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The cit y you love to hate: Reborn




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Overview/Mission Statement


History of Spokane


Map of Spokane


There’s Nothing to Eat Here


There’s Nothing to do Here


Nothing Ever Happens Here


You Chose to Travel Here? Why?


Still Not Convinced?


I Need to Get Out of Here!

The city You Love to Hate: Reborn “Man I Can’t wait to get out of this place!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard those words come out of peoples mouths when they talk about Spokane. Some were born in the area and, like any local, feel as though they’ve witnessed and experienced everything the city has to offer. Some have had one bad experience in the city and have allowed that to dictate their view of our fair city. Some just aren’t willing to give the city a chance to speak to them and show them the parts they never thought were there. Fortunately, a young and devilishly handsome designer has decided to create a city guide that will hopefully redefine what Spokane means to its people. With a goal of expanding your current knowledge about the cities unique eats, activities, and events, I hope you’ll find a few things that will reshape what you’ve previously viewed Spokane to be. “I’m not a local, I need to know where to stay and what I can do!” Fear not, non-spokanite, while this guide won’t be heavily tailored for tourists visiting our city. I have included a few pages compelete with places to stay and the top 10 things you should definitely do before you leave. Simply put, Spokane is more than Hoopfest, Bloomsday, and a Big Red Wagon; and I hope that this city guide can be a first step to prove that.



History of Spokane

Alright, let’s be real; if you haven’t taken it upon yourself to research the history of the city you were born in, then you likely have little intention of reading about it now. So I will do my best to keep this section short, sweet, and non “textbookie”. Spokane was founded in 1873 by James Nettle Glover and was actually called Spokan Falls when it first became a settlement. They didn’t even add the infamous “e” to the spelling until ten years after the founding. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why not just keep the phonetically syscinct and logical spelling for the city?” Well that’s because it’s far more fun to have tourists pronounce the name of our city in every way except for the correct one. Basically the “e” is just one massive troll created by the founders of this glorious city. And as you can see, they were far ahead of their time. Spokane was also the commercial center for the inland northwest because of it’s location. Yes, you heard me right, I said SPOKANE was the commercial center, not Seattle. Just remember that there was a time when lady Spokane was as important as she was beautiful.

Key Hotel

Things to Do

Not Convinced






Here’s a map of my favorite places from each category!

There’s Nothing To Eat Here Overview: Ahhh yes the first of many universal statements made about Spokane, uttered by many who claim Spokane has nothing to satiate the needs of those looking for food other than a Mcdonalds or Jimmy Johns. Get ready to eat your words nay sayers, because I have succesfully prepared a list of some of the most unique and delicious places to eat within the city limits. Each restraunt section will contain an overview, location, rating and a dish recommended by yours truly. DIG IN!

Dinner or Lunch: The Flying Goat Overview: Their fire-kissed

crusts are seriously no joke; plus the rest of their pizza is pretty good too. Seriously worth a try.


3318 W Northwest Blvd.

Recommended Dish: The Gordon Rating: 4.3/5

The Milk Bottle Overview: Built in 1933, the

Milk Bottle is a traditional burgers and milkshake experience for the family. Also, it’s easy on the wallet.

Location: 802 W Garland Ave Recommended Dish: It’s a burger place...enough said. Rating: 4.1/5

QQ Sushi & Kitchen Overview: QQ is some of the

best sushi you’ll have in Spokane, and one of the only places you can get French Asian cuisine. Not to mention complimentary deep fried california rolls.

Location: 1635 W Bradley Rd. Recommended Dish: Red Dragon Roll Rating: 4.8/5



Breakfast: Terry’s Diner Overview: Nothing like a

little dive to show you real home cooking. Terry’s is everything you want out of breakfast and more.

Location: 7815 E Trent Ave Recommended Dish: French Toast, duh. Rating: 4.6/5

Chaps Coffee Co. Overview: The perfect spot for a “bruncher”, Chaps comes complete with delicious food, fantastic service, and outdoor seating.


