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There is one absolute rule to generating an income thorough the internet and your website. Irrespective if your sell a product internationally or offer a local service. The same is true. If you do not have a steady flow of traffic to your website you are going to fail. Without traffic to your website your will not make any sales and therefore will not make any profit. Traffic is the life blood of any website trying to make money online. There are defiantly options available that will be able to generate traffic, however this is always going to cost you. If the traffic generating options are not monitored and regulated carefully, it could become a very expensive option. However there are low cost and free website traffic generation techniques available to use which not only will generate traffic for your website in the short term, but it will provide traffic for the long term and constant traffic over a long term. The big websites spend tons of money advertising their websites through various campaigns, marketing strategies. It all is worth while for them right now as they are generating tons of traffic and equally tons of sales and profits. However if you are starting out or just have a small business with a advertising budget, you are going to have to look for other options to advertise your website and generate as much traffic to your website as possible. The top low cost traffic generation options are 1. Link exchanging, is a very popular and proven method to drive traffic to your website. Most webmasters and web owners exchange links with each other so that they also are able to generate more traffic to their own sites. The fantastic thing about link exchange is that both parties involved in the link exchange, benefit as they will be generating traffic to the other. If you are clever and exchange links with websites that are in the same niche as you are, you will have a similar source of information and the visitor would have the sense of continuity between the sites. Another advantage of the link exchanges is the fact that, the more links you have pointing to your website, the better ranking you are able to generate in the search engine results pages. This in its self is a very high traffic generating method would cost nothing if done thorough he link exchange options. 2. Write Articles, there are many ezines and online encyclopaedias that provide free content, which means they would need to have fresh content that they allow you to submit your articles to. There also many article submission websites that can be used for the sae purpose. You may

choose to write the articles yourself or even choose a ghost writer who will write the articles for you for a small fee. Write the articles along the niche market your web site is in and after you provide good content which is helpful and informative you are allowed to put a link at the bottom of the article. Others who wish to use your article in ezines or newsletters will have to use the article with your link intact. 3. Newsletter, this may seem like a lot of work, when you think of all the newsletters your are going have to write. However you are able to write the newsletters and articles yourself or use the articles available in the directories. All you have to do is make sure when you use an article from another author that you keep the resource box in tact, therefore the may generate a little traffic from the article as well. As your newsletter grows in popularity and gets passed around, your exposure grows and your are able to generate more traffic to your website and also build your opt in list. 4. Use the forums, join the online communities and forums that are in your niche market. You will find many forums online through a simple search. Login and provide helpful and informative comments to the problems and questions and you will get your name and website on every comment you leave. A great way to help others and to generate traffic at no cost to you other than a little of your time. You would be building your reputation and when visitors do click on your links they already trust you. In conclusion, You can go and spend an absolute fortune on an advertising campaign and you will be able to generate traffic to your website while that campaign is running. However what you want to achieve is to run your advertising on low cost methods and especially methods that will be able to grow and generate ongoing or continuous traffic.

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