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Baskerville is a transitional serif typeface (1706–1775) in Birmingham, England. Baskface, positioned between the old style typestyles of Giambattista Bodoni & Firmin Diof John Baskerville’s intent to improve upon creased the contrast between thick and thin more tapered, and shifted the axis of roundcurved strokes are more circular in shape, These changes created a greater consistenwas the culmination of a larger series of exalso included paper making and ink manureflected Baskerville’s ideals of perfection, finement. His background as a writing mason the uppercase Q and in the cursive serfeeling of the typeface makes it an excellent In 1757, Baskerville published his first followed by some fifty other classics. In Cambridge University Press. It was there work, a folio Bible, which was printed us-


designed in 1757 by John Baskerville erville is classified as a transitional typefaces of William Caslon, and the modern dot. The Baskerville typeface is the result the types of William Caslon. He instrokes, making the serifs sharper and ed letters to a more vertical position. The and the characters became more regular. cy in size and form. Baskerville’s typeface periments to improve legibility which facturing. The result was a typeface that where he chose simplicity and quiet reter is evident in the distinctive swash tail ifs in the Baskerville Italic. The refined choice to convey dignity and tradition. work, a collection of Virgil, which was 1758, he was appointed printer to the in 1763 that he published his master ing his own typeface, ink, and paper.



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SemiBold Italics

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Bold Italics 5


1.) John Baskerville was born in 1706. It wasn’t until 1757 that he created the font Baskerville. How old was John when he created the font? 1757 -1706 = 51 Years Old 51 2.) John Baskerville had accomplishments in each of these years: 1750, 1757, (2) 1758, 1763 and 1770. How many achievements did John accomplish? 1+1+2+1+1 = 6 Achievements 3.) John Baskerville was appointed printer to the Cambridge University press in 1758. In 1763 he published his master work, a folio Bible at Cambridge University. How many years did it take him to publish his work from the time he arrived at Cambridge? 1763 -1758 = 5 Years. 5 7