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Why hire JTB Law Group, LLC? What to do in I’m in an accident with a truck? Do I need a truck accident lawyer? Should I cooperate with their accident investigation? Truck accident claims & legal process Why do truck accidents happen? Request a free consultation

Why do truck accidents happen?

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Holding Trucking Companies Accountable for its Actions Because Truck Accidents are no Accident™

Speeding, Overloading

Equipment Failure

Overstressed or Overworked Drivers

Adverse Weather Conditions

Poor Visibility or Lighting Especially at Night


Highway Hypnosis

Lack of Familiarity With the Route

The one common factor in all of the above-mentioned scenarios is that the root cause of the problem is negligence on part of the truck driver, or the truck company. Even if there are adverse conditions, safe driving could prevent accidents, or reduce the injury from impact. Many accidents may take place in long rural roads like in the twin states, North Dakota and South Dakota. No matter where it occurs in the country certain truck accident law rms, like our rm will consult with you about the accident and travel to see you if the case warrants it and can le the matter in conjunction with local counsel.

From the rst moment you’re in a truck accident, the truck company has their insurance company working on the case to try and minimize their exposure. They may try to ask you your version of events again and again to create inconstancies, offer you pennies on the dollar, or ask your “permission” to x something thereby destroying evidence. You need someone on your side right away. If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident, you should call (877) 5610000 right now. Lawyers are standing by. Every truck on the road is a potential death threat depending on the road conditions and the attentiveness of the drivers. An accident with a large vehicle can cause severe injuries, amputations, broken bones, broken sternums, knee injuries, internal body damage and in extreme cases, even death. Physical injuries are not the only adverse

consequence of truck injuries; rather the injured may have a psychological aversion to driving and trucks or not be able to put the accident out of their mind. trucks have much more momentum than an average vehicle. Compared to a car, pickup truck, motorcycle, or any other motor vehicle, an Given the rising cost of medical bills, the affected person’s inability to work, and the cost of repair of a damaged vehicle; the nancial damage of a truck accident can be unmanageable. victims of truck accidents may suffer permanent or temporary setbacks at work. They may not be able to return to work at all. Compensation from a truck accident lawsuit may help the victim regain control over the nancial spiral caused from the accident, and attend to medical bills and other nancial liabilities.

Truck Accident Claims & Legal Process Deciding what to do after a truck accident can be dif cult. You need the best medical care as well as effective legal representation. Once you’ve cared for your immediate medical needs, you should focus on contacting a truck accident lawyer who can help you through the complex truck accident claims process.

Here are the steps we’ll take for you

Step 1 Interview Counsel

The Choice of Counsel is an important one. You want a law rm that has a track record of success in the area of law that require counsel in and can try the case if needed. The JTB Law Group, LLC has million of dollars of recoveries for our clients and will try the case as needed. The head of the rm Jason T. Brown is a former FBI Special Agent who has taken matters to trial and has received settlements and judgments for the maximum permitted under the law. We are passionate and personable and look forward to speaking with you about your case at (877) 561-0000. The truck accident injury consultation is the initial intake part of your case in which you can speak with the rm regarding what to expect during the truck accident lawsuit process. Most rms, like ours, offer a free initial consultation and are only paid if the case is successful. One of the most common cases asked is what is my truck accident case worth? The answer will widely vary depending on factors like who caused the accident, whether you were at fault proportionally, what the extent of the injuries are, what insurance policies there are, whether there were any pre-existing conditions, what locality is the case in, and many other details large and small that could impact the value. We can’t guarantee what your case will settle for or even that it will settle at all or that we will win. We can guarantee that we will be responsive to your needs from start to nish, will promptly return your calls and emails and will proactively inform you regarding developments with your case. Our Truck Injury hotline at (877) 561-0000 has phone operators 24/7 and our trucking lawyers can call you back promptly. The call is free and con dential, so call us for your free truck accident injury consultation right now.

