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TED 8700 Capstone Final Presentation   May  2,  2014  

Jenifer Temeyer Rose Hill  Elementary   Primary  BSP     It’s  all  about  “Andrew”  

School Mission   “Build  a  solid  foundation  for  life-­‐long  learning…”  

Reading and  Critical  Thinking   • Vocabulary   • Graphic  organizers   • Text  features  within  nonfictional  text   •  Students  will     •  use  target  vocabulary  words  in  their  own  definition  or  sentence.   •  use  text  and  graphic  features  to  gain  information  about  the   text.   •  complete  a  graphic  organizer  with  information  about  the  text  as   we  read  

Reading and   Critical  Thinking   01  Students  will  build  literary,   general  academic,  and  content   specific  grade  level  vocabulary.       04  Students  will  extract  and   construct  meaning  using  prior   knowledge,  applying  text   information,  and  monitoring   comprehension  while  reading   grade  level  text.    

Writing and     Collaboration  /Communication   • Poetry  is  used  to  express  feelings   • Working  collaboratively  as  a  team   • Collaboration  lessens  the              cognitive  load   •  Students  will     •  write  a  piece  of  poetry  to  express  feelings.   •  work  together  collaboratively  to  complete  a  piece  of   writing.  

Writing and     Collaboration/Communication   •  2.3.3.c  Participate   actively  with  others   in  learning   situations  by   contributing   questions,   information,   opinions,  and  ideas.    

Digital Literacy  and  Creativity   • Practice  fluency  in  reader’s  theatre  with  an  iPad   • Students  are  held  accountable  through  recordings   • Use  of  props,  songs,  dramatizations  or  any  other   form  of  creativity  welcome   •  Students  will     •  collaboratively  and  fluently  read  Stone  Soup.     •  record  and  listen  for  fluent  reading.  

Digital Literacy  and   Creativity   •  LA  2.1.4    Fluency:  Students   will  develop  accuracy,   phrasing,  and  expression   while  reading  grade  level   text.   •  LA  2.3    Students  will  learn   and  apply  speaking  and   listening  skills  and   strategies  to  communicate.  

MY21 REFLECTION   •  Success  starts  with  quality  instruction   •  Providing  opportunities  for  active  engagement   beyond  the  basal   •  A  quality  lesson  can  be  more  powerful  than   any  behavior  management  technique   •  Behavior  and  academics  need  to  be  at  a   balance,  if  one  slips  they  will  both  fall