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The REX Your Remote and External Newsletter OCTOBER 2013

Letter from your Remote and External Officer Hi everyone! It’s that time again...EXAMS!!! It is a necessary evil and it is never fun but there are things you can do to make this time less stressful and more productive. In this issue you will find some tips for surviving exams and feeling good while you do so. I have included the links I gave you all last time exams were looming as they are still relevant and very helpful! Also in this edition you will find out who won the Student Council Elections and see what they intend to do for you! You have seen enough of me so I will just let you know that I will still be your R & E Officer next year. Lastly, are you interested in helping to start a Student Association on your campus, or would you like to be involved in any way? Then have a look at the info in this issue. Good luck with exams and see you next year! The following are some great JCU resources to help get you ready: Exam Timetable Exam FAQS Past exams for your subject What to expect in an exam situation Tips for success

For more information on the Student Association or to become a member visit:

Are You Ready for Exams?

Well here we go again! It’s exam time again...sigh! We all know it’s stressful but there are a few things that you can do to help reduce stress and ensure that you are as organised and ready for the exam as you can be. Visit JCU’s Getting Streetwise with Exams page for some really helpful resources to help you prepare for your Exams at:

5 Tips for Exam Preparation Plan –

 Prepare a study plan and a comfortable and

well organised space with no distractions for the days/weeks before exams.  Collect the things you will need at your exam the day before. That way you will not be in a rush and you will know if there is anything you need to get.

Look after yourself – It is important to look after yourself when preparing for exams to ensure that you have the energy to commit to what you need to accomplish.  Include activities you enjoy and that reduce your stress levels in your study plan.  While studying, eat healthy snacks to keep you on the ball.  Get at least a small amount of exercise each day to keep you energised.

Past Exams.’  Read everything and re-write your notes at least twice.  Go over your notes within 24 hours of the exam to help retain more information. However, do not cram the night or morning before the exam as this can make you lose the in-


The day of the exam –  Eat a good breakfast but avoid caffeine as it

   

Relax and Retreat when you need to –

energy? Study during these times.  Studies have shown that people learn better in short bursts (40 Mins then a 10 Min break).  Relaxation is important, especially before bed. Slow down brain activity using slow, deep breathing, a shower etc.

 What times of the day do you have the most

Don’t hold off studying! –

Cramming will not allow you to absorb the information so try:  Group study sessions. Make sure that the group actually studies, focusing on what needs to be achieved.  Talk about what you are studying with family members and friends to better retain the information.  For some subjects you can view previous exams. This can help you get a feel for what to expect bit DO NOT expect these questions to be on the test! Past exams can be found on the library webpage under ‘Readings and

can make you jittery and reduce concentration. Double check that you have everything and that you are not taking prohibited items. Get to the exam with plenty of time for delays. Take some water. Be focused. You need to ignore what’s going on around you. Exams are not group efforts. Don’t rush straight into writing. Read through the questions until you are sure of what you need to provide. Be relevant and always refer back to the question!

Connor Davey – President I, Connor Davey, am honoured to have been voted the President for the 2014 JCU Student Association Council! It will be a huge year for all students. It does not matter how old you are, what your background is, what faculty you belong to or if you are studying at a remote campus location or externally. We are all students at JCU and what matters next year is that we are heard! There are three major concerns that the Students United Party (SUP) had and focused on during our campaign:  

That all students have a voice and are heard equally. That there is transparency and accountability when it comes to the Students Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) and administrative decisions. That a social atmosphere is created across campuses and for external students.

These goals can be completed with strong leadership and keeping the students of JCU informed and aware of what the council does. It is also important that students become engaged and help us, your student representatives; understand what it is that you want done in 2014. It is a personal goal of mine, as president, to fight for transparency and accountability from the staff of JCU and the administrative decisions they make. This is because the decisions they make affect all students differently, how we study and our day to day experiences at JCU. I want to make sure all students are considered genuinely when significant decisions are made. With the help of all of the students at JCU, the SUP team will make sure that your experience at JCU is even better in 2014! Next year is the year to get on board and make the change you want at JCU really happen. Regards, Connor Davey

Kenny Damaschke - Vice President As Vice President my key focus is going to be in three aspects: Supporting and keeping accountability amongst the council promoting a genuine social atmosphere at JCU, encouraging responsible and enjoyable social events for all students! Breaking the walls between faculties and ensuring collaboration between clubs and societies will be instrumental in this. 

Maintaining an environmental and sustainable focus in the planning and development for the future of the university student association. 

