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Cosmic Dance is an exploration into the realm of mythic imagination, a song of the universe, the music of the spheres.

Symbolic Language

Symbology, a language of drawings and representation, offers insights into the psychology of the mind. It is a form of expression that has developed over the centuries from many sources – primitive, talismanic, hieroglyphic, medieval, religious, elemental, astrological, astronomical, botanical and chemical.

Many ancient symbols survive today and are woven securely into the fabric of everyday life. The circle, triangle and star, for instance, have meanings buried deep in the dawn of human civilization. Their use, however, has stood in many ways unchanged throughout the flow of ages. Some contemporary symbols, such as ideograms or graphic designs, are modern versions of hieroglyphics, representing an idea rather than a single word. In contemporary medicine, chemistry and physics, many ancient mathematical, alchemical and astronomical signs have retained their original forms and meanings.

Mythological symbols from antiquity are also in use today. Many of the attributes of Greek, Roman and Oriental deities and heroes have retained their symbolic presence in our own world. Similarly, magical and mystic signs from the Middle Ages puts us in touch with yet another mythical realm that transcends time and space. Iconography refers to the images or symbols associated with the religious or legendary.

Every pattern of sacred geometry creates an energy field-form of creativity or manifestation. This versatile energy nurtures our spirit and awakens our divine truth.

Sacred geometry revealed the underlying order and symmetry. The artful blending of religious themes and geometric patterns, form a symmetry found associated with religious architecture in churches, a spiritual realm of hierarchy of angels and men.


Cosmic Dance Mandala, represents the graphic symbol of the universe. A circle containing multiple images in a geometric and psychometric arrangement of forms. It is used as a vehicle for mediation and for entering into transient states.

Cosmic Chaos, is a state of things in which change is supreme. The confused unorganized state of primordial matter in the void. A formless undesigned occurrence.

Yantra, a cosmic geometric symbol (Hindu,) has around it’s centre, several concentric shapes such as: triangles, circles and rings of lotus petals, which radiates outwards from the centre. It is used in conjunction with mantras or mystical realms.

Good Spirits, a collection of ideograms or alchemic and mythological signs to attract good.

Enlightenment, (Buddhism,) is a state of “being” illuminate and spiritual insight. The absence of desire or suffering.

Cosmos, represents a collection of majestic stars flung into space in an elliptical spiral, as if by explosions forming a massive energy vortex of cosmic inspiration.

All Seeing Eye represents spiritual sight, inner vision, insight and higher knowledge.

Shiva, Lord of the Dance, this symbolic mythic figure comes from India, eleven century. In Shiva’s hair is a skull and new moon; death and rebirth. In one hand is a little drum of time, in the opposite hand is a flame which burns away the veil of time and opens our minds to eternity.

Star represents the power to create. It stands for vision, creativity and manifestation. The five pointed star represents the intersection of the spiritual path. The light of the star emanates eternal light. The hexagon star represents the trinity and a way of truth. We recognize that we are of the ephemeral physical plane but we are also of the heavens. “Follow your own star.” Dove represents peace, the Holy Spirit, and a conciliatory attitude harmonious with nature. Attune yourself to the eternal nature of things and your actions will endure.

Yin and Yang represent two principles: yin – the feminine passive principle in nature which exhibits darkness; and yan – the masculine active principle in nature which exhibits light. The two combine, and the dividing line between them separates the dark and light worlds.

Ephemeral Energy Vortex represents a transient state – the quality or state of being a celestial body. Vortex is a mass velocity, whirling or circular motion, forming a vacuum in it’s centre. Vortex can also represent a uniform measure of time defined by the orbital motion of planets.








Cosmic Chaos


Good Spirits


Cosmic Dance




Yin Yang


Wishing Well

Spiritual Harmony

Cosmic Dance  

A book on Cosmology I digitally re-designed and produced.

Cosmic Dance  

A book on Cosmology I digitally re-designed and produced.