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Canyon Rim Estates, Home Sites, Land & Lots For Info Call or Text (610) 554-4951

• European Design Single Family Home Community • Your Family and Home can have 100 Mile Views • Organic community sponsored farm, orchard & vineyard • Free Hiking, Biking & Walking Trails to Enjoy Our Views • Home Sites & Energy Efficient Custom Homes Available


Open 7 days a week / Dining on the deck or inside / Family friendly

(570) 325-4563

Dine Stay and Play in the heart of the historic district Jim Thorpe’s most historic Pub and Hotel since 1830. Original bar and tin ceilings

From great pub food to Ahi Tuna & Irish classics

Rooms Starting at $99 No minimum night stay required

mollymaguiresrestaurant.com hotelswitzerlandjimthorpe.com


Jim Thorpe River Adventure o rp e

Jim Th

s ri ve r A dv en Tu re


Specialty Rive r Trips, Made Fresh Da ily!

es! Thorpe River Adventur Welcome to your Jim u… yo m fro ay aw ip yTr All this fun is just a Da


EasyWater Rafting all the time & 8 miles on the Lehigh River Perfect for First-Timers, Kids, and Families 2.5 -

3 Hrs.

Intro to Whitewater Rafting

Pools plus River Gorge Kick it up a notch for more rafting adventure Quiet River coolness Scenery = WO W!3 - 4 Hrs & 10 miles of Lehigh

Raf ting Big Tim e Lehi gh Gorg e Wh itew ater h the Lehigh Gorge throug The Ultimate Class 2-3 River Trip in the East Paddle ent State Park 5+ hours & 12 miles of high-level excitem

mer Long fllatable Kayaking Trips All Sum Inf a raft trip, or (2) spend a Choose from two cool trips – (1) paddling along day with a kayak instructor learning cool moves

Mountain Bike Rentals!

Are You Hungry for Adventure?


foot deep Lehigh Pedal a mountain bike anytime through the 900 Great fun and fitness for any one

Gorge State Park.

800-424-RAFT • www.jtraft.com one Adventure Lane, Jim Thorpe, pA 18229

IncredIble lehIgh rIver Fun – rIght

Northeast PA Kayak School 570-325-3432 • www.kayakschool.com One Adventure Lane, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

In JIm thorpe!

d Coaches • Top-Notch Instructors an • Drop-Dead Scenery ching Style • Empathic & Sensitive Tea ssroom! • Mother Nature is the Cla ction • Clear and Concise Instru • Learn the Eskimo Roll!!!



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Anthracite coal, mined nearby, fueled the Industrial Revolution. At one time, 19 of the country’s 26 millionaires had a residence in Mauch Chunk. The Switchback Gravity Railroad was the predecessor of the roller coaster, and was the second rail system in America. The major Hollywood motion picture, The Molly Maguires, starring Sean Connery and Richard Harris, was filmed here and at nearby Eckley Miner’s Village. Our town is the final resting place for the greatest athlete of the 20th century, Jim Thorpe. Mauch Chunk is pronounced Mock-CHUNK. These are the Lenni Lenape words for “sleeping bear.”


Make New Memories

Make New Memories Photo: Courtesy Desha Utsick

We Get Straight A’s for Geography The lay of the land has always been our primary attraction. It was the endless expanse of the tree-covered Pocono Mountains that first brought the logging industry into the area. After that, it was the energy-producing coal buried underneath that same rugged terrain that brought thousands of miners and their families here. The Lehigh River carried this abundance downstream to Allentown and then on to Philadelphia. Later, the railroad traveled this same route. Today, the beautiful environment surrounding Jim Thorpe still draws people here, though for vastly different reasons. Whether it’s a hike along the nearby Appalachian Trail, with its challenging climbs and scenic vistas, an easy bike ride along the converted railroad bed through Lehigh Gorge State Park, or an exhilarating whitewater adventure down the Lehigh, our landscape will fill your next vacation with excitement and give you memories enough to last a lifetime. You won’t have to find your own way. Our town is filled with guides of every sort who are ready to help you make the most of your time in Jim Thorpe. Your only job is to decide which direction to go. You might start with a tour of the Asa Packer Mansion or the Old Jail Museum. Visit DeFeo’s Manor, an 18-room residence

j i m t h o r p e .org


Glen Onoko Falls

Harry Packer Mansion

that is an excellent example of Queen Anne Victorian-style architecture. Or you might journey up the hill to Mauch Chunk Lake to kayak the shoreline in the morning mist or swim all day at the beach. You could also fly fish in one of our nationally-recognized trout streams, or play on one of the largest paintball complexes in the country. Perhaps you’re interested in getting active, but at a more leisurely level, so a walking tour might be just for you. Jim Thorpe is a four-season town, with great outdoor activities to enjoy all year-round. Check our calendar for events such as Earth Day, Jim Thorpe’s Birthday, Fall Foliage Weekends, Olde Time Christmas and WinterFest. Surprise yourself with a visit to town in the winter. With three ski areas close by, lively nightlife at our pubs and restaurants, quaint shops, hip galleries and our cozy accommodations, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. There’s no better way to unwind and relax than to get outside and enjoy our landscape and town. Make sure you make them a part of your next Jim Thorpe visit.

Lehigh River


There are a great many towns with history in these Pocono Mountains, but none have embraced their past the way we have in Jim Thorpe. Formerly known as Mauch Chunk, our picturesque town is steeped in history. It’s a fascinating story of struggle, survival, boom, bust and revival, and it flavors everything you will experience here. Welcome to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania! Come with us on a short trip back in time.


