be put to action. The worksheets help the viewers use the concepts presented and organize a plan. The titles include: Selling Yourself Without A College Degree, Finding A Job When Your Past Is Not So Hot, Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things: Returning to School, Getting Basic Work Habits Without College Training, Place To Look For Work When You Don't Have a College Degree. Contents: 5 DVD’s. Reproducible worksheets. Length: 15-20 minutes each. DPC110 DVD $560.00

Selling Yourself Without A College Degree Join in on a lively discussion about successful job search/interview tactics that focus on your abilities and successes rather than on your lack of formal education or a degree. This new program highlights the skills and experiences employers value, like your ability to follow through, to meet deadlines, and to relate to coworkers and customers in a professional manner. Also discussed is the ability and skill to answer interview questions. This video highlights this ability with strong, specific and complete answers to interview questions. These skills will put you in the running for a great job even without a college degree. Length: 15-20 minutes. DPC100 DVD $125.00

Places To Look For Work When You Don't Have A College Degree Give your students the skills to take advantage of high tech/high wage work opportunities even without a college degree. This program explores a variety of personal job search skills in addition to resources to locate the best jobs in a competitive and high tech work place. Using the internet in a job search, information interviewing, networking, vocational/trade schools, internships and more are related to a successful job search process. This is an encouraging and informative source of solid job search information designed for career centers, employment offices and school to work programs. Length: 15-20 minutes.

Here is the scenario... you were fired from your last job; you're a high school drop-out; you didn't get along with your previous boss so you do not have a reference. The good news is that these bad news scenarios are possible to overcome. This program offers tangible steps to help build up positive experiences to add to your resume. Length: 15-20 minutes. DPC102

DVD $125.00

Getting Basic Work Habits Without College Training This program highlights individuals willing to work hard and take advantage of on the job work opportunities. Tech prep, school-to-work, internships, job shadowing, and other on the job programs are highlighted along with the skills to locate free and low cost job training skills and community resources. Length: 18-20 minutes. DPC106 DVD $125.00

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things: Returning To School Changing technologies and a competitive workplace make the concept of life-long learning and retraining a reality for adults of all ages and skill levels. This program provides an overview of a variety of options and resources available for those needing to retrain and add marketable skills to their resume quickly and economically. Length: 18-20 minutes. DPC104 DVD $125.00

DPC108 DVD $125.00

College & Career Ready Students - Reading... Test Taking DVD

Independent Living Skills Curriculum Kit Topics include: consumer skills, kitchen skills, finance, personal development, laundry, social skills, safety, being organized, time management, and more. Contents: five laminated posters, PowerPoint® presentation, and pdf reproducible worksheets. SCCRK044 $119.95

Basic Job Search Curriculum Kit This updated package includes: five laminated overview posters, five PowerPoint® presentations with over 50 screens, and 40-50 PDF reproducible worksheets. Topics include: interview skills, job search skills, resume skills, career research and planning, and finding a job with a not so hot past. SCCRK600 $175.99

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Finding A Job When Your Past Is Not So Hot

This new, menu-driven DVD provides fourteen information-oriented programs to help encourage and direct academic readiness and positive outcomes in the areas of writing, reading, test taking, listening, speaking, and comprehension. These well-focused instructional shows outline effective techniques to work through test anxiety, review proven and easy-to-follow practices to help improve writing, explore techniques to help improve comprehension, and more. From test taking strategies to understanding your audience, this DVD is certain to meet the needs of students and objectives of teachers. The fourteen individual titles are listed below and come with reproducible worksheets. Each title is approximately 7 minutes in length. Mastering Test Writing Skills: The Writing Process, Internet Research Techniques, Organizing & Writing Effective Test Essays Excellent Test Reading Comprehension Skills: Reading Strategies In Content Areas, Summarizing Nonfiction & Finding Supportive Detail, Analyzing Current Themes In Literature, Understanding Literary Devices Awesome Test Taking Skills: How To Dissect A Test Question, Tricks For Improving Test Scores, Conquering Test Anxiety, Involving Parents In Test Taking Success Test Critical Listening & Speaking Skills: What Was The Point? Improving Comprehension, Does This Make Sense? Analyzing Communications, What Did They Say? Critical Listening & Observation Skills

SCDPC521 $799.00

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Finding & Keeping Dreams: Drug Prevention Video Series This series features Native American football star Sammy Moore working with high risk kids from Native American and other ethnic groups. Speaking from the heart, Sammy knows the thoughts and feelings of the kids he shares his life with. These shows are great for use in short-term counseling interventions, parentteacher meetings, or classroom discussions. All five shows will speak the unspoken, providing practical as well as inspirational advice that can only come from one who has lived the life and kept his dreams alive despite great obstacles. Series Includes: Finding Community Role Models, Why Kids Use Drugs, How To Prevent Drug Abuse, How Drugs Effect Families, Steps To Overcoming Drug Addiction. Length: 10-12 minutes each. SCPCL252 DVD $285.00

Parole: Getting Out and Staying Out Prison life is hard-but for most ex-convicts, life on the outside is tough, too. This video follows paroled prisoners as they re-enter civilian life and face challenges both large and small. Upon release from jail, the lives of these young men are suddenly filled with critical decisions. Some are dreaded, such as the splitsecond choice of whether or not to engage in violence-the wrong choice will put them back behind bars. Other dilemmas are unexpected, like having to decide what to wear every morning. The program provides an eye-opening look at the typical parolee's struggle to find work, stay away from drugs and former friends, and maintain a positive attitude about the future. (16 minutes) ME57515

DVD $69.95

Hard Time: Teens in Maximum Security Prisons Every Wednesday another busload of new inmates arrives at the Western Youth Institution in Morganton, North Carolina, a maximum security prison for juvenile offenders. What trade-offs do the convicts have to make, just to stay alive in this hostile environment? And what will they be like if they eventually make it back into society? In this program, ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer reports on prison life through the experiences of four new teenage inmates-one only 13 years old. A follow-up two years later reveals the impact of their incarceration on their minds and bodies, best summed up by the words of one of the four: "This is not the place to be." (24 minutes) ME68160

DVD $99.95

Finding A Job When Your Past Is Not So Hot Here is the scenario... you were fired from your last job; you're a high school drop-out; you didn't get along with your previous boss so you do not have a reference. The good news is that these bad news scenarios are possible to overcome. This new video offers tangible steps to help build up positive experiences to add to your resume, and encourages positive communication about past challenges as you take action to reshape a new and bright future. Length: 15-20 minutes.

