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S a E J A C I S R O M U A E N

About the Artist

My interest in art for the earlier part of my life was more of a hobby and appreciation than a livelihood. I began designing when I was engaged to be married in 2004. Unable to find any invitations that truly spoke to me, I took on the challenge of making my own. I discovered how much I truly enjoyed making something that was built around me, and that I had so many more possibilities. I am a firm believer that design is made for the recipient, and is never generic. It should be made custom to each individual and serves a specific purpose, whether it is in print, on the web, or everyday objects. Design is personal, intimate, and expressive. I have a sincere love for Jazz and the mood that is carried with it. I gravitate towards shapes and lines from the art deco and art nouveau periods. The forms that accompanied that era are strong yet elegant, and timeless while being lively and mysterious. Their influence in my designs are recognizable, but with a clean, modern finish and a streamlined approach. The overabundance of technology makes it easier to include distractions and unnecessary information that can often confuse or mislead a reader. There is a tendency to crowd a design with information and complexity. As a result, a message can often get lost in everyday design. I strive to create simple, straightforward designs with fresh, appealing palettes that are approachable and meaningful to each recipient.


860.329.1020 • • 175 Hockanum Rd., Hadley, MA 01035-9776

Education: 2007-2009 Tunxis Community College Associates in Graphic Design Program 4.0 GPA, Deans List for Academic Excellence Phi Theta Kappa nomination 4 pieces selected for Barnes Gallery Student Exhibition

o g Lo Project: Brand identity for fictitious bakery named “On a Roll.� The bakery sells healthy food on-the-go (no dining in.) Logo should incorporate idea of freshness, speediness, and healthfulness. Specs: 2 Color Logo Business Card Comps Full-Color Advertisment Classwork for TXCC Design Program, 2007


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07 86 81 A 9 7-34 e, W8) 77 l t t (90 om ea . S Fax: ery.c ve 5 ak yA er -348 ollb k Ba 77 ar 13 08) 7 w.on d3 ar w : (9 Bakery Ave.s C PH 13w


e Seattle, WAin s 98107 PH: (908) Bu777-3485 Fax: (908) 777-3486

Sandwiches Salads Soups Breads Pastries Coffee Tea

Breads Pastries Coffee & Tea

Soups Salads Sandwiches 13 Bakery Ave. Seattle, WA 98107 PH: (908) 777-3485 Fax: (908) 777-3486

Business Card 3

Business Card 1 1

Fresh Baked Bread Loaves




13 Bakery Ave. Seattle, WA 98107 PH: (908) 777-3485 Fax: (908) 777-3486



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2 for $7




The best thing since sliced bread.

Sandwiches Salads Soups Breads Pastries Coffee Tea

Breads Pastries Coffee & Tea

Soups Salads Sandwiches 13 Bakery Ave. Seattle, WA 98107 PH: (908) 777-3485 Fax: (908) 777-3486


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Sandwiches Salads Soups S ds Breads Pastries ala ies s S astr 07 6 Coffee Tea e 1 h s P 8 8 a c 9 4 e i T -3 A w d 77 nd rea ffee , W137Bakery Ave., Seattle, WA 98107 B Sa tle 08) m Co at PH: (908) 777-3485 Fax: (908) 777-3486 Se ax: (9 , . ve 5 F aker A b 8 ry ke 7-34 roll 7 a Ba d 2 Business Card 2 13 08) 7 w.on ar (9 ww sC H:

Business Card 1


Business Card 3




ndwiches Salads Soups Breads Pastries Coffee Tea

Come in and sample one of our 16 varieties of fresh bread baked daily:

13 Bakery Ave. Seattle, WA 98107 PH: (908) 777-3485 • Fax: (908) 777-3486



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Business Card 4

13 Sea Bakery t A PH: tle, WA ve. (908 9 Fax ) 77 8107 : 7-34 www (908 85 ) .ona 7 rol 77-34 lba ker 86 y .c om San dwic Sala hes d Sou s p Bre s a Past ds ries Cof fee Tea

Italian Whole Wheat French Kalamata Olive Roasted Garlic Stone-Ground Rye Oat Nut Foccacia

