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rLee Collection Fashion Photog r apher SYN EXCLUSIVE Africa Fashions USA/ Foreign $8.00

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Danilo Attardi Asymmetric Designs


Model and Photographer Phoenix James

16 Che W oo Designs Three T imes a Charm! 18 Tres Jolie Beverly Hills Boutique 20 Jasyn Noble Shot by Syn 24 Miss W est Africa 2008 Amina Kamara 27 Nkwo Onwuka Designs 29 Fashion Photographer Frederic de la Chapelle

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Allezom Magazine CEO & Founder Mozella Sullivan

Welcome to Allezom Magazine

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Experience in this issue fashion and beauty! Allezom Magazine is for those who seek the life and interest in the worlds of fashion, beauty, and entertainment. The magazine features trendy, elegant, and exotic styles, international fashions and happenings, photography and much more. Allezom features interviews on today’s top designers, models, celebrities, personalities, and promising newcomers. Allezom will bring you worlds of fashion and entertainment, all together in one unique and trend setting publication. I would like to thank everyone who contributed in making the first issue of Allezom magazine a success.

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Mozella sullivan Founder & Publisher

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Allezom AllezomLetters... Letters... You did an amazing job from start to finish!.Very colorful Love it! Dali-

I just had a look at the premiere issue of Allezom. I am impressed! It far exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed reading about fellow creative souls and their businesses. Very inspiring. Well done Allezom! Georgina-

The magazine is absolutely gorgeous and the content very informative and intriguing. Much success! Maria-

The magazine is very well done and very professional. More than what I was expecting. KUDOS to you! Tina-

The magazine looks great! You're doing your thing. I'm proud of you. Derryll-

Wow, Mozella, the magazine is absolutely FABULOUS! It is sure to be a hit. Thank you so much for including me in your launch. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have been part of the beginning. The article turned out wonderful and the whole magazine is so professional and classy. Good job, great work, keep it up!


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Italian fashion designer Danilo Attardi is known for his asymmetric designs in the fashion industry. His collection is for the elegant, sensual and self confident woman. Danilo gets his inspiration from art nouveau and styles from the 20s. In addition, Attardi is developing"Adverso" (Urban Couture) which is a project about urban couture.

Photography: Tania Alineri

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JaJo Couture

Model: Alysia Paige Make-up and Hair: Sara Eudy from Cara Dulce Studios Photography: J. Johnson

Janean Johnson is not your conventional "Ready to Wear" designer. All of her pieces are one of a kind, original, and not necessarily conventional apparel material. "Today's fashion industry is so diverse, and not like the old days where everyone wore the same style. We have a choice in what we want to wear, and how we want to wear it. There is always something exciting going on in the industry," says Janean. Expect to see bright colors from JaJo Couture, which has always been a big eye catcher. Janean plays with neutrals as well, and also, expect to see some interesting pieces even with downplayed colors.

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Lexi Lu Styles Cluster Coral Ring red coral hammered gold-filled band sizes 5-9 $120

Holly Garnet Earring trio of garnet gold-filled oval & chain length @ 2 1/4" $120

Parker Nugget Necklace red coral nugget hammered gold filled ring & chain length 36" $175

By Glenda Lugay

Designers and sisters, Melissa and Allison, share their brand, "Lexi Lu.” Their extensive array of designs will compliment the individual style of every woman. The inspiration behind the jewelry line, LEXI LU, developed from sheer desire to embrace life’s miracles and turn them into fulfilling realities. What makes you want to be a jewelry designer? In 30 words or more, please tell me a little bit about yourself. My sister and I have been creative all our lives. We are very different, so our style and strengths compliment one another. We began designing jewelry in Charleston, South Carolina. The vibe down there is wonderful and whimsical. Charleston is big on supporting the arts, so it was quite easy to get started. I suppose it became clear to us we should continue with jewelry design when we saw our pieces on TV for the first time. We realized this could be something big. What is your vision for your collection? What does the future hold for you and your designs, any new projects in the works? Alli and I are always trying to think outside the box. We wanted to create a collection which allows the customer to easily customize a piece to fit her mood or style. That's how we came up with our new and ever evolving Wonder Hoops Collection. Classic hoops that can be customized with various interchangeable inserts. It is actually a concept that we are so proud of. Whether you are going for classic chic or glam rock, simply change the insert and change your look! We've had an overwhelming response so far, and have expanded the

