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“Hold it! Stop! Stop! Those flowers go in the back. As indicated in the floral chart that you guys had plenty of time to memorize.” Caroline shouts as three girls helping out with the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant before they walk away from her. “Now how did I know I would find you at the helm of the ship?” Klaus says sarcastically as he walks up to Caroline. “Go away I’m busy.” Caroline says rolling her eyes completely annoyed by his presence. “Oh really, because I was wondering what time I should pick you up tomorrow?” Klaus says with a smirk etched on his face. “How about a quarter to never?” Caroline says in fake cheeriness as she begins to slowly walk away from him. Klaus begins to match her strides and catches up with her. “I was promised a date in return for one of my hybrids.” Klaus says narrowing his eyes at her dismissal. “Yes a date. Like to a movie where we don’t have to talk and I could put at least three seats between us.” Caroline says snappily. “Well surely the reigning Miss Mystic Falls won’t be hosting the party alone. And I assume that you aren’t taking Tyler. Not after his little indiscretions with his lady werewolf friend.” Klaus states, innocently looking up through his eyelashes. “Fine if you insist on coming, meet me here at 2pm. And I already have a dress so don’t think to get me as much as a corsage.” Caroline declares before stomping away. “I’ll see you tomorrow Caroline.” Klaus says smiling at her retreating form.

“Would you ever take the cure?” Caroline asks as Klaus begins to open a bottle of wine for them to drink. “Now why would I want to cure myself of being the most powerful creature on the planet?” Klaus says with a smirk. “So there’s not one time, not one single moment in your whole life you wish you were human?” Caroline asks hopefully and Klaus smirks and begins pouring wine into both of their glasses. “How about you?” He asks dodging the question. “Life used to be a lot easier. Don’t you miss the days of being chair of the Mystic Falls Beautification Committee? And the director of the policemen’s yearly rugby?” Klaus says chuckling as Caroline stands up abruptly. “Is that my Miss Mystic Falls application?” Caroline screeches trying to snatch it back from Klaus but he moves out of her reach nearly dropping the paper. “Where did you get that?” “When I am chosen I intend to redefine excellence.” Klaus continues, “I’m really enjoying your use of when here it’s very confident.” Klaus clears his throat and continues reading. “And above all I promise to aspire, inspire, and perspire.”

Caroline and Klaus A Forbidden Romance  

Its about Caroline and Klaus.

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