4235 S Cheney Spokane Rd

Recommended Dish: Cinnamon Rolls Rating: 4.9/5

Dessert: The Scoop Overview: Ahhh sweet, sweet

icecream. The Scoop is everything you’ve ever wanted out of homemade icecream. A must-visit for all.

Location: 1001 W 25th Ave Recommended Dish: Milkshakes = Heaven Rating: 4.2/5

Common Crumb Bakery Overview: Treats on treats

on treats on treats; the Common Crumb Bakery is a local business chalk full of bakery goodness.

Location: 19 West Main Recommended Dish: Two words: Apple Pie Rating: 4.8/5



There’s Nothing To Do Here Overview: For years, Spokane has been accused of being as boring as perpetual drying paint. Complaints of “nothing to do” run rampant through the lips of Spokane’s citizens. And while most would probably like fun activities to just jump out and scream “PARTICIPATE IN ME”, they have never taken the time to really research some of the crazy and obscure things Spokane has to offer, even for a local.This section is dedicated to the notion that there IS something to do in Spokane, if you’re simply willing to look a little deeper.

Manito Park Overview: Like ducks? How

about gardens and playgrounds? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Manito Park is a must-go for you. The park is 90 acres of pure outdoor beauty and fun. Whether you want to go feed fat ducks or simply peruse the many gardens that can be found throughout the land, Manito park has something for everybody.

Contact: (509) 363-5455 Location: 1702 S. Grand Blvd.

Row Adventure Center Overview: A child company

of the larger, national ROW Adventures, the Row Adventure Center is a little slice of outdoor heaven for anyone looking to get out and go. From whitewater rafting to lake kyaking, ROW Adventure Center they’ve got plenty of outdoor activities you can do to keep you busy. Don’t fall in.

Contact: (208) 770-2517 Location: 209 S. Washington

Spokane Symphony Overview: If you love music

the way do, then the Spokane Symphony is definitely something you should check out. Besides being a beautiful form of art, their performances are stellar and their musicians even more so. With concerts being put on regularly, it’s easy to catch them in action. Plus they even have classes you can take if you’re trying to learn to play.

Contact: (509)-624-1200 Location: 1001 W Sprague Ave.



Mica Moon Zip Tours Overview: For the daredevils

out there, Ziplining is probably as close to adrenaline chasing as you’ll get in Spokane. Mica Moon’s Canopy Tours are seriously something to be marveled at. They are a family owned buisiness that excel in giving their customers a great and safe experience. Plus, they were named after moonshine so what’s not to love?

Contact: (509)-587-4020 Location: 23403 E. Mission Ave.

Groove Merchants Overview: I don’t know about

you, but I could spend hours in a record store looking through the obscure and fantastic records it has to offer. If you don’t have a record player, get one, go to Groove Merchants, buy your favorite song in record form, and then experience why records are a lost beauty. If you enjoy music, Groove Merchants is a great start to a new hobby.

Contact: (509) 328-2327 Location: 905 W Garland Ave.

Latah Creek Wine Cellars Overview: What’s better than

wine you ask? How about an adorable father daughter winemaking duo? Latah Creek Wine Cellars is a family owned business that excels in creating delicious wine that’ll make you wish you remembered drinking it in the first place. Not to mention that they also provide tours for anybody wanting to check out the cellars.

Contact: (509)-926-0164 Location: 13030 E. Indiana Ave.

Way Out West Overview: Whether you want

to purchase some decorations for your lawn or just look at some totally obscure and unique pieces of art, Way Out West is a cool trip for anybody looking for something to get them out of the house. You can purchase pieces or simply look around for your next art obsession. However, be warned; you will be amazed by what you find.

Contact: (509) 954-0698 Location: 11610 W. White Rd.



Nothing Ever Happens Here Overview: Spokane is seen as this grey blob that never puts on any events or exciting celebrations for it’s citizens, when, in actuality, Spokane has a multitude of different events and celebrations for almost every walk of life. Try your best to throw out your previous assumptions that nothing ever happens in Spokane. But if you just can’t part ways with your blind rage, hopefully this section of the city guide will help you formulate atleast a more accurate representation of the city.

