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How students at Exeter face ADD medication abuse, sexting, and Facebook obsession.

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HELLO 05 | EDITOR’S NOTE Teleport into a new world and re-discover yourself. BY JACK TISDALL

06 | YOU’VE GOT MAIL Letters to the editor on all sorts of good stuff.



From the movies that had you in tears to the ones that flopped, the best shoot-em-up game to the best sports video game, and the best albums in dance and hip-hop; we piece together the extremes of the past year. COMPILED BY JACK TISDALL


WIRE 07 | BULLYING What students had to say about this controversial teenage issue.

Photos of the zombie invasion at Elements Gym in late October.


COMMENTARY 15 | THE BLAME GAME A look at teens’ inflated perception of the media’s influence.












O | SP



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This active club sponsored a visit from the national organization.









17 | FEAR How irrational fear grips teenagers and refuses to let go. BY JACK DARMODY


FEATURES 20 | WINNACUNNETT STUDY What our reporters experienced during their day in Warrior territory. BY AL, PF, JH & JE

22 | LONGBOARDING Hear about this new extreme sport from Exeter juniors Cal Blomquist and Greyson Carman. BY JACK TISDALL


GOODBYE 38 | GET SOME Learn how to: impress your girlfriend’s parents & text effectively.



All the ways students struggle with issues and develop habits in response to the constant stress and pressure they’re subject to everyday.










photo by Mr. Provost


LIBRARY PING PONG A glimpse at the shenanigans of ping pong club, which meets every Wednesday after school.

Outrageous Photos to Appear in Future Issues: - track and field on the cafeteria tables - paintball in the back fields - skateboarding on the main staircase rail

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Alternative Reality Discover another culture with the snap of your fingers.


he Amtrak is Exeter’s own teleporting device into a new world: Boston. On a sunny Saturday this fall, I rode the 9:27 AM train (for $15) into Boston and spent the day exploring the city. I’d certainly hoped to have fun, but the experience turned out to be inspirational. Boston is a worldclass city and its people, trade and entertainment are fantastic.  When I first stepped foot on the street, it hit me like a force: I’m not in Exeter anymore. The feeling, while intimidating, was enthralling. Our little town basically consists of one street of shops, some houses and a lot of trees. To think that I had considered downtown Exeter to be a hubbub of activity. When you gaze out over the Boston city landscape and see uncounted humans bustling about in towering buildings, on roaring highways and on every street corner, you can’t help but be overwhelmed. When a million people of different backgrounds are crammed into a three mile radius, the result is an environment unlike anything you would find here.  I first joined with that mass of humanity when I left the train station to get on the subway. The subway is the key that unlocks the city, so take a map. That first tram car had a greater mixture of skin colors, body types and clothing styles than you would find in all of New Hampshire. It is easy to be impressed by the girl with jingling facial piercings but I was also impressed by the ordinary people of Boston, the “city people.” City people, though they have the same physical features as New Hampshire townies, spend much more time on their appearance. Nearly everyone in the subway had unique shoes, styled hair and excessive jewelry. I think I understand “cosmopolitan” better: everyone shows everyone else how they

define “hip.” I was captivated by the people, and there’s no better way to become familiarized with these unique Bostonians than packing into a subway car with them. The unavoidable intimacy of a tram car shocked me but seemed to go unnoticed by the city people.  In Boston Commons, I noticed how many city people hang out in the public areas. In Exeter, everyone I see outside is going somewhere; we don’t go outside just to see each other. The courts were overflowing with ballers; unlike the kids you find shooting hoops at the Exeter Rec, all of these guys played above the rim. Skateboarders are part of the street scene, flowing through pedestrians and cars alike. Practically every edge in the city- benches, statues, walls- is worn down from the grinding of skateboarders. Compare that to “Ex-town,” with its “Police Take Notice” attitude. Homeless people are ever present too. According to the Boston Globe, more than 3,000 homeless people are spread across the city, so you never know when you’ll find one kicking his feet up in the parking lot or lounging in an alley. Not to mention that the street entertainment in City Plaza and Faneuil Hall is something you’d pay money to see here.  The stores in Boston are incredible. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, just looking at the products and watching the shoppers is entertaining. Bodega’s offers a good example. You walk into a rundown convenience store- the products on the shelves are dusty and unappealing and the cashier ignores you. Approach a vending machine in the back of the store, however, and it slides open to reveal a wall lined with 50 different styles of Air Jordans and more bling than you could imagine. I needn’t mention how appealing the city is for girls who like to spend money

on themselves; outdoor shopping at Downtown Crossing, the designer clothes on Newbury Street (“Marc Jacobs- OMG!”) and the Prudential Building (which has over 100 stores) are within ten minutes of each other.  I’m sure you know someone who goes to school in Boston. All you need to know is their subway stop. I visited Cody Hussey and Jeromy Lyman, recent EHS graduates. Nothing tops going to a live concert. I saw Pepper at the House of Blues ($35 online, $20 if you buy your tickets at the door in advance) and it blew my socks off. And jocks will appreciate TD Garden and Fenway Park, home of the formidable Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins.  A commonly held belief for townies is that it’s inherently dangerous to go into the city, especially at night. There is some truth to this, but it can be managed by taking modest precautions. Avoid city parks at night (the homeless, remember?) and stay in public areas.  Boston is another world compared to Exeter. Its attitude and customs really are different from ours. To go and come back changes how you see yourself and our town. And to think that you can do that from our own train station with the snap of your fingers. To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, when a man is tired of Boston, he is tired of life. The 11pm Amtrak will teleport you back home.

Jack Tisdall












Sean M c Carthy

barely Survives




“I think its extremely admirable of Sean to come to school and not complain about silly little things, like most students do, when he was the one who almost plummeted to his death.” Playing in the Sand:


Obsessed With Tan:


Exeter UFO Festival:


Sami’s Pen Sketches: DIVINE ART PAGE 20

-Kerin Toothaker ‘11

Our School’s Priorities Dear Editor, I just want to raise awareness of the BNZ Kiwi Trust Fund. The kiwi is a rare bird found only in New Zealand. It is endangered and its numbers are dwindling. The kiwi bird is a very significant animal to the Maori (indigenous peoples of the Pacific) and to the people of New Zealand. It is an icon for the entire country of New Zealand. It is a small flightless bird that has adapted to living on the ground. The bird is near extinction because of invasive animals such as the stoat (weasel) and because of its habitat being polluted and taken away.  There is hope for the tiny bird though. The Bank of New Zealand’s Save the Kiwi Trust is the number one kiwi conservation organization. They have worked with The Department of Conservation and the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society to save the lives of the few kiwis left. They save the lives of kiwis by funding hands-on kiwi projects, raising awareness of the general population about how they can help; it also invests in research and the development of management tools and techniques to research the kiwi. BY MATTHEW NOYES ‘14

Enough is Enough! Dear Editor, While electronic technology has soared beyond belief, basic personal human interaction has suffered.  A couple of weeks ago I went to my dermatologist for my bi-annual check-up. I’ve been paying the price for too much fun in the sun when I was a teen. As I was sitting in the waiting room with a dozen or so people including 5




teens, I was taken aback with what I saw. Each Don’t Equivocate teen was plugged into their IPods and staring at the floor while another student and I were Dear Editor, engaged in stimulating conversation. It was impossible to interact with the teens, usually They are called SENIOR privileges for a reaa group with whom I am most son. I have heard some rumors comfortable. swirling around the school that  So what’s wrong with this scethe same privileges that the senario? Everything is wrong and niors have may be extended to MAIL I’ll tell you why. It’s easy to hide BREAKDOWN the junior class. What is the point from reality, tune everything out in looking forward to all the freeBelow find an analysis and avoid interacting with others. dom that comes with senior year of the letters we’ve Granted, you engage in converif you share your privileges with received since issue sation while texting but you can’t three was published. the grade below you? With all interpret feelings and emotion as due respect to the juniors, senior you can in a face to face situation. privileges need to remain for se Facebook has exploded like a niors. 80% runaway freight train. A recent POSITIVE posting invaded a 19 year old young man’s privacy and was 20% BY LINDSAY MUMFORD ‘11 NEGATIVE seen by thousands. So humiliated was this freshman college student he committed suicide.  Last week I broke up a fight ISSUE 1 FEEDBACK Worth the Annoyance 28% over a texting message wrongfully putting another into a nasty Dear Editor, SCHOOL-RELATED situation. Cyber-bullying, I be21% lieve is the number one method I heard from a teacher about how of high school harassment. OUT-OF-SCHOOL Sun Chips are changing their 6%  While I was engaged in hall bags because too many people duty last week, a student came up have complained about the noise RANDOM to me and was absolutely devasthey make when they are being 45% tated. Why? She had left her cell moved around or being opened. phone at home and was literally This was originally an effort to going through withdrawal. make the world a better place with eco-friendly  What do you suppose would happen if ev- bags. This company was the leading environery student here, for just one day, left their elec- mental company and they were ahead of their tronic devices at home? Would there be utter time, but now because people were complainchaos and confusion? Or would a more under- ing too much the bags are going back to their standing climate emerge with conversation, original state. laughter and a healthier learning atmosphere? BY COACH HUMMER



90% of the “Lord’s Resistance Army” in Uganda consists of children who were abducted from their homes.

08 Invisible Children 10 Sexting 11 Sparkly Vampires? 13 Alumnus: Tony Lombardi

BULLYING MADE EASIER How technology has escalated the issue of bullying. BY SIOBHAN DARMODY AND DOUG MARINO The word “bullying” is thrown around quite lightly now a days within the confines of Exeter High School and the media in general. It is important for society to realize that a bully may be defined as a specific individual but more recently they act through a group. The mob like mentality which has surrounded the act of bullying has transformed the issue into somewhat of a pandemic. This pandemic has spread through various mediums of social networking and has gone extensively undercover during the past years. The words are hard to find when describing the way bullying has evolved over the years and it would be ignorant to ignore the strong presence that bullying has had within the media. It coincides with human nature that some form of bullying has been around since the age of the caveman. Like anything, bullying has made significant changes in a majority of aspects over time.  Recent bullying related stories have plagued the media. Tragic stories of teens who have taken their own lives in the midst of being bullied have begun to come up much too frequently and there is no doubt that this has made the world begin to wonder about the increased severity of the issue. It is quite obvious that both in person and on line bullying has caused the issue to become somewhat of a double threat.  Many have heard the stories from their parents

about being bullied back in the day and then their retaliation with a physical altercation. However, to our parents, bullying means something very different. It is crucial to bridge the gap of what defines bullying between generations to truly come to a solution.  Freshmen science teacher Mr. Kinton has demonstrated an undeniably present opinion about bullying and what it means to students today. Mr. Kinton expressed his view that before social networks such as Facebook were accessible, bullying was different. “Bullying was generally something that was done face to face,” Mr. Kinton explained. When asked how bullying has evolved, Mr. Kinton had this to say, “When I was in high school, bullying was generally physical abuse, now it has become more mental, which in many ways is worse. Now you can sit behind a computer screen and harass somebody with the click of a mouse.” Although Mr. Kinton believes that bullying has transformed under the close relationship with social networking, he says that the direct issue is much too hard to pinpoint because opinions are much too varied on what the act of bullying truly encompasses.  A survey was taken within EHS of 100 students from all four grade levels. Two out of every five students surveyed said that they have been bullied at some point in high school. One out of ev-

The Wire ery four students admitted to bullying somebody in high school. 72% of students surveyed said that the strength of bullying has increased due to technological advances. Although these results may not seem as if they are ground breaking but “one person being bullied, is one too many” as said by Mr. Kinton.  Senior Bethany Winget stated “Bullying at EHS seems like a game of hide and seek, the methods that students use to bully one another are very private due to the enhancement of technology and once one issue of on line or public bullying is uncovered it seems like a big deal at the time and then the issue goes back into hiding again”  Although today’s type of bullying cannot merely be contained by punishments by school officials and parental guardians, something may be able to be done within the central structure of family and more prevalently, school life. The stand that senior Lee Clouthier has taken within Exeter High School regarding bullying puts him in a minority group of anti-bullying leaders that are currently students at EHS. Lee started the anti-bullying club last year due to the mere fact that he believed something needed to be done. Like many, Lee could not ignore the recent internal, societal, and global issues that have arose regarding bullying. The main cause for the club? Prevention and Innovation. Leading the cause, Lee started the club as a solo project and slowly gained the acknowledgement and guidance from various teachers like Mrs. Kimball and Ms. Dempsey. The anti-bullying club meets every Wednesday morning at 7:00 in Mrs. Kimball’s room. Lee has gradually seen an improvement in attendance with both students and teachers attending the club. The club has also seen progression to the middle school. Lee hopes that if anti-bullying awareness is made a more important topic towards younger generations, the issue will gradually decrease due to increased values within adolescents.  On a national and global level, the Bureau of Justice stated that 77% of students who participated in their survey said that they have been bullied at some point. The Bureau of Justicde also concluded that on average 282,000 students are hospitalized each month due to fights at school on a national level.  Everybody should have the right to feel safe in his or her community. Everybody should feel loved in his or her community, and everybody should feel welcome in his or her community. The numbers are scary, and everybody has their own personal experience with this issue, but it’s never too late to put this period behind us. With racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry getting more and more scarce every day, society has displayed that we have the ability to change for the better.