From Parole to Payroll: A Process of Persistence Based on a workshop series, this comprehensive video/workbook series contains solid, real-world content designed to help ex-offenders find satisfying work. This series also includes the book The Ex-Offender’s Job Search Companion. Complete Series

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DVD $311.80

Finding a Job This program examines the many job-hunting methods available to those seeking employment, with specific tips and pointers directed to ex-offenders entering the workforce. Interviews with employment specialists, ex-offender service providers, and employed ex-offenders provide suggestions on the best and quickest ways to find work—and get ahead. Job search methods covered include want ads, employment services, networking, information interviewing, and using the Internet and the Yellow Pages. ME39020 DVD $99.95

Resumes and Job Applications This program demonstrates how resumes and job applications can be used effectively to find satisfying employment. Popular types of resumes are presented, with an emphasis on those that are more effective for ex-offenders. In addition, specific ways to incorporate prison education programs and to handle time gaps in employment history are discussed. Resumes and job applications are vital job-hunting resources, so having skill in preparing them can make a real difference. ME39021

DVD $99.95

The Job Interview This program is designed to help prepare job candidates to make the most of their meetings with prospective employers. Topics in this thorough job-hunting tool include dressing for success, using body language to convey positive messages, clearly articulating pertinent skills and abilities, coping with difficult questions, and negotiating salary and benefits.

ME39022 DVD $99.95   The Ex-Offender’s Job Search Companion: Getting a Good Job Despite Your Record This workbook gives good advice on job search essentials like writing resumes and cover letters, networking, using the Internet to find job listings and to post resumes, and successful interviewing—dealing with the really difficult questions unique to parolees, negotiating salaries, providing references, and more. Exercises and do-it-yourself forms are also included, to help ex-offenders carry out a job search that really gets results. ME34216 DVD $11.95

Prisons: Questioning the System From mandatory sentencing to capital punishment, America has developed a strong stance on dealing with crime. But are these measures improving society or undermining it? In this topical two-part series, representatives from the legal system, academia, and community service organizations speak out about the system that many approve of as practical and timely-and others condemn as misguided and a failure of humanity. 2-part series, 29 minutes each.

SCDPC102 DVD $125.00




DVD $199.90

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Lock-up: Inside America's Prisons With more resources than ever invested in the nation's prison system, a growing number of Americans question whether or not that system is really working. Searching for answers, this six-part series of MSNBC documentaries looks at the world of the incarcerated-from the inside out. With extraordinary access to the inner workings of several correctional facilities, the series records the hopes, fears, regrets, and occasional rehabilitation of jailed convicts, while presenting commentary from wardens, corrections officers, and medical personnel. The result is a comprehensive, hard-hitting examination of life behind bars in America. 6-part series, 42-46 minutes each. ME90420

DVD $1019.70

Parole Problems: Crime and Punishment In 1994, voters sent a clear message to Congress: focus on punishment through harsher and longer sentences. But since even a life sentence does not necessarily translate into a life behind bars, society is expected to assimilate paroled ex-convicts who have had little or no rehabilitation. In this program, ABC News anchor Ted Koppel examines the case of James Pope III-sentenced on two counts of murder and armed robbery, but eligible for parole in the future. To understand the vital importance of work programs and recreational facilities to the mental stability of inmates, Mr. Koppel also investigates rehab efforts at Central Prison in Raleigh, a maximum security lockup. (43 minutes) ME99249

DVD $149.95

Going Home: Teens Reentering Society All former inmates have a hard time adjusting to life outside prison, but teenagers face their own specific set of challenges after doing time. This two-part series shows how that adjustment process often plays out and how its hardships can be minimized. Filmed in large part at the Rikers Island Academy, a GED-level school that has helped turn hundreds of inmates’ lives around, the series covers the major sources of conflict that young people will encounter when reentering society. Addressing the day-today challenges of newfound, uncertain freedom, these programs illustrate how a support system can be built with the help of family, peers, caseworkers, and even correctional staff. 2-part series


DVD $199.90

From the Inside: Personal Challenges for Teens Reentering Society For many inmates at juvenile correctional facilities, looking ahead to freedom brings anxiety and doubt. This program illustrates the challenges that often await young offenders following incarceration and shows teen inmates preparing to face the corporate world, their families, and themselves. Overcoming illiteracy, building marketable work skills, and becoming familiar with employment counseling and job search techniques are some of the subjects explored. The emotional side of leaving prison—including homecomings with elated parents and siblings and the counseling that often accompanies those reunions—is also illustrated in depth. DVD

Life after Prison: Success on the Outside This information-packed program illustrates the

On the Outside: Social Challenges for Teens Reentering Society

specific steps needed to transition from incarceration to a rewarding life, and examines the many pitfalls that must be avoided along the way. Parolees discuss their successes and failures, while parole officers provide insights into why not all ex-offenders succeed. Also examined are where to look for employment and how to make the most of the work experience and skills learned in prison. A Cambridge Educational Production. (42 minutes) ME170148