This year—You and your family travel to Jim Thorpe for a magical getaway. 2006—Railway excursions return to Jim Thorpe on a regular basis. 1995—The historic 1871 county jail on West Broadway is closed and then reopened as the Old Jail Museum. 1993—The Mauch Chunk Museum and Cultural Center opens in the former St. Paul’s Methodist Church, a descendant of Mauch Chunk’s first church. 1981—Downtown Main Street program launched. 1974—Mauch Chunk Lake Park opens to the public. 1972—A dam above Mauch Chunk is completed, forming Mauch Chunk Lake and solving a terrible flooding problem in the town. 1965—The Central Railroad of New Jersey ends passenger service. 1961—The Lehigh Valley Railroad ends passenger service. 1957—The Jim Thorpe Mausoleum, final resting place of the “Greatest Athlete in the World” is completed. 1954—By community referendum, Mauch Chunk and East Mauch Chunk are combined under the name Jim Thorpe. The athlete’s remains are brought from Oklahoma. 1950—Mauch Chunk turns 100 years old.


1937—The rails and cars of the world-famous

1882—The Mauch Chunk Opera House opens.

Switchback Gravity Railroad sell at auction for

1871—The County Jail opens on West Broadway.


1868—The Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad is

1932—The last shipment of coal is sent down

extended from Mauch Chunk to Easton.

the Lehigh Canal from Laury’s Station to Bristol,

1862—A disastrous flood smashes through town,

near Philadelphia.

damaging the canal. The Lehigh Coal and

1925—The Jim Thorpe trolley service makes

Navigation Company replaces the Upper

its last run up Broadway.

Division of the Lehigh Canal with the Lehigh and

1911—The Wahnetah Hotel, a resort in nearby

Susquehanna Railroad. The Lower Division is never

Glen Onoko, is destroyed by a forest fire.


1902—Trolley service is extended from Jim Thorpe

1855—The Lehigh Valley Railroad, founded by Asa

to Lehighton.

Packer, begins freight and passenger service from

1901—The first trolleys begin carrying tourists to

Mauch Chunk to Easton.

the summit of Flagstaff Mountain, an important

1850—Mauch Chunk is incorporated as a

tourist attraction.

borough and becomes the seat of Carbon County.


1827—The Mauch Chunk Railroad, later called the Switchback Gravity Railroad, opened to transport coal from Summit Hill to Mauch Chunk. 1818—The first settlement of Mauch Chunk is established. Forty buildings are erected and 400 acres are cleared. Josiah White and business partner Erskine Hazard install “bear trap locks” which permit coal boats to travel from Mauch Chunk to Easton. Known for decades to nineteenth-century rail excursionists as the “Switzerland of America,” the humble coal mining town of Mauch Chunk has matured into an All-American town named after an American hero. But there’s more to this story, much more. We can’t wait to share the rest. Timeline Source: Mauch Chunk Museum and Cultural Center

“The man of iron nerve, whose life was one of purity and uprightness, simple in habit, dignified in demeanor, fervent, earnest, free of all forms of ostentation, liberal beyond measure, to whose magnanimity of soul hundreds of living witnesses pay heartfelt tribute, had passed away May 17, 1879. The Directors of the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company have heard with profound sorrow of the death of their President, the Hon. Asa Packer, by which each one of the Directors has lost a true and valued friend, the company has lost its founder and its sagacious leader, the laboring man has lost a sympathizing benefactor, and our country has lost a useful and patriotic citizen.” From the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company’s 1879 Annual Report, memorializing Asa Packer


“The Lehigh River will sure surprise you. It looks calm and easy on the surface, but get out there with five or six of your friends and you’re in for more fun than you bargained for. I’ve been a guide for a few years now and I love this river. It’s safe for kids but fun for everyone, even professionals. If you’re coming to Jim Thorpe and you’re looking for adventure, you’ve got to get on the Lehigh River.”

Dustin Kapustiak Lehigh River Rafting Guide


“I know that I have to stay healthy and so I’ve embraced cycling because it’s fun and good for me, but I didn’t know how breathtaking it could be until I came to Jim Thorpe. There is a 25-mile bike trail that runs along a converted railroad bed through the Lehigh Gorge State Park and it is the most beautiful

Cyc’d to Ride You can rent or buy a bike right downtown at Blue Mountain Sports or The Lehigh Gorge Outpost. They have all the outdoor gear you’ll need.


place I’ve ever ridden. The worst grade is only about 2 percent, so even beginning riders can have a great time. There are outfitters in Jim Thorpe that provide bike rentals and shuttle service, so all you have to bring is comfortable clothing and your camera. Don’t forget your camera! You’ll definitely need it.”

Linda Hudock Bike guide

Lehigh Gorge Trail

The Lehigh Gorge Trail extends 25 miles from Jim Thorpe to White Haven. The Switchback Trail, an 18-mile tree-lined loop from Jim Thorpe to Summit Hill, begins just two blocks from downtown. For skinny tire enthusiasts, the countryside around Jim Thorpe is criss-crossed with roads challenging enough for any rider.

j i m t h o r p e .org

Ghostly Tours “I’ve seen plenty of strange things in some of the old buildings in this town as a guide for the Rotary Club Ghost Walk Tour. All the locals have, but that doesn’t mean these spirts are real. Does it?”


An All-American Tribute Visit the Jim Thorpe Memorial to learn about his poignant journey from the reservation to a New York ticker-tape parade. Learn how our community helped revive his memory.

Carleen Ladden Ghost Walk Tour Guide

A handprint on a jail cell wall is still there after 130 years. Tour the Old Jail Museum and find out why.

Sculpture, Jim Thorpe Memorial

Feed the Butterflies There’s actually a dungeon here in Jim Thorpe. See the handprint in Cell 17 and then walk under the gallows where seven of the Molly Maquires were hanged. There are no prisoners here today, at least no living ones.

Grab the kids and flutter over to the Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary “This project has touched my heart and so many others. Visitors come from all over the region to walk among our butterflies and they always leave with a greater sense of the wonder and beauty available in this world.”


The shops that line the narrow streets of Jim Thorpe aren’t just temporary homes for the beautiful works of art that draw you in, they are their birthplaces as well. See the artists at work. Share in the magic of creation!


Small Town... Big

Penn’s Peak


Mauch Chunk Opera House


In Tune with Town Anita Shapolsky Art Foundation

Penn’s Peak

Would it surprise you to learn that a building constructed in the late 1800s can be one of the most acoustically perfect venues in the region? How about a mountaintop music hall where you can see for miles but never have to sit more than a few feet from the stage? Or a quaint town park that’s wired to turn into an outdoor concert venue at the flick of a switch? Prepare to be surprised.