idea for necklaces and bracelets as well. What’s your fashion forecast for 2009? With the economy like it is, I expect the trend for 2009 will be mixing old with new. Reinventing one’s existing wardrobe with a few new exciting pieces. I also see many women looking to our new First Lady Obama as a fashion icon...chic & bold, fresh & classic. Do you have a website/catalog? How can we view/purchase your jewelry? Yes, we have a website You can also find exclusive designs online at The owner, Glenda has an amazing eye for the next big thing. She is a great supporter of fresh talent, and we are so excited to be working with her. What celebrities in your opinion should win the “Best Accessorized Women of the Year” and why? Gosh there are so many, but I'll choose two. Beyonce is bold and gorgeous. She takes risks and I admire that about her. Then Reese Witherspoon, who has totally different style, is flirty, classy, and always looks wonderful. We love her! Who are some of your celebrity customers? We love American Idol, so stars like Kelly Clarkson, Katharine McPhee, and Jordin Sparks have Lexi Lu. We are actually working on a project with Jordin to raise awareness for volunteerism. Everyone can make a difference in the world and it doesn't have to be on a big scale. We design pieces that benefit Sparks Charities.

rlee Collection Photographer: Robin Lee Model: Abigale

After working as a photographer and a makeup artist for more than a total of 20 years, it was a given that Robin Lee Simmons would venture on unto another career in the fashion industry. Robin has co-owned and owned her own accessories boutiques over the years. Mostly, she enjoys sharing her collections with a national and international customer base through her website and retail boutiques. Robin's latest collection for Spring 2009 features a new series of clutches and shoulder totes. She has incorporated a cool new fabric made from Allezom 8

recycled plastic bottles, along with hemp and gorgeous Italian leathers in fun metallics. More bags are embellished with felt and Swarovski flowers, as well as leather fringe and Swarovski wire wrapped wooden buckles. Vintage inspired, of course, this collection ventures beyond her feather bags, offering a variety of amazing textures, gorgeous colors and fabulous new styles from audiere’s to cross body messenger bags.

Phoenix James Phoenix James is currently a full time model. He has been modeling for just over a year. During that time he has also been actively choreographing fashion shows, doing photography, directing and co-ordinating and organizing photo shoots and other fashion related events. What sparked your interest in modeling? I began modeling at 16 and continued for two more years until my writing and music began to take off. After much writing, recording, traveling and touring I decided I was comfortable with taking a break from that to focus on some of the other creative things I am equally passionate about which include modeling. Do you consider yourself attractive? Do you think that may help to succeed? I do consider myself attractive. I say that not just because I am and because people say so but also because I believe for any model aspiring to be successful in the field has to have and maintain that view of themselves constantly. If they don't believe that inside about themselves, it will radiate outward and also the same for if they do believe it. So yes, I consider myself extremely What do you think about the modeling world? I think the modeling world is a very competitive, challenging, demanding, artistic and a creative place to be. Perhaps why I enjoy it as I do.

Allezom Model: Phoenix James Designer & Styling: Aaron Ray Dowie Make-up: Andrea Sterling Photography: Keddy Marsin Direction: Phoenix James

Are you a fashion guy? What do you like to wear when you are not working as a model? I am definitely a fashionable person. 100%. I owe that to being a creative person. Even when I am not working as a model there is still a concern for me in regards to how my clothes are put together and what I am wearing. Sometimes I'll wear a suit and tie on my days off just because I like style and dressing up. How did you develop your skills as a photographer? My skills as a photographer were developed through creating mini exhibitions when I was younger. I would do things like dress up a mannequin and take photos or photograph flowers and water fountains. Taking photographs of my clients for my brochure when I did hairdressing taught me a lot about angles and lighting. I once did photography exhibition of Bob Marley. Things kind of developed from all of that. What is your favorite place for taking photos? I don’t actually have a favorite place for taking photos. Everywhere and everything is a photograph for me. I see everything as a series of portraits or movie stills. Everything is a moment to be captured. There’s a classic photographic moment in everything, you just have to be on time. Your work is very creative. Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from? My ideas and inspiration comes from, without being too vague, people, places and things. I get ideas from movies and theatre, music, other photographs and photographers and generally watching everyday people and of course at shows and out and about. Do you feel you are able to express yourself more as a photographer than a model? Not at all, I am equally passionate about everything I do. I am a creative individual before anything else. Everything I do I do with the same artistic drive, tenacity and commitment. I always aim to be better in each new thing than the last thing though it be something completely different or new. What do you love most about your career? What I love most about my career is the freedom and ability to be as creative as I want to be. I have always lived a life of creativity and expression and that’s what will always make me happy, and for me personally, validate my existence. Tomorrow when I feel I have achieved what I set out to create within a specific area or field, it will be on to create something else even more creative and challenging. But always creating. That’s my passion. What would you like for our audience to know about you? I guess at this time I'd like for people just to know that it is okay to contact me, add me to their online networks like myspace, facebook etc. I don't bite and I am always interested in meeting, connecting and collaborating with different people in their varying creative fields whatever they may be. The more people we connect with the more we learn, the more we grow and the more we can create and so on.