ME3725 $99.95

DVD $99.95

The importance of guidance programs for prisoners can’t be overstressed—they help society as well as the individual reentering it. Following young people who have been discharged from Rikers Island Academy, this program focuses on the payoffs that come from educational and counseling services for those behind bars. A lively peer-topeer class setting is featured, while the process of court-ordered drugtesting is illustrated in detail by a visit to an ex-offender’s home— highlighting a central concern of many young people trying to find meaning and success on the outside. A wealth of insight is also provided on the advantages gained from structured vocational and recreational programs. ME3726 DVD $99.95

Juvenile Correction Facilities No one yearns to experience the inside of a prison—but to understand the American criminal justice system and those who enter it at an early age, spending a couple of nights behind bars yields powerful results. This ABC News program is the product of unprecedented access to Arizona’s juvenile correction facilities, documenting six months in the lives of inmates between 12 and 17 years old. Although the settings can be violent, the young interviewees display remarkable honesty, resilience, and hope for the future, reminding viewers that even in “juvie,” opportunities for learning and selfdiscovery are still available. (39 minutes) ME32154

DVD $149.95

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Re-Entry Solutions Curriculum Kit Topics include: tough backgrounds, honest approach, elements of a resume, cover letter solutions, resume solutions, job application and tough questions, references, identifying red flags, lack of experience, lack of diploma/degree, poor grades, many jobs, fired, and more. Contents: teacher PowerPoint® presentation, student reproducible pdf worksheets, and one 17 x 22 laminated poster. SCCRK035 $69.95

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Mothers in Prison


Around the world, women are being locked up in record numbers—and, by many calculations, the majority of women in prison are mothers. Their children often become wards of the state or are placed in foster care where neglect and abuse are a lurking danger, and they also run a higher risk of psychological and academic problems. This program endeavors to find out what life is like for the daughters of women behind bars and how “the system” helps or hinders them. In the process, viewers encounter daring new programs that are attempting to break the mother-child cycle of imprisonment which currently plagues societies rich and poor. (51 minutes) ME69114 DVD $169.95

Chat rooms, blogs, and instant messaging have become standard forms of communication for many young people. Unfortunately, they have also become popular ways to bully and harass others. This program is designed to prevent children and teenagers from falling victim to cyberbullying, using dramatizations and Q & A discussions to expand awareness of the issue. The video discusses cyberbullying warning signs, common patterns of abuse, and questionable online activities and destinations to stay away from. It also presents strategies for responding when cyberbullying occurs, and outlines legal problems involving privacy and libel that young Internet users should be aware of. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to all applicable state and national standards. A Meridian Production. (19 minutes)

Making a Comeback? The Fight Against Recidivism

ME47158 DVD $89.95

Marshall Allen is just one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who leave state or federal prisons and return to their home communities each year. He is typical of the majority of convicts in the U.S. in that he served time on a drug charge—in his case, possession of crack cocaine. He is also not unusual in the failure of his first attempt to make it on the outside. But a second term behind bars has hardened his resolve to succeed. This ABC News program illustrates the hurdles and hardships facing paroled felons through the story of one man, a nonviolent offender who, like so many others, is trying to salvage what remains of his life. (21 minutes) ME69040

DVD $99.95

C.A.G.E. the Rage Calm down, Assess the situation, Gauge alternatives, and Empower yourself by choosing how to react: that’s the way to safely C.A.G.E. the rage. By viewing this program, students will (1) see how to identify anger in themselves and those around them; (2) understand why mismanaged anger is so destructive; (3) discover how anger gets repressed, and the bodily and mental illnesses that may result from it; and (4) learn to release anger and express emotions in an acceptable and positive way using the C.A.G.E. method. Scenarios in which students model first unhealthy and then healthy behaviors make this video a particularly effective teaching tool. Candid interviews with experts and teens are also included. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to all applicable state and national standards. A Cambridge Educational Production. ME62168

ME90840 DVD $169.95

Attitude Towards Work A good attitude towards work is more than just showing up to work on time and doing your job. A positive and can-do attitude can make the difference between success and failure. This video presents the right and wrong attitudes and shows some of the consequences of a bad attitude and the rewards of a good attitude. Easy-to-apply tips and exercises are presented to help viewers focus and improve their attitude towards work. SCDPC891

DVD $59.00

Tough Times Job Strategies

This program examines the many job-hunting methods available to those seeking employment, with specific tips and pointers directed to exoffenders entering the workforce. Interviews with employment specialists, ex-offender service providers, and employed ex-offenders provide suggestions on the best and quickest ways to find work—and get ahead. Job search methods covered include want ads, employment services, networking, information interviewing, and using the Internet and the Yellow Pages. Correlates to all applicable National and State Educational Standards including the NCLB Act. A Cambridge Educational Production. (23 minutes)


Ex-convicts face formidable odds, and for AfricanAmericans, conditions are usually even more difficult. This documentary traces the experiences of four black ex-inmates over the course of a year, focusing on their challenges with employment, housing, addiction, and reconnecting with family—as well as their participation in the nontraditional African American Program for parolees. Richard, a 36-year-old crack addict, has spent 12 years in and out of the system. Arthur, 45, has been arrested 13 times. Calvin, 49, has served 18 months for drug possession and burglary. And 37-year-old Randy, emerging for the first time after a 16-year murder sentence, is intent on going to college. The parole officers who work with these men are also interviewed. (71 minutes)

DVD $99.95

Finding a Job


From Prison to Home

Whether you’re just entering the work force, a recent grad, or changing careers, this program will help you develop strategies to find and keep a job in a challenging economy. Packed with examples and practical advice, the video features interviews with people in many different jobs and professions, as well as valuable tips from career counselors. Through their real-world experience and guidance, you’ll learn how to research career options, utilize employment opportunity resources, and discover ways to network. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (24 minutes) ME9290