“Discovering wonderful little gems like Jim Thorpe is part of the appeal of touring. We loved the gorgeous drive into the Poconos, so finding this quirky, lovely town full of friendly, down-to-earth people, great shops and good food was an added delight. We love it here. Everyone should make sure to check out who’s performing at the Mauch Chunk Opera House. It is one of our favourite venues in the world. Also, it’s only a short walk over to all of the shops and restaurants in the downtown.” Nicky Mehta - The Wailin’ Jennys



NIGHT On the Opera House Stage

Jim Thorpe Isn’t Just for Daytrippers.

Pub Style Just because we’re a small town doesn’t mean we’re short on nightlife. Our old world-style pubs and eateries have charm, atmosphere and plenty of personality.

E N T E RTA I N M E N T Penn’s Peak is a great place to see a show. Seating over 1500, they feature big names like Bob Weir, Lorretta Lynn and Peter Frampton. Eats and drinks too! And what a view! Just a short drive from the downtown. The Mauch Chunk Opera House has great acoustics and seats 350. Every seat in the house is a good one. Check out the view and sound from the balcony section. After the show meet legends like Richie Havens, the comedian Gallagher and Al Stewart. Afterward, you might see them at the pub!


Dining and Spirits Moya artful decor, eclectic menu Macaluso’s atmosphere from northern Italy Broadway Grille & Pub uncommon

and pub delights, late night menu


Molly Maguires Pub & Steakhouse

pub food and more

Tony Stella’s Encore elegant and tasteful Antonio’s pizza, subs and dinners The Bagel Bunch great bagel delights outside of town


Roadies great food and brews just outside of downtown Bear Appetit sandwiches, burgers entrees Wheel hearty, atmospheric dining Trattoria 903 just a mile from town Libations Lounge relaxed wine tasting

Annual Festivals WinterFest

Presidents Day Weekend in February

St. Patrick’s Parade Weekend Weekend before March 17th

Earth Day Festival

3rd Weekend in April

festive  17

Olde Time Christmas

Jim Thorpe Birthday Celebration 3rd Weekend in May

Historic District Sidewalk Sale


Everyone comes to Jim Thorpe for the festivals, even bravehearts in kilts

2nd Weekend in July

Fall Foliage Festival

First 3 Weekends in October

Olde Time Christmas Celebration First 3 Weekends in December

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

We Have Something to Celebrate A Jim Thorpe getaway is always something to celebrate, but if you plan ahead you can take part in one of our many annual festivals. Whether it’s Earth Day, Jim Thorpe’s Birthday, July 4th Celebration, Fall Foliage, Olde Time Christmas or WinterFest, we know how to throw a party. Our St. Patrick’s Day Parade is consistently ranked among the top 10 in the country! Free Fall Foliage Concert

For more information on festivals visit www.JimThorpe.org or call our visitors center (570) 325-5810 Fall Foliage at Josiah White Park



No modern-era athlete embodies the pure joy of competition the way Jim Thorpe did. At the 1912 Stockholm Olympics he accomplished the never-to-be-duplicated feats of winning both the pentathlon and decathlon. As a football player at the Carlisle School, he was unparalleled. He played major league baseball for over six years, hitting .327 his last year. He dazzled on the back of a horse, on the ballroom dance floor, and even at bowling, where he averaged over 200. Despite his celebrity, Jim Thorpe was unassuming. At the ticker tape parade held in his honor in New York City after his Olympic victories, he is said to have remarked that he never knew he had so many friends. President Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “Here and there, there are some people who are supremely endowed. My memory goes back to Jim Thorpe. He never practiced in his life, and he could do anything better than any other football player I ever saw.� After his death in 1953, Jim Thorpe’s third wife, Patricia, in search of a proper tribute to her husband, moved his body to Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania and, in return, the struggling town changed its name. While he never lived in Mauch Chunk, it is fitting that he is memorialized here, in the state where he spent his proudest years, in the town that changed its name to his.





Visit Unaltered Victorian splendor!

Asa Packer Mansion BUilt in 1861

njoy intriguing tales of lore of reported ghoulish encounters and stories of historic properties and people along Broadway in Jim Thorpe.

ome of Asa Packer, philanthropist, railroad magnate, U.S. Congressman, and founder of Lehigh University. See opulent 18 room mansion with original furnishings and get an inside view of the home of one of America’s earliest self made millionaires.


Guided Tours

General admission $8 seniors $7

students $5 children $3 (5 & under)

Group Tours Available

OPEN 7 Days 11–4PM Memorial Day thru Oct. 31 Open Weekends april, May, November

(570) 325-3229


alks are generally planned for Fridays at 8 p.m. and Saturdays at 7 & 8:30, SeptemberDecember. See our website for a complete list of dates and times. Walks are subject to change if the spirits call for rain. ook for your GhostHost in the basement of the Inn at Jim Thorpe, 24 Broadway, to purchase tickets 15 minutes before walk time. First come, first served, without reservations which are strongly suggested.


January through March Fri 12 – 5 PM, Sat 10 AM – 5 PM & Sun 12 – 5 PM April through December Wed, urs, Fri 12 – 5 PM, Sat 10 AM – 5 PM & Sun 12 – 5 PM Additional hours November & December at galenglen.com

2015-16 Concert Schedule CHRISTMAS CONCERTS Sat, December 5, 2015 12PM 3:00PM St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 21 Race Street, Jim Thorpe Sat, December 12, 2015 3PM St.John's Lutheran Church,106 Main Street, Ringtown Sun, December 13, 2015 3PM

St. Paul's United Church of Christ, 1249 Trexlertown Road, Trexlertown

PASSION/EASTER CONCERT with FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA Sat, April 2, 2016 3PM St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 21 Race Street, Jim Thorpe BENEFIT CONCERT for ZION U.C.C. Sat, May 14, 2016 3PM Zion U.C.C., 225 Iron Street, Lehighton JAZZ CONCERT with PERSEVERANCE JAZZ BAND Saturday, May 14, 2016 7PM at Mauch Chunk Ballroom, 41 West Broadway, Jim Thorpe

BHCHORALE.org (570) 325-4794


Downtown Jim Thorpe

Railroad Gift Shop 80 Broadway 814-590-9076 www.DiamondsoftheRails.com



~ 866-605-PEAK

Make your stay in Jim Thorpe even more enjoyable, schedule a relaxing and therapeutic MASSAGE!