Concerts at the Knit Overview: I don’t know many

people that don’t like seeing their favorite artist in concert. And while the Knit may not ever get Adele to play there, they almost always have new headliners playing there. Some of which may even be your favorite artist. Also, concerts aren’t the only thing that the Knit hosts. Tons of comedy shows and EDM events are held at the venue as well.

Location: 919 W. Sprague Ave. When: Dates Vary Pricing: Prices Vary

KuroNekoCon Overview: One of the more

obscure things on our list, KuroNekoCon is Spokane’s very own Anime convention. If you’re not familiar with the medium then this is your chance to witness a culture different than anything you’ve probably experienced before. If you’re an anime fan, then KuroNekoCon is something you have to go to before you die.

Location: 1234 N Samantha Rd. When: August 3-5 Pricing: $30-$40

Art Fest Overview: Art Fest is an annual

event that you can take your entire family to. Complete with tons of vendors sharing their art, Art Fest is definitely a must if you have any creative bones in your body. Or if creativity to you is like oil to water, then you can still enjoy the music and food that’s sprinkled throughout downtown during the festival.

Location: Downtown Spokane When: June 1-3 Pricing: (509)-456-3931 SPOKANE CITY GUIDE


You Chose to Travel Here? Why? Overview: Well you’re here, and I’m sure in between the constant “Why did you choose here?” is thrown at you from everyone and their dog, you’ve tried to see the bright side of this city. But you still don’t know where to stay or what you want to do while you’re here. Well worry not Mr. and Mrs. tourist, I have (against my better judgement) included a section dedicated completely to you and your journey to not have a totally sucky time in our lovable and eccentric city.

The Davenport Overview: The creme de la

creme. The Davenport is the quintessential “Ritz” of Spokane. Anyone who’s anyone stays here when they come to town. If you’re looking for a 5 star experience with all the fixings then the Davenport or one of it’s affiliates (there’s like three Davenports now) is the hotel for you. Be warned; this hotel is not for the shallow-walleted.

Location: 333 W Spokane F Blvd.

Rating: 4.5 Star Pricing: $149-$2,499/night Breakfast: It better have it.

Hotel Ruby Overview: Another downtown

hotel, the Ruby is far more affordable than the Davenport, plus it comes with a swanky design and a fun loving staff. The lounge area is said to be their biggest draw with it’s cool design and open atmosphere. All this plus a central location to most things downtown may make Hotel Ruby your best bet for your first stay in Spokane.

Location: 901 W. 1st Ave. Rating: 3.5 Star Pricing: $95/night Breakfast: Yes

Hampton Inn Overview: The Hampton Inn

is an excellent choice for those looking for a moderately priced hotel right by the airport. The amenities are pretty standard as far as hotels go, with there being a pool and wifi and such. However as was stated earlier the largest draw of this hotel is it’s close proximity to the Spokane Airport. Plus, there’s a nice garden around the hotel too.

Location: 2010 S. Assembly St. Rating: 4 Star Pricing: $110/night Breakfast: Yes SPOKANE CITY GUIDE


Double Tree Overview: Double Trees are

known for their spectacular rewards programs so if you’re a member then this is definitely the hotel for you. There’s also a breakfast buffet that would make any normal person happy. All of that combined with it’s close proximity to the Spokane City Center make the Double Tree an excellent choice for any tourist.


322 N. Spokane Falls Ct. Rating: 4 Star Pricing: $100/night Breakfast: Buffet Style

The Super 8 Overview: If you’re trying to

do your Spokane trip on a budget, then the Super 8 is your best bet. With the lowest rates of any of the hotels on my list, the Super 8 is an excellent hotel for the price you pay. Plus you can look forward to suspect eggs and waffle mix waffles every morning. Breakfast aside, the Super 8 is seriously a great hotel that’s easy on the wallet.