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Pink Impulse

- the best selection of sexy lingerie, costumes and accessories and shoes on the planet! So, let your inhibitions go, and your imaginations run wild. Buy fabulous flirty lingerie for that lucky guy on your third date! Or buy a bridal corset that fits just right under your wedding dress. Pink Impulse strives to stock the best selection of lingerie and costumes on the Internet. They've got everything you need to spice up a relationship, entice a new beau or just make yourself feel extra special. Whatever your taste and desires are, has intimate apparel for your every mood and whim - They're here for you! So what are you waiting for... All you sex goddesses Start Shopping!

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Created by Aprill Lacey in 2007 a make up artist, music industry professional and creative force behind Pin Up Cosmetics. The San Francisco native is the latest entrepreneur to break into the world of cosmetics.

Unleash your inner pin up with the new color line from Pin Up Cosmetics! Pin Up Cosmetics has already caught the attention of celebrities, beauty professionals as well as tv & radio personalities nationwide.

Pin Up is a decadent, fun, wearable collection for all women. Whether it is a classic red lipstick, or the shade of the moment; Pin Ups color range for eyes, lips and cheeks are sure to bring out your inner Pin Up. Like every woman, each Pin Up Cosmetics product has a unique personality.

Violette Nlandu Ngoy, is a photographer and writer based in London and Paris. Violette graduated as a fine artist but her main interest lies in Fashion Photography and Digital Imaging. Her photographic style is classic and stylish with an edgy twist. She has been published internationally and covers numerous events and shows including London Fashion Week, Clothes Show Live and London Motor Show.

Photographer & Stylist: Violette Nlandu Ngoy Make-up & Hair: Sandra Hadi Assistants: Samuel Falana and Diviksha Models: Natasha Musson Models: Margarita L Models: Maria S

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Allezom 12

Each piece is uniquely designed which makes a true one of a kind creation.

Dalia Haimovici is the proud owner and designer of Dali Chic Designs. She has a natural passion and love for creating just about anything from home dĂŠcor to fashion jewelry, accessories, painting and much more. She is an interior decorator by profession and an avid antique and vintage collector. Haimovici is motivated by challenge with a love for experimenting with different techniques, while acquiring new ones in order to express herself and bring ideas to life. As a self taught designer, Dalia does not follow any trends with her creations or designs, her designs are timeless keepsakes, treasures for life.

Lepe Fashion Maria Lepe is the designer behind Lepe Fashion. She was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Mexico. At the age of sixteen, Maria discovered her passion for fashion and attended a fashion school in Mexico. Later she decided to move to Florida where she enrolled at The Art Institute and graduated, winning the best evening gown collection from her class. After graduation, Maria decided to continue her education and attended Fashion Institute of Technology in New York in 2007. What inspired her to get into fashion was the desire and vision she had for style. Maria showcases her collection by organizing fashion shows, online marketing and red carpets where celebrities wear her gowns. Photography: Apollo GT Hair & Make-up: Naomi MelendezJewelry: Jimmy Quiroga Model: Kamla-Kay Allezom 13

Photography: Apollo GT Hair & Make-up: Sandy Marenesi Model: Jacqueline Perez



ari Cohen was born in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, which is often referred to as the "Paris of South America". Much like its nickname-sake, Buenos Aires is as rich in architectural history as it is culture, serving as an ideal locale for the development of intelligent, artistic minds. Captivated by Buenos Aires' eclectric urban landscape, Cohen was naturally drawn to the field of architecture. She obtained a degree in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires in 1990 and furthered her educational career by specializing in multimedia design and photography. Then she employed her architecture expertise and talent for interior design in numerous commercial projects in the greater Buenos Aires areas. In 1991, she established her own Interactive Design firm where she oversaw creative multimedia projects for such companies as Coca-Cola, Colgate and Bayer. While always employing her architectural expertise as a foundation to her creative projects, Cohen's passion to pursue the true "art" of her trade inspired her to enroll in several courses and workshops to further develop her artistic talents. After a successful 10-year career practicing

Allezom 14

her architectural and design disciplines, Cohen decided to dedicate herself entirely to her true callingcreating art. Cohen honed her natural skills as a painter and illustrator under direction of Silvia Breweda in Argentina. She pursued her quest for knowledge and reinforced her foundation as an artist by studying art history with mentors Marta Zatonyi and Fabian Barreda. After relocating to Miami in 2001, Cohen's thirst for knowledge and dedication to her artistic career continued. She enrolled in several workshops at both Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University where she further developed her expertise as a contemporary painter. Realizing her natural inclination towards "wearable art", Cohen enrolled herself in several Jewelry courses in 2004 to study various techniques of working with metals. She quickly developed a passion for the design and construction of silver jewelry, the preciseness of the craft offering the perfect compliment to the whimsical process of her painting.