Mauch Chunk Opera House Recording Studio


• Romantic Getaway & Ladies Spa Packages • Swedish and Deep Muscle Massage • Hot Towel Face/Foot Massage • Bamboo and Warm Stone Massage • Foot Spa Treatments • Essential Oil and Warm Candle Oil Massage Services provided by:

800. 329. 2599

Please contact the Inn at Jim Thorpe for an appointment 24 Broadway Jim Thorpe, PA 18229


Bear Mountain Butterfly & Frog Sanctuary 18 Church Road Penn Kidder Township Jim Thorpe (570) 325-4848 BearMountainButterflies.com Ultimate butterfly experience, indoor “Flutterarium”, natured-based education center and gift shop just outside of town. Open June through September.

No 9 Mine & Museum 9 Dock Street Lansford (570) 645-7074 No9Mine.com

Explore the world’s oldest continuously-operated anthracite coal mine (1855-1972). Ride by rail into the mine and enjoy a walking tour to experience the adventures of a deep coal miner. Seasonal hours.

Asa Packer Mansion Jim Thorpe Lions Club PO Box 108 Jim Thorpe (570) 325-3229 AsaPackerMansion.com

This national historic landmark was the home of philanthropist and railroad magnate Asa Packer. A magnificent home built over a cast iron frame, it contains 18 rooms full of original 19th-century furnishings.

Blue Mountain Ski (610) 826-7700 SkiBlueMt.com

Welcome to Jim Thorpe! Please visit our walk-up serving windows for quick and easy service, and relax on our outdoor seating. We are located along the tracks next to the train station 57 Susquehanna St. www.WoodsIceCream.com

We offer the best skiing, snowboarding and Pennsylvania family vacation in the Poconos! We’re a year-round facility, with concerts, downhill mountain biking, disc golf, and corporate meetings and special events. Let us take care of your wedding! Get all the details at www.SkiBlueMt.com or call us at (610) 826-7700.

Jim Thorpe Rotary Club Ghost Walks (570) 325-2346

JimThorpeRotary.org/ghostwalks.cfm Join a costumed GhostGuide on Friday and Saturday evenings, September through December, for a one-hour, one-mile round-trip walk on Broadway starting at the Inn. Check our website for dates and times and more details and call or email for reservations.


Northeast PA Kayak School One Adventure Lane Jim Thorpe (570) 325-3432 KayakSchool.com

Try a little “whitewater therapy” this year. Top-notch instructors and coaches. Mother Nature is the classroom.

Penn’s Peak

325 Maury Road, Jim Thorpe (866) 605-PEAK PennsPeak.com A beautiful mountaintop entertainment venue. Enjoy a spacious dance floor, lofty ceilings, concert bar/concession area and a full service restaurant and bar aptly named Roadie’s. Enjoy a breathtaking overlook of nearby Beltzville Lake, plus a picturesque 50-mile panoramic view of the Appalachian mountains.

Split Rock Resort 100 Moseywood Road Lake Harmony (800) 255-7625 SplitRockResort.com

A four-season family resort situated on 125 acre Lake Harmony in the Pocono Mountains. Equipped with a full array of amenities for all ages, interests and weather! Splash around at H2Oooohh! Indoor Waterpark or catch the latest movie release at our First Run Movie Theater.

Pocono Mountain ZipLine

Jim Thorpe (800) 876-0285 PoconoMountainZipline.com Ride the Pocono’s newest ZipLine! Fly over 900 feet at speeds exceeding 30 mph. Zip through the Pennsylvania hard woods and the watch the ground beneath your feet disappear as you soar over Red Rock Cliff, at over 8 stories high, it’s sure to take your breath away

Galen Glen Winery 255 Winter Mountain Drive Andreas (570) 386-3682 GalenGlen.com

We’re proud to handcraft affordable and award-winning wines, designed to be appreciated by the novice and connoisseur alike.

Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway PO Box 91 Jim Thorpe (570) 325-8485 www.LGSRY.com

The train departs from Jim Thorpe train station, Weekends and Holidays, Memorial Day through December. Bring the whole family for a spectacular one-hour ride into the Lehigh Gorge State Park.

Old Jail Museum 128 West Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 325-5259 TheOldJailMuseum.com

Wander the Old Jail’s cold hallways, past Cell 17 with its mysterious handprint on the wall, under the gallows on which seven of the accused Molly Maguires were put to death, and down into the eerie dungeon.

Pocono Whitewater 1519 State Route 903 Jim Thorpe (800) WHITEWATER PoconoWhitewater.com

Pocono Whitewater mild to wild rafting and kayaking trips, family trips, scenic and relaxed premier rail-trail biking excursions, and adrenalinefilled action in our Skirmish paintball games.

Mauch Chunk Museum & Cultural Center 41 West Broadway, Jim Thorpe MauchChunkMuseum.com

Operating hours are 12 - 5 PM, Closed on Tuesdays. Winter hours vary— please call us at (570) 325-9190 or email jdrury@ptd.net.






Whitewater Rafting Adventures

Jim Thorpe Sidecar Tourz

Thrilling whitewater in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Enjoy lots of action with class II and III rapids. Summer Fun Float trips are a great way to spend a hot summer day. Visit Adventurerafting. com or call us at 800-876-0285.