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13 B ak (908 ery Av e. Se ) 77 www 7-3485 attle, WA .ona F 98 rol ax: (90 lba 8) 7 107 ker 77-3486 m Bu


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13 Bakery Ave. Seattle, WA 98107 PH: (908) 777-3485 • Fax: (908) 777-3486

Business Card 4



Bre ads Cof Pastrie fee s & Te a

Asiago Cheese Sourdough Sundried Tomato Pumpernickle Olive Oil Sesame Seed Seven Harvest Potato

13 Bakery Ave., Seattle, WA 98107 PH: (908) 777-3485 Fax: (908) 777-3486




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Graphic Illust


Left to Right: Poster for Tour de Colebrook Bike Race; Saxophone, Barnes Gallery Selection Audrey, a digital portrait All pieces are coursework for TXCC Design Program, 2008.


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at home and suppoRt a

gReat cause.

To learn more about TREATI, Inc., please see other side. YES! I’ve checked all the excItIng sItes I’d lIke nOt tO see! c.


$10 Subway Tickets (not ridden) $20 Ice Skating in Rockefeller Center (not taken) $25 Photo With Celebrities (not taken) $35 Carriage Ride in Central Park (not ridden) $50 Shopping at Tiffany’s (Not Purchased) $75 Limo Sightseeing Tour (not taken) $100 Dinner in Manhattan (not eaten) $200Broadway Musicals (not seen) $500 the WOrks! Total Amount Enclosed Name Address City, State, Zip Please make all checks payable to TREATI, Inc. Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thank you for your generous donation!

Left: Three-piece mailing for Trauma Research, Education, and Training Institute (TREATI) of the Traumatic Stress Institute (TSI) of Klingberg Family Centers. Mailing produced to raise funds using a “nonevent,” 2008. Clockwise: Front design, RSVP card, back design.

3 Color Logo for LEED International, organization to help educate Africans and promote literacy, Coursework for TXCC Design Program, 2008. Thank you cards for Klingberg Family Centers, Inc. Employee Recognition program, 2009. Holiday Card for Klingberg Family Centers Employee Bonus, conveying green design initiative, 2008. Printed on recycled stock using biodegradable inks, trifold design to hold giftcards and cut down on waste.


Right, clockwise.

• Information regarding Victims Rights • Aid in filing compensation forms • Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF- CBT) • Individual therapy • Family therapy • Group therapy • Crisis Counseling • Safety planning • Criminal justice support and advocacy • Advocacy • Child supervision concurrently during therapy sessions (when available)

• Transportation (when possible) • In-Home Parent Support/ Counseling • Bilingual (Spanish) services when available

New Britain Satellite Office 370 Linwood Street New Britain, CT 06452 ROUTE I-84 WEST FROM HARTFORD OR EAST FROM WATERBURY • Leave I-84 at Exit 35 (Route 72 East--New Britain)--This is a left hand exit • Take first exit (Exit 7, Corbin Avenue) • Turn right onto Corbin Ave., proceed to the fourth traffic light • At the light, take a left onto Shuttle Meadow Avenue • Take the right at second stop sign onto Linwood Street • Klingberg Family Centers is at the top of the hill ROUTE I-91 NORTH FROM NEW HAVEN OR SOUTH FROM HARTFORD • Leave Route 91 at Exit 22N (New Britain)--Follow Route 9N • Leave Route 9N at Exit 24 (Routes 71 and 372 Kensington)--This is a left hand exit • Follow 372 to the first set of lights • Turn right onto Route 71A (High Road/Kensington Avenue) • Take the second left, Cambridge Street • At the end of Cambridge Street, take a left onto Linwood Street • Klingberg Family Centers is at the top of the hill •