by Airdrie Makim

Jewelry designer Airdrie Makim resides in Australia’s fashion capital, beautiful Melbourne, a place where the locals are not afraid to experiment with style. Makim has been lucky to have had some great industry recognition: the Accessories Brand of the Year win in 2007, beating major international brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Swatch, Adidas & Fossil, and a finalist for both Up and Coming Designer of the Year, and Accessories Designer of the Year in the 2008 Australian Fashion Awards. Makim promotes her brand Joolz as being all about individually-designed handmade jewelry, using natural materials. Many of the Joolz designs are created using materials that are handcrafted and/or unique, so many pieces of her jewelry cannot be exactly replicated. “Handmade jewelry using natural materials means items with individuality and style” Airdrie Makim Airdrie Makim’s new jewelry collection has just been released, and the feedback from both Europe and the US has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Creating her designs from inspirational vintage components, Airdrie Makim has stunned us all. The latest collection, intertwining playing cards and dice into wearable jewelry pieces, had made quite the splash. With gems, pearls, and other unique materials, Airdrie never fails to remind us that “Third Times a Charm.”

You can check out the filming of the photoshoot at: Venetian Drop Photographer: Keith Vaz Model: Courtenay Bisson

Forbidden Fruit in Flame Photographer: Bistra Attanassova Model: Neroli Makim Hair & MUA: Brigid Makim

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Three Times a Charm! A Chicago Grown Fashion and Gift Shopping Event on the Rise

Bags by Kristena Witherspoon Johanna M. Designs

Dragon Fire Creations

Girls of Topaz

Well, as the saying goes the third times a charm and this rings true for our friends at Che Woo Design who just hosted their Out Da Trunk Show 3: The Gift on November 21-22 at Che+Zie Studio. This show was by far their best! Let me rewind first and tell you just what ODTS is, a fun shopping event started by a local Chicagoan that offers up just a little bite more than your normal handmade indies. We are talking food, drinks, FREE gift bags and entertainment; break-dancers, DJ, live performances by local artist and more. Each event is themed and offers items from talented Artist, Designers and Crafters. One-of-a-kind all the way! The Designer from Che Woo Design got the idea for this unique event after living in L.A. for several years, and while attending traveling shopping markets. Some of them were overpriced and offered very little to the public in the way of creating a welcoming customer centered environment. When she moved back to her native Chicago, she had seen tons of local talent who wanted to get their goods out to the public, at a reasonable cost, especially with the economic decline is the shadows. The birth of Out Da Trunk Show, is a market built on Customer Service and Fun! Below is a short interview with Che Woo. AM: What does Out Da Trunk Show mean? CW: Well, it is a spin from the idea of selling your own goods from the trunk of your car. Many Designers today Kelvin Klein, Alternative Apparel and Marc Echo just to name a few started this way. I am taking it from your car to a creative space that supports your long-term goals, and hopefully the needs of the buys who attend our event. AM: Putting together an event is a huge undertaking with the possibility of things going wrong when launching a business venture, what keeps you passionate about OTDS? CW: My vision of what I want it to become and my love of helping people. In life, there are lessons and making mistakes is normal when starting anything. When you are dedicated not only to the completion of the task, but to the possibilities you find the motivation needed to pick yourself up.

AM: Where do you see the ODTS in 5 or 10 years from now? CW: I am glad to say that March will mark the anniversary of our First Show. We have already started the groundwork for a smaller branch off to ODTS called the WE Market (Weekending Market), which is a biweekly NYC style street market that is set to start in April and throughout the end of the year. In 5 years we plan to see the event hosting over 100 emerging artist and designers. And exposing consumers and buyers to their goods in several cities such as: Chicago, Minneapolis and Atlanta or an additional Midwestern city. I will allow the market to dictate this expansion. AM: What do you want people to think after attending an ODTS? CW: I want people to walk away saying that Out Da Trunk is by far the best shopping event they've ever attended or taken part in. Recommending it to friends and family as well as becoming loyal partners committed equally in the success of the shows growth. Buying handmade or items created by indie talent helps the earth, many artist use some recycled goods, and can help create new small businesses that help our economy! I want to Thank Allezom for your support of the ODTS since our conception! I look forward to seeing you at the next ODTS!!! To learn more about the Out Da Trunk Show, past participants or future events hosted by Che Woo Design visit and You can also reach Che Woo Design at or 708.204.1630.