DVD $99.95

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DVD $99.95

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The Ex-Offender’s Quick Job Hunting Guide Jam-packed with practical insights, self-tests, and exercises, this workbook is designed to implement 10 key steps for re-entering the work world. Includes special sections on changing attitudes, community assistance, networking, completing applications, writing resumes, handling rejections, interviewing, taking responsibility, telling the truth, and developing an action plan. 128 pg. IM2504 $9.95

The Ex-Offender’s Re-Entry Success Guide Here’s the ultimate re-entry success guide for exoffenders. While the whole re-entry process is fraught with challenges that can lead to rejections, disappointments, and temptations, it also is a time for self-renewal and transformation. This new book addresses the major psychological and practical day-to-day challenges facing ex-offenders as they reenter the free world. Eleven hard-hitting chapters outline a clear seven-step process for re-entry success. Addresses everything from attitudes, moti-

vation, and education to telling the truth, taking responsibility, building trust, seeking community-based assistance, and leaving a legacy. Jam-packed with useful examples and exercises as well as a purpose-driven journal for daily action planning. 128 pages. IM2831 $9.95

Ex-Offender's 30/30 Job Solution Ex-offenders face numerous challenges in making it on the outside. First and foremost, they must quickly find a job and keep it in order to support themselves in the free world. And that job often needs to be close to home as well as near their parole or probation officer. For many ex-offenders seeking their first job out, any job will do as long as it provides them with sufficient income to survive. Put another way, they need to quickly find a lifeboat job. A lifeboat job is one individuals need to find NOW in order to keep themselves financially afloat in difficult times. It's essentially a survival job - not one that necessarily leads to an exciting career or high wages. It's all about meeting the necessities of life and becoming self-sufficient on the outside. Ex-offenders know all too well the importance of lifeboat jobs. Being released from prison or jail without money, a job, or family support, and facing immediate housing, clothing, food, and transportation needs - as well as probation and parole reporting requirements - they need to quickly land a job near where they live. This book introduces the concept of the "30/30 job search," which has been successfully used by thousands of job placement clients. It outlines a powerful 30-day program for job hunters who seek satisfying employment opportunities within 30 miles of any location in the United States. The authors reveal how anyone with a stable work history and marketable skills can quickly find a job close to home by using an arsenal of unconventional job search strategies and techniques that get the attention of prospective employers. Indeed, they outline the fastest, most effective job hunting system anywhere for finding employment. IM2873 $9.95

The Ex-Offender’s Job Interview Guide This new book helps ex-offenders ace the critical job interview. Covers preparing for the interview, anticipating questions, dealing with red flag questions, telling your story, closing the interview, following up, job offers, and salaries. Includes sample questions and dialogues. One of the most insightful job interview books addressing key employability issues facing ex-offenders. 128 pages. IM2824 $9.95

Best Jobs for Ex-Offenders Young and inexperienced, most ex-offenders lack knowledge about job opportunities appropriate for their red flag backgrounds. This book profiles 101 jobs (outlook, nature of work, qualifications, earnings, contacts) that are open to ex-offenders. It also identifies various jobs closed to ex-offenders. A terrific resource for exploring jobs with a future. 128 pages. IM2849 $9.95

9 to 5 Beats Ten to Life (DVD) This outstanding video is based on the bestselling book "9 to 5 Beats Ten to Life" and will motivate viewers! This outstanding video is based on the bestselling book "9 to 5 Beats Ten to Life" and will motivate viewers! Finally, based on the bestselling book 9 to 5 Beats Ten to Life, an outstanding program guaranteed to motivate viewers. Many exoffenders leave prison unprepared for the challenges ahead. While they need a job, a criminal record poses distinct challenges to finding and retaining employment. This program shows what to do, prior to release, to find a job. Divided into 15 learning segments, it addresses such issues as: where to write for required documents like a certified copy of a birth certificate and Social Security card, how to develop an employment portfolio, where and how to access useful community resources, and how to deal with difficult questions about one's background. Ex-offenders learn that they can leave prison with more than just their gate money. Indeed, they can leave with a well developed employment plan that can dramatically change their lives. DVD format only. 40 minutes. 1999. IM1008 $95.00

Phone (479) 855-9453 Phone 417-659-9266

Educational Resources PO Box 63 Racine, MO. 64858 417-659-9266 phone 417-659-9465 fax 9 To 5 Beats Ten To Life Written for the adult offender, this workbook-style manual provides useful information on employment, careers and community resources. Includes preparing for a job while incarcerated; where to get career counseling; assessing and personality; and continuing your education or job training. Provides tips on responding to ads, creating a resume, completing job applications, and interviewing. Discusses getting help with housing, clothing, and health care. 125 pages. IM0709 $20.00

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Quick 30/30 Job Solution Finally, the book that outlines the fastest, most effective job hunting system anywhere for finding employment. This innovative book introduces the concept of the 30/30 job search™, a job hunting process that has been successfully used by thousands of job placement clients. It's a powerful 30-day program for job hunters who seek satisfying employment opportunities within 30 miles of any location in the United States. Anyone with a stable work history and marketable skills can quickly find a job close to home by using an arsenal of job search strategies and techniques that get the attention of prospective employers. IM2862 $14.95