Step 2 Free Initial Truck Accident Consultation Once you’re interviewed your truck accident lawyer and feel comfortable with the rm, and the rm feels it’s a case they want to investigate and/or litigate, they will send you a contract to start work on the case. The agreement is referred to as a Truck Accident retainer agreement and will spell out the role the rm will have and the way the truck injury rm will be paid if successful. Most rms take accident cases involving trucks on a contingency meaning their only paid if they win the case. It is important to review the contract and ask questions up front. Litigating a truck accident case can be expensive. Luckily, most rms like ours front the costs of the litigation and if the case is not successful you don’t owe those expenses. The trucking rm wants to keep the costs frugal without compromising the integrity of the case since no one makes money off the costs. The insurance companies already have their trucking defense rms on retainer so it’s important to retain a truck accident rm as soon as possible to protect your rights, even if it’s not us! Of course, we’d like to speak with you about our retainer and assisting you in your case so please call to speak with our truck accident lawyers at (877) 561-0000. One of the rst your counsel should do is put everyone on notice of the potential litigation. In order to do so, the truck accident rm will need the police report or information you gathered at the time of the accident. Depending on the severity of the trucking accident, the law rm may want to have an expert view the truck and certainly put

Step 3 Retention of Truck Accident Injury Law Firm everyone on notice to preserve the evidence in its original form. Preservation is important and it’s a two-way street. Anything that concerns the accident you need to preserve as well. Having the car xed before retaining counsel could be fatal to your case if you don’t preserve evidence that could show the truck accident impact which could help determine liability or for example, if you were on the phone at the time you may need to keep that evidence. From the initial moments of the truck accident, the trucking carrier’s defense lawyers and adjusters are working to do things that will bene t their case and the moment you have chosen the trucking rm who can assist you, there will be of cial notice served on them not to tamper with the evidence and preserve it all. After the relevant parties are placed on notice, the truck accident law rm will try to gather all relevant information regarding the claim and one of the critical documents is the police report. The police report should identify at least one insurance policy the truck driver has. After the trucking line is placed on notice, the truck accident law rm will inquire about the extent of the insurance policy and whether there are any other policies that weren’t listed in the initial report in effect. This will determine the total amount of coverage to satisfy the demand. The law rm should based on experience have an idea what the demand in the case will be and corroborate the demand based on information it puts forth regarding comparable injuries with similar liability in the same locale. A

demand package will alert the carrier to the initial truck accident demand based on those factors and of course, you

Step 4 Notice & Preservation of the Truck Accident Information the client must be involved in the process! Our function as truck accident counsel is to advice you what we believe is a good settlement in the circumstances and ultimately it’s your decision to turn the key and accept any offer made by the defendants or not. Different accident rms behave differently, but at the JTB Law Group we are committed to having you involved in authorizing every demand made on your behalf and hearing every offer made by the defendants. Some cases are resolved during the Truck Accident Claim Process, and some are not. If it’s not resolved during the Truck Claim, don’t be discouraged, its part of the process and why we have Courts to decide issues. Reasons it may not resolve during the Claim Process is that the company is offering too little in contrast to the injuries, or doesn’t feel they did anything wrong or sometimes candidly the demand from the plaintiff may be too high and the client is not adequately evaluating the risks of litigation versus the certainty of an early settlement. These are important conversations you should earnestly have with your truck accident lawyer and conversations we welcome and not shy away from. You can call JTB Law Group at (877) 561-0000 at any point during the representation to discuss the Truck Accident Claim Process and the status of your case. If the case is not resolved during the Truck Accident Claim phase, the next step generally is proceeding with a Truck

Step 5 Filing a Truck Accident Claim Accident Lawsuit. In the interim, if the defendants have not acted in good faith the truck accident law rm may put them on notice they are not acting in good faith and consequentially they may be liable if there is a truck accident verdict for monies that exceed their policy limits. A truck injury lawsuit may be led in different venues and the truck injury rm will determine what routes are available and which is most advantageous. Generally, the truck cases are led in state court, but there’s reasons like diversity of the parties involved in the accident that could trigger federal jurisdiction and may make that a more fertile forum in some instances. During the Truck Accident lawsuit, the number one thing you as the injured party can do is be responsive. Responsiveness is a two-way street and just like you would expect your trucking lawyers to respond to your queries quickly when there is work to be done, delay is the enemy of the plaintiff. The longer things are delayed and a plaintiff is non-responsive, the more the defendant construes the plaintiff lacks resolve and may devalue the case. Initially after the trucking lawsuit is led, the defendant answers the complaint and papers are served on each side called discovery. The truck accident discovery rst consists of something called interrogatories and document requests. Don’t worry! The truck accident you hired will help you ll out the questions and produce responsive documents that are entitled to and object to things they are not.