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FORMOTION Men’s Chronograph Watch What a great men's watch for the guy who loves over sized chronographs! Polished to a mirror finish, the stainless steel case N-Wave with stainless steel square pusher is a distinctive timepiece. Brass dial with stainless steel back. Re-designed face elements with double layer dial and sub color dial outline. Diamond cut hands, K1 Crystal, Genuine leather waterproof endurance strap, Top rated CitizenŽ 0S60 Chronograph movement. 5 ATM Waterproof. Formotion is a premiere manufacturer of Formula One racing instrumentation gauges. They also supply Harley Davidson and Polaris motorcycles with their gauges.

About FORMOTION watches:

visit Furtasia Fine Fur Accessories The name "Furtasia" derived from the word "Fantasia" which means many beautiful things, Furtasia offers many beautiful fur things. The brain child of Ruby Bratton, started in 1987 when fur was not very popular. With the purchase of a bag of mink tails from a local furrier, she started the design of accessories with fur. Ruby inherited the gift of design from her mother, an artist, writer and self taught designer. The gift of design and a knack for creating unusual items, once combined with the love of fur, Furtasia was born.

by Zola M.

Dracena II Reflectionss shares the energy of passion. vitality. fertility. sexuality. "When you carry one of my Nature's Energy Design bags and consciously tune in to the vibration of the plant that is at the core of the design, you can virtually' feel' the positive, magical energy of nature." Debra Cortese, artist/designer Dracena II - available online at: Allezom 17

Tres Jolie Glenda Lugay Interviewed by Mozella Sullivan

Filled with fashionable, hand-picked jewelry and accessories, Tres Jolie is a beloved destination for shoppers from all over the world. Store owner Glenda Lugay is a veteran in the fashion industry. She has been the career maker for many talented designers and new companies. Lugay has helped to open several successful stores and earned herself a strong clientele of international celebrities. Tres Jolie located in Beverly Hills, California, is home to hundreds of exclusive pieces from today's up-and-coming designers. The boutique jewelry and accessories store has firmly established itself as the headquarters for innovative fashion and accessories. MS: Please give us a brief introduction about yourself. GL: I am originally from the Caribbean. I moved to America nineteen years ago to reach my American dream, living and owning a store in the heart of Beverly Hills, California and be a proud mother of a beautiful little girl. MS: What inspired you to want to start a boutique? GL: After many years of developing specialty stores and making them successful, I decided to take the adventure for myself. MS: What independent labels are available at the boutique? GL: Tres jolie has Camlo Designs, Korto Momolu, Veronica W. Lockheart and many more.

MS: Can you virtually walk us through Tres Jolie? What should we expect? GL: LOL... You will see a quaint little boutique, once you walk inside you will be greeted with a warm welcome. Imagine walking into a candy store with the most tasteful candy of all colors and sizes. That’s how the jewelry and accessories are inside Tres Jolie. MS: Who is your typical customer? GL: All ranges of women (i.e. from ages 13 to 78). A woman who owns the best fine jewelry but is also looking for a special piece that makes her stand out. MS: What does your average day entail? GL: An average day for me entails answering a large volume of

Allezom 18

emails while marketing not only in the store but also working on PR for my designers. I also have to run the Tres Jolie store-front, as well as send out jewelry to clients across the world. Finally, I usually follow-up with the designers and consult them on revamping there jewelry to customer and magazine standards, since most of them are fresh faces within the industry.

MS: What’s your personal favorite piece of jewelry? GL: Ohhh good question! I am more of a bracelet and ring kinda girl.

MS: Busy women are always on the go. What accessories can women add to make their clothes easily transition from daytime to evening? GL: Honey! ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES!!! You can actually create hundreds of looks with the same black dress if you own the amazing jewelry pieces found at Tres Jolie.

MS: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself? GL: "I dream of sitting and conversing with Oprah about my fragrance line, which she has smelled and acknowledged through sources. I would love to have the line as one of her favorite picks of 2009, as she has been one of my inspirations. Oprah is a hard-working woman that has overcome a lot and still has managed to stay at the top. Being recognized by her will be the icing on my cake, as it has taken my lifetime to bake this cake."

MS: Who are the celebrities that shop at your boutique? GL: Anyone from: Gabriel Union, Kim Porter, Miley Cyrus, Jill Scott, Cher, Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Courtney Cox, Christina Aquilera, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Sophia Bush, Halle Barry, Jessica Alba, etc. MS: What are the price ranges in your store? GL: The prices range anywhere from $10 to $60,000. MS: What sets your boutique apart from the others in your area? GL: Because it's a specialty store, I carry hundreds of designers both locally and internationally. We are the perfect women's closet for accessories. Trés Jolie is known to carry something for every type of woman and every type of price point.

MS: How do you market your boutique? GL: Through magazines, by word of mouth, email blasts, charity events, and trunk shows.