Angry Women: Stop Letting Anger Control Your Life! Women get trapped by their own anger. They deny it, hide it, and talk themselves out of it. They take it out in ways that hurt the people they love. They take it out on themselves. Women let anger hurt their self-image, narrow their choices, limit their careers, and destroy their families. They let anger lead them into depression, eating disorders, and destructive relationships. Over time, without realizing what's happening, women let anger control their lives. Here's the book that shows women how to take - or take back - control of their lives. Readers will identify with the real-life examples of how anger takes over. They will find it easy to use the practical, down-toearth skills to reclaim control of their lives: •Seven ways other people use anger to control women •Specific tools women can use to manage their own anger and to protect themselves from others' anger •A self-discovery exercise at the end of each chapter IM2067 $14.95

Best Resumes and Letters for Ex-Offenders Finding a good job is the best way for ex-offenders to stay out for good and become productive members of a community. However, ex-offenders face many challenges related to their backgrounds and the need to disclose their criminal record. Knowing that employers are reluctant to hire ex-cons, many ex-offenders lose hope and thus fail to organize and implement an effective job search. Ex-offenders ARE employable. Indeed, each year thousands of exoffenders find rewarding jobs that change their lives. They discover many employers are willing to give them a second chance. But they first need to clearly communicate their qualifications to prospective employers through resumes and letters. This is the most essential step for getting a job interview. Here's the first resume and letter book to address the unique challenges facing ex-offenders as they prepare to communicate their qualifications employers. Written by two of America's leading career experts, this book is jam-packed with the latest information, tips, strategies, and examples of what you must do in order to get the critical job interview. Follow the principles, tips, and examples outlined in this book and you, too, will join the growing ranks of ex-offenders who have changed their lives by finding a good job. You'll quickly discover that a well-crafted resume and letter can open the doors of employers. Best of all, you'll get interviewed and hired because you organized an effective job search according to the principles outlined in this unique book.

Re-Entry Employment and Life Skills Pocket Guide This 64-page pocket guide is jam-packed with essential personal, job search, and employability information that will help you to quickly: assess your motivated abilities and skills complete job applications and write resumes conduct effective job interviews negotiate and accept job offers survive and thrive on the job It also includes important life skills information relating to: education and training attitudes and goals housing and transportation health and wellness financial planning community services Successful re-entry into and advancement within today's world of work requires basic preparation and organization. If you complete each section of this booklet and refer to it frequently, you should be well prepared to make smart re-entry decisions as you effectively navigate today's tough job market and economy. An ideal guide for anyone in transition, especially ex-offenders, military personnel, students, retirees, and women re-entering the workforce after a lengthy absence. IM3029 $2.95

Angry Men: Managing Anger in an Unforgiving World Men let anger boss them around. They're fooled by their own macho image, and think they're in charge when, in reality, their anger is running them. Their anger makes them defend their pride, prove they're "real men," get even, and defend their turf. It makes them challenge authority, their peers, and other men. It keeps them from knowing themselves. Angry Men: Managing Anger in an Unforgiving World shows men how anger affects them and how they can take charge and gain control of their anger. Men will see themselves in true stories from law enforcement officers, military men, and others who lost it - or almost - because their anger took over. Men will also find it easy to use the practical, hands-on skills that give them the power they thought they had over themselves. Through this insightful, provocative book, readers will: •meet other men, in real-life accounts, who lost it when they got angry •discover 7 ways people try to "get" you with their anger •acquire specific tools you can put to use immediately to manage your anger - and theirs •see how these tools are used in the real-life stories •find several questions to ask themselves, at the end of each chap-


IM2059 $14.95

Finding a Job with a Not So Hot Past Curriculum Kit Topics include: survey of values, interests, aptitudes, skills, hobbies, and styles. Contents: teacher PowerPoint® presentation, student reproducible worksheets (pdf), and one 17 x 22 laminated poster. SCICRK605 $39.95

IM2512 $19.95


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Ex-Offender's Job Hunting Guide Finding a job is one of the most important challenges facing the nearly 7.7 million ex-offenders who leave prisons, jails, and detention centers each year. Indeed, for someone who has lost everything, successful reentry into a community becomes very difficult. Without a job and support network to help meet the immediate needs of food, housing, health care, and transportation, and often saddled with financial obligations, many exoffenders soon fall back on old habits, relationships, and temptations that lead them back to the prison doors. While many employers may not want to hire someone with a criminal record, others are willing to give ex-offenders a second chance and help them get back on their feet and move ahead with their lives. But what should ex-offenders do in order to land a good job? Where should they go to find a job they do well and enjoy doing? Here's the book that provides important answers to many re-entry questions facing ex-offenders. Beginning with an examination of 20 myths/ realities and 22 principles for success, two of America's leading employment experts reveal 10 steps to job and career success: Examine and change your attitudes Conduct research on jobs and communities Seek assistance and become proactive Write effective resumes and letters Select appropriate job search approaches Network for information, advice, and referrals Assess your skills and identify your MAS Develop winning job interview skills State a powerful objective Negotiate salary and benefits like a pro Rich in insights and filled with practical examples, exercises, and resources, here's the book that can make a big difference in the lives of ex -offenders. Follow each step and you'll begin meeting employers who will want to hire you because of your unique talents and your new attitudes and motivations. IM2369 $17.95

CD-ROM Version of the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) This best selling program just got better! New graphics, new movies, and updated with recent OOH career data combine to highlight the most popular careers. What makes this CD-ROM Version of the OOH a valuable and unique career resource is the 31 question inventory that presents the user with questions related to educational and extra-curricular interests. Based on the answers from the inventory, the program compiles a list of potential careers best suited for that user. This audibly guided tutorial makes the 300 plus careers presented easy to explore. Topics such as related occupations, outlook and demand, average salary, related high school courses, types of training and necessary skills are covered in detail. With every career cluster, a short movie is presented giving students a visual feel for that career cluster. Explore Careers by Worker Trait Groups and Explore Careers by DOT Titles are unique features that give the user exposure to the three most powerful and popular career exploration tools available. This flexible career exploration program is a great addition to career centers, job service centers, guidance offices, and libraries. Computer Requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000, and most VISTA versions. SCIROM402