INVISIBLE CHILDREN High schools across America have adopted this great cause. BY DOUGLAS MARINO

The enthusiasm displayed at Exeter High School’s Invisible Children meeting was truly inspiring. Everybody was engaged in the meeting. Not a minute of the meeting passed without somebody’s hand being raised, and the group discussion never trailed off topic. Everybody had fundraising ideas, and everybody was excited about raising more money for their cause.  Invisible Children raises money to help distressed children in Uganda. Exeter High School’s group has raised $1,014 dollars this year alone. There are many fundraisers that they use, including a “Rock for Peace” event each year. At this event, the group brings multiple bands to play at the high school. They also hold bake sales and sell t-shirts to raise money.  Invisible Children is a non-profit organization with the goal to help children in Uganda. Currently, there is a war going on Uganda; the “Lord’s Resistance Army,” led by Joseph Kony, is waging a war against the government. The LRA considers themselves to be the “spokesmen” of God. According to Invisible Children’s website, 90% of Kony’s army consists of children who were abducted from their homes. Invisible Children has been raising money to help restore peace in Uganda. Many schools have started programs to help this organization; Exeter High School is one of

those schools.  Students here are proud to serve this great cause. Austin B. Grant has worked hard in past years to help others in need.  I believe that everyone should work to help those who can’t help themselves,” said Austin. Austin has helped to do this by attending Invisible Children meetings ever since his freshman year. Austin has been closely involved in the group his whole high school career and has been a participant in planning the group’s fundraisers.   Kevin Boyle is Vice-President of Invisible Children. Kevin got involved in this club for many reasons. “It’s not just about human rights, it’s about basic rights,” Kevin said of the club. These rights include the right to live. They include the right not to be separated from one’s family. They include the right to proper food and shelter.  “It’s absolutely unspeakable, and should not be allowed to continue,” Kevin said. One of the club’s presidents, Tyler Whittum, grade 11, has been involved in the group since she was a freshman. Tyler hopes that her efforts have


A look at the school’s latest educational innovation: book club. BY JULIA HIGGINS

EHS seniors Michelle Moreau, Abbie Cummings, Kelsey Smith, and Matt MacDonald recently went to Mr. Sokul, in an attempt to bring to his attention the dismay some students are feeling towards the proposed program “Blue Hawks Read”. These seniors took an extensive student opinion poll on whether or not the Exeter High student population would want to take part in such a program, to which the majority of students responded “No”, citing various reasons such as dislike of 0



reading in general.  In response to this, Mr. Sokul and the Personalization Committee have not backed down.  “We’re going to do our best to plan this from start to finish. There will be an evaluation at the end, but until then there will be no quitting,” said Mr. Sokul. Other teachers backed him up on this, saying, “Students need to bring their own good attitudes to this in order to make it enjoyable. Over time, the hope

raised awareness for the cause. “Not many people know about this issue, believe it or not,” Tyler said of child soldiers in Uganda. The other two presidents of the group include juniors Paige Ferreri and Haley Erdbrink.

Club president Paige Ferreri, left, asks for donations in the cafeteria following the assembly. Seen on right is a spokeswoman for the organization.

is that students will come to like this” Ms. Partridge suggested. Mrs. Miskinis, an English teacher, said, “You get to be out of the classroom, with different people, eating cookies and doing activities, it can be fun. Students just need to realize this.”  Blue Hawks Read, a new program devised by a committee of students and faculty, is currently being advertised to EHS students, who have not only voiced their protest but have tried to actively do something about it as well. Though they may not be against reading in general (but many are), the idea of being forced into a school-wide program in which reading is required is not the ideal for many students.  “I do not want to read a book chosen for

* Even though the personalization committee has temporarily decided against presenting this project to the schoolboard, this article remains relevent for a future time when the project has been further modified and is finally proposed to the schoolboard.



The unseen plight of young African girls in the midst of the conflict. BY JULIA HIGGINS

One interesting concept that is not considered by the Invisible Children organization is the significance of females within the violent African wars. Though the lives of many young boys are expanded upon within the various films, the affects of the African wartime on African girls appears to be seldom studied. After some online research, I discovered that young African girls receive some of the worst treatment imaginable within the warring countries. Many, such as Mariatu Kamara, a young female survivor of the Sierra Leone Civil War, are forced to withstand “normal” forms of punishment, such as losing their hands or feet to the sharp, cold blade of a machete. An even greater number endure some of the cruelest emotional and physical pain imaginable. Not only are young African girls forced to become part of the conflict’s moving forces, they are also required to become the sexual props for each and every troop member, whether it be army or rebel. Forced marriages are horrifyingly common, with a massive amount of couplings between young African girls and war personnel occurring each year, as reported in the Air & Space Power Journal.

an entire grade- reading levels differ.” (said junior Maggie Noonan), or “it’s pointless because a lot of people aren’t going to do the reading, so why even start it?” (as said by Melissa Hayden) are both commonly heard responses. Mrs. Freyburger herself blames the club’s “poor reception” on the poor marketing the club has done, though teachers are trying to alleviate this problem.  Mr. Sokul has been very open to having students appear at personalization meetings for Blue Hawks Read, although not many have. He takes the concerns of the students seriously, and, when given a chance to respond to the criticisms of the administration, had a response readily available.  Mr. Sokul cleared up the rumor that this

 Yes, it’s true that the fate of boy soldiers is no less important than that of girl soldiers, but boys appear to be much more strongly represented throughout the media. Invisible Children, for example, focuses primarily on the lives of male soldiers, rather than that of females, making these young girls even more invisible than their male counterparts. The Air & Space Power Journal reported that girls are in fact heavily involved in the violent conflicts of Africa, with some 40% forced into the brutality of battle. Though this percentage makes up less than half of all conflict troops, there is almost one girl soldier for every boy soldier, a fact that seemingly goes unnoticed by many major organizations, including Invisible Children. Young girls, and women in general, are at the highest risk for abduction and abuse within the African conflict. In third world, underdeveloped countries, women and adolescent girls are often the primary targets of rebel and army attacks. In order to save their families, or their own lives, these girls are often forced to barter their sexual services in return for life. Because of this, the HIV/AIDS rate within Africa has continued to rise dramatically, continuing the rampant pandemic. These sexual services have also led to an incredible number of pregnant fighters, who

are not excused from battle even in their more fragile condition (BBC News).  In rehabilitating ex- female soldiers, social workers often have the least success. After recovering from their trauma, young girls are often reinstated into society by their respective rehab centers. Devastatingly, however, these girls are often rejected by their communities, who have marked them as immoral, as they have forever ruined their family’s reputation and honor. As a result of this, an even greater number of girls remain scarred and broken, as they are forced to remain in their own resentment and isolation. This makes it even easier for these young girls to be redrafted within warring troops, as they are forced to wander the streets of Africa alone and unprotected.  This is not to say, however, that no organizations are working to prevent the plight of girl soldiers. As reported by the United Nations News Report, The United Nations has been working extensively within Africa to end the wartime abuse against women, increasing all of its efforts to eliminate violence against women and young girls. Other groups, such as “Empowering Hands” have also greatly increased media coverage of female soldiers, though this representation still remains relatively low.

would add to student workloads by pointing out that this is strictly an in-school project. No reading outside of school is necessary, nor is any homework given, and students will have small, 25 minute time periods during the week to complete their reading. Mr. Sokul also said that the administration has a plan for the left over books, making the massive cost of this project beneficial over an even longer period of time. He hopes to use them in future years for future book projects, or possibly lend them to other schools that want to try a similar project.  Aside from just being a classic book club, Mr. Sokul and the Personalization Committee hope that this program will bring teachers and students together in a new, friendlier

environment, outside the walls of a traditional classroom. “Students need to value what others think, and understand why people do what they do, appreciate it” said Senora Bean.  Now, we must ask ourselves, do students really oppose this plan, or do they not know all the facts? After giving random students some of this information, their replies still seemed less than thrilled- this may just be a result of the change the program is bringing, as most teenagers dislike the general concept of change. Perhaps over time, the program will finally gain the success that the Committee has been working so hard to achieve.





A deeper look into EHS’s most dangerous trend. BY KEIRA ROBERTSON

The students of Exeter High School will never let you down when it comes to new trends. From the rise of the gladiator sandal to the downfall of the Ugg boot, when entering our high school, it is never hard to spot the new fad roaming the halls. Beyond fashion, one trend that is not visible to parents and teachers is the ever growing popularity of the “Sext.”  For those who are not so familiar with the term “sext,” it can be defined by the practice of sending nude or semi-nude pictures to others via cell phone. While this is seen by adults and teachers as inappropriate, the students at Exeter High sport contrasting views.  “It’s just something to do for fun. When we get bored the first thing that comes to mind is ‘hey, I wonder which girl we can get to send us some nudes’ and we go for it,” an Exeter High School junior admitted.  What used to be a Saturday night filled with video games and junk food eating has now become a search and competition for which girl sends the best pictures. Often, the girls being asked to send their pictures are not even ones of interest to the boys. The boys simply know they have the ability to manipulate these girls into exposing themselves just for the sake of something to do.

 The girls being asked to send these pictures don’t seem to see a huge issue with it. Sending nude pictures is a way for these girls to “show their stuff” and get a different form of feedback than that of a flirty text message. While these girls seem to be confident enough to expose themselves for pure entertainment, their moral standards seem to be decreasing.  “I just don’t think it’s as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be. If I feel comfortable sending my picture to a guy, I’m going to do it and I just don’t see anything wrong with it,” a sophomore explained in about what she views and right and wrong when it comes to sexting.  However, this harmless entertainment can lead to an extremely controversial issue. Sexting now falls under the category of child pornography as more and more high schools are discovering students who have access to nude photographs. By law, it is illegal for anyone to knowingly possess photographs which depict a person under the age of 18 posed explicitly. Along with possession of these pictures being illegal, it is illegal to even encourage or coerce another to pose nude.  Although these boys believe they are only receiving what is being sent to them, the legal consequences are harsh.  “Once word got out a couple of my guy friends and I had nude pictures of this girl, not only did the school get involved but so did the police. If the parents of the girl hadn’t dropped the pornography charges, we all

would have been registered sex offenders for the rest of our lives,” a sophomore revealed about his past involvement with sexting in an anonymous interview.  It is not only the receiver of the sext that can face harsh consequences. Although the sender will never have to worry about becoming a registered sex offender, the receiver and the sender are both giving up all privacy rights once the send button is hit. The sender may believe he or she is sending a private picture to one person, but that one person can quickly turn into a chain reaction and before the sender knows it, the very private picture has been sent to everyone in the school.  “I never imagined it would get as out of hand as it did. I would walk through the halls with my head down not wanting to look up and make eye contact with every person that had seen me naked,” a junior explained after her experience with sexting went wrong.  With the potential of losing all privacy, why do some students continue to send these pictures? Some girls feel at ease with sexting when they are in a relationship. They have a high level of trust with their significant other that enables them to use technology to expose themselves.  “I never worried about who was going to see my pictures. I knew my boyfriend wouldn’t show them to anyone else because that’s just the way it goes. He doesn’t want anyone else but himself seeing pictures of his girlfriend,” a senior girls said about sexting and being in a relationship.  While the EHS students seem to have the ability to realize when the cool new trend becomes not so cool anymore, they can’t seem to kick the sexting trend. The sext isn’t anything new to them and the casualness they use when they speak of it says something. They may be aware of the consequences sexting entails, but their minds are so absorbed in the normalcy of it, they don’t know any better.



Another Halloween has come and passed. At one time my favorite Halloween monster was the vampire: a bloated rotting corpse, bloodsucking demon or charismatic villain. But now, because of The Twilight Saga, Stephanie Meyer’s series, a craze that has the girls head over heels for a new-style of vampire, my view has changed. For those fortunate few who haven’t heard of the series by Stephanie Meyer, it’s about a mortal human who falls in love with an immortal vampire. That’s all I know about the Twilight plot. I also know that Twilight vampires are a new breed of vampires: faster, stronger, and nicer; wait, nicer?  Vampires have long been the scariest myth in the Western world. Tales of vampires were used deliberately by parents to keep children from sneaking out of their houses at night or to scare them from acting up. I used to think that vampires were threatening, mysterious and cool, until I heard about Twilight. The traditional vampire is tall, slim, handsome, emotionless, and scary. The traditional vampire could lure women in with his dark looks and then feed on their warm flesh and blood. This vampire could instantaneously turn into a bat and hide away in the night. The classic vampires are usually

from Romania, have castles, and are very mysterious.  Twilight vampires, on the other hand, are more or less the ‘flamboyant’ cousin of the normal vampire. They are handsome and cool, but lack the necessary scariness… and they sparkle. In Twilight, there are good and bad vampires. The bad type, albeit sparkly, feed on humans- a respectable quality for the vampire. The good type (who also sparkle) feed on cows and sheep, which to a vampire is basically a vegan diet. Oh, and I mentioned they sparkle, right? When I think of how Twilight butchered the vampire, it makes me depressed. The other classic “cool monster” is the werewolf- fierce, gallant…. wait— Son of a—Twilight ruined them too.  Who can we look to for the next Halloween? How can Vampires earn back their terrifying reputation that was so critically damaged by Stephanie Meyer? For many Halloweens to come, you certainly won’t see me dressed as either one of these once great costumes. Instead, you may see: Jersey Shore, Pirates, Fairies, Nurses, Batman, the Joker, Sarah Palin, Ghosts, Clowns, or Zombies. I would like to see vampires and werewolves return to their natural state (unnatural state, really): menacing and proud like in xXx and the vampires

EXETER’S ZOMBIES On October 28th, Elements gym performed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance in their plaza parking lot to raise money and goods for Womenade and St. Vincent de Paul’s food pantry. On the night of the dance, the supposedly undead milling around stood out thanks to their phenomenal costumes of torn and bloody clothes and makeup. The zombies stomped in sync towards the crowd and then broke into the choreographed dance as the impressed crowd watched on. The enthusiasm of the dance did not falter throughout the five minute song and it ended with thunderous applause from the hundred people there. -Tori Putnam

in 30 Days of Night. The only people that can re-create them are movie producers and us; will anyone out there create a terrifying creature for decades to come? It needs to be done, simple as that; kids already have to deal with “Veggie Monster” instead of “Cookie Monster,” they shouldn’t have to watch Edward instead of Dracula.