Although the store is located on Beverly Drive, one can also order pieces online at Tres Jolie Jewelry & Accessories 181 South Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Phone: (310) 860-1110

MS: Describe your personal style? GL: I think my personal style is eclectic with a slight European feel.

Tara Ring. Silver and 9 karat gold with aqua quartz. By K-T Jewelry. $210.00

Butterfly necklace – rubellite tourmaline butterfly with diamond body on emerald bead necklace with 14 karat accent beads. By Theresa B. $2,900.00

Simple folk Vanessa purse in Grey. By Lockheart. $595.00

Sterling silver choker with ruby and prasiolite. By Kerri Parker. $1,150.00

Handmade burgundy headband. By Andrea W. $65.00

Allezom 19

18k gold plated over sterling silver with garnet earrings. By Andrea. $150.00

Shot By Syn

Pamela Rolland NY Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2009 Collection

Allezom 20

Fashion Photographer

Jasyn Noble Pamela Rolland NY Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2009 Collection

Zang Toi New York Fashion Week Fall/ Winter 2008 Collection

Miss Sixty NY Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2009 Collection

Fashion and Fine Art Photography has always been a passion of Jasyn Noble’s. Jasyn got his start in photography in the mid 90's when he joined the staff at his college newspaper. He then went into professional photography after college. In 2008 with the fashion doors opened wide, by the Fall Jasyn launched the Fashion and Fine Art division, Shot By Syn. Jasyn got his first taste of 'real' fashion photography in early 2008 when a good friend of his, a fashion photographer from Indianapolis, Gambino, asked him to join him in New York to cover fashion week. Jasyn jumped at the chance and got his feet wet in the world of runway photography. Being a new face in the fashion world, he became familiar with the works of the many designers out there. "I have always been a fan of some of the bigger names everybody is exposed to - the Calvin Kleins and the Vera Wangs of the world, but I never really "got it" until I saw my first fashion week," says Jasyn. From watching tons of designers in New York, some of Jasyn's personal favorites are Betsey Johnson, Zang Toi, Temperley London, Diesel and Miss Sixty. One of his favorites from the Spring / Summer 2009 is that of Pamela Rolland's collection. Jasyn Noble 330.922.5906

Zang Toi New York Fashion Week Fall/ Winter 2008 Collection

Allezom 21

A designer after our own hearts Aswad Abasi is leading where others are sure to follow in his brilliance. A Washington born native, he is reigning supreme in the fashion industry wooing and raising eyebrows as he is definitely on top of his game. We invite you into the world of Aswad Abasi. The ideal woman/man he sees as wearing his clothes is someone who dazzles with self-confidence, one who dares to be different as he says, "Make a statement when wearing clothes, whether it is for work, an evening engagement, a fashionable night out, a social event or even the red carpet! Anyone who carries themselves with great confidence, strength and the ability to stand alone would be the perfect mannequin!" His passion for fashion has made him to be able to impose his own vision and rules in his designs. Designer: Aswad Abasi Photographer: BMFG Handbags: Dinorah Handbags Hair: Ms. Nikki Make-up: AZIZA Model: Erika Model: Joya






Georgina Jarrett is a self-taught clothing and accessory designer. She first launched a clothing label under her own name, promoting illustrated t-shirts. Later, she started experimenting with leather material, in which she found to be versatile and durable. The Evoke collection of accessories was later produced and selected to showcase in major trade shows; International Spring Fair - Birmingham, Top Drawer - UK, ICFF - New York, Tendence - Frankfurt. Georgina decided to focus on her leather creations and set up Evoke -, and has stock in Germany, Ireland, UK, Canada, USA and Japan. Customers of 'Evoke' designs are designer boutiques and private clients who love the unusual and unique. 'Evoke' the lifestyle brand means to 'promote good feelings and memories'. Expect to see 'Evoke' go global and expanding to include footwear.

Model with Blue/ Silver bags

Red Cushion

Anya Bite

Photo: Jason Grant Photography Model: Natalie H

Photo: Simon Fredrick Photography Model: Karleen

Photo: Jason Grant Photography Model: Anya

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What was your drive behind entering the Miss West Africa 2008 beauty pageant? I've always been passionate about fashion and beauty, so I wanted to be part of this beauty pageant and also, represent my West African heritage. I was given a chance to get to know wonderful girls from different parts of West Africa and also, share a bit of my personality with people. I wanted the chance to represent elegance, poise and class, and to experience being part of a pageant. It was the first time I had participated in one and the first time I ever won anything. Now that you have won the pageant, what is next for you? What is your mission? I want to be involved heavily in organizations that specialize in helping and improving the quality of life within Africa. I also, want to be able to use this title to raise awareness for West Africa. It’s time for the youth to participate in helping our people and I am truly humbled and amazed that I have been given this opportunity. What were the most positive comments made to you by the women of West Africa? I have been told that I have a very humble and kind personality. I love to make conversation and show interest, and that I’m very bubbly. How would you describe beauty in the eyes of an African woman? A woman who recognizes her goals and ambitious and a woman with confidence and self-belief.