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Job Hunting Tips for People With Hot and Not-So-Hot Backgrounds Finding a job may be the hardest, most frustrating, and ego-bruising work you ever do. Depending on how you approach the process, it also can be an extremely educational, exciting, and exhilarating experience. This unique book presents 150 job hunting tips that are applicable to most job seekers, regardless of their backgrounds. Organized around a seven-step sequential job search, individual chapters include revealing tips on: Assessing interests, skills, and abilities Developing a career objective Completing applications Networking for information, advice, and referrals Conducting a successful job search Writing resumes and letters Doing follow-ups and following through Researching jobs and employers Interviewing for jobs Negotiating salaries and terms of employment Filled with cutting-edge career advice, quizzes, websites, and examples, here's the book that tells it like it is from the job search trenches. Follow the many tips outlined in this book and you should be able to quickly energize your job search by focusing on those activities that have the greatest impact on getting job interviews and offers. You will join thousands of others who have found their dream job through the methods outlined in this book. IM2253 $17.95

Best 10 1/4 Tips For Controlling Anger Is being angry okay? Is anger contagious? This creative and up-beat video focuses on good communication skills being an important key to controlling anger and redirecting the anger of others. Other topics covered include the importance of preparing for disappointments and skills to let anger out safely. This is an excellent resource for life skills, physical ed., health ed. classes, and more. Length: 14-18 minutes. SCIDCD815 DVD $98.00

No One Will Hire Me! It's the often-heard lament of disillusioned job seekers who lack the will to go on with their frustrating job search - "No one will hire me!" Misunderstanding job market realities, job seekers make numerous mistakes that frequently result in selffulfilling prophecies. Two of America's leading career experts identify 17 key mistakes job seekers make, from failing to articulate goals and knowing one's worth to improperly using Internet resources, looking for jobs in the wrong places, and prematurely accepting a job offer. Each chapter identifies a major mistake and then offers analyses, selftests, exercises, and resources for avoiding the error in the future. The perfect job search guide for everyone, from students, job changers, and displaced executives to ex-offenders and transitioning military personnel. IM2664 $15.95

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Change Your Job, Change Your Life: Careering and Re-Careering in the New Boom/Bust Economy Forget about those trendy theories and anecdotes expounded by others on jobs, careers, and the economy. Here's the book that tells it like it really is from the job search trenches. Now in the 23rd year, the new edition of this highly acclaimed blockbuster represents a rare combination of analysis, synthesis, predictions, and practical advice for job seekers from all walks of life. Featured in U.S. News & World Report as one of the top two career books. Comprehensive, encouraging, and loaded with no-nonsense advice, examples, and exercises, Change Your Job, Change Your Life covers everything from identifying today's best jobs and employers to writing resumes, interviewing, negotiating salaries, relocating, and starting a business in a new boom/bust and cowboy/casino economy. Its 18 hard-hitting chapters include: 103 compensation elements for negotiating salaries. 47 tough job interview questions you must be prepared to answer. 35 coming changes for industries and occupations. 32 job search myths that may hinder your progress. 30 best and worst jobs today and in the decade ahead. 28 careering competencies for success. 25 best cities offering excellent jobs and lifestyles. 20 key sources for acquiring additional training and job search assistance. 20 principles that lead to job search success. 17 questions you should always ask at a job interview. 12 sample resumes and letters. 12 strategies for starting a business. 10 critical job-keeping skills and 8 job survival tactics. 7 sequential job search steps you must follow. 5 techniques for turning negatives into positives. How to write and distribute effective resumes and letters. How to network for information, advice, and referrals. How to conduct job interviews as well as negotiate salary and benefits. IM2202 $21.95

Career & Tech Ed GOE DVD Twelve Clusters on One DVD This new, menu driven DVD provides an overview of the aptitudes, skills, job functions, tools, and career options typically needed for each of the 12 career paths/ clusters. In addition a video snapshot of each career path includes general education and preparation along with a list of recommended high school and college classes. This is an excellent career exploration and planning resource. Each career snapshot is approximately six minutes and provides interviews with professionals in the field: for example, a state patrol officer, a customer service direction at a large hotel, a human resource professional, a cable news anchor, a micro biologist, and more. This program will challenge students to think about career options in a practical light as they begin to explore their options in terms of values, common personality characteristics, and other related careers. The clusters/paths include: business detail careers; protective careers; industrial careers; sales careers; plant and animal careers; physical performing careers; humanitarian careers; artistic careers; accommodating careers; scientific careers; mechanical careers; and leading and influencing careers. Approximately 75 minutes. SCDPC514