Hartford Main Campus: 120 Holcomb Street Hartford, Connecticut 06112 via I-91 North · Exit 35B — keep left on exit · Turn left onto Cottage Grove Road (RT 218) · follow to intersection of Blue Hills Avenue (RT187) · Turn left onto Blue Hills Avenue · Follow to 4th light (Holcomb Street) · Turn left onto Holcomb St · Main gate is 2nd driveway on the left via I-84 East · To I-91 North and Follow directions above via I-91 South · Exit 35B — turn right on exit · Turn right onto Cottage Grove Road (Rt. 218) · follow to intersection of Blue Hills Ave (Rt. 187) · Turn left onto Blue Hills Avenue · follow to 4th light (Holcomb Street) · Main gate is 2nd driveway on the left via I-84 West (From East of Vernon) · Exit right onto 291. · Follow to Rt. 218 · At light turn left onto Cottage Grove Road (Rt. 218) · Follow to intersection of Blue Hills Avenue (Rt. 187) · Turn left onto Blue Hills Avenue · Follow to 4th light (Holcomb Street) · Main gate is 2nd driveway on the left. PARKING · At the main gate follow driveway around to the right past garage · Park in lot past loading dock · Follow signs to Klingberg Family Centers

Season’s GREEN ings

Thank You


Child Abuse Treatment Services Hartford • New Britain CATS is a project funded in part by: The Office of Victim Services, Superior Court Operations Division, State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, Victims of Crime Act and Victim Assistance Act Grant Program.

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d or rtf a H M Great fun for the entire family! of ty val. i C sti S e v e n t e e n t h A n n u a l e th z Fe s to zz z d ja ie en al Ja ibilit tive ted nre. k e a e n ss ca e Klingberg Family Centers, New Britain, CTWe atio f po t cre histi zz g abl t a s y a n j o r e p o a e e o b Saturday, October 17, 2009 • 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. ns D Int alth ’s m e s ll th a i i s to u w sic nts bu ord we rld t th m artf s a e wo wai new s, yo t mu aura u ol he H vid:e f th es a ose vent bes rest ach t uredroCars o c th e f e wi y C2009 in as r e oi to Feat l pt-Mad e me ch ll as age are nd ce o live cu a ti Ev oCsot nnec o v i u s y e r a St the h esutto fo an lo mcoebiles an s w n is s fA f re dist ll be e g n M a Mai o i a e i . i o e s g h Th er w thre pa p an nad r the som hic lkin rict or be ex sici a o t w i y e c ft s, y w dis sic f nd b u e m z afi r a sic s s g u o ya z es u ta M ea ja ore y m e S in usin rld toda r f h o Be njo nco wit al b W ets e. e E ns ntr and tick ienc r to ny r ve ce tin, a ur pe m d ta he La e yo l ex T , n s r. a a es ur ha he lu ot z, B urc cult Featuring a special display of: General Jaz . P ue ys Admission iq Connecticut-Made Automobiles v da un s Ballroom Dancers of i Seniors $5 t th s

Klingberg Antique Auto Show

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Priv expanding and M a rc ha t e C o l l quickening in the eyesN of 1 5 - Ap r i l 3e C t i o n S ew B r 0, 200 ita Lexin in Museum 9 the sensitive observer.30 It g to n Stre et of Ame rica n , N ew Britain Art • www .nb , CT 0 dies by the same token. 6 052 • 8 6 0.22 9.0257 It is therefore a risky and unfeeling act to send it out into the world. How often it must be permanently impaired by the eyes of the vulgar and the cruelty of the impotent who would extend the affliction universally!

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Mark Rothko, born Marcus Rothkowitz, September 25, 1903–February 25, 1970, was a Latvian-born American painter and printmaker who is classified as an abstract expressionist, although he rejected not only the label but even being called an abstract painter. Come delve into a deep collection of works from his early abstract period to his later surreal “multiform” paintings.

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Great Oldies Music Dancers & Entertainers Fabulous Fall Menus Children’s Activities Galore


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Children 12 and under free

All spectator parking at Rock Cats Stadium Free shuttle service

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Mark Rothko Exhibition poster, Coursework for TXCC Design Program, 2008

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Poster for Hartford Jazz Festivall, Coursework for TXCC Design program, 2008 Black & White advertisement for Klingberg Family Centers Antique Auto Show, Hartford Business Journal, 2009 John Singer Sargent Exhibition black and white advertisement, Coursework for TXCC Design Program, 2008 John Singer Sargent Exhibition typography exercise, Coursework for TXCC Design Program, 2008.

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ad o R m nu a 76 7 k c 9 o 5 H 3 10 175 0 A y, M e l d a H om c . l i a gm @ 9 0 4 au e n r o jm 20 0 1 . 9 2 860.3

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