Amerimac Catalog

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Water-based Utility

Marking Paint

● For natural grass, grass sports fields, golf course markings, flower beds, and gardens

● Specifically formulated to be safe for the environment and the user.Available in bright white

● Fluid Spill and Sewage Overflow Absorbent

● Quick clean-up and odor control of sewage spills or overflows at homes, institutions, and businesses

● Use indoors or outside

● All-natural and biodegradable.




● Removes efflorescence (salt stains) from existing concrete and masonry surfaces

● RTU-Concentrate d Lift Station Maintenance and Cleaner

● Fast-acting emulsifier cleans, degreases, and removes deposits from the vertical surfaces of lift stations as the water level fluctuates

● Contains offensive odors.

K-SBD Part No. 1S-EFF Part No. K-RF
Part No.
Part No.

First-Aid Kit 25 Man

● Bulk first aid kit useful for work sites, etc

● Safety wear that creates visibility for wearer in accident-prone jobs to prevent accidents

Part No. 1889

Safety Cone

● Marking of construction sites

● 20D box

Part No. 2T11-2PG5

Uncorded Ear Plug

● Redirecting traffic

● To block off an area

● Hearing protection at work Part No. FC-380

Part No. DP1000

High-Visibility Shirt


● Premium bioremediation agent that can be used on land, water, and hard surfaces.

● Length adjustable solution for industrialized sized spills on land and water

Part No. 735 P


Dry Bright Floor Finish

● Ultra durable, high gloss floor finish that is ideal for low maintenance programs

● It's all natural, non-carcinogenic , and 100% biodegradable (8" x 10")

Part No. 28

Part No.


● Scuff and scratch resistant that retains a wet-look gloss after multiple floor scrubs.

● Environmentally preferable, neutral cleaner

● Effective for cleaning various flooring, sealed wood, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, vinyl without leaving any film

● Ideal for use on high-traffic floor

Husky Neutral Damp Mop Cleaner

Part No.


BioSorb Oil
BioSorb Absorbent



● RTU-Concentrated Sewer Line

Degreaser and Cleaner

● Designed to liquefy sewage and garbage, open leaching beds, drain lines, cesspools, grease traps, and septic tanks

● Powerful odor masking agent eliminates offensive garbage odors, trash cans, dumpsters, landfill sites, and sewage plants.


Ultra Versatile

Premium Floor


● Provides a brilliant gloss for terrazzo, vinyl, vinyl composition, and other resilient tile

Part No.


● Antifreeze containing inhibitors providing protection from freezing, overheating, rust and corrosion when used as recommended


KNK Clean
Full Strength AntiFreeze/Coolant
Part No. K-SS
Part No. SUS.AFCO NC.4001.E7


Absorbent Pad

● Biodegradable oil spill pad and erosion control blanket

● Perfect for well servicing, vacuum and frac trucks, erosion, and floor safety

● (59" x 50' Railroad)

● Commonly used for water treatment to increase ph of acidic water


275-Gallon Tote

Super S

Agriplus Hydraulic Fluid

Part No.



● General purpose hydraulic fluid designed to provide lubrication in general use applications.

● Used in cars, light and heavy duty trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, on- and off-highway vehicles

● For power steering systems.


Super S

Dex III/Merc Automatic Transmission Fluid


Part No. 839 Part No.

Super S

Dexron VI


e Synthetic ATF

Part No.



Super S

5W-20 Motor Oil Multi-flo Synthetic Blend

● Low viscosity, full synthetic ATF formulated with a premium additive package to provide superior performance, protection and service life as compared to conventional ATFs

● Outstanding engine protection

Super S

15W-40 FG-2000 Synthetic Blend 3/1 gallon per case

● Recommended for all types of trucks and automotive diesel and gasoline engines, including those with diesel particulate filters

Part No. SUS.15W4



Part No.SUS.5W20


● Exceeds economy standards for wear control, piston deposits, cleanliness and sludge, oxidation control, and emission system and seal compatibility.

● Exceeds economy standards for wear control, piston deposits, cleanliness and sludge, oxidation control, and emission system and seal compatibility.

Super S

5W-30 Motor Oil Multi-flo Synthetic Blend

Part No. SUS.5W30.



● Used in sewer treatment facilities to improve sludge filterability and increase the yield of centrifuged solids

● Increases capacity of overloaded sewer systems

● Removes large amounts of B.O.D. and suspended solids from primary effluent

● Increases the rate of sludge dewatering and drying in sand beds. Inhibits acid formation. Environmentally safe at the recommended use rate. Not affected by temperature, including sub-zero.

K&K Clean

Natural Power

Part No. K-NP

Part No. K-RST

● RTM-Eco-Safe Natural Cleaner and Odor


● Deodorizing cleaner promotes the digestion of wastes, grease, and organic matter without the use of harmful acids, alkalis, or solvents

● Neutralizes and destroys odors with the help of natural enzymes

K&K Clean

Antifreeze Orange, Extended Life

Full Strength

● New generation of antifreeze technology that can be used to upgrade any automobile or light truck cooling system to a remarkable 150,000 miles. Part No.SUS.AFC

● Multi-functional fluid used as a hydraulic medium


● Useful for transmission, differential, power steering, power brake, power take-off (PTO), and implement drive fluid Part No. 236.2

● Multi-functional grease with outstanding high temperature and extreme pressure characteristics. It provides excellent lubrication over a wide range of operation temperatures and services.

● Has outstanding lubrication qualities that extend over a wide range of Heavy-Duty/Fleet applications including wheel bearings (disc and drum), vehicle chassis, boat trailers, universal joints, ball and roller bearings and many others.

Super S
ONC.4001.E7 2 Super S Premium Universal Tractor Hydraulic
Part No. SUS67 Super
High Temp Red Lithium NLGI 2 601-326-3400 (Office) 601-3263409 (Fax) 225-5023615 (Louisiana Office)
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