Treat yourselves to an exhilarating vintage BMW motorcycle sidecar tour not offered anywhere else in the Poconos. We pick you up at your location and take you on an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.“Your Chariot Awaits.” Call for reservations 570-249-1570

Just 3 miles from Historic Downtown Jim Thorpe (800) 876-0285 AdventureRafting.com

Bach & Handel Chorale

810 Carbon Avenue, Jim Thorpe (570) 325-4794 BachAndHandelChorale.org Dedicated to the production and preservation of sacred music. Exquisite local voices dedicated to the works Bach, Handel and other masters.

Historic Race Street Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe’s Historic Race Street offers dining, shopping, accommodations and even a winery store! Visit

570-249-1570 jimthorpesidecartourz.com

New Day Finds

27 Race Street Jim Thorpe 570-732-4405 Facebook.com/NewDayFinds Jewelry designs inspired by nature. Offering new, contemporary, spiritual, eclectic pieces representing a medium of modern culture.

Blue Mountain Sports & Wear

34 Susquehanna Street Jim Thorpe (570) 325-4421 or (800) 599-4421 BikeJimThorpe.com


Providing outdoor enthusiasts with quality biking trips along the scenic Lehigh Gorge River Trail and the historic Switchback Trail and kayaking the Lower Lehigh River and across the Mauch Chunk Lake.

St. Marks & St. John’s Episcopal Church

Therapy Option Natural Nails Salon

the circa1845 Stone Row for delights

21 Race Street Jim Thorpe

Historical Church Tours: 12 to 4 pm, May 30th–Sept. 3rd, 2012, Wed.–Sun. & Labor Day, Sept. 3rd. Sept. 8th–Oct. 28th, 2012, Sat & Sun only & Columbus Day, Oct 8th. Exclusion date: Sept. 22nd. Donation $5 per person. For group tours, please contact office (570) 325-2241 or call John (570) 249-0258. Sunday Church Services 8 am & 9:30 am

TheTherapyOption.com NaturalNailsJT.com

Make your stay in Jim Thorpe more enjoyable. Schedule a relaxing and therapeutic massage. Contact the Inn at Jim Thorpe for an appointment, (570) 325-2599. Then stop by Natural Nails Salon for their manicure & pedicure services in the lower level of the Inn at Jim Thorpe. (484) 464-5111.

Deer Path Riding Stable

Anita Shapolsky Art Foundation

Scenic guided trail rides through the Pocono forests. Gentle horses and helpful guides. We love beginners!

Exhibition center in a former Presbyterian church which dates back to the late 1800’s. This unusual and dramatic building is the perfect setting to showcase the Foundation’s collection of American Abstract Expressionist art.

Located 6 miles west of Jack Frost Ski Area on Route 940 (570) 443-4431 deerpathstable.com

20 West Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 325-5815 asartfoundation.org


Stroll our town and browse our shops. You’ll have no problem finding the perfect gift.

If you love to shop, you’ll want to stay in Jim Thorpe forever. Don’t expect the typical tourist trinkets here. Our artists and craftspeople work all year to fill our shops with one-of-a-kind treasures you won’t find anywhere else. Take the day and stroll along the narrow streets of our town, taking extra care not to miss a single shop window. What you find will delight you.



Hula Hoops Tapestries Candles Incense Stickers


Patches Music Tie Dyes Glass Posters

JIM THORPE Earth Day Celebration

2 16



105 RACE ST (570) 325-2079

31 31

The Gem Shop


Fashion Jewelry Accessories New Stock Weekly

570. 325. 3007

MON - THURS 10AM to 8PM FRI - SAT 10AM to 9PM SUN - 10AM to 7PM Visit Our Shop In Downtown Bethlehem!

Located in the Douglas House 77 Broadway, 1st Floor, Jim Thorpe Thursday 12PM – 6PM Friday 12PM – 7PM Saturday 11AM – 8PM Sunday 11AM – 6PM Monday 11AM – 6PM Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

32 32

Grammy Bea’s Country Store 4 Acorn Court Jim Thorpe (570) 952-5701

Offering a variety of country decor and unique specialty items, including American custom-made pottery, jewelry, dolls, and many more oneof-a-kind items. See Jim Thorpe’s underground stream first-hand in our beautiful courtyard. Located between Broadway and Race Street.

Mauch Chunk Historical Society

14 West Broadway PO Box 273, Jim Thorpe, PA (570) 325-4439 Since our founding in 1973, we have been actively involved in giving our past a future. We have renovated two historic landmarks: the Marion Hose building and the Mauch Chunk Opera House. Giving Our Past a Future.

Black Diamond Gallery

Ron Chupp 31 West Broadway, Jim Thorpe (570) 325-5215 ArtistSites.org/chewpeaarts Discover one of Jim Thorpe’s most diverse galleries. Hand-printed lithographs, monotypes, paintings and other surprises. A half-block past Opera House Square, on the left.

Everything Nice 31 Race Street Jim Thorpe (570) 325-2248

Quaint gift shop located in the heart of Jim Thorpe offering a wide selection of items including country décor, candles, toys, souvenirs, children’s books, and lots more. Over 10,000 items on display. In business since 1984.

s ’ a e B y m Gram Exciting Gifts & Primitives

try Coun


(570) 952-5701

Unique • American • Handmade

Rainbows End 46 Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 325-9150

Step back in time-remember the quiet days gone by and your corner candy store. Our old-fashioned store will capture this feeling, when you walk into Rainbow’s End candy, ice cream and gift shop in the heart of downtown Jim Thorpe. Sit down and enjoy the sweets you remember.

4 Acorn Court

Downtown between Race St and Broadway in Acorn Court


33 33

The Country Cottage 37 Race Street Jim Thorpe (570) 325-3836 (800) 304-8522

Home of the Blue Ribbon Pickle! Gourmet food mixes, homemade canned goods and great finds for your home, such as cookbooks, old kitchen gadgets, aprons, linens. Established in 2000. Open 6 days a week, Tuesdays by chance,


33 1/2 Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 325-3441 Marge1@ptd.net Mulligan’s collection includes some of the best-loved and most popular retro toys and games ever made, as well as quirky novelties. We also carry many beautiful and colorful unique gift items. Be sure to visit our “black light” room offering the latest in light show technology.