What did you win as Miss West Africa 2008? I won a trip to West Africa, a Cash Prize and a year contract with Confidence Models. Will you be participating in other pageants? Definitely after my reign, if it is a pageant with substance that can provide a platform for myself, to highlight issues the average person ignores or is not aware of. I also enjoyed being part of the competition and embracing my beauty in front of the crowd. What is your passion? What was that one thing that you were brought here on earth to do? My true passion is entertainment. I believe that my purpose is to recognize what I love to do the most and put my all in succeeding to do it. I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember. Being a part of this competition has opened new doors for me, which I am truly grateful for. What are your inspirations? My manager has always inspired me to be the best that I can be. He has always shown me 100% support and encouraged me in my lowest moments. He truly is one of my best friends. What are your favorite spots to visit in Africa? I've been to Guinea and Sierra Leone. The most breath-taking landmarks are the scenery and the beaches. What is your best feature?Many people say my smile is my best feature. Have you got any beauty tips you would like to share with the Allezom readers? Maintain a good diet, drink lots of water and smile a lot; it keeps you pretty. What does Allezom Magazine mean to you? I remember sending out different emails to magazines asking if I can feature in them or work with them. Receiving an email saying that Allezom Magazine wanted to interview me was overwhelming. It is great to have such magazines that give people the opportunity to represent themselves. We need more of this in our communities, magazines that bring out the hidden talents and views of regular people. What would you like to say in closing? I would like to thank Allezom for giving me an opportunity to be interviewed. I would also, like to thank my friends and family, especially my parents for their support, my designer of rKay Designs Riikka Kemppainen, who designed and made my traditional African wear, and House Of Keni by Keni Magma that allowed me to wear her evening dress. Last but not least, my manager and close friend Vernon Chikontwe.

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Miss West Africa 2008 Amina Kamara

Miss West Africa 2008 Amina Kamara

Amina Kamara was born in London, England in 1987 to Sierra Leonean parents and grew up in North West London. Amina has worked with various UK artist in videos and photo shoots, and modeled for UK fashion designers such as LeLe and Nue-Bian Designs. She continues to find more work in the modeling industry and aspire to be the most successful model in the UK.

Aschobi by Adama Kai When it comes to fashion, Sierra Leonean, Adama Kai is definitely a fan of Couture. Adama studied at the Parson School of Design, NY and in Paris. Alexander Mcqueen, Rick Owens, Nicholas Ghesquire of Balenciaga are amongst her favorite designers. Adama likes clothes that have character, whether it is vintage, made to order, or just not something you see on the high street. She believes that clothes are wearable art and stories can be told about who you are, and where you are coming from through ones choice of dress.

AM: What can we expect to see from you in the future? AK: Expect to see a Luxury African Brand, specializing in luxury pret a porter mens and womens wear, accessories, home-ware, furniture, etc, with an African flare that will compete in the global fashion market. Aschobi will become a household name in the metropolitan cities of the African con-

AM: How did you get into fashion design? AK: It just sort of happened naturally. I have always had a keen interest in the arts, as a child. AM: Who do you see wearing your collection, or who would be your ideal mannequin? AK: The ASCHOBI customer is a very worldly customer, from its unique blend of textiles, embroideries, and show stopping designs. It complements the individual that has a sense of style that does not want to be kept in a box. Aschobi Designs exudes confidence, innovation, attitude, independence and self-worth; to and for its clients. If I could list ideal mannequins of ASCHOBI, they would be Thandie Newton, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Charlize Theron, Kelis, the late Lady Diana, Genevieve Naji, Liya Kebede, Kerry Washington, Alek Wek, Carla Bruni, Tracy Ellis Ross, to name a few; my list surely goes on.

tinent, as well as the major fashion capitols of the world such as: Paris, London, New York, Milan, and Tokyo. AM: How do you market yourself? AK: Currently, my market is in Sierra Leone, with a population of 5 million. It is safe to say that it is a pretty small niche market where everything is spread by word of mouth. We are definitely looking to expand our market into the West African sub region, then to the major metropolitan cities on the continent, and eventually globally. I realize that the internet will be a very important tool in getting the Aschobi name out there, as well as partnerships with existing companies and organizations will help to market us to the right clients.