VAMPIRE RULEBOOK 1. Vampires are scary 2. No vampire shall be seen between dawn and dusk. 3. Vampires eat one thing only: humans. 4. Vampires only wear black. 5. Vampires do not ever sparkleEVER!

ADVICE CoCo,  My boyfriend and I have been dating for four months. I went through his text messages the other day when he wasn’t looking because he had been all over his phone. I saw he was planning to hangout with an underclassman girl and hadn’t mentioned it to me. Should I be worried? From, Worried Wendy Dear Worried,  Its clear to me that you don’t trust your boyfriend because you went through his phone. Trust is the most important part of a healthy relationship. Going through his phone was not the best way to confront a suspicion. You should have confronted him first before reading the messages. However because you already read them and are concerned about this other girl you should wait a couple more days and see if he mentions it and if not, be honest and tell him you went through his phone because you are worried.

Ask Coco... CoCo,  I really like this girl, but she’s my best friend. You think it’d be easy to get with her but she doesn’t have the same feelings towards me as I do her. She likes every guy but me. What can I do to get her too like me? From, Hopeless Harry Dear Hopeless,  If there are no feelings there, then maybe there is nothing you can do. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but don’t give up on your friendship. If you were to stop liking her, who knows maybe she’s the type of girl that likes to play hard to get, and then she’ll like you! Some girls love games, maybe she’s that type.

CoCo,  I have had the same best friend since kindergarten but since high school started she has been avoiding me. I notice she hangs out with all the upperclassman. She won’t anwer my calls and responds to my texts with one word answers like she doesn’t want to talk to me. What do I do? From, Rejected Rachel Dear Rejected,  Sometimes friends grow apart. She may not be the right friend for you if she is acting like you don’t exist. As much as you want to hold onto your friendship, you may have to let it go. You will find throughout high school your friends will come and go and you will learn who the true ones are. Note: the following scenarios were created by Alyssa Votto, Britt Androchuk and Keira Robertson, but we want to use your letters in future issues!

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Sarcasm is the language of our generation. A visitor wandering through the halls and classrooms of EHS will surely be confused why so many guys probably like Twilight. To clear up the predicament I dove into sarcasm head on.  I learned that people who use sarcasm, let’s call them sarcasmites, generally use a few phrases to flaunt their sarcasm. One common sarcastic word is ‘probly.’ This form means the opposite of its English conjugate. For example, “Yeah I’m probly gonna do that homework!” actually means, “This homework is worthless.” Another one is, ‘ya sick’ which has been a compliment in the past, considering ‘sick’ means ‘awesome’ in slang; Recently, this phrase has taken on a sarcastic form. ‘Ya sick’ now means, “you’re a tool and you are also worthless.”  Other seemingly innocuous phrases take on a derogatory meaning when said sarcastically. ‘Pretty’ for example has been used sarcastically, as in, “Yah, that teacher was pretty nice.” Meaning, “Oh-my-god, I hate this teacher.” In my ex0



periences, ‘literally,’ is yet another word that is over used in order to tell someone a story or a lie. The definition of literally is more or less something that actually happened. Some examples for ‘literally’ in the sarcastic language are: “Dude, there were literally like sixty-nine girls trying to kiss me.” Or, “Literally, he like, literally called my house like, literally seventyfive times last night, like literally, he needs to get a life.” There are endless words sarcasmites can change meaning to, some include: so, like, love, totally, definitely, or obviously.  I learned that sarcasm is potentially destructive to a friendship. Picture this: You and your friend are playing basketball; you throw up a long arching shot and miss, an “air ball.” Your friend says, “Yah, ya sick budday!” Then you spit back, “Oh yeah you’re probly cool.” Three or four sarcastic insults later, you’re yelling profanities and ‘your mom’ jokes. It becomes a vicious cycle, repeating itself over and over until you have to question every word that comes out of his or her mouth.  What is the solution to the sarcasm epidemic? Perhaps a sarcasm class taught by, Mr. Hale, where students learn the correct way of sarcasm, similar to an acting class students could improv a skit using only sarcasm. A reality show, “Sarcastic Idol” a show similar to the MTV show “Yo Momma” mixed with “American Idol.” Where the contestants of the show would have a ‘joke-off’ making fun of their opponent and the winner would advance on until there is a “Sarcastic Idol.” Or a “Sarcasm Intervention of EHS,” students would tell touching stories about how hurt they were from an in-

sult that was later declared a ‘sarcastic insult.’ Since a letter to the editor in the “The End.” issue last year, sarcasm has spread like wildfire, everyone from freshman to seniors, boys to girls, are using. Sarcasm should be used lightly, and to avoid confusion, its only funny if you can do it right.

“PROLLY NOT” THE RESULTS I asked students and teachers the question: Is sarcasm over-used, under-used or just right at EHS?

“Sarcasm is definitely over-used in the school, but at the same time, it has its place.” Chris Velletri Senior “There isn’t that much sarcasm, although I’ll hear students say, ‘I prolly understand this topic’ or ‘that’s obvious.’” Mr. Shore math teacher “Sarcasm is acceptable. A phrase I use quite frequently is: ‘no s*** Sherlock.’” James Mundy Freshman “I think sarcasm is good for people who know how to use it. Example: “I love physics.” Zac Johnson


“Sarcasm is hard to do well, and students don’t necessarily do it well. One thing I hear is, ‘oh yeah, there’s computers available.’” Mr. Martin librarian A109




TONY LOMBARDI BY AMANDA LOSAPIO & PAIGE FERRERI “I was sitting working on my senior write-up for the yearbook and wanted to do something that got me out of Exeter, so I went to the Recruiter’s Office in Portland, Maine and looked into the Coast Guard,” said Tony Lombardi. An Exeter High School graduate from the class of 1999, Tony Lombardi is the Mission Commander of the operation to help clean up the oil spill. When most people leave Exeter High School they do not plan on flying blimps over the ocean overseeing oil spills. Tony Lombardi is probably one the few people from EHS who has had an opportunity like this.  After joining the Coast Guard, he spent Lombardi and the crew pose in front of a blimp before they prepare for a mission.


several years in training, and when the oil spill occurred he volunteered with his unit to help out. What he didn’t know at the time was that he would end up being chosen to be the Mission Commander on the Navy-run blimp that would locate oil-infected areas, distressed animals, and broken oil booms. For the operation, he was in charge of overseeing the movement of resources into certain positions so that the skimmed oil could be recovered. In other words, his job was to conserve the oil and assist distressed wildlife. Tony is one of the many American heroes who have done their share in society and Exeter High School is proud to have him as an alumni. A bird’s-eye view of how extensive the oil spill was.

The NFL, an ever-changing league where staying among the elite is near impossible and the changes in the league lead to a large turnover of teams ever year. Becoming an elite team in the NFL is a something that the New England Patriots had achieved under Bill Belichick. With the powerhouse that has emerged in New England, the New England fans may soon be happy to say they are back on top.  The state of the Patriots has been defined by saying that there has been a stagnancy of Superbowls in recent years. Although Superbowls have been absent the team still was one of the top franchises in the NFL. They have fallen, but there is opportunity with having no team in the league reaching 4-0 in the NFL for the first time in almost ten years. This shows how the NFL has no front runner anymore and the open status has reached what the league truly wanted. According to an article in Sports Illustrated, “But you get the feeling there's plenty more to come from the Belichick’s men this year, even if the dominance of 2007 has faded into the distant past.” His points are very interesting as his opinion pieces support the idea that the NFL may once have been dominated by a few great teams. He proposes that there are only good teams anymore.  Ever since the dynasty teams have been trying to replicate their success with little success. In his opinion about the Patriots, he states, “But the team-first Patriots have thrived before when they've had role players and less-heralded types in key roles, and maybe we're seeing a back-to-the-future approach unfold in Foxborough.” I agree with his thinking because the “blue collar” Patriots that dominated early last decade were more fun to watch than the high-flying teams of late. All the flash doesn’t make up for the lost leadership in defense or the heart of players such as Teddy Bruschi. He proposes a good point as he says that those teams with Randy Moss never actually won a super bowl. This is interesting as glitz and glamour never got Tom Brady anymore rings.  The changing NFL may have returned to its once great forms where the patriots are now the formidable team. The blue collar attitude may have returned with the acquisition of Deion Branch. He left a legacy here that wasn't replaced by others. Many wonder will New England Fans’ dreams be fulfilled once again by bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Gillette where it truly belongs. 0



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“Warriors have it tough: PDA runs rampant, some students try to stand up to teachers, and the fifty-two year old school made EHS seem like a paradise. ” 15 The Blame Game 16 Depression 17 Fear 20 Winnacunnett



THE BLAME GAME: TEENS VS. SOCIETY How the media and society affect teenagers’ self-images today.

Society’s mindset today is that there is a reason speak. Also, in many cases people blatantly think for everything; there is always a cause to every dif- the clothes look better on thinner women. Avficulty faced and someone to blame. People have erage citizens should realize that it is the job of always used the media and society as an excuse celebrities and models to look the way they do. for problems. They constantly lay total blame on People need to accept that these people and their models, celebrities and the media in general for ways of life are unattainable in many cases. They eating disorders, psychological problems, and a need to be happy with who they are, and accept slew of other things that the media truly has no themselves. Blaming the media for their probdirect affect on. lems is completely irrelevant. It is not the media’s   In my opinion they are just looking for some- fault someone is unhappy with who they are, and one to blame. This holds true when discussing that when they see an image they take things to the teenage side of distorted body image. The the extreme. Consumers are in no way forced to question is, “Does the constant imagery of emaci- view these things. The media has no control over ated women strutting catwalks constantly on TV what people take to heart and apply to their lives. affect the body image and self-worth of teenag- It is simply the media’s job to publish and reers?” search; the people choose to engage in. They are  The media and peers are two of the most in- in a communication and information business; fluential aspects of a teenager’s life. The constant they tell the general public things and should not pressure to live up to the expectations of peers, be held responsible for the individuals’ response. parents, and society’s perception of the ideal  People do not have to look at any medial piecperson is something most struggle with. But, is es. People do not have to involve themselves with the sudden increase in eating disorders and low- any of it. They don’t have to buy these magazines, ered self confidence the media’s fault? Is it peers’ go to the fashion shows, or watch that television fault? Can people accept that there may be no program. Simply put: if you don’t want it to affect one to blame? you, don’t look at it. Consumers are not forced to  Today, all forms of media showcase people involve themselves with all this. They are quite who are portrayed as the ideal; people who are frankly affected because they allow themselves something and someone to be. There will always that are adored for who be some girl looking at Does the constant imagery of they are. Average people these things and comparemaciated women strutting are attracted to this type of catwalks constantly on TV affect ing herself. The choice is admiration and praise, but the body image and self-worth really in the hands of the they take things too far. of teenagers? individual whether they They change themselves will be affected or not. in an effort to achieve this  Society and peers also love and feeling of being accepted that celebri- have a huge impact on teenagers. The way your ties seem to have. Unfortunately, teens are much friends and classmates act can affect you. It still more susceptible to this idea of “perfection” than in no way means we have to accept these things adults are. and therefore force the burden of living up to this  The media isn’t to blame for so many reasons. image. I believe people have to realize the fact Models in particular are quite frequently tagged that they develop these problems on their own; as those to blame for lack of self-confidence and that the media will only affect them if they let it. bad body image amongst teens, but modeling  High school can be a really rough time. Buland looking the way they do is their job. Many lies, nasty girls, stoners, emos, and all kinds of times, designers want bland thin models to make other stereotypes are the norm. Every single the clothing the focus of the show. They want person experiences some sort of discrimination women who hold the clothes and let the clothes in some form at some point in high school. It’s

only a tough situation, though, because we make it a tough situation. We take all the insults and jokes to heart and let them control us. We again do not have to absorb these things and change ourselves. Now, the idea of simply not caring is easier said than done, but it isn’t an impossible thing to achieve. Students have to simply let go of inhibitions and just be themselves. If someone says something, what makes them worth anything? What makes them good enough to decide who we are? If someone has something nasty to say, why should you care? High school is a quick four year experience; we have to enjoy it while it lasts. High school is a mere social event, the memories we can make from it have the potential to last a lifetime, but if we spend the entire time caging who we are because of the fear of rejection, we won’t achieve much.  It is human nature to be concerned with what people think and how your actions will affect you in society’s eye. Many people watch and filter everything they do because they are worried what others will think. In reality, you can’t measure how many times a person has stopped what they were doing, changed who they were, or gave something up because they were scared, scared of how their actions would affect the way people thought about them. Nearly everyone strives to be thought about in a positive way by peers and society. In this they change things, alter themselves, and may drop who they are because they are simply afraid of rejection. These actions and restrictions are honestly pointless. Compromising who you are because of what others will think of you is a petty action. The popular question “if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?” is thrown around a lot these days, but people have to consider that if you change something about yourself you won’t be yourself.  Overall life is about living, not wasting time being concerned about every single person, opinion, and event. We are given a single life to live out how we choose, but if we spend all of our time scared and over-concerned about what others think we never will really live. We need to stop wasting time and life with fear.




