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Personal presentation

Hi,my name is Maxim Boonen. I’m 18 years old and my Birthday is the 15th of april. I live in Tildonk , a city nar by Leuven or Brussels in Belgium. I go to school in Genk, this is more than 50 kilometers of my home town so in the week, from Monday till Wednesday, I live in Genk on a boarding school. I like it because you live there together with many pupil in one place.

The boarding school where I mostly spend my time the last 2 years ago.

When I have nothing to do for school, I work on my car or drive whit the truck or drawing trucks. These three things are together with my family really important in my life.

A drawing, that I made a few months ago.

The truck where I drive with in the vacations.

My pride <3. So this was a little bit of my side, hope you enjoying itâ&#x20AC;Ś See you at E-twinning!! Greetings from Belgium.

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