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adult undergraduate DEGREE PROGRAMS

The Concordia Advantage Concordia University, St. Paul has been serving the community for more than a century. We have more experience than any other university in the state in helping students complete their undergraduate degrees in an environment tailored to the unique needs and learning styles of busy adults.

Accelerated. Complete your degree in 16-24 months (depending on the program) attending class just one night a week.


Degree programs offered in online, in-class or blended formats.

 Affordable. Concordia offers competitively priced programs and generous financial aid, giving you a private college education at a price you can afford.

Transfer-Friendly. Our transfer credit acceptance policy is aligned with state institutions to ensure you get credit for all the classes you’ve already taken at other schools.

 Collaborative. You’ll be part of a cohort – a learning group of 10-20 students that stays together for the duration of the program and creates a dynamic learning environment fueled by the skills and experience of the students themselves.

Experienced Faculty. Concordia faculty members are subject matter experts with a wealth of experience in their fields who also are focused on helping students achieve successful outcomes – both in the classroom and after graduation.


Concordia offers a variety of services that

support students in their academic journey – from career planning to online book ordering to a personal cohort advisor and much more.


Just minutes from both downtown St. Paul and

Minneapolis, Concordia University is close to practically everything and easily accessible by car or bus.

Prepare to Succeed You know what it takes to succeed … hard work, creative ideas and smart decisions. For the career success you want, one of the smartest decisions you can make is to complete your bachelor’s degree. Knowledge is power. And with that power comes renewed confidence to express yourself professionally, to think strategically and to achieve the career you desire. So, make the smart choice! Earn your degree with Concordia.

A Better Way to Learn programs offer the ideal mix of theory and practice. You

President’s Welcome

learn the principles and then apply that knowledge to

An outstanding education gives you far more than useful facts and

your work setting the very next day. Your studies relate

figures. In our high-speed, high-tech world, information quickly

to your interests and goals, allowing you to build your

becomes obsolete. At Concordia, we focus on life-long learning.

Concordia’s accelerated adult undergraduate degree

learning on the foundation of the experience you already have. You reap the benefits now and in the future.

A History of Excellence Since 1893, Concordia University, St. Paul has been a respected leader in higher education. Concordia was the first university in Minnesota to offer accelerated degree programs – a ground-breaking innovation more than 25 years ago that transformed higher education in the

We’ll help you develop the tools you need to analyze information, embrace change, manage workplace dynamics and make well-reasoned decisions. You’ll develop the confidence to present and defend your ideas. And, you’ll dream bigger than you ever thought possible. For thousands of our graduates, including myself, the Concordia experience has been truly transformative. In the following pages, you’ll learn more about the distinctive features of our undergraduate degree programs. Consider the opportunities … and dare to dream big. Rev. Dr. Robert Holst (’56)

region. Today, Concordia continues to be a driving force in offering innovative programs tailored to the needs of adult learners.

University President


Return on Your Investment Investing in your college education is an important decision – even when it’s a program as efficient and affordable as Concordia University, St. Paul. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask how investing in your education can impact your career and your life. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect from investing in your education at Concordia University, St. Paul.

Achieve Your Goals Faster. Concordia’s accelerated format helps you complete your degree in less than two years, putting your goals within reach faster than you may have thought possible.

Increased Earning Potential. According to a recent study, the typical worker with a bachelor’s degree earned about 60 percent more than a worker with just a high school diploma. An investment in your education can have a long-term impact, not just in what you can do with your career, but in how you can live your life.

A Degree of Difference Earning a Concordia University degree can open doors. Here are just a few of the doors that opened for Concordia graduates at some of Minnesota’s most respected companies. 3M Ameriprise Best Buy C.H. Robinson Cargill CHS, Inc. Ecolab General Mills Hormel Foods Land O’ Lakes Medtronic Nash Finch Co. Public and Private Schools Saint Paul Travelers SuperValu Target Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Toro U.S. Bancorp United Health Group


Improved Job Satisfaction. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a job you really love instead of a job that just helps pay the bills? Earning your college degree is one of the most critical steps you can take to put yourself on the path to a fulfilling career.

Open Doors.

A college degree is the key that can open doors

previously closed to you. It tells employers that you take yourself seriously as a professional because you’ve invested in your career growth through education.

Get Your Employer’s Attention.

An important

focus of our accelerated degree programs is on helping you become a better leader and strategist. In fact, students often tell us that their co-workers and supervisors notice the changes as they progress through the program in how they express their ideas more confidently and how they envision their role in the company. Those are important changes that can jump-start your career.

Networking. You’ll become a permanent part of the Concordia community with automatic membership in the Concordia University Alumni Association when you graduate. Your relationships with your cohort and professors continue long after graduation and you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other Concordia alumni at special events and through our online community.

P  restige. Earning your degree from a well-known and highly respected institution like Concordia University gives added weight to your degree.

What Makes Us Unique?