DEPRESSION photo by Katie Cottrell


Amanda Losapio

Underestimated by students, this neurological disorder grapples our peers and drags them down.


eeling like you are in a fog and swimming to get out,” is how a lot of people describe being depressed, said school social worker Ms. Shine. Depression is a medical illness that involves the mind and body which can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems according to While medication may seem like the easy way out, the solution is not that simple because it can take years to even find the right medication for each individual person. Ms. Shine is someone who deals with these situations daily. Depression is shockingly common; according to about, 20 percent of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood.  One nuance to this disease is the fact that teenagers are especially hard to diagnose simply because teenagers, by definition, posses half the symptoms of depression. These symptoms we can see everyday with behaviors such as not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, or snapping at their parents for any little thing.  “One morning I woke up and could barely get out of bed,” said an EHS junior who we will refer to as Stacy. “Obviously, I thought nothing of it because I hadn’t wanted to get out of




bed any morning for the past month. But this morning was different; I physically couldn’t get myself out of bed.”  Most kids has those days where they don’t feel like putting up with that friend who annoys them. Those days they just want to stay at home and watch those embarrassing Disney shows. However, just because they have those kinds of days does not mean they automatically have depression. The symptoms become much more serious and last for much longer than just one day.  “My confidence was a low as it could get,” said Stacy. “ I felt like I wanted to get out but I had nowhere to go. The next few days became really bad; I ended up faking sick for the next week and staying home just because I couldn’t get myself to do anything.”  To get away from these feelings many people turn to drugs or alcohol for the high they get that makes them feel better for only a short period of time. Once they come down from that high they actually end up feeling worse than before and therefore putting themselves more into a depression than before.  “I cried non-stop for no apparent reason and when someone asked to talk about it I only cried harder,” Said Stacy. “I hated feeling

that way and wanted it to stop. I went through a pretty bad phase, partying all the time and not acting like myself. I had never wanted to become the party girl, and that’s exactly what happened.”  “Having known about depression, I looked up the symptoms online,” Said Stacy. “I sort of self-diagnosed myself. After I talked to my mom and we went to the doctor where I got some help. I was among the lucky ones; I was able to get help before something serious happened. I still struggle from time to time because there is no easy cure, but it’s manageable.”  As to anyone who has never experienced depression before, it can be a scary thing. “Depression is always feeling like you want to cry and can’t get away from these feelings, wondering why you are feeling this way,” said Stacy. Being in a situation such as this is like going into uncharted territory for many people.  If you find yourself feeling this way and never know why, visit, which can help you determine if what you are feeling is actually depression. Other options consist of talking to a therapist or any adult that you can trust.

FEAR: STRANGLE-HOLD ON EHS How fear is able to manipulate the lives of EHS students. BY JACK DARMODY Fear is a defining factor that has the ability to Adventure Lit class said, “It’s hard to trace my control our lives. Many individuals lack ratio- fear of bloody Mary back to when it began. I nal thought when dealing with fears, not be- can remember, about 5 or 6, my cousin told me ing able to cope with these fears is a difficult the story of bloody Mary.” Among Exeter High thought of a individual’s life that many have School students fear such as Alex’s irrational trouble understanding. fear aren’t uncommon but can be overcome by  Fear is divided into two types; rational and being able to cope with the deal itself. irrational. Rational fears are ones that could  Rationalization is one of the most factors reactually happen in a realistic situation. For garding fears. Conversing with another person example the overachiever that you know has and talking about the fear may help the victim a fear of failure, this is a rationalize the fear. The type of fear that has the “A strange yellow object on my justification of the fear is potential to come true shoulder caught my attention. the most important facin a realistic situation. When I turned my head, I saw tor when overcoming the Irrational fears are the a yellow and black spider as fear. A freshmen, Rickey types of fears that you large as my fist. I then flicked Sousa said, “I fear bears see in movies. The fear and brushed the spider off my so I don’t go outside a includes monsters and shoulder.” lot. My worst fear is beghosts. These are genering on an island where ally the type of fears that -Tucker Owens ‘12 bears are all around me.” will keep you up at night Rickey’s somewhat norfor many hours on end. Being able to deal with mal fear has been in his mind has been put in fear is based on previous experiences or an in- an irrational context. Many teens are able to dividuals perception of fear itself. overcome these fears with rationalization but  Irrational fears are the driving force behind select few teens have the fears control their fear itself. The ability to deal with these fears is lives. These fears are able to consume their based on how strong an individuals mindset lives because of irrational thoughts that exists is. This means that overcoming a fear is based with them. on the rationalization of false and true realities.  Rational fears are contrasting to irrational Senior Alex Dixon wrote a piece about for his fears because these fear exist within reality

and are triggered quickly and usually exhibit some kind of anger reaction. Rational fears often trigger a flight or fight reaction which causes an anger response related to the fear. A junior, Tucker Owens wrote a piece for his Adventure Lit class said, “When I was seven or eight, I was lounging on my trampoline in the sun half asleep, with leaves rustling over my head. A strange yellow object caught my attention on my shoulder. When I turned my head,

I saw a yellow and black spider as large as my fist. I then flicked and brushed the spider off my shoulder.” Anger like this is triggered by the flight or fight reaction. The reaction is triggered in the nervous center of the brain and adrenaline is pumped so the flight or fight reaction begins. The adrenaline creates a reaction of anger.  By being calm in a situation where a rational fear presents itself a fear can possibly be overcome. In Tucker’s situation, seeing a spider may cause fear in the form of anger but realizing the extent of the fear towards himself will help him overcome the fear. Talking to a trusted adult or therapist can help someone deal with the rational fears by putting them into context of reality. A junior, Riley Maguire said, “ Fear to me is when a person is scared that of something but deep down you know your not scared.” His fear response is common because fear may still exist even if the person is able to overcome the fear.  Fears are all around us but being able to change anger and being able to calm oneself will go a long way towards overcoming the fear. The fears may create many nervous and sleepless nights but just being able to see the fear in the context of reality may make all the difference.  




: Technological

Google recently released a TV service very similar to Apple TV, every Android phone is run by a Google operating system, and Google is even in the process of building a self driving car.

Domination by Parker Woodard

(guest writer, senior)

Everyone has searched for something with Google, but how in depth do you really know this revolutionary company? Google changed the search engine world in 1998 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched it from a friends garage. They incorporated a new system to find pages that were most relevant to your search. But Google doesn’t do just computers. They recently released a TV service very similar to Apple TV; every Android phone is run by a Google operating system; Google is even in the process of building a self-driving car. These are just a few things Google does that don’t involve the computer; the list is endless if you look at what they do on the computer. You are probably familiar with their popular applications and programs such as Google Translate, their free language translation service, and Google Chrome, their web browser, Picasa, an image viewer and organizer, Gmail, their email service, Google Earth, their virtual globe and map with just about everything on it and, of course, everyone knows the search engine.  Google TV is basically your Android for the TV: it comes with web browsing, runs applications and programs, streams Netflix , YouTube, Pandora and many more appli-




cations right to your TV, comes with the standard channels, and if you’ve lost your remote, you can use your Android or Iphone as a remote. Sony has just launched their first line of Google TVs. Android is becoming one of Google’s biggest products since it was purchased by Google in 2005. Android is just the operating system for the phone, not the actual phone. Android is also part of the Open Handset Alliance. The android operating system is most commonly found on the Motorola Droid line of phones. The driverless car is a relatively new product by Google; it was inspired by the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge, where the robotic vehicle Stanley was created. The car’s system runs the car based on information from Google Street View and artificial intelligence software; which combines input from video cameras on the car as well as an array of sensors. The cars have been tested and have worked well, but if the need arises there is a manual override system.  The computer realm of Google is what they are known for. Mostly for their website, which are a search engine and email service and a language translator among many other application and programs. Their email service Gmail, which is similar to every

other email, but has a program similar to Microsoft Word called Google Docs. Google Docs allows you to make excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint’s, and word documents. Their language translation is free from their website. It can translate English to about any language. Google Chrome is their web browser, which is very similar to Mozilla Firefox. It runs on a V8 Javascript Engine, which was developed by Google and is the fastest internet engine out right now. It was released September 2, 2008, and has been slowly growing ever since. Picasa was released in July of 2004 by Google, after acquiring it. They made it free and made a few changes to it and gave it to the public. It is made to organize and edit digital photos, and comes with a photo-sharing website called Picasa Web Albums which is comparable to Flickr. Everyone has heard of Google Earth, who hasn’t typed their address in to see their house? The program was also acquired in 2004 like Picasa. It is also a free download like Picasa. They gather their information for it from satellite imagery, aerial photography, and GIS. What doesn’t Google do? Just about nothing except clean your room, but who knows what to expect from the company in the future.


Gleeks Unite! by Alyssa Votto

You know you're a gleek when...



e-mail: Dan Provost (advisor)

1. You buy the songs on iTunes... before the episode comes out. 2. You get angry when you hear the song "Don’t Stop Believin’" and it’s not the Glee cast version. 3. Your relationship has suffered lately because your boyfriend doesn’t sing like Finn. 4. At 8 PM on Tuesdays, no one is allowed to talk until 9. 5. You fantasize that your Spanish teacher is as good-looking as Mr. Schu. 6. You were furious when New Directions didn’t win at Regionals. 7. Part of you died inside when Puck shaved his mohawk. 8. Rachel’s voice brings you to tears. 9. You illegally watch free episodes online. 10. You have a playlist on your iPod solely dedicated to Glee.



From barking dogs to widespread rumors, EHS’s recent drug sweep has drawn attention from students.

BY CHRIS HODGMAN On November 18, police officers and canine units from seven towns conducted a drug search of Exeter High School. Ten randomly selected classes were sent to the cafeteria while certified drug-sniffing dogs investigated their backpacks, lockers, and the cars in the senior lot. Students reported finding their bags opened and belongings strewn about when they returned from the cafeteria.  “A small amount of marijuana and a small amount of alcohol were confiscated in the search,” stated the Exeter Police Department in a press release.  Was this a breach of personal privacy? I’m sure that the constitution protects people from being searched without reason. Then I am reminded,

we are not people, we are minors. We are students under the jurisdiction of school administration.  “We know that it is a small minority of students that cause these concerns at the school. It is the intention of the police and the school administrators to not allow this minority to affect the well-being and learning environment of the remainder of students and staff,” stated the Exeter Police Department.  In my opinion, the students that cause these concerns have a zero sum impact on the education of the rest of the school body. Putting the school into a lock down, where teachers are required to cover windows, students are ordered to stay where they are, and the sound of dogs barking is audible

above all, is absolutely disruptive to the rhythm of the day.  We only attend school 180 days a year. As U.S. students are repeatedly surpassed by foreign test scores, can we really afford interruptions like this?  Police cruisers lined the driveway of Exeter High. Students lined the windows of their classrooms. How can this possibly be beneficial?  The official press release detailed the operation as: “a proactive approach to combating illegal drug use.” A proactive approach implies preemptive interference, and so it seems that the purpose of this search was not just to expose criminals, but to prevent future drug use. Simply put: this operation was a scare tactic.  I believe that the balance between freedom and security has been seriously ruptured. History has shown us the extent of many brutal governing dynamics. Unfortunately, one stratagem remains commonly understood worldwide: fear is the key to obedience.


WHAT ITS LIKE TO ATTEND Exeter versus Winnacunnet. The whole seacoast is abuzz with the legendary rivalry. Back in September, the football team took on the Warriors and unfortunately lost. A few weeks later, four Talon staff members ventured onto enemy territory to see if the grass is really greener on the other side. We were all confused and a little scared about what our day would bring. Some may consider EHS a “jail” but after visiting WHS our view has changed. Here are our accounts of how the day went.

BY ALEX LOMONTE I followed around a senior who had first period off; similar to us seniors with an off period can come in late, leave early, or go out for lunch. He came in and gave me a tour of their school. The halls of EHS are long and bright, however, I noticed their halls were dimly lit, and the walls seemed as though they were pressing in on me, intimidating, as if the school knew I had my ‘Exeter’ shirt on.  The rest of my day I spent in AP classes, which made my day less diverse and more like some of our CP classes here. The first class was AP Physics. The class was devoted to a review, because they had a test the next day, and the teacher claimed they were more interesting on an average day. However the students seemed lethargic and uninterested; the teacher, Mr. Edgar, was the highlight of the class. He made the drowsy kids and me more awake. He seemed like a great teacher who related to the kids, making the learning environment friendlier.  The next class, AP Statistics, was boring for me and a lot of kids in the class; this was most likely due to the test they had to take. The classroom was a shared classroom; two teachers used it for their classes, not at the same time though. I can imagine that our AP Stats class is congruent with theirs. The test left me listening to pen on paper, and when they had finished, I was relieved to hear that my leader (and I) had lunch.  Their cafeteria was big, carpeted, and 0



in the middle they had a dance floor. The lunch was good, and although it was crowded, it only held a fourth of the school’s population. Compared to our cafeteria it was very spacious and quiet. My leader and I left lunch early to get ready for his next class, Senior Seminar. It took place in the lecture hall, similar to our Roy-Morisette room. In the class, everyone had to present an issue to the class that would relate to the Seacoast area. Three people presented on the day I visited, my partner being one of them. A similar class to Senior Seminar would be our Senior Humanities. It was run, or taught by Mr. Spiller, who I learned afterward, is a friend of Coach Bill Ball.  The class following Senior Seminar was AP Biology, a class that I found dull and was filled with only eight people. I imagine that it was complementary to our own AP Biology class. The period dragged on, ending my day and closing out my experience as a Warrior. The day I spent in Winnacunnet was eye-opening. They have it tough: PDA runs rampant, some students try to stand up to teachers, and the fifty-two year old school made EHS seem like a paradise.