105 Race Street Jim Thorpe (570) 325-2079 Hours: Wed through Monday - 11ish to 5ish. Tues - closed. Hoola hoops, tapestries, candles, incense, stickers, patches, music, tie dyes, glass, posters, and lots of other groovy stuff!

Sustainable Goods

FOR LOW IMPACT LIVING Strange Brew 79 Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 325-2916

Coffee the way YOU like it. Custom lattes, chai, seasonal drinks, desserts. Proudly serving fair-trade, organic coffees and teas. Come for the beverages, stay for the atmosphere. Music, games, art. See our famous Rock N Roll hall of fame mural. Like us on facebook: Strange-Brew-Coffee-House. We beat the big chains every time!

Dreisbach House 62 Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 325-2638

Vintage apparel and jewelry. A longtime favorite Jim Thorpe shopping experience with visitors and locals alike. Located downtown right next to Dugan’s Corner Store.

Naturally Yours THE ORGANIC SHOP

Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Linen & Hemp Clothing for Men, Women & Baby All Natural Personal Care Items Fair Trade Clothing & Accessories Locally Crafted Jewelry 103 BROADWAY - JIM THORPE, PA 18229 570. 325. 8209




Country Junction

The Gem Shop

Shop at the world’s largest general store, on over 2 acres. Flowers, gifts, furniture, pets, candy, homemade fudge, and tons more. Free petting zoo and wildlife exhibits. Farmer’s Market every weekend. Only 12 miles from Jim Thorpe, on Route 209 South.

Selling the latest in fashion trends and a diverse jewelry selection ranging from vintage to Tiffany-inspired.

Hazard House Gallery

Diamond Of The Rails

6565 Interchange Road Lehighton (610) 377-5050 CountryJunction.com

Joel Le Bow 38 West Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 325-8778 LeBowArtist.com

Paintings that reflect towards the edge of abstraction, with a reality unique to each viewer’s memories and experiences. My work is also represented in private and corporate collections throughout the world.

37 Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 325-3007 TheGemShopOnline.com

80 Broadway Jim Thorpe (814) 590-4674 diamondsoftherails@yahoo.com Diamonds of the Rails is a great place for the train lover to find electric train sets, pictures and prints, puzzles and books, magazines, and even railroad jewelry.

O.K. Cigar Co.

Soundcheck Records

OK Cigar Company purveys premium, hand-rolled cigars, high quality lighters, cutters, and humidors, and other choice gentlemen’s accessories along with fun men-centric gifts. We built a reputation among collectors of antique tobacciana from the 1800s to the mid-century offer some of these items for purchase.

Soundcheck Records is a traditional full-service independent record shop. Browse through our selection of new and used vinyl and CDs, in addition to our concert DVDs, T-Shirts, novelties and accessories. Didn’t see what you want? Ask to have it ordered. Special orders are no problem!

25 Broadway, Jim Thorpe 570-732-4393 Lcbrunson@gmail.com

Sellers Books & Fine Art

101 Broadway Jim Thorpe (215) 514-6443 www.sellersbooks.com Browse our selection of 7,000+ gently used books organized into 50 categories of fiction and nonfiction for every interest. We refresh our inventory with new arrivals weekly! Affordable prices.

Naturally Yours 103 Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 325-8209

An eco-boutique providing sustainable goods for low-impact living. We carry fair trade, eco-friendly items, such as organic cotton or bamboo clothing, natural personal care and cleaning items, jewelry and more.

23 Broadway, Jim Thorpe (570) 325-4009 SoundcheckRecords.com email: soundchk@ptd.net

Big Creek Vineyard 41 Susquehanna Street Jim Thorpe (570) 325-8138 BigCreekVineyard.com

Locally grown and produced, Big Creek Wines are produced by a process that is not just a means to an end. It’s a family tradition. Wine tastings, bottle sales, wine by the glass, food pairings, art gallery. Open 7 days, year-round.

Mansion House Restaurant 271 West Ludlow St. Summit Hill (570) 645-5555

Area’s latest restaurant with Traditional Fare tied to Unconventional Flair. Semi-formal linen dining and pub offerings. Upscale atmosphere.

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Jim Thorpe

Has Taste



Where to Dine


You know you’re going to be hungry. That’s why we’ve prepared everything from soup to nuts.

Cafes Pubs Sweets Joe


In a world dominated by fast food, Jim Thorpe remains a haven for those who believe meals should be about quality, relaxation and conversation. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply an impromptu gathering, we have the eateries for a great dining experience. Molly Maguires Pub & Steakhouse Encore



38 38


www.wheeljimthorpe.com 570-732-4264 107 Broadway, Jim Thorpe

Wine and Spirits “It’s Wheel Good!”

Across from the Mauch Chunk Opera House

“Like a Beautiful Song, A Great Meal Hits All The Right Notes” Tom Gorman, Singer, Song Writer, Chef

39 39


Lantern Lodge

570 669 9433

just minutes from jim thorpe there is something special


570. 732. 4450


Lodging for $90

macalusosrestaurant.com macalusoslanternlodge.com

food. for everyone.

Mediterranean Style Cuisine

▪ meat & plant friendly ▪ made from scratch ▪ flexible with food sensitivities ▪ craft cocktails, beer & wine

Prepared with only the freshest available ingredients. Seafood - Steaks Homemade Pasta & Soups Veal - Chicken

47 Race St. (1 block off Broadway) 570.732.0465

stoneroweatery.com Reservations Encouraged


Macaluso’s Restaurant

Minutes from Jim Thorpe on Route 209 South Nesquehoning (570) 669-9433 MacalusosRestaurant.com Experience the quality and ambiance of a big-city restaurant in the relaxed atmosphere of the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Molly Maguires Pub & Steakhouse 5 Hazard Square Jim Thorpe (570) 325-4563 JimThorpeDining.com

It’s Jim Thorpe’s oldest saloon. An old European pub atmosphere with a casual but innovative pub-style menu and daily entree specials. Dine outside in the spring, summer and fall.

