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Everyone heard about Facebook and its fan pages, well, maybe some of us that live in the Amazon jungle, didn't. Still, there might be a laptop or an iPhone with wireless connection to internet there. In these days, anything is possible. The question is who knows about Facebook fan pages? I bet all of you that read this article did know something about it. If you are interested in how to make money with Facebook, just read the next paragraphs. If you don't, keep reading, it might be something spiritual in it. Anyhow you will get many friends all over the world with which you can play a lot of games and use strange applications with. I will not develop this subject; I just want to point out that Facebook can be either a funny way to spend your time or a funny way to make money. So, if you have a product for sale, you are an affiliate, or an MLM builder, make a fan page where you have the opportunity to send the updates to all your friends, fans and so on. By doing so, you can make extra cash. It does not require having a website, blog or anything else. There are affiliates programs such as or where you can have an affiliate link to promote. In order to make money with Facebook fan page, you have, first to create the page. This is not enough in creating a feasible income. In order to make money and create wealth, you need fans on your page, at least one thousands. How can you do that? I will explain you in generally here, but read as much stuff as you possible can about it. Regarding the fans they have to be targeted. What does that means? If you want to sell a back pain cure program, you need to make a specific page. Only people interested of this program has to become your fans. In this specific case, I wish you to cure as many as possible fans, because I like to see people health and happy. As a small tip you can offer a free e-book about the back pain relief to the ones which became fans. Post free articles or videos about how can they skip the pain. In this way they will often visit the page and they will recommend or suggest it to their friends in need. Pages give the opportunity to people to have your updates every time you post them, especially when people are checking the Facebook accounts, at least four times daily. In order to gather up fans, first of all you need to get all your friends in Facebook. How can you do it? You can invite them via your emails. Lots of them might already have the Facebook accounts, so it's a good way to say hello and add them as a friends. You will find friends that you did not see for years, just type their names on search.

Then you can suggest the page to your friends. These are some of the many tips in getting fans and friends in order to create an online income with Facebook.

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==== ==== For making money using your facebook accounrts check this out: ==== ====

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