99 Days To Re-Entry Success This weekly planning journal helps ex-offenders handle key stages of re-entry during the first critical 99 days in the free world – one start-up day followed by 14 weeks of intensive planning and implementation. Focusing on the implementation process, this journal requires users to: ● specify realistic goals ● identify specific supporting activities ● anticipate related outcomes And then they will evaluate their progress and make behavioral adjustments for continuing the process. Users keep a weekly journal where they write down exactly what they plan to do each day (a daily "To Do" list) and then evaluate their progress on a scale of 1 to 10 in accomplishing their goals for the week. They, in turn, summarize what they need to do to better accomplish goals for the next week. The journal also includes important sections on documentation, contacts, appointments, financial planning, and community-based resources. Used alone or in a group setting, this important new book provides an important structure for keeping ex-offenders focused on those things they need to do in order to become successful on the outside. It serves as a critical motivator for setting and accomplishing goals - a new pattern for transforming the lives of those who need disciplined thinking along with a well-defined structure for achieving success on the outside. IM3180 $4.95 A Fork in the Road: A Career Planning Guide for Young Adults Most young people are uncertain about what career they want to pursue. Often lacking focus, easily distracted, and impressionable, they acquire new interests, skills, and values through involvement with family, school, and peers. Life may be fun, but it also is often directionless, unpredictable, and serendipitous. At the same time, they begin making critical decisions that affect their choice of college, career, and lifestyle. These decisions will determine the direction their lives will take. But how can young adults successfully channel their new-found passions and motivations into making the best career planning decisions possible in these formative years? What can they do proactively now to make smart career moves for the future? The answers to these questions are found in A Fork in the Road, a unique new career planning book for young adults ages 15 to 25. Unlike other career books that often preach to young people or present them with a set of questions and answers, this self-assessment guide lets the reader make decisions based on information generated from a thorough understanding of his or her own interests, skills, and values. Using the scenario of a road trip - a common dream shared by this age group - it helps them identify and channel their passions and motivations, through a series of self-assessment chapters, into exciting career alternatives. A Fork in the Road is a user-friendly, fun-to-read guide which is fully illustrated and meets the National Career Development guidelines. It's filled with quick and engaging assessments that teach young adults career self-management skills which they can use throughout their lives.

$299.00 IM1974


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INDEX # 10-Minute Thinking Activities for Algebra 16, 28 10-Minute Thinking Activities for English 10, 28 10-Minute Thinking Activities for Math 16, 28 10-Minute Thinking Activities for The World of Work 28 150 Job Application Words 27 150 Ways to Keep Your Job 27 190 Activities That Make English Fun 9 190 Activities That Make Math Fun 16 200 More Words You Need To Know 13 200 Words You Need To Know 13 2001 Spanish and English Idioms 25 2011 Basic Skills Pack 15 2011 GED Prep Bundle 5 201 Word Games For the English Classroom 13 400 Words That Work 13 61 Cooperative Learning Activities for Algebra I 18 61 Cooperative Learning Activities in ESL 21 61 Cooperative Learning Activities In U.S. History 20 9 to 5 Beats Ten to Life 37 99 Days To Re-Entry Success 40

A-C A Fork in the Road: A Career Planning Guide for Young Adults 40 ABC’s of Personal Finance Curriculum Kit 30 Activities & Materials For Improving Content Reading Skills 6 Adult Diagnostic Reading Inventory 11 Algebra 1 19 Algebra 2 & Trigonometry 19 Algebra Practice Exercises 18 Algebra Teacher's Activities Kit 18 Alternative Assessment Techniques for Rdg. & Writing 6 America’s Story 20 American History Teacher's Book of Lists 19 America's History: Land of Liberty 20 Angry Men: Managing Anger in an Unforgiving World 38 Angry Women: Stop Letting Anger Control Your Life! 38 Apartment Renting 101 29 At Work in the U.S. 21 Attitude Towards Work 36 Banking Basics 30 Barron’s GED 3 Barron's GED Spanish Edition 6 Basic Essentials of Mathematics 16 Basic Job Search Curriculum Kit 33 Basic Math: Fractions, Decimals, Percents 19 Basic Oxford Dictionary, The 23 Basics of Personal Finance Curriculum Kit 30 Best 10 1/4 Tips For Controlling Anger 39 Best Jobs for Ex-Offenders 37 Best Resumes and Letters for Ex-Offenders 38 Blue Book of Grammar & Punctuation 9 Brain Games 11 Brain Teasers 12 Building Literacy Skills 9 Building Moral Intelligence 25 Building Strategies for GED Success 4 Building Vocabulary Skills & Strategies 11 C.A.G.E. the Rage 36 Caps, Commas, and Other Things 6 Career & Tech Ed GOE DVD 40 CD-ROM - Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) 39 Challenger 7 Change Your Job, Change Your Life 40 Checkbook Math 16 Checks and Balances 30 Citizenship: Passing the Test, 3rd Ed. 24 Cloze Line, The 9 College and Career Ready Test Taking DVD 33 Complete GED Spanish 6 Complete Pre GED 5 Consumer Math Success Kit 18 Core Reading 15 Counting Money and Making Change 15

Phone (479) 855-9453 Phone 417-659-9266

Crossword Forge 6 Cyberbullies 36

D-G Daily Warm-Ups: Everyday Skills 27 Daily Warm-Ups: Language Arts 12 Daily Warm-Ups: Math 17 Daily Warm-Ups: Science 21 Daily Warm-Ups: Social Studies 20 Dictionary of Synonyms & Antonyms 11 Endeavor 14 English ASAP 25 English Brainstormers 9 English Grammar Series 24 English Teachers Book of Instant Word Games 13 English/Spanish Flash Cards 22 ESL Activities For Every Month of the School Year 21 ESL Teacher's Activities Kit 21 ESL Teacher's Book of Instant Word Games 21 ESL Teacher's Book of Lists, The 21 ESL Teacher's Holiday Activities Kit 21 Everyday Math 15 Ex-Offender's 30/30 Job Solution 37 Ex-Offender’s Job Hunting Guide 39 Ex-Offender’s Job Interview Guide, The 37 Ex-Offender’s Quick Job Hunting Guide, The 37 Ex-Offender’s Re-Entry Success Guide, The 37 Filling Out Forms 27 Find the Errors! 13 Finding & Keeping Dreams: Drug Prevention DVD Series 34 Finding a Job 36 Finding a Job is a Job 27 Finding A Job When Your Past Is Not So Hot 34 Finding a Job with a Not So Hot Past Curriculum Kit 38 Forms and You 28 From Home to School 22 From Parole to Payroll: A Process of Persistence 34 From Prison to Home 36 Furnishing and Decorating Your First Apartment 29 Games and Strategies for Teaching U.S. History 20 GED & Pre-GED DVD 3 GED Books 3 GED For Dummies, The 5 GED Skill Books 4 Geography Skills Activities 20 Get Organized! Managing School, Life, and Fun 29 Going Home: Teens Reentering Society 35 Good and Easy Cookbook, The 27 Got Grammar? 11 Grammar Grabbers 7 Grammar Workout 8 Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage 12 Grant Writing For Dummies 26