Broadway Grille & Pub 24 Broadway, at the Inn Jim Thorpe (570) 732-4343 BroadwayGrillePub.com

Global cuisine in a cozy, casual, atmosphere with Victorian charm. Fire-grilled steaks, grass-fed meats, seafood, pastas, burgers, sandwiches & salads. Authentic Victorian pub with craft beer on tap, fine wines & eclectic cocktails. Live music. Breakfast, lunch & dinner daily.


The Bagel Bunch

Experience innovative, eclectic cuisine in a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Moya is located across from St. Mark’s church on charming Race St, just a short walk from everything! Open for dinner. Reservations recommended.


Trattoria 903

Wheel Restaurant on Broadway



24 Race Street Jim Thorpe (570) 325-8530 JimThorpeMoya.com

874 Route 903 Jim Thorpe (570) 732-4450 Trattoria903.com.com Trattoria is one of the finer Italian restaurants you will find not just in the entire Pocono area, but anywhere. Traditional dishes of chicken, veal, seafood, and pasta are all made from scratch and among best you will find anywhere.

Mediterranean Style Cuisine Prepared with only the freshest

300 Mauch Chunk Street Lehighton (610) 377-2233 BagelBunch.com sandwiches,


coffee, and juice bar, fresh bagels and flavored cream cheeses.

107 Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 732-4264 www.WheelJimThorpe.com

Fine dining with owner Tom Gorman. From the Lobster Mac and Cheese to the Rack of Lamb, you’re in for a treat. Innovative and relaxed. Reservations recommended.


Antonio’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant 43 Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 325-3679

Stone Row Pub & Eatery 47 Race Street Jim Thorpe (570) 732-0465

New York City-style pizza, tasty sandwiches to delicious classic Italian dishes. Take-out. Delivery available. 41 Conveniently located in the downtown historic district. 10% Off Dine-in Only.

We’re a made from scratch restaurant, specializing in tasty food and drink for everyone at great prices. We keep our menu small so that we can accommodate allergies, intolerances, and food choices

Bear Appetit

Tony Stella’s Encore


Anthony Stella’s reputation in the hospitality business is legendary, from his beginnings as the top bartender at Market Street Square and the Woodlands Inn & Resort to a restaurateur who has created a fine reputation for himself in fine dining.

29 Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 732-4777 bearappetitcafe@hotmail.com Open daily from 7 AM to 10 PM. Homemade delicious sandwiches, burgers, entrees and delights. Located in the Historic District across from the Inn at Jim Thorpe.

66 Broadway Jim Thorpe (570) 325-4440 TonyStellasEncore.com

42 42

Jim Thorpe

Very Accommodating

Where to Stay Relax, we’ve got you covered. Hotels Inns Bed & Breakfasts Guesthouses Campgrounds

Part of the magic of Jim Thorpe is that you can feel right at home at the same time you feel immersed in a whole new world. That’s because whether you stay at a historic inn, a quaint bed and breakfast or one of the area’s outstanding hotels, you’ll find the staff glad to see you and ready to serve. Find out how comfortable you can be by staying with us.


A deal that


you like

With above-and-beyond service and amenities, we offer all of the comforts of home at a great rate. Visit countryinns.com/aaa for special AAA rates. • Complimentary, hot Be Our Guest Breakfast • Free high-speed Internet access • Pool and Whirlpool • Fitness Center • Free Freshly Baked Cookies • Club Carlson� Hotel Rewards Program Valid at participating hotels. Subject to availability. Restrictions may apply. Not valid with any other package, promotion or discounted rate.

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Lehighton (Jim Thorpe), PA 1619 Interchange Road Lehighton, PA 18235 +1 (610) 379-5066 countryinns.com/lehightonpa

44 44


12 &14 Race Street Jim Thorpe (570) 325-3590 Whether you wish to spend the night, a weekend, or relax for an extended stay in Jim Thorpe, we provide you with a lovely, private and tasteful suite. Three spacious bedrooms, a large kitchen, and a newly renovated full bath provide the setting for your home away from home. A short walk to everything!

The Times House B&B 25 Race Street Jim Thorpe (267) 934-9393 TimesJimThorpe.com

Awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence in 2014 and 2015, located on historic Race Street, in the heart of Jim Thorpe. Boasting comfortable, elegant rooms and suites complete with TV/ DVD players, Wi-Fi, electric fireplaces, refrigerators, private baths and whirlpool tubs.

Inn at Jim Thorpe 24 Broadway Jim Thorpe (800) 329-2599 InnJT.com

Old world charm. Modern amenities. Heart of the historic district. Elegant rooms & mini-suites with fireplaces & whirlpools, plus pampering spa services. Relax on our grand balcony & dine in our on-site restaurant, the Broadway Grille & Pub. Special getaway packages available year-round. AAA approved.

Jim Thorpe Camping Resort 129 Lentz Trail Jim Thorpe (570) 325-2644 JimThorpeCamping.com

Situated within the town limits of historic Jim Thorpe, this 28-acre wooded campground offers every modern convenience the camping family could desire.

Don Laine Campgrounds 790 - 57 Drive Palmerton (610) 381-3381 DonLaine.com

Located at the foothills of the Poconos near Beltzville Lake. Wooded & open sites, planned activities, country and oldies music, bands, DJ’s, full hookups, laundry, snack bar, pool, rec hall, playground and store. For reservations call: (800) 635-0152.

45 45

Hotel Switzerland

5 Hazard Square Jim Thorpe (570) 325-4563 HotelSwitzerlandJimThorpe.com 180 years of Victorian charm, affordable, centrally located. Rooms as low as $80 per night. Non-smoking, pet friendly. Speak with our friendly staff to help find the right room for you. For more information visit HotelSwitzerlandJimThorpe.com or call (570) 325-4563.