BY JULIA HIGGINS As I sat in Freshman Orientation, Jenna Briggs’ 5th and last period of the day at Winnacunnet High School, I came to an understanding: being a student at Winnacunnet is much like being a student at EHS, with, of course, several noticeable differences.

Though there are several artificial contrasts between the two schools such as the music played in-between classes instead of a single, electronic bell, the student population and the classes required are nearly identical. Aspects such as classroom behavior, however, differ greatly between EHS and WHS- there was a much more laid-back feel within a majority of Winnacunnet classes.  My day started in the main office. Jenna Briggs, the freshman I would be shadowing for the school day, was scheduled to meet me at 7:30 AM to take me to her first class, Spanish, which began at 7:45 AM. Walking through the school’s halls made one difference very obvious- a surprising number of students at WHS are in the school’s award-winning ROTC program, and are thus dressed in full- on cameo, complete with army-issue hat and boots.  As the music died at 7:45 AM, Spanish block began. Upon introducing myself to the class, several students exchanged amused glances- a “blue hawk” was in their precious school. Winnacunnet students seem to take much more intensity in the ExeterWinnacunnett rivalry, a fact that became blatantly obvious throughout the day. Though Exeter does appreciate the well-promoted competition, I don’t believe people scream, “She’s a warrior everybody, jump her!” whenever someone from Winnacunnet walks by. A handful of students made various degrading comments about Exeter and the Blue Hawks to me or to their friends during Jenna’s classes, the majority of which were either ignored or not heard by teachers.

BY PAIGE FERRERI This leads to another difference between the two schools- many teachers at Winnacunnet are far more laid-back than teachers at EHS when it comes to enforcing rules and school policies. After enduring four classes, each comprised of a few loud and obnoxious students, only one teacher gave a detention for behavior; she later took this detention away, as it interfered with her afterschool athletics schedule. The school’s tardy policy is also not nearly as strict as Exeter’s- a few stragglers strolled into Jenna’s Spanish class a few minutes late, an act that earned these students a mere reprimand instead of the “Late-slip. Now” response frequently heard at EHS.  The music sounded at 8:55, signaling the end of Jenna’s Spanish class, and the start of a thirteen minute break period. This break period follows the first block every day, and allows the students to congregate around the school, though they are supposedly not allowed to stand and mingle in the hallways. Rules seemed to be frequently broken at Winnacunnet- “Don’t do that” seems to frequently fall on deaf ears.  The style of the Winnacunnet lunchroom is very different from Exeter’s. The EHS Cafeteria is open, airy, and huge. The size of it, especially in comparison to Winnacunnet’s, is enormous. WHS, however, has a much wider variety of food selections. The freedom to choose your diet is open to the student body, a freedom that is largely lost at EHS.  The fifth and final period of the day was surprisingly the most drama-packed class of my day. The class began in a relatively relaxed vibe. The teacher gave the students instructions: open your binders, take out the work sheet, etc. Many kids talked over herat first she didn’t seem to mind the chatter. Eventually, however, it became apparent that she wanted the consistent interruptions to end. After asking the students to quiet down repeatedly, she finally burst. She issued each and every one of the students present a detention, including Jenna and her friends, who had been sitting quietly the entire class. While punishing the disrespectful students was beyond reasonable, issuing the wellbehaved students detentions as well seemed questionable.

Every once in a while, the students at EHS have to remind the adults and staff that we are merely

As I stepped out of the car and onto Warrior grounds I glanced around at my new surroundings and immediately felt as if I was on a military base. Kids were arriving by bus and about a tenth of them were dressed in army uniforms. Confused and a little scared, I hurried into the school and waited for classes to start at 7:45. Once my "shadowee" arrived she took me through the tiny halls filled with students, music playing over the intercom in between every class. The happy tunes did not, however, seem to wake up the students and get them ready for their classes.  The 70 minute long classes made it hard to concentrate and I began to fall asleep in several of the class periods. The boys were rowdy in class and didn’t always listen to what the teacher was teaching. I noticed that there seemed to be a lack of respect between the students and the teachers.  I found myself sitting in the back of the classrooms, talking to my "shadowee" and watching the teacher try to control their class for a good section of each period. I counted down the seconds until the happy music would play again acting as a bell signaling me and everyone else that it was time to leave.   As the day went on I came to the conclusion that there is really no organization when it came to the layout of the school. It may have been neat and organized to the students but to an outsider it would just look as if all the classes were randomly placed together.


teenagers, but I’d rather have a hard day in an organized school that people see as “a jail” than spend my entire high school career socializing and learning only half of what I learn here. - Jack McElwee

no control over the classroom- they were powerless. Kids would talk at every opportunity possible. For example, as soon as it started to get boring during the science PowerPoint, five students sitting in the back started to talk, ignoring the information the teacher had to offer. In chemistry class, there was a worksheet handed out and about a quarter of the class placed it on the side of their desk continuing their conversation that was interrupted by school work. Even when the class worked up the effort to ask a couple questions, it was a free-for-all to see who could scream out the right answer first. You may think rules in our school are too strict or that our teachers are too harsh. If you spend one day at Winnacunnet High School you will be running back to EHS excited to be back in the building. Every once in a while the students at EHS have to remind the adults and staff that we are merely teenagers, but I’d rather have a hard day in an organized school that people see as “a jail” than spend my entire high school career socializing and learning only half of what I learn now.

The freedom that you may have heard about Winnacunnet comes with a price. The school of EHS that we call “a jail” is actually paradise compared to the unorganized school of Winnacunnet.  Everyone has heard that Winnacunnet has music between classes and maybe you’ve heard that there is some more freedom with only two or three cameras in a hall, instead of the 105 cameras at EHS. This ends up making Winnacunnet seem more like a day care than a high school. Two out of five teachers in the classes I visited had little or




A LONGBOARDING CULTURE Wish you could snowboard in the summer and surf without waves? Longboarding is an up-and-coming sport sweeping across a generation that reveres "the carve." by Jack Tisdall Longboarding, originally called “street surfing,” is being embraced can be minimized with proper preparation. Gloves, flat shoes and a by this generation’s “boarder” culture. The longboard can be 25 to 65 helmet will prevent 90 percent of injuries. “Cars are your biggest daninches long, has soft wheels designed for pavement and is responsive ger. Riding at night is the best way to avoid this. The later it gets, the and sturdy, allowing for a smooth and pleasurable ride. What makes fewer cars there are, so even normally busy places like downtown [Exit different from a skateboard are the flexible “trucks,” wheels that are eter] are wide open at night- perfect for boarding,” said senior Ryan spaced far apart to enable a swooping turn. The turn is similar in feel Donlevie. to the “carve” of surfing and snowboarding. The feeling of the carve is  Greyson and Cal have a business that sells homemade longboards universal in all boarding sports. Said senior Dillon Reed, “Carving is and T-shirts bearing their company logo, Chakra. “Chakra is a Buddhist concept that refers to centers of force in the body. Longboarding when you use your momentum to glide weightlessly.”  Two serious longboarding enthusiasts at Exeter High School are requires a rider to call on these bodily powers in order to find balance juniors Cal Blomquist and Greyson Carman. “We board everyday that and a oneness with the pavement,” said Cal. it doesn’t rain in the fall, spring and summer. It’s a lengthy season  Building longboards is a natural progression for longboarders. These entrepreneurs learned how to build a longboard by watching a even in the crappy Northeast.”  Cal and Greyson believe the abundant hills and little traffic of the Youtube video, then went to Lowe’s to buy the necessary wood. It was Exeter Region provide optimal terrain. “Each hill presents unique a matter of simple carpentry and patience after that. “We use a standard wood-saw challenges and to cut out the thrills,” said Cal. shapes that we “You’re in for a “Carving is when you use your momentum to glide weightlessly.” sketch right on lightning ride - Dillon Reed ‘11 the wood. After if you’re on the sticking the laynewly paved roads of downtown [Exeter], where as a longer hill like Butterfield [in ers of wood together with wood-glue, we sand the edges, add some Stratham] lends itself to a gradual coast with plenty of time for carv- grip tape and attach the trucks and wheels,” said Greyson. These home-made boards, though effective, don’t compare ing and tricks.”  An appealing aspect of longboarding is that it is easy to master. to the quality of the mass-produced boards sold by companies like From young kids to athletic adults, few will have difficulty in learn- Arbor, Sector 9 and Loaded Boards, the brand preferred by Greyson ing how to push off and ride. “There’s a slight learning curve, but not and Cal. “We sell 30 different styles and designs of boards, all using even close to what it takes to stand up on a surfboard or get down the fiberglass and other state-of-the-art materials that make the boards mountain on a snowboard. You will eat it, but the scrapes heal. Wear super reflexive,” said Louis Pilloni, a customer service representative at Sector 9, in a phone interview. pads,” said Cal.  When you push the limits like these two daredevils, you take the  Longboards are used in a few different ways, depending on the risk of being slammed on the unforgiving pavement. They say they ability of the rider and the steepness of the hill. Cruising is the most never consider the potential for bodily harm, “I felt confident after a leisurely form of riding. Like cross-country skiing, a cruiser is comfew months on my board. If you’re balanced, there’s nothing to worry pletely under control and gains momentum by pushing with their foot. First-timers should seek out slight declines or flat ground suitabout, except maybe rocks [on the path],” said Cal.  Though this sport seems risky, the dangers are mostly scopes that able for cruising in order to adjust to the low center of gravity and

Cal does a nose manual. 0



Cal performs a cross-step.



The Best Places to Longboard Find a buddy with a car and drive to the top of these hills. Park on the side of the road or anywhere out of the way of traffic. Hit the hill together and walk back up or, if both boarders are licensed, have one person ride and the other pick them up at the bottom in the car. This technique is especially useful on monster hills like Butterfield and Long Hill.  Downtown Exeter doesn’t require a car because there are many runs within walking distance of one another. Check Google Maps and you’ll see that every Exeter hill mentioned is located within a onemile radius. Note: avoid PEA security at all costs!

Emory Street, Stratham Butterfield Ln, Stratham Long Hill, Stratham South Road, Kingston Water Street, Exeter Park St, Exeter Oak St, Exeter balance shifts necessary to turn. Greyson performs  More advanced riders use their boards for bombing and tricks. a coleman slide, an Bombing is when a rider seeks out a massive hill and rides down at advanced technique maximum speed. This requires a rider to bend really low to reduce air for slowing down. resistance and fight speed wobble, a shaking force that throws off a rider’s balance at high speeds. Hills suitable for bombing must have minimal traffic and a clear stretch for slowing down, so proper planning is essential.  Skitching, grabbing onto a car and being towed, is another common practice. Dillon Reed discovered a unique way of reaching high speeds while still remaining in control. “I reached 40 mph when I was towed up Butterfield Lane [in Stratham]. My friend drove his car and I A home-made held onto the open driver-side door. The speedometer read 40 mph- I board requires [kid] you not,” said Dillon. different types of  Tricks, seen in the pictures to the left, can be performed on flat ground or a hill. Unlike skateboards, which are designed to flip in the wood and a whole air, tricks on a longboard are more subtle. Cross-stepping, or dance lot of patience. moves, take advantage of footing and the body’s center of gravity to carve sharply. Other tricks include shove-its, manuals and ollies. Ever in danger of being slammed to the ground, tricks take focus, practice and most likely scrapes and blood.  Stopping and slowing down, essential skills for all longboarders, can be done in many different ways. As a rider approaches the bottom of a hill, he may hold a foot against the ground while balancing on the board with the other, spread out his body to maximize air resistance or carve back and forth. Another way to slow down is the coleman slide, demonstrated above. This technique is difficult to learn and will take some practice, but is an effective way of reducing speed.  This sport continues to grow and progress. New materials are fueling rapid advances in board design and performance. Still, it always comes back to the “carve.” Connecting a series of “S” shaped turns is a feeling that must be experienced in order to appreciate. The feeling is intense and spiritual, most often invoking Buddhist concepts when boarders try to explain their sport. So look around and ask a boarder to give you a demo. Odds are that you will become one of this large, passionate but unheralded community.

Main St, Exeter PEA campus, Exeter Tan Lane, Exeter Spring St, Exeter Swasey Parkway, Exeter Green St, Exeter

Important: Watch each other’s back: always be on the look out for traffic. In the US, approx. 1 longboarder is killed every week by traffic. (





“How do you find the standard deviation of heights of teenagers in New Hampshire? I guess you take – hmm, I wonder if I’m taller than the average teenager. I know Sarah is. She’s so tall. I wish I was tall– woah, that was a big lightening strike. That almost hit my house. That would stink if I lost power. Wait, how do I find standard deviation again?”  This pattern of thinking is a humorous example of Attention Deficit Disorder, which is commonly referred to as ADD or ADHD. Yet the actual disorder is anything but comical. Children between the ages of five and eighteen have a seven and a half percent chance of being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, according to CNN Health. ADD and ADHD are often downplayed as trivial disorders used to label kids who cannot concentrate or sit still, due to their familiarity with many high school students. This is simply not the case; the implications of these disorders can be severe and can stay with someone well into their adult life.  High school students have changed Attention Deficit Disorder from a noun to an adjective. Phrases like, “oh my God, you are so ADD right now,” “dude, stop being so ADD and sit down,” and “I just cannot focus, I’m so ADD!” are frequently employed by high school students, and this nonchalant attitude diminishes the significance of a disorder that can cause severe problems throughout one’s life. “I have not been diagnosed [with ADD], but I am reminded daily by a few friends that my constant leg shaking and finger tapping are telltale symptoms of ADD,” said Quinn Conner, grade 12. Obviously, this

“What is ADD/ADHD?” Attention Deficit Disorder is a psychological expression that concerns a person who meets certain criteria for inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. According to, ADD is “a highly subjective description, not a specific disease.” In order to be diagnosed with ADHD, one must have six attention symptoms or six activity and impulsivity symptoms, which can include trouble behaving in school, difficulty following directions, inability to sit still, and so on (for a full list of ADHD symptoms, visit www. ADHD is different from ADD in that the person also exhibits abnormal hyperactivity when not medicated. 0



is not the case; ADD is a disorder much more serious than the majority of students understand. If attention deficit disorder was diagnosed based on the observation of leg shaking or finger tapping, then nearly every person on the planet would have ADD.  When people recklessly throw around the term “ADD” or “ADHD,” the actual significance of the disorder is diminished. After hearing dozens of peers, family members, and even professionals use the disorder’s

75% of boys diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD have hyperactivity.