Regards, Kenny Damaschke

Oli Bolli - Cairns campus Officer As Cairns Campus Officer I will aim to provide every student at James Cook Univeristy a fun, engaging (both socially and academically) and opportunity-filled experience. I aim to promote transparency dent representative bodies of dedicate myself to a stronger tween the desire for something actually happening.

within the stuthe University; connection beto happen to it

I believe in a strong voice for all students, regardless of faculty, age, gender or background. I believe that by working together we can all achieve the 'Crescente Luce' in every aspect of our journey at JCU! Regards, Olli Bolli

Maclane Schloss Townsville Campus


As Townsville campus officer I aim to ensure that everyone's voice is heard. I have already started meeting with clubs, societies and colleges to ensure students know that their elected students representatives care. 2014 will be an EPIC year at Townsville and I am honoured to be part of it. SUP at Townsville are going to ensure that everyone gets their fair share of JCUSA funding.

Jade Luchsinger Equity and Diversity Officer As the Equity and Diversity Officer my key goals will be the following:

From Left: Maclane Schloss, Jade Luchsinger, and Reid Fraser

Promote and support the equality of students on campus by becoming accessible and responsive to student needs.

Facilitate discussion across campus with JCU clubs and societies who are representative of minority groups, in order to gauge their current and future needs.

Advocate for an increase in environmental awareness and standards on campus.

Reid Fraser International Student Officer As International Student Officer I wish to focus my efforts on a few items: 

Helping international students maximize their time at JCU by actually hearing what their issues are

Bringing awareness to international students in North Queensland by affiliating JCU with the Council of International Students Australia

Bringing concerns of international students to the attention of college reps and other members of the JCU staff and student association in efforts to improve future student experiences.

Hi Everyone! I am looking for students who would be interested in forming a Student Association club for their remote campus. 15 students are needed to form a club. However, as student numbers on Thursday Island are quite low, this will be taken into account if 15 students cannot be found. Forming an affiliated club for your campus will allow you to hold events and facilitate a strong university community. The benefits include: 

Eligibility to apply for JCUSA grants; new clubs will be eligible for up to $1,500.00, existing clubs up to $1,000.00. There will be two rounds of funding during the university year.

Opportunities to participate in JCUSA events and generate interest in your club.

Coverage under JCUSA’s public liability insurance (unless you are an incorporated club or


Use of JCUSA facilities to conduct fundraising or to hold functions.

Access to JCU rooms free of charge.

Use of JCUSA equipment (deposit may be required for some equipment).

Assistance with opening a bank account for your club or society.

Mailboxes and other administration support.

Advice and workshops to assist you in running your club/society successfully.

Assistance in obtaining external government grants and community funding.

Permission to have JCU in your title within JCU style guidelines.

Promotion through JCUSA publications, I campus app, and all staff/student email bulletin &

Social Media.

If you are interested please email your Remote and External Officer at:


Should you find yourself getting hassled with academic life, getting assignments in, studying for exams or even trying to make ends meet... then we are here to help. Student Welfare Being a student is never easy, and the problems you encounter may not just be of an academic nature. The most important thing to remember is… help is available.

The Student Association @ JCU is here to represent you, support you and generally ensure you're well looked after during your time here. What you get as a FREE Member:

 

Voting rights in JCUSA Elections

Academic Support

Eligibility to run and vote for Student

Crisis loan support

A free universal, confidential & non-judgmental service is available to all James Cook University students. You do not need to be a member of the JCU Student Association to access this service.

FREE Year Planner & Date Stickers

Other Services We Provide

(while stocks last)

        

Council Positions

     

The Student Association offers services to assist you with any day-to-day issues and problems, and if we can't help we'll find someone who can. The Student Association can offer you a confidential and non-judgmental service, so if something - anything - is bothering you it's worth visiting us.

Academic & Welfare Support

FREE JCUSA iCampus App through the App Store FREE Student Diary Monthly edition of ‘The REX’ Remote and External Newsletter

To become a member visit: membership.php

Tax Help Safer Sex Information and Supplies Harassment Grievance Advice Student Association Crisis Loans Scheme Distance Education Services Parenting Rooms Disability Access Toilet Facility Kitchenette Facility (Cairns) Lost Property

Contact Your Student Association Free call: 1800 330 021 For access to any Student Association service or to be transferred elsewhere within the University free of charge. (Note: Not accessible from mobile) Townsville


Direct: (07 )4781 4400 Internal: 14400 Postal Address: JCU Student Association PO Box 1 James Cook University TOWNSVILLE QLD 4811

Direct: (07) 4042 1160 Internal: 21160 Postal Address: JCU Cairns Campus Student Association PO Box 6811 CAIRNS QLD 4870

If you would like to add an event you think would be of interest to other students in your area or have a recipe you would like to share, please email all necessary information to

Remote and External Newsletter ISSUE 07 OCTOBER 2013

The rex is 07 october 2013  
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