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HISTORY: • The high school San jose, is a public teaching center, dependent on the Ministry of education and culture of the community board of Castilla-La Mancha; founded in 1954, it was initially located on Calle Alonso de Ojeda in our city, for -from 1975- to stay definitively located in a group of modern buildings in the neighborhood of Buenavista, in the northwest area of the capital, next to the Municipal Sports facilities of "la Fuensanta".

SOCIO-STUDENT CONTEXT • Our socio-student context is of social middle class. • The total number of students in the current school year is approximately 750.

EDUCATION OFFERS • IES San José gives us the possibility to study Secondary education, Baccalaureate and formative cycles. • Secondary education: 1st , 2nd , 3rd & 4th . • Baccalaureate: 1st & 2nd . • Formative cycles: Middle & superior grade: • Cuisine & gastronomy. • Automatic & electric instalations. • Electromagnetical maintenance. • Service of restauration. • Telecommunications installation. • Management of tourist accommodation. • Prevention of occupational risks. • Electronic & automatic systems.

TIMETABLE: • The classes start at 8:30 AM & end at 14:30PM or 15:25 PM if there is British hour for students. • Also there are classes at the evening.

RESIDENCE: • It constitutes a school service to facilitate access to education in public schools to certain students who, due to the distance of their home and lack of transportation to the educational center or conjunctural family situations, can not have this access. • It has 65 mixed bedrooms.

FACILITIES: • It has a central building, which has had successive extensions, in which are preferably located academic activities; of a second -joined to itthat occupies the Residence-Board together with other dependencies. Both are complemented by a third constituted by a sports pavilion of recent construction.

BRITISH EDUCATION: • Only in Secondary.

• It started in the year: • It consists in more level in English classes, one more English class for week and two more subjects using English instead of Spanish, that are in 1st and 3rd curse: Geography & History and Biology & Geology. And in 2nd curse: Geography & History and Physics & Chemistry.


Presentation I.E.S SAN JOSÉ (CUENCA)  

Presentation I.E.S SAN JOSÉ (CUENCA)

Presentation I.E.S SAN JOSÉ (CUENCA)  

Presentation I.E.S SAN JOSÉ (CUENCA)