50% of children with ADHD experience sleep problems.

name so loosely, one becomes desensitized to it, and the name becomes detached from its significance.  “I don’t think people in our school, or kids in general, really take ADD/ADHD seriously, especially kids who don’t have it,” said Leslie Kanchuga, a senior with the disorder. “I even find myself joking about having it sometimes without really thinking about how it has really affected me over my high school career.” Many Americans, especially high school students, don’t realize the seriousness of attention deficit disorder, but it can have a severe impact on their everyday lives.  ADD and ADHD, if untreated, can cause severe problems in all aspects of someone’s life, including social, work, home, and school. Non-medicated ADD/ADHD can hamper a person’s academics, as they often will not be able to complete homework on time or sit still in a class, and they might get frequent detentions because of incessant talking and interruptions.  Kanchuga identified with having trouble in school before she had been diagnosed. “I was struggling through school so unbelievably much, and I wasn’t sleeping because I

was constantly trying to do work but just couldn’t seem to get anything done.” With serious implications such as this, it is questionable why many kids with ADD or ADHD go undiagnosed and continue to deal with inattention and hyperactivity problems. “I think a lot of parents are not willing to admit that their child has ADD/ADHD, thinking that it makes their child seems as if they are disabled in some way,” said Kanchuga. Parent’s pride in their kids is certainly an influence on whether their kid is taken to the doctor to be tested for ADD/ADHD or not, but the simple fact of the matter is that many people just don’t know how well someone with ADHD can improve once they are medicated.  In order to combat the impeding symptoms of ADD/ADHD, many people diagnosed with the disorder take medication. The most common medications are Concerta, Ritalin, Adderall, Daytrana, and Stratera. All of these medications, save for Stratera, are stimulants, which arouses some controversy about patients getting addicted to the medication. Stimulant medications, with the generic form being methylphenidate, increase the dopamine levels in the brain to increase concentration, focus, and attention. There are many controversies concerning the use of medications to control attention deficit disorders because of safety issues, side-effects, and legal problems. According to www., there is a growing concern over the effects of stimulant medications on impeding the developing brain. Also, stimulant medications have been found to cause sudden deaths in patients who have heart problems.  While medications for ADD/ADHD have

many benefits, the side-effects must be taken into account, as they can be extremely noticeable. For stimulants, these side-effects commonly include loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, headaches, dizziness, and depression. For Stratera, headaches and dizziness are also reported, in addition to sleepiness and nausea. The website also warns that Stratera can increase the tendency for suicidal thoughts and actions in some patients, especially if they also have depression or bipolar disorder. Despite these sideeffects, the medications can still be extremely

beneficial to the patient in curbing the symptoms of their ADD/ADHD. “My medications can make me very irritable,” admitted Leslie Kanchuga, “but I feel like the medications are obviously a great thing because truthfully my grades would not be half of what they are if I didn’t take medications.” Fellow senior Abbie

21% of teens with non-medicated 35% of teens with non-medicated ADHD skip school on a regular basis

50% of teens with ADD/ADHD have other learning disabilities.

Data figures provided by

ADHD drop out before finishing high school

45% of teens with non-medi-

 Cummings agreed, saying, “My medication has helped me in ways I never could have imagined.” Cummings had difficulty concentrating on basic academic tasks before she was prescribed a medication, but said, “once I was placed on Adderall, my grades went up and so did my ability to concentrate.” Indeed, stimulant medications have been proven to provide a considerable benefit to between 70 and 80% of children with ADHD, according to  Kids who take medications can get themselves into legal trouble. Many students with the disorder are asked for Ritalin dozens of times by students who don’t have an attention disorder but want the pills in order to increase their concentration to write an essay or study for the SATs. This is, of course, illegal to do, but it happens all the time, especially in high school and college. The danger of taking pills that were not prescribed to you personally of course entails its own risks, but students with the medication need to think before they sell their Ritalin or Adderall for a few bucks.  To many people without the disorder, having ADD and ADHD can seem like a minor inconvenience or an excuse for being hyperactive, but not a serious disorder. While the level of severity varies among patients, ADD/ADHD can have a serious impact on their lives, including bad grades in school, losing a job due to inattention, and being called a “spaz” by their friends because they can’t stop talking. It’s easy to do that from the outside if you’re ignorant, but it is important to understand just how severe the disorder can be. Having ADD or ADHD, even if it is medicated, can be a serious disadvantage, and those with the disorder who manage to maintain good grades, a job, and healthy social relationships have to work much harder to reach the same level of success as their peers. ADHD is no joke, and it should stop being treated as such.

cated ADHD have been suspended from school at least once. 0




Never realized how many people love their dogs? After all, it’s man’s best friend.


Name: Morgan Woods Grade: 12 Dog: Tommy Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Favorite Treat: Little T Bones

Name: Morgan Finniss Grade: 9 Dog: McKenzie Breed: Border Collie Favorite Treat: Frosty Paws

“She’s always smiling, and sometimes she smiles so hard that she sneezes.”

Name: Trent Roy Grade: 12 Dog: Rio Breed: Australian Shepherd Favorite Treat: Whipped cream

Name: Leslie Kanchuga Grade: 12 Dog: Talullah Breed: Chihuahua Favorite Treat: Coffee

“Talullah is constantly shaking, and she knows how to do handstands.”

Name: Allie Fitzgerald Grade: 11 Dog: Kia Breed: Chow Chow & Collie Mix Favorite Activity: Car rides Favorite Treat: The food she steals when she jumps on the counter

Name: Matt McAuliffe Grade: 12 Dog: Duff Breed: West Highland White Terrier Favorite Treat: Thomas Mini Bagels

“Every day, Duff sits in front of the mailbox and waits for the mail to come.”

Name: Kerin Toothaker Grade: 12 Dog: Nala Breed: Boxer & Pitbull Mix Favorite Treat: American cheese Fact: Rescued from St. Maarten “She was abandoned on the island and she would follow us every day. We brought her to the villa we were staying at and we fell in love with her. When it was time for us to come home, we couldn't leave her so we flew her home with us.”




Name: Will Sullivan Grade: 12 Dog: Dior Breed: Golden Retriever Favorite Treat: McDoubles Favorite Activity: Swimming with Cara Covey’s dog Henry and Anna Cardoni’s dog Dawson

Fashion: On the Cheap Outfits for under $10.00 The Wonderland Thrift store has not only affordable clothing prices, but designer names and brands for all your clothing needs. It is a nonprofit otganization that donates to local charities in the Exeter area. Help out your community by stopping by the Wonderland Thrift store today! -Keira Robertson and Brittany Androchuk

Wonderland Thrift Store 96 Epping Road, (Route 27) Exeter, NH 03833 (603) 686-5313



Date Night

Job Interview

White Tank Top: Old Navy $2.00 Blouse: DKNY $2.00

Dress: Caroline Wells $4.00 Belt: $1.00

Turtle Neck: Derek heart $2.00 Belt: $1.00 Pleated Pants: L.L Bean $3.00

Total: $4.00

Total: $5.00

Total: $6.00



7 Why students are so attracted to social networking sites like Facebook and what this means for their health. BY BRITT ANDROCHUK

What is it really that makes social networking so fascinating to the teenage mind? A majority agree that it is simply something to do when you are bored; they use it as a break in-between subjects of homework. Teenagers enjoy Facebook because it is a way of communicating with friends and connecting with peers. It is this social aspect that makes the internet so addictive.  There is such a variety of ways to communicate on Facebook: “poking”, graffiti, wall, commenting, “like”ing, that it becomes a necessity to some people. It is common knowledge that many high school students are constantly updating their status and uploading pictures day in and day out. “Creeping” on peers, searching for people’s pictures, making videos for friends, playing games is passing these students’ quality time.  Facebook seems to be a way of staying in the loop. Brooke Fifield, a senior, is doing a project for Sociology in which she has to give something up for thirty days; she deactivated her Facebook account. Having her Facebook account deactivated prevents her peers from seeing her Facebook profile and will prevent her from receiving notifications via her phone.   Brooke began using Facebook the fall of her freshman year. A friend quickly interested her and Brooke adapted to the website. According to Brooke, all her peers had told her that Facebook was enjoyable and safer than MySpace, the other popular social networking site at the time. Inevitably, Brooke fell into the Facebook life. Facebook became more important for Brooke over time. “Facebook took over my

life, basically. I had no life,” said Brooke. Brooke explained that she would begin doing homework and then, somehow, end up surfing Facebook. Brooke found herself becoming a “creeper.” “With people constantly updating statuses, you know what people are doing. It’s creepy because you are seeing other peoples’ lives, and some people don’t even know you’re creeping on them,” said Brooke. With Facebook, you can find vast amounts of information about people and their lives because they post almost everything. Brooke also says that having Facebook makes it easier to call people out on certain actions they are taking. It also makes it easier to confront people.  “I used to leave Facebook just up and running on my computer. I averaged about three hours a day on Facebook,” said Brooke.  Facebook can potentially lead to bad lifestyle habits. Brooke, for example, began staying up too late and losing sleep because of her “Facebook addiction.” Now that Brooke has deactivated her Facebook, she is finding other ways to spend her time. She can now go to the gym more often, accomplish more homework, and spend more time with friends.  “Having deleted Facebook feels good. My stress has been relieved because I’d see certain comments or posts on Facebook and get pissed. Facebook really was a waste of time, and ultimately it starts drama for everyone,” said Brooke. She keeps a journal of the process she is going through without having Facebook. She admits there are times when the temptation to log in is overwhelming, still, she has been strong so far.

How many times have you accidentally typed Facebook into the URL?




 There’s no denying the fact that this generation’s dependency on the Internet, particularly social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, is fostering unhealthy habits. The effects of Internet addiction are scientifically associated with obesity, social isolation, sleeping problems, stress, and lack of exercise. Teenagers procrastinate during their homework, and will bring their dinner to the computer, instead of going to sit at the table. Pretty soon families will sit around the table and communicate using instant messaging- typing is the new talking. Facebook has taken over the teenage mind. The scary part is that teenagers know they are addicted and don’t care.  But what is it that teenagers could be doing instead? Exeter students found it hard to answer this question. One sophomore said, “All I really do on my free time is eat, watch movies, and go on Facebook. What else can we do? We’re not kids who play with toys.”  When students think of other stuff to do, it involves cleaning or homework. Student’s need something to pass time that is enjoyable. When students were asked what they do on their free time majority answered with shopping, going to the movies, skiing, or going out to eat. But the costs of those activities all add up. Teenagers need to find something else to do that is free and fun. The top activities that were nominated were playing sports, going outside and being active, hiking, listening to music, and, reading books. In general just being with friends can be enjoyable and distracting. When with other people you’re less likely to be consumed by Facebook, and just simply enjoy each other’s attention. Teenagers rely on technology for fun. The real question is, “what did you do before you had a Facebook?”


WHO CARES ANYWAY? Why being active is so important. BY TORI PUTNAM

In a recent article, “Can Exercise Make Kids Smarter?” by Gretchen Reynolds, in the New York Times, published on September 15th, the findings of recent studies are discussed and how these findings could affect students. In two studies involving children between the ages of nine and ten, it was found that children who were more fit did better on tests and certain areas of their brains were enlarged. Those pieces of the brain control the ability to hold attention, allow for better coordination between thoughts and actions, and to store complex memories. Before any of these tests were performed with humans, researchers had already found that animals had an increase in the size of certain parts of their brain if they ran often. It seems that any aerobic activities, even walking for 20 minutes, can aid in one’s performance on tests. A Swedish study published last year, showed a direct correlation between fitness to IQ scores in the army. One of the studies came to the conclusion that aerobic exercise, even if one is unfit or overweight, can still help raise test scores. No strength factor or weight training are going to affect the right proteins to stimulate the brain because it all comes from aerobic exercises. Another study compared running to playing sport-inclined video games of a similar intensity. This study found that only those who ran had the correct brain stimulation. This research could be used as another initiative for a healthier America. Budget cuts are causing schools to be forced to shorten or cut their Physical Education programs. At the same time, American children are becoming more inactive. The article says that “recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that roughly a quarter of children participate in zero physical activity outside of school.” This research has yielded results that make it imperative to begin good fitness habits at a young age, not only to lower the risk of being overweight, but also to help stimulate one’s brain.