Mahoning Inn

71 Blakeslee Blvd. Drive East Lehighton (610) 377-1600 MahoningInn.com 34 newly renovated rooms. All have A/C, data port, phone, refrigerator and TV with cable and free HBO. Rooms with microwave, larger 27” and 32” flat screen TVs, hair dryer available on request, DVD available to rent onsite. Free wifi and complimentary continental breakfast

Rosemary Remembrances II Guest Lodging

10 Hill Rd on Opera House Square, Jim Thorpe (570) 325-4452 RosemaryRemembrances.com/ rental.html Stay one night to thirty in a private studio with queen bed. Self-catered breakfast. One off-street parking space in the heart of Jim Thorpe, PA.

Hampton Inn Lehighton 877 Interchange Road Lehighton (610) 377-3400 Lehighton.HamptonInn.com

Six miles from historic Jim Thorpe, 14 miles from Blue Mountain Ski Resort, 31 miles from Pocono Raceway. Indoor swimming pool, spa tub, fitness center, buffet breakfast, wireless Internet access throughout the hotel. 100% nonsmoking.

Country Inn & Suites

1619 Interchange Road Lehighton (610) 379-5066 CountryInns.com/LehightonPA Hot continental breakfast. Pool and hot tub open 6 AM to 12 AM. Clean, comfortable and friendly. Whether your trip is for business or fun, we know you’re looking for a soft place to land at the end of the day.

Switchback House Jim Thorpe


Vacation home rental in historic Jim Thorpe

The Switchback house offers yearround availability. There is something for everyone in and around the town of Jim Thorpe during winter, spring, summer or fall. We have a 2 or 3 night minimum stay. Weekends and all the major holidays book fast. Visit our website for more information!

Sunny Rest Resort 425 Sunny Rest Road Palmerton (610) 377-2911 SunnyRest.com

A clothing optional vacation. Rooms & camping; 2 heated pools, restaurant & pool bar, night club, volleyball & tennis, hot tub, sauna and gym.


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47 47

Jim Thorpe Neighborhood Bank 12 Broadway (Main Office) Jim Thorpe (570) 325-3631 JTNB.com

Proudly investing in our local communities for over 100 years! Convenient 24-hour ATM service.

Jim Thorpe Yoga

434 Center Street Jim Thorpe (570) 527-5453 www.JimThorpeYoga.com Quality classes taught by certified, experienced instructors. Discounted memberships. Private & Group Sessions at your location or ours. Corporate yoga & massage. Yoga & Spa Massage Parties at your location or ours.

Mauch Chunk Trust Company 1111 North Street Jim Thorpe (570) 325-BANK MauchChunkTrust.com

MCT has operated as a full-service, independent, locally-owned community bank for more than 100 years and has 6 convenient branch office locations throughout the area.

Canyon Rim Estates & Sierra Vista Estates (610) 554-4951 (570) 669-6696 ArnerProperties.com AwesomeViewProperties.com

We offer buyers awesome view lots; optional services include energy efficient green home construction and comprehensive home care.

Hugh D. Dugan Real Estate 405 Center Street Jim Thorpe (570) 325-8500 HughDugan.com

hughdugan.com duganre@ptd.net

Serving buyers and sellers in Carbon and Schuylkill counties of Pennsylvania since 1984. We deliver extra service to our clients and customers.

Mauch Chunk Ballroom

41 West Broadway Jim Thorpe (484) 629-5070 MauchChunkBallroom.com


An elegant and intimate space where memories are made. Full service wedding and event facility featuring an in-house event planner, homemade cuisine, spacious room with 22’ ceilings, and more!

Mountain Vista Realty 200 North Street Jim Thorpe (570) 325-8788 (800) 435-1042 MTVistaRealty.com

Full-service real estate office. MLS listings. Local knowledge and experience to deliver the best results for anyone interested in the Jim Thorpe real estate market.

For Reservations Call

(570) 645-5555 Just a short 15 minute drive from Jim Thorpe! 271 W. Ludlow Street | Summit Hill, PA



These businesses are members of the Jim Thorpe Tourism Agency

1. Pocono Whitewater 2. Big Creek Vineyards 3. Highland Beverage 4. Blue Mountain Sports 5. New Day Finds 6. Everything Nice 7. Country Cottage 10. Homespun Gifts 11. Nature’s Trail 14. Soundcheck Records 15. OK Cigars 16. The Gem Shop 18. The Therapy Option 19. House of Jerky 20. Mulligan’s Toys 21. Treasure Shop 22. Rainbows End Candy 23. Vintagerie 24. Dreisbach House 25. Diamonds Of The Rails 26. Stonekeep Meadery 27. Grammy Bea’s Gift Shop 28. Marianne Monteleone Design 29. Sellers Books & Fine Art 30. Naturally Yours 31. Horizons 32. Down The Rabbit Hole

1. Subway 2. Molly Maguires Pub & Steakhouse 3. Broadway Grille & Pub 4. Moya 5. Rainbow’s End 6. Bear Appetit Cafe 8. Antonio’s Pizzeria 10. Tony Stella’s Encore 12. Strange Brew Coffee 13. Stone Row Pub & Eatery 14. Wheel Restaurant 15. Through The Looking Glass 16. Woods Brothers Ice Cream

1. 2. 3. 4. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 17.

Hotel Switzerland Homespun Inn The Inn at Jim Thorpe Suites at 55 Suites on Broadway Rosemary Remembrances II DeFeo’s Manor B&B Van Pelt’s Guesthouse Mary’s Guesthouse The Parsonage Gilded Cupid 44 West Broadway Times House Hillcrest

1. Sellers Books & Fine Art 2. Rosemary Remembrances II 3. Gandy Dancer 4. Aillinn Brennan Paintings at the Opera House 5. Anita Shapolsky Art Foundation 6. Black Diamond Gallery 7. Hazard House Gallery 8. Out Of The Blue 9. Stephanie Verme Paintings (at the Moya Restaurant)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Asa Packer Mansion Harry Packer Mansion Tour Town Van Tours Mauch Chunk Opera House (Show Days Only) St. Mark’s Church Tours Ghost Tours Mauch Chunk Museum Old Jail Museum Jim Thorpe Sidecar Tourz

14 W Broadway Jim Thorpe



CALL (570) 325-249 BUY AT SOUNDCHECK RECORDS in Downtown Jim Thorpe