Step 6 Truck Accident Lawsuits & Litigation The next phase of the truck accident lawsuit is depositions. Depositions is where the other side gets to ask questions under oath outside of court regarding the circumstances of the truck accident and your truck accident related injuries. Again, this is nothing to worry about, if you’re armed with the truth, the truth is consistent, and your rm should (we always do) intellectually prepare you for the truck accident deposition. The depositions may consist of more than the parties involved. Various witnesses may be deposed as well as experts that may testify about the various factors that led to the accident and importantly the injuries sustained as a result of the truck accident. After the trucking depositions, then generally various motions are led with the Court and efforts are made to see if there can be resolution before having a truck accident trial. If the case is not resolved before the trial, sometimes it may resolve while picking a jury or during the trial. Although a truck injury trial may seem intimidating, there is comfort knowing that there will be nality one way or the other and a jury of one’s peers will decide the outcome. At the JTB Law Group, LLC we will prepare you at length for the trucking trial and in all likelihood Jason T. Brown, the former FBI Special Agent and head attorney of the rm will try your case. Mr. Brown has subscribed to the Latin axiom that in order to have peace, prepare for war and enjoys the battle in the courtroom to try to obtain for you the best and highest truck accident verdict possible, although there are no guarantees. After the presentation of the cases, the jury or the judge may decide the matter and each side is entitled to take an appeal. Feel free to speak with our truck accident law rm at (877) 561-0000 to go over the mechanics and answer all your questions regarding truck accident litigation.

Step 7 Truck Accident Settlements & Resolution The large majority of truck accident litigation resolves pre-trial. The JTB Law Group will keep you advised and involved in the process but we always try to push the matter to trial and try the matter if the trucking settlement is not adequate and fair. The judicial system has many mechanisms to try and resolve disputes pre-trial which include mediation and arbitration. If the parties agree to mediate it may be a sign that they have accepted that the case should be resolved in lieu of going to trial, however, one should go to a truck accident mediation with an open mind and a game plan and if things don’t go as expected be prepared to walk away instead of staying vested in a process that is going your way. Your truck accident counsel will assist with this, but ultimately it is up to and always up to you the client who had to suffer from the accident. The truck accident settlement numbers will be an all in number which means attorney fees and expenses are taken from the trucking settlement. Further, the medical insurance companies through the rights of subrogation have the right to take from the portion of the client’s settlement for the amount that they spent on treatment due to the injury. It may seem incredibly unfair that your medical insurance company or Medicare can demand payment from your injury proceeds but it’s the law in most states and sometimes we hire lien resolution companies to assist with trying to lower and negotiate the amounts that need to be paid, if any, via subrogation. Settlement offers nality and there’s no going back. Some people have buyer’s remorse after they settle but one must contrast the certainty of a truck accident settlement and making sure you receive an award, versus the uncertainty and vagaries of a truck accident trial where you could lose your case or do worse than what they’re

offering. Yes, you can always do better as well, but there’s always a chance you do worse and one of the functions as your truck accident attorney is to guide you to a fair settlement if its worth taking, or encourage you to try the case if it’s not, but ultimately all the power always rests with you! Have we answered all your questions regarding truck accident litigation? If yes, great, then we have one question for you – when can we speak with you about your case? Call us at (877) 561-0000 or email us at to set up an appointment. Do you have a personal question regarding litigating truck accidents that you’d like to discuss or would like us to answer publicly on our site? Once again, call us at (877) 561-0000 or email us at and we will see what we can do to answer your question. Our rm is dedicated to Holding Trucking Companies Accountable for its Actions, Because Truck Accidents are no Accident. ™ We know your time is valuable and you’ve been through a lot if you’re reading about truck accidents. We wish you the best for a full recovery and want to speak with you about your case.

The medical attention required after a truck accident, may be immediate, and may last for the coming few years, or even a lifetime. The following are the most common injuries caused due to truck accidents: Third degree burns Spinal injuries Fractures and concussions Skull/brain injuries Other internal wounds Death

Although you many never physical and mentally be the same, economic compensation may bring some modicum of resolution to these issues. In that direction, the rst step is to hire a quali ed truck accident attorney right away. An accident is extremely time-sensitive. You need to make sure the evidence is preserved, put on notice all the proper parties and maybe send an investigator to the scene. You must make sure that you obtain quali ed legal help as soon as possible to protect your claim and rights. Most trucking accident lawyers like our rm works on a contingency basis. This means were are only paid if we win your case. We will spend our time and money investigating and prosecuting the case and if we lose you don’t us a dime. We will take your case if we believe in it and of course we will do everything to make the case a success. With the legal

guidance of a capable truck accident injury lawyer, we can shepherd you through your trucking lawsuit and work hard to obtain justice for the accident and your injuries.

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Our truck accident lawyers help victims of truck accidents nationwide obtain the compensation they deserve, and we can help you, too. Call n...

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Our truck accident lawyers help victims of truck accidents nationwide obtain the compensation they deserve, and we can help you, too. Call n...