Esperanza Academy A look at the the National Spanish Honor Society’s recent visit to this all-girls middle school in Lawrence. BY JACK TISDALL As part of a community service project, students in Spanish National Honor Society spent a day at Esperanza Academy, an allgirls school for economically disadvantaged families in impoverished communities of Lawrence.  “Community is a pillar of Spanish Honor Society. We’ve always wanted to help Hispanic communities and this school was a great opportunity to do something positive through voluntary service,” said senior Jassen Lu, co-president of the club alongside Shannon Marro, another senior.  Designed for children of Hispanic descent, students at Esperanza, who are in grades five through eight, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the school. They arrive at 7AM and leave at 6PM five days a week for 11 months out of the year. The school addresses not only the academic needs of its students but works to develop the social and spiritual aspects of their lives as well.  Upon arriving, Exeter students volunteered in preparing over one thousand envelopes for Esperanza to send to potential donators. The school is funded solely by charitable donations.  Exeter students then ate lunch alongside the Esperanza girls, interacting with them and talking in both English and Spanish.  “It was easy to talk to the girls- they were excited to share their own stories and also had lots of questions for us,” said Allie Babcock,

grade 11.  Exeter students then attended chapel with the girls and listened to a sermon about the importance of “stillness” in finding inner-peace during the Christmas season. The sermon was given by the school’s “spiritual leader,” who is also a social studies teacher at the school. The Esperanza girls recited the Pledge of Allegiance in both Spanish and English and asked questions about the upcoming Christmas dance.  The group then split up and attended afternoon classes with the girls. Teachers made time for discussing what to expect in high school and chatting.  “We talked about the college application process and what life is like in Lawrence. It was educational for both the girls and us,” said Caroline Portu, grade 11.  In addition to a day of interacting with the Esperanza girls, Spanish Honor Society has donated a series of three books by Lois Lowry using the money they raised in fundraisers such as Drive4UrSchool.  “We bought the books because we thought it would be a good present during the Christmas season,” said Senora Marnicio, the club’s advisor. “The first book, ‘The Giver’ is superb. The language arts classes [at Esperanza] will focus their studies on this trilogy in the coming months.”  And while the girls delve into their new novels, Exeter students will continue to reflect on this brief yet striking look at a Hispanic community just an hour’s drive away.

juniors Caroline Portu and Allie Babcock

seniors Eliza Kenney and Shannon Marro

junior Allison Rogers 0



OPINION photos by: Alyssa Votto

The Unsung Heroes of EHS BY GRETCHEN KLEMPA & LINDSAY FINNISS Exeter High School lives, breathes, and cries for sports. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. But before the Solo and Ensemble concert that the Honors Choir held for all students and staff on November 17th, many individuals at Exeter High School had no idea what musical talent roams the hallways. Football games and soccer games are exciting without a question, and kudos to the athletes who work hard non-stop for months, but how many people have attended a chorus concert in the past year? Many students, faculty members, and much of the administration have absolutely no idea how much time and effort the students of chorus put into their performances. Putting on four concerts each year requires a lot more devotion and thought than most realize.  Last year Honors Choir had the amazing opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Carnegie Hall, it basically serves as the “Superbowl” of chorus. Many musicians work their whole life to even have a small chance of performing at Carnegie Hall. However, with the inability to afford the costs and the lack of tackling and scoring goals, the trip never happened. Only six schools out of the four hundred who auditioned for Carnegie actually made the competition after sending in videos from various school concerts and performances. Two weeks after the great news of getting in, the cost was revealed. “It cost about $1,200 per student. Even with fundraising and help, the cost still wouldn’t have gone down to an affordable price,” Ms. Papp said. The cost included a hotel room and some meals but not transportation to New York City or back and forth from the hotel to Carnegie Hall. “There were a lot of strict guidelines that we had to follow that were set by the company that runs the whole thing. We could’ve avoided some of the costs by not following what they told us to do but if we did that, we wouldn’t be allowed to go. It’s their way or the highway” Ms. Papp said.




Honors choir students Mary Beth Kelley (‘12), Gretchen Klempa (‘11), Erica Estey (‘12) and Brittany Prescott (‘11) warm up before their performance.

 Sport teams have boosters who go out and raise their own money, but since our popular candy bar fundraiser was shut down by new health regulations, Honors Choir has been pressed for ideas to raise money. The Carnegie Hall trip could have easily been covered by the choral budget but sadly, trips and special events are not included in the guidelines of the budget. Ms. Papp was struggling to find any possible way to get us there. She went to Mr. Sokul to see if the school could just cover the transportation, which would drop the individual price to a more affordable $750, after fundraising. Mr. Sokul deferred the decision to the superintendent of SAU 16, Mr. Morgan. It was here that our dreams of attending the nationally- acclaimed event were crushed once again. “Some could afford it but others could not even reach the lowered price even with help from the school,” said Emily Erdbrink, grade 12. “It still would’ve been a huge break for us even with only half of us going who could afford it.” In addition, many of the students in Honors Choir who were seniors last year had the

Members of Honors Choir sing their hearts out for a captivated audience, with Rimon Oz (‘11) on the guitar.

Seniors Emily Erdbrink, Michaela Plumer, and Danielle Hoadley sing together during their recent performance.

financial burden of college coming up around the corner.  This year, the Honors Choir was asked to submit a video of performances to enter into the national competition again. Ms. Papp simply had to decline because she knew that if we made it again, we wouldn’t be able to attend. She didn’t want us to be disappointed again. With all of the hard work that is put into concerts and performances, the chorus as a whole at Exeter High School deserves to be commended once for their great talent.  In reality, it is not about the money to go to Carnegie Hall or the expensive equipment wanted. Yes, more funding would have surely boosted the quality of the music program, but in the end, all that is wanted from each member of chorus is support. Support from the administration and especially the students of Exeter High School.

Photography - Meg Bronson

Divine Art

Although she’s never taken a photography class, Meg Bronson definitely knows how to use a camera. She started taking pictures using long exposure of car lights and glow sticks, but her style has shifted to a naturalistic standpoint, making fall her favorite season because of the abundance of color. She’s even been teased by her friends for stopping randomly to take pictures of arbitrary things like dead branches, although she says they respect it when they see she can take something “so ugly and make it look beautiful.” To illustrate Meg’s talent more clearly, she’s even started her own business taking pictures for senior portraits and personality pictures. -Tori Putnam 0



Adventurous Foods Chocolate Chip Cricket Cookies BY LINDSAY FINNISS Most Americans, including myself, avoid insects at all costs on a daily basis. A recent article in the New York Times inspired me to make and eat the unexpected. I drove all the way to PetCo. in Newington to purchase the crunchy creatures to add to my chocolate chip cookies.  First, to dry roast the crickets, I had to put them into the fridge for about 45 minutes to slow down their metabolism so that they stopped moving. I had to cook them alive, like you do a lobster, because if they die, the changes that occur in their bodies happen extremely quickly and make them inedible. I preheated the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and spread the cooled, live crickets out onto a cookie sheet. Before placing the sheet into the oven, I scrubbed my hands to get rid of the feeling of crickets touching my fingers. I baked them for about an hour until they were completely dried out. It was then time to start making the batter for the cookies.  These cookies started off just like any other cookie would. The batter even looked and tasted the same. The time came to mix in the chocolate chips. After, I added the crickets, which definitely made the batter unappealing to me.




I preheated the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and, on the same cookie sheet, dropped spoonfuls of the unappetizing batter spread equally apart. I quickly washed my hands again because the thought of bugs touching my hands makes me cringe. I put the cookies into the oven to bake for approximately twelve minutes. After they were done, I let them cool for a half an hour, not anxious at all to dive into the cookies. At last, they were ready to eat. I picked one up, hesitating to say the least, broke off a piece and threw it into the back of my mouth before any thoughts ran through my mind about how there was a once living creature in my cookie.  To my surprise, I couldn’t taste the cricket at all but that may have been due to the small size of the piece that I had broken off to eat. They gave the cookie a slightly crunchier texture and obviously more protein but didn’t taste at all. I did not end up eating the rest of my cookie, as I couldn’t bring myself to get over the fact that crickets were inside the batter. I have come to the conclusion that insects, no matter how much protein people say that they have, are meant for squishing and absolutely not for food.

INGREDIENTS 2 1/4 cup flour 1 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. salt 1 cup butter softened 3/4 cup sugar 3/4 cup brown sugar 1 tsp. vanilla 2 eggs

1 12-ounce chocolate chips 1/2 cup dry-roasted crickets



As much as we love the holidays, they can sometimes get a little stressful, especially when trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Luckily, the students and faculty around EHS tell you exactly what they want this holiday season and this may be able to help you find that present that will show your friends and family just how much they mean to you. -Alyssa Votto

What boyfriends want: “Tickets to a Celtics game.” - Austin Arkell, grade 12 “A nice, romantic, candlelit dinner, followed by a movie and lots of cuddling.” - Brian Henry, grade 10 “A pair of skis.” - David VanBilliard, grade 12 “Anything she wants to buy me.” - Carter Plimpton, grade 12

What girlfriends want: “I want a topaz ring. Not a wedding ring, but a ring. I'm a size 6.” - Rachel Hartnett, grade 12 “Something sentimental with meaning; it doesn't have to be big or expensive, but something he thought of by himself.” -Nikki Sheehan, grade 11 “A pet- a fish or bunny or something. That would be so cute.” -Catherine Choquette, grade 12

What parents want:

Songs: Students at EHS share some of their favorite Christmas songs:

“My crush and I were dancing together at the dance before Christmas. The song ‘All I Want For Christmas’ by Mariah Carey came on and we had our first kiss. It’s been my favorite Christmas song ever since.” - Anna Grant, grade 12 “‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ by Nat King Cole because it makes you calm and happy and it has a good message.” - Jarylle Montevirgen, grade 10 “My favorite song is Jingle Bell Rock because it’s a classic and I love it.” - Mariah McQuate, grade 12 “‘Last Christmas’ by Wham because my sister Danielle and I love singing and dancing to it.” - Darci Swain, grade 10

“A few kind words.” - Mr. McQueen “A daughter I'm not embarrassed about...” - Mr. Forbes “Cute crafts; over the years, we've gotten home made candle holders and ornaments. These are the presents we put away carefully because they are truly priceless.” - Mrs. O'Connor

“‘Snoopy and the Red Baron’ by the Royal Guardsmen. It’s the only song I don’t get sick of and I listen to it every Christmas.” - Pat Sullivan, grade 12

What siblings want:

“My favorite song is ‘Jingle Bells’ because it brings back a lot of childhood memories. I remember always listening to it with my brothers. Each time my mom would put on a CD we would make sure it had ‘Jingle Bells’ on it.” - Maggie Couett, grade 10

“A funny movie we can both quote later on.” -Michelle Moreau, grade 12 “A pair of boots.” - Devon Clarke, grade 11 “A new camera.” - McKayla McQuate, grade 9 “Tickets to a concert.” - Chris Hager, grade 12 “A nerf gun.” - Cory Kerznar, grade 12 “Absolutely nothing.” - Ricky Sousa, grade 9

What best friends want: “A gift card to my favorite store.” - Megan Bronson, grade 11 “Tickets to a Bruins game.” - Devin Stoddard, grade 12 “Earrings or some other cute jewelry. She knows what I like!” -Sara Hudanich, grade 12 “A night out to spend some quality time together.” -Marissa Denman, grade 11

“‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ because he led Santa’s sleigh when no one else stepped up. He’s a Bluehawk reindeer.” - Tim McCain, grade 12




REVIEW 12.15.2010




| CO





Food, Media, Life.




2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa FIFA soccer turns the competition up a notch with the invigorating World Cup theme.




S, OR T | SP


Tourist History is an uplifting album that makes you want to dance.

, IN






Atmosphere- To All My Friends presents Slug spitting raps that inspire.


Call of Duty: Black Ops brings in an adventureous campaign and new multiplayer features that make it worth the money. gives you an opportunity to vent your inner-feelings or learn from others’ problems.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will have both Muggles and Wizards on the edge of their seats- don’t miss seeing this bestof-the-year film.

Want to bump to new beats? HotNewHipHop. com has the latest mixtapes- free and safe to download instantly.

Due Date had tremendous potential but Robert Downey Jr.’s mediocre performance simply ruins the film.

Jackass 3D shows more male private parts than perhaps anyone bargained for.


REVIEW || 2010




  The serious actors that were cast in this movie in the end just aren’t funny. It doesn’t make sense why Downey Jr. was cast for this role as he has weak comedic chemistry with Galifianakis who I have always found funny. His awkward hilarity is mismatched by Downey Jr.’s strange oddball comments that make the movie unsustainable. His awkwardness towards the comedy isn’t helped by other weak casting including Jamie Foxx. The character Downey Jr. plays is a one dimensional, run of the mill guy who doesn’t add anything to the movie. Phillips has chosen actors that just aren’t funny and in the end they ruin a movie with much potential and it just falls flat on its face.

liners. Unlike many popular books turned motion picture phenomenons, Part One included every detail necessary to the plot line which sets the second part up for even higher expectations. And if that doesn’t do it for you, Hermione will be sure to leave every wizard or muggle with their wand at the ready. So on that note, everyone should be slytherin’ to a movie theater because the Deathly Hallows is a magical must see.





COMEDY BY WARNER BROTHERS The boys from Jackass, known famous for their achievement in baffling America and parts of the world with their absurd comedy, are back again with one of this years most highly anticipated film, Jackass 3D. Knoxville and his crew continue to baffle, sicken, and inspire audiences in this new movie, however Jackass 3D, in my eyes, has not met the standards it was boasted to meet. You have the typical pranks, hilarious acts, and as usual an overdose on male nudity, but nothing that makes it any different from its predecessors.



COMEDY BY WARNER BROTHERS The question that has plagued Due Date the movie since it’s debut has been, “Can this movie be as funny as The Hangover?” I’m sorry to say but the answer is a definitive no. Todd Phillip’s latest movie stars Robert Downey Jr. and Zack Galifianakis as a group of mismatched travelers who have to go cross coutnry together.