Photographer Katrina Manson

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Nkwo Onwuka Designs Nigerian designer Nkwo Onwuka, is based in London. Getting into fashion was more of a natural calling than an inspiration for her. Nkwo's designs are free spirited and nomadic and inspired by the wild freedom and innovation of the ‘60s and ‘70s, and fused with strong African influences as this fusion has produced a new and exciting style called ‘Afro-Bohemian Chic’. Nkwo’s clothing line does not just represent a surface but an ideology. It is an ideology of global tribes that are not ethnically based, but united by ethical harmony, mutual respect, taking care of each other and celebrating life together. Some of the designers that have been important points of reference to Nkwo are Barbara Hulanicki and the founder of BIBA in the ’60s. She grew from a small mail order company to one of the biggest fashion and lifestlye labels of that era. Vivienne Westwood is another one, like Nkwo; she is selftaught. She has such great talents and a drive and has proved that nothing is impossible.

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Designer St. Eugene Frimpong

ST.FRIMPONG is the brainchild of St. Eugene Frimpong and Kamal Ibrahim, whom are both from different backgrounds. Eugene was born in Kumasi, Ghana and Kamal in Nima, Ghana Africa. Eugene studied Fashion at the Illinois institute of Arts Chicago, while Kamal pursued a degree in Biology and also modeled. It was only after they got together in 2007 that they built on each others strength and thrived from one another's vibrant energy and insatiable desire for perfection to create stunning designs. Their style is influenced by the mixture of African and the Western Culture as the epitome of a everlasting glam. The likes of fashion designers Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Charles Frederick Worth, Tom Frod and Dolce & Gabbana have been important points of reference to Eugene and Kamal. They look forward to taking advantage of any open doors as well as creating magnificent designs. In the future, they would like to design men and women shoes, bags, jewelry and much more.

Designer kamel Ibrahim Photography: Sri Iyer and Jim Jurica

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Fashion Photographer

Frederic de la Chapelle The style of Frederic de la Chapelle imposes an elegant vision that suit’s the tone of haute couture. His images are beyond the fate of everyday photography.

Tell us about your work as a fashion photographer in West Africa? I discovered in Africa such a diversity of landscapes, colors and the atmospheres are extraordinary, and the models are superb. Moreover, there is such a wealth of creativity among creators in that it gives me inspiration. You have captured some wonderful pictures at some most popular events in Africa. Tell us about events VLISCO held in Benin, Sira Vision, which takes place in Senegal and FIMA? Vlisco is a producer of fine West African fabrics that are becoming more and more popular in non-African designers. The idea of Vlisco is very interesting in the sense that they bring together designers from all walks of life in Africa. The results are surprising and shows the wealth and imagination of African designers. Sira Vision is a major event in African Fashion organized by fashion stylist, Madam CollĂŠ Sow Ardo who made a lot of things for fashion, especially in Senegal. In 2008 during the last Sira Vision, President Wade who accompanied by his wife were present and were so impressed by the quality of the show and creators. They held a meeting at the presidential palace after the event, which brought together all of the designers to announce that the Government Senegal would take steps to help both economically and in terms of communication. FIMA, Festival International de la Mode Africaine, is held every two years and organized by Mr. Alphadi who is the President of the Association of African Fashion and Stylist. This is an important event of African Fashion with more than 30 international designers all of African origins meet.

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Shauna Small owner of Dillon Avenue Apparel was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Dillon Avenue Apparel does not follow trends, but instead create them. Today's fashion industry is a lifestyle, full of fun, art and creativity. Fashion is a way of life and not just what you wear. Fashion is influenced and influences everything around us from music, television and personalities. Dillon Avenue Apparel is exploring the possibility of accessories, and perfumes to grow the brand. In the future, the company is thinking of designing shoes and just about anything fashionable. Dillon Avenue Apparel has plans to open their first retail store in late 2010 in Orlando, Florida. Nicole Miller is credited as an important point of reference to Shauna. "I've always loved and looked up to Nicole Miller. Even though I don't know her personally. I've admired her life, work, and personality. Her designs are always detailed and takes such care to make sure everything speaks to who she is as a brand," says Shauna. er halt s s dre



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Dana Cshanel is known in the United States for being a fashion designer. She started with the redesigning of her own clothing and taking fashion art classes during high school. With degrees in Fashion Merchandising and Visual Communications, Dana's mission is to take it all by storm this year with her new bath and body products and shoe line. Dana love designs by Emanuel Ungaro, Jimmy Choo and Carolina Herrera. She would love to work with Phonicial Washington, Jada Collins, Mia Amber Davis, as well as the Suicide Girls. Dana's styles are diverse and creative. Dana Cshanel specializes in plus size clothing, urban wear, custom designs, exotics and vampire/goth styles. Photography: Shawn Yon

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