Location: 2020 N. Argonne Rd. Rating: 3 Star Pricing: $66/night Breakfast: “Yes”

Top 10 Things to see Before You Leave 1. Riverfront Park 2. Centennial Trail 3. Green Bluff 4. Spokane Falls 5. Riblet Mansion & Arbor Crest Winery 6. Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture 7. Mica Moon Zip Tours 8. Boo Radley’s 9. St. John’s Cathedral 10. Manito Park



Still Not Convinced? Overview: So you’ve gotten through most of this city guide and you’re still not convinced that Spokane is the creative, interesting city I’ve been saying it is. Maybe you’re super cynical or maybe you just aren’t interested in the material I’ve been covering; either way I’m going to make one last ditch effort to help you see Spokane the way it could be seen. If you still don’t see things my way after this next section, then you probably just hate all things good and joyous in this world.

Pigout in the Park Overview: Free admission, live

music, and tons of food vendors make for one sweet week. Every year Spokane hosts this heavenly festival of food and “picnicary” to celebrate...well food I think. Reasons set aside, the pigout in the park is something every local looks forward to each year as it’s like thanksgiving before thanksgiving. And who doesn’t love that?

Location: Riverfront Park When: August 29-September 3 Pricing: $Free.99

The Steam Plant Overview: Who doesn’t want

to eat in a repurposed steam plant chalk full with delicious food? Seriously a great experience.

Location: 159 S. Lincoln Recommended Dish: Salmon Carbonar Rating: 4/5

Boo Radleys Overview: Anybody that’s read

“To Kill a Mockingbird” knows exactly what to expect from this quirky little store. Filled to the brim with knick knacks and other oddities, Boo Radley’s is a perfect example of just how weird Spokane can be. If you’ve never been you need to go if only to say that you have been. And if you’ve been then you either loved it or hated it.

Contact: (509)-456-7 479 Location: 232 N. Howard St.



I Need to Get Out of Here! Overview: Well, you’ve made it to the last section of this city guide; and now you’ve decided that you still hate Spokane and want to swear off big red wagons for life. In an effort to appease your need to “get out of here” I have provided three places that are within close(ish) relative proximity to Spokane. Hopefully you can take a trip to maybe give you a break from the Spokane lifestyle, and maybe in the process you’ll also gain a new found admiration for everything Spokane has to offer...or not.

Seattle Overview: Ahhh Seattle, if

Spokane had an arch nemesis, this would be it. Complete with everything Spokane doesn’t have, Seattle is great if you like the big city life and lots and lots of rain. Ok, fine they have some cool stuff too.

Highlights: Pikes Place, Mariners, Seattle Sea Hawks, rain Distance (time): 5hr (car) 45min (plane)

Coeur d’alene Overview: Coeur d’alene has

tons of fun stuff to do and it’s super close to Spokane. If you’re looking for a quick and easy getaway, CDA is definitely the perfect spot. You’ll get the chance to leave Spokane without the stress on your wallet.

Highlights: CDA Resort, CDA Lake, Tubbs Hill

Distance (time): 45min (car)

Canada Overview: I’ll do my best not to

make any corny jokes(no promises). Canada provides a chance to leave Spokane and also leave the country. Canada is seriously fantastic, if you don’t mind maple syrup and kindness everywhere.

Highlights: Maple syrup, kindness, leaves, Canadian things Distance (time): 8hr (car) 3hr (plane)




Welcome to the end of this glorious city guide. I hope you were able to take something from all of my ramblings and maybe, just maybe, you’ve achieved some new found since of admiration for this glorious city we live in. If not then I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I hope you find somewhere to live that you truly feel has everything you’re looking for. The purpose of this city guide was to rebrand and rewrite all of the preconceptions and assumptions that people (including citizens) place on the city of Spokane. No we’re not flashy, no we don’t have a Chic-fil-a, yes we do have more potholes than people, and yes we do have quite a large homeless population. But we’re a weird, creative city that has more character than many give us credit for.

Spokane city guide issuu  

A city guide to rebrand the city of Spokane

Spokane city guide issuu  

A city guide to rebrand the city of Spokane