Wizards and muggles alike crowded movie theaters everywhere to have their worlds rocked by Harry Potter’s latest, and unfortunately penultimate, struggle with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (and after the movie you too will be afraid to say his name). Darker than the previous films, The Deathly Hallows takes the audience on an intense emotional journey complemented by mind-blowing magical effects and solid acting. The drama has a perfect touch of humor to provide a little comic relief when you’re on the verge of jumping out of your seat and screaming unforgivable curses. Even through the less action-filled moments, the audience is still kept captivated by the suspense, romantic tension, and a few classic Weasley one-


To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy, could be said to be the best thing this group has done in years. The new 12-song record hit the streets in early September and has brought back the face of true hiphop. Guitars (both electric and acoustic), keys and upright bass again play a major role in the record’s sound and serve to redline it from the majority of hip hop albums being released in 2010. For most of the album Slug, the lead singer, doesn’t talk smack; he tells stories. He doesn’t moralize; he just talks, and it turns out much more effective as those who have heard can agree. If you like genuine hip hop this album is for you. 0



REVIEW || 2010







This awkward trio fresh out of Bangor, Ireland has to be one of the best bands of this year. With their upbeat tempo and cute lyrics they make dancing irresistible. The band is signed to French label Kitsune Records and their debut album Tourist History dropped on March 1, 2010. Alex Trimble covers lead vocals, synths, beats, and guitar, Sam Halliday covers guitar and vocals, and Kevin Baird covers bass and vocals.   The uptempo electro pop is a sure hit in dance clubs and on the radio. A single of theirs, “What you Know,” was used in the promo commercial for MTV’s World of Jenks. Every song is uplifting. Each track has a different message, yet the emotion throughout the album is energetic and happy. Not your typical mainstream music, but a brighter more exciting music genre. For example, the fourth track, “This is the Life” sends spirits soaring. The exciting beat and power makes listeners want to keep the album on repeat for hours on end. In a time where life can get pretty tough, this adorable, fast-paced music is a guaranteed smile or pat on the back. Each song has a way of pulling at your heart strings and making any dark situation feel even the slightest bit brighter. The track “Undercover Martyn” is a cute song that is an automatic smile the second it starts playing. Whether you’re staring out the window or cutting a rug, Two Door Cinema Club is a band that fits all moods and situations.




We all have secrets that we feel we can’t tell a soul about; we all have things we let build up inside of us with no way of release. PostSecret is a blog designed solely for releasing these secrets in an anonymous way. There are no restrictions on the secrets themselves; the only rule is that they must have never been told to anyone.   The secrets cover an array of topics and emotions. Some are heart-touching, some are tearjerkers, and others can make you laugh really hard. As a whole, it’s a compelling and extremely captivating website.


This is a site that perfectly blends hip hop and rap music. On the homepage, you can find some of the latest and greatest artists, along with new videos and news about the two genres. When you venture deeper into the site, you are able to browse through a seemingly endless supply of songs, artists, mix tapes, and albums. Here’s the kicker: they’re all free and safe to download. One amazing feature that this site offers is the top 100. This is a list compiled of the top 100 songs of either the day, the week, the month, or all time.


The much-anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops was released on November 9th, and developer Treyarch and publisher Activision reaped the benefits of $360 million in first day sales. Cue the phones ringing nonstop in Exeter High School’s Main Office, because senior skip days start now. But is it worth it for seniors, or anyone for that matter, to skip school in order to play yet another installment in the Call of Duty franchise?   In a word: yes. Little has changed with the Call of Duty formula save for the multiplayer, which is fantastic. The actual gameplay has thankfully stayed the same, but now you earn COD Points after each multiplayer match, which you can spend on the items that you want after you unlock them by ranking up. Earning these points, which function as the game’s currency, isn’t too difficult with regular multiplayer matches, but you can earn more points by playing Wager Matches and by completing contracts. This makes for an interesting and welcome change to Call of Duty’s renowned multiplayer.   Unfortunately, the single player is not nearly as good as the multiplayer. The story is told through a confusing torture scene, the character being controlled by the player changes constantly, and there are no additions to the formula that make an impact. My biggest complaint with the campaign is the lack of control for the player. There are a lot of first-person

REVIEW || 2010 cinematic sequences that would be amazing for the player to control, but sadly this is not the case. After I beat the game, I felt no need to replay any missions.   As with Treyarch’s last Call of Duty, zombies attack after you finish the single player. I won’t ruin who you play as, but make sure to watch the opening scene and listen to your character as you’re playing: it’s absolutely hysterical. The mode is the same, with a few tweaks, so expect to waste hours of your time blasting zombies back to death with a couple of friends.   By all means, go out and buy Call of Duty: Black Ops. As long as you don’t expect too much from the single player, you will have loads of fun with the game, thanks to the fantastic multiplayer.



LANZO’S ITALIAN BISTRO Lanzo’s, located on Lincoln Street


This game takes one of the most fun sports video games, FIFA soccer, and adds the World Cup theme. There are tons of teams to play as, and there’s nothing like scoring a goal with Netherland’s Arjen Robben or kicking a corner as England’s Wayne Rooney. The graphics are a bit improved and captivate the World Cup atmosphere: from the paper bits strewn along the sidelines to the vuvuzelas sounding out from the crowd.   The game modes make this game addictive and an infinite source of pleasure when playing against your friends in tournament mode. The only drawback is that this game is identical to the standard version, FIFA 2010. Still, the World Cup theme adds an element of excitement and distinguishes this game as the best sports game of the year.

The newly established Lanzo’s Italian bistro on Lincoln Street in Exeter may have an exterior that looks like an unlikely place for Italian dining. First off, the décor has no coordination and uniquely, the employees are made up of students from the Great Bay Elearning Charter School. The restaurant has that Exeter small town charm and the food was, to my surprise, very flavorful.   We first ordered the stuffed mushroom as our appetizer. Restaurant goers who choose to order the stuffed mushrooms ($9.00) have the choice between vegetarian or sausage. We ordered the sausage and found them quite delicious. The mushrooms were very fresh which, in my opinion, makes them a good choice for an appetizer. Freshness is key.   Being a seafood lover, I got the seafood scampi ($20.00). The scampi comes with shrimp, mussels, scallops, and calamari. The scampi came with linguini and Lanzo’s signature butter, wine, and herb sauce. If you order the scampi you can also have the choice of alfredo or fra diavolo sauce instead. The portions were very large and the entrees overall flavor was to my surprise, once again, surprisingly delicious. My guest ordered the Eggplant parmesan and similar to the seafood scampi, the portion was very large. The piece of eggplant was a large breaded piece

and was quite fresh. The meal also came with a heaping portion of pasta. Overall, it was a very filling experience. All entrees also come with an additional side salad for only two dollars. Another perk to Lanzo’s is that they frequently make their own pasta.   An appealing component to the entree selection at Lanzo’s is that patrons have the option to create their own meal through the “pasta your way” option on the menu.   The guest has the option of choosing out of five different pasta choices, six sauces, five different types of meat, and five different types of cheeses for personalized pasta creations.   One of the best perks to Lanzo’ are the astonishing prices. The gargantuan entrees prices are in the teen range with the most expensive entree being 20.00. The appetizers and salads range from 8.00 to 10.00. For the amount of food that is served, the prices are hard to beat.   Lanzo’s Italian Bistro on Lincoln Street is a brilliant example of not judging a book by its cover. The atmosphere and staff have a very down to earth feel that exemplifies what Exeter is all about. Lanzo’s could just be the closest thing to the North End that you are going to find in Exeter N.H.






Impress Her Parents

Every guy has his own way of winning over the girl he likes, but he goes into shock when it comes to dealing with her parents. Some guys know one or two moves, but it’s difficult to find the balance between sucking up and being Prince Charming. Here are some tips for wooing your significant other’s parents, invented by students at EHS.

Devin Stoddard, Senior

-I would be polite and give her parents a firm handshake. Also make sure to be friendly, talkative, and look them in the eyes. -Ask them questions for small talk, depending on the situation. -Dress appropriately, I would wear a sports jacket and jeans.

Travis Rummo, Freshman

-I’d wear jeans and a flannel shirt -For conversation I’d ask them how their job is going and current events in the news. -Make sure to speak like a normal person, don’t use words you don’t regularly use.

Joe Smyth, Freshman -I would dress nicely -Make sure to talk politely -Try to impress or kiss up - Bring her home on time

Top Ways to Get Kicked Out of the Library BY BRENDAN LORTIE “Have a picnic on the floor.” – Gregg Miller ‘11 “Play hide-and-seek.” – Michelle Moreau ‘11 “Add a fifth chair to a table.” – Joey Kenny ‘12 “Bump beats.” – Jon Spivey ‘11 “Make an appearance in your birthday suit.” –Pete Sheldon ‘12 “Give someone a piggyback ride.” –Lindsay Mumford ‘11 “Knock over the bookcases like dominoes.” –Melissa Proulx ‘11 “Record yet another #$!@ ‘Waka Waka’ video.” –Matt Dean ‘14 Rearrange the letters on the bookshelves to spell naughty words. -Editor


Sit on the book shelves. (left)


Texting, to begin with, comes through as a monotone voice. Sarcasm starts to sound mean because expressions and tone of voice don’t translate through text. Save the sarcastic statements for in person conversations.

5 . G O T H E D I S TA N C E

Using “u” for “you” and “ik” for “I know” is something we all started doing when we were 12 years old when we talked on AIM. Some grew out of this silly stage while others are stuck in their adolescent period. Since we now type out essays using full words, our texting should be that way too.


Try to refrain from saying things in text that you wouldn’t say to someone in person. Face to face conversation can actually be easier and less awkward than texting because your emotions come through. Stop hiding behind your phone.

-I’d wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt. -With her dad, I’d be prepared for a stern discussion regarding acceptable behaviors, but with her mom, you’ll most likely


Let’s face it: our generation has become addicted to electronics. We no longer talk face to face but more through text messaging to avoid awkward conversations. Most teens, on average, send more than 100 texts per day. For avid texters, here is some advice to help you steer clear of being annoying on the device that teens can’t live without.

2 . E L A B O R AT E

-This is how I break the ice: I give her mom a big hug. -I would wear jeans but my legs don’t fit into them, so I’d wear shorts. -I’d definitely talk to them about football and sports in general.



If you’re trying end the conversation then just end it. If you wanted the conversation to keep going, well, you’ve pretty much just killed the whole thing. No one wants to answer back to a one word answer.

Tim McCain, Senior


A Beginner’s Guide to Texting Etiquette

1 . “ L O L” I S A N N OY I N G

-I would not use profane language. -Always give them a firm handshake, it shows that you’re a respectable man.

just chat about school.


This abbreviated answer has gone out of style. If you want to show that what the person said before you is funny, simply add in a “haha”, which is ten times better than LOL. Since this answer is so abbreviated, it’s usually extremely hard to respond back to.

Riley Maguire, Junior

Ethan Joyce, Sophomore


The Wheel of Cool







The transportation security agency has recently increased their screening regimen. Patdowns and two hour lines are now to be expected. Freedom vs. security? At least gasoline is a reasonable option for the holiday travels.


Only cool kids sit on the benches in front of the cafeteria. Incidentally, only cool kids get detentions.



T H E TA L O N ’ S G U I D E TO C U LT U R A L H I G H S A N D L OW S breaks down what’s cool and what’s not so Chris Hodgman cool in the media, around the world, and even here at Exeter High School.


The Doc released this line of high performance head phones in 2008. In two years this one model has finally come to dominate the hallways. Mini subs roam the common areas, bumping “Straight Outta Compton” I should hope. So Hesh is so old, and Dre has won the fight for the title of best earmuffs around.


The way modern medicine is advancing, the Celts could be good for a while.





These fuzzy boots have engrained themselves into high school culture. They certainly look comfortable, but not much more than that.


Let’s face it, we all like the tights. I imagine most girls find them fairly practical and comfortable, and the guys aren’t complaining either. As winter rolls around the trend becomes breathtakingly prominent, high school girls love yoga.


Fresh Mexican food just a few minutes from the senior lot. Arguably the best lunch around for an extra buck. Ask for the Lizano Costa Rican sauce, they’ll know you’re a regular.


Am I the only one who was terribly underwhelmed? Bad acting embedded into a two hour camping trip just doesn’t appeal to me.





D E F I N I T E LY C O O L : Holiday Recess



Really? That’s all I could say when I heard Pastor Terry Jones planning a celebratory burn to honor 9/11 victims. I can only speculate as to what crucial information was lost in translation from heaven to Florida.

The next best thing to summer break consists of ten glorious days of skiing, shopping and relaxing. No matter what holiday you celebrate, holiday break is a time to indulge. When your teachers advise you to “study for midterms ‘cause they’re right around the corner!” the easist response is simply to smile and nod, in your heart knowing that you won’t even pick up a pencil until next year.








drivesafe complete driver education programs

Classes start every 5 weeks and meet Monday, Tuesday, Wed nesday nights. 30 hours classroom, 6 hours observation, 10 hours driving. Classes start 1/03 (16 by 2/09), 2/07 (16 by 3/09) and 3/10 (16 by 4/12). Reserve your place in class online, see Dr. Atwood in F160 or Dr. K Atwood in Green Commons. 193 Water Street, Exeter (Next to PEA Boathouse) | DRIVESAFEINC.ORG | 778-8372 Established in 1977, Licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Certified by the Department of Education

The Talon  
The Talon  

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