H-L Hands on Math 17 Hands-On Algebra 18 Hands-On Math Projects w/ Real-Life Applications 17 Hard Time 34 Have Fun With Math 18 Health Stories 24 Home Safety 29 Hooked on English 14 Housecleaning 101 29 How Can We Talk About That? 25 How To Write a Grant Proposal 26 Idioms Delight 6 Independent Living Skills Curriculum Kit 33 Job Hunting Tips for People With Hot and Not-So-Hot Backgrounds 39 Job Success Without a College Degree 33 Juvenile Correction Facilities 35 Key Vocabulary for a Safe Workplace 25 Keys to GED Success 4 Keys to Success 25 Kitchen Math 27

Language Arts Skills & Strategies 12 Language Exercises 4 Language Skill Books 4 Laubach Way to English 23 Laubach Way to Reading 10 Learning Basic Social Skills 26 Learning English Steps 1-2-3 24 Life After Prison: Success on the Outside 35 Life Goes On 22 Life Skills Activities for Secondary St. w/ Special Needs 26 Life Skills for a Well-Adjusted Adolescence 29 Life Skills Literacy Series 26 Living On Your Own 27 Lock-up: Inside America’s Prisons 35

M-P Magical Math Series 28 Making a Comeback? The Fight Against Recidivism 36 Maps, Globes, and Graphs 20 Mastering Capitalization 6 Mastering Punctuation 6 Mastering Word Problems 18 Math Games 16 Math in Everyday Life 18 Math Investigations 18 Math Practice Simplified 17 Math Skills for the Workforce 16 Math Smart! 17 Math Starters! 17 Math Stories For Problem Solving Success 17 Math Teacher's Book of Lists, The 19 Mathematics Skill Books 4 McGuffey's Eclectic Readers 14 Merriam-Webster College Dictionary 14 Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Basic English 9 Merriam-Webster’s Concise Dictionary, Large Print Ed. 15 Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary 9 Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus 9 Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Thesaurus 11 Merriam-Webster’s Spanish/English Dictionary 21 Microsoft Templates 15 Mind Joggers 9 Money Management CD Series 30 Money Sense 17 Mothers In Prison 36 New Oxford Picture Dictionary, The 23 No One Will Hire Me! 39 Non-Traditional Careers for the 21st Century 32 On Your Own: Independent Living Skills 31 On-the-Job English 25 Oxford Picture Dictionary, 2nd Ed., The 23 Parents Do Make a Difference 25 Parole Problems: Crime and Punishment 35 Parole: Getting Out and Staying Out 34 Pass Key to the GED 3 Paving the Way in Reading and Writing 6 Practical Parenting 27 Pre GED Skill Books 5 PreGED 5 Prisons: Questioning the System 34

Q-S Quick 30/30 Job Solution 38 Quick Tips to Health Care Career Series 32 Readers at Risk 26 Reading & Study Skills Mastery Activities 7 Reading Comprehension Skills & Strategies 11 Reading For Today 7 Reading Simplified 7 Reading Skills Problem Solver 10 Reading Smarter 10 Reading Teacher's Book of Lists 7 Ready…Set…English 13 Real-Life Reading Cards 10 Real-Life English 25 Real-life Math 26 Real-Life Reading Activities 10

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INDEX Re-Entry Employment and Life Skills Pocket Guide 38 Re-Entry Solutions Curriculum Kit 35 Saddleback Classics 8 Short Lessons in U.S. History 20 Short Lessons in World History 20 Skills Based Reading 13 Skills For Everyday Life 27 Social Skills Activities for Secondary Students w/ Special Needs 26 Social Skills Lessons and Activities for Grades 7-12, 26 Sound Puzzles 9 Spanish Essential Skills 5 Spanish GED Skill Books 5 Spelling Demons 13 Spelling: A Phonetic Approach 8 Steps To Good Grammar 10 Steps to Independent Living 28 Stories Plus 24 Study Smart 10

Supermarket Bits 30 Survival Math Skills 18 Survival Reading Skills 13 Survival Skills in the World of Work 27 Survival Vocabulary 12 Survival Vocabulary Stories 12 Survival Words 28

T-Z Taking Control 29 Teaching Adults: A Literacy Resource Book 12 Teaching Adults: An ESL Resource Book 21 Technology Tools for Teachers 15 Test Smart 10 That’s Life 22 Tough Times Job Strategies 36 U.S. Citizenship Test Review 23 U.S. History Map Activities 20 Understanding and Using Good Grammar 10 Upgrade Your Communication Skills At Work 24

Upgrade Your Writing 14 Using the Newspaper to Teach Basic Living Skills 27 Vocabulary Connections 11 Vocabulary Teacher's Book of Lists, The 8 Voyager 14 Wacky Word Problems 28 Winning Grants, Step-By-Step 26 Wonders of Science 21 Word Strips 14 Words, Words, Words 12 Working With Numbers 16 Working With Numbers: Algebra 16 Working With Numbers: Refresher 16 World History Map Activities 20 Writing 12 Writing Skills Problem Solver 11 Writing Smarter 8 Writing Teacher's Book of Lists, The 8 You Can Do It! Guide to Algebra 18 Your Checking Account 18

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A1 Educational Resources Catalog 2011  

A1 Educational Resources Catalog 2011

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