Relevant and Results-Oriented

Concordia University’s undergraduate degree programs offer

Concordia’s accelerated degree programs are built on the premise that

a unique approach to adult learning focused on collaborative

adult students bring a wide range of relevant experiences on which you and

learning between you, your cohort and professors.

your classmates draw heavily. In fact, your individual work challenges and

Designed for Adult Students

achievements provide the foundation for your studies as topics of research, papers and projects. Count on taking what you learn in class and applying

Concordia University’s accelerated cohort experience was

it to work the next day. Your work becomes a learning laboratory, with your

developed specifically for the unique needs and learning

class assignments providing you with opportunities to develop solutions

styles of adult students. Our approach relies on the skills

for workplace issues. It’s a practical, hands-on approach that brings critical

and experience of both professor and student, with the

concepts to life in a way that’s more relevant and meaningful.

understanding that you and your classmates have valuable work and life experience to contribute to the learning of the entire group. You’ll build on that foundation in a dynamic program that relies on students who are actively engaged in their learning through group interaction, individual and group presentations, reading, research and written analysis.

Cohort: The Power of Experience They say experience is the best teacher. That’s why Concordia’s unique cohort model is such a powerful learning approach that emphasizes collaboration over competition. When you enroll, you’ll be part of a cohort – a group of 10-20 students that stays together for the duration of the program. You’ll take classes together and learn from the collective experience of the group. Your cohort becomes a valuable resource for ideas, feedback and support, as well as a built-in panel of experts that will contribute powerful insights and fresh perspectives to your studies.

Small Classes, Big Learning Class sizes are intentionally small so that every student has the opportunity to ask questions and contribute in class. The format helps keep you engaged at every class session and enables you to have deeper discussions and make more meaningful connections with your classmates and professors.

“The secret to balancing work, school, and home life lies within the cohort. We encourage one

another and inspire one another. We respect each other’s opinions and value our differences. The blended cohort experience has allowed us to bond like a family.” Jearlyn Steele (’11) BA — Organizational Management and Leadership Performer, speaker and radio talk show host



Affordability Matters

Concordia’s transfer-friendly credit acceptance policy ensures you don’t

Look at comparable programs. You’ll find that Concordia

waste time or money retaking classes you may already have completed at

University’s accelerated degree programs are among the

another school. We offer a seamless credit transfer process that allows

most affordable. Our generous financial aid program helps

full acceptance of the A.A. degree or completed Minnesota Transfer

you manage the cost of your education while our transfer-

Curriculum Goal Areas. When you apply for admission, you’ll receive

friendly credit acceptance policy ensures you don’t waste

a free transcript evaluation of any credits previously taken at other

time or money retaking classes already completed at other

institutions. You’ll also receive a Concordia Roadmap, which lays out

schools. If you are a graduate of a MNSCU two-year

any outstanding course requirements beyond those of the accelerated

school, ask your admission counselor about the Concordia

degree program in which you enrolled that may be needed for graduation.

Transfer Advantage program, which offers a guaranteed

You’ll know exactly what’s needed to achieve your academic goals right

$2,000 scholarship for graduates of our partner schools.

from the start.

Accelerated Learning With the demands of work, family and other commitments, the idea of adding school into the mix may seem overwhelming. You can’t put your life on hold to get your degree, so you need a degree program that can keep pace with your busy schedule. With Concordia’s accelerated degree programs, you can earn your bachelor’s degree in 16-24 months (depending on the program).

One Night a Week Classes meet just one night a week, always on the same night, so you can plan around school knowing that your course schedule won’t change. Classes are five to six weeks long, so instructors and topics shift at a pace that keeps you focused and refreshed.

“I was being overlooked for promotions because I did not have a degree like the other candidates. I already had plenty of work experience, but needed a degree to complement my experience and be a more solid candidate. I decided to take charge of my life by increasing my personal value and pursuing a degree rather than waiting for opportunity to find me.” Michael Bauerle (’10) BA — Marketing & Innovation Management Sales, Delta Air Lines


One-Time Registration You shouldn’t need a college degree just to understand your course schedule. At Concordia, you register once and you’re automatically enrolled for all the courses in your program – no worries about overscheduled or cancelled classes. You take classes in sequence, so you’ll know your course schedule for the entire program from the very first day of class. You can more easily manage your busy work and family schedule and have the comfort of knowing exactly when you’ll complete your program.

Options for Your Learning Style Online, in-class or blended. It’s good to have choices – especially when it comes to your education. Most of our accelerated degree programs are offered in multiple formats, so choose the option that best suits your life and learning style. In addition to time spent in class, you’re able to complete your weekly readings and assignments according to your schedule.


For students who enjoy the immediacy of face-to-face interaction, in-class cohorts meet in person on our St. Paul campus or in select off-campus locations.


Ideal for people with unpredictable schedules, students login for a weekly online discussion (same time, same night throughout the program) from anywhere with internet access. Please note that a 1-3 day on-campus residency is required at the start of most online programs.


A combination of in-class and online courses, blended programs offer a comfortable mix of face-to-face and online class meetings in the same program.

Faculty: A Passion for Teaching Knowledgeable and caring professors will guide you in your academic pursuits. You’ll work with full-time faculty who contribute to the scholarship of their discipline through research, writing and outside consulting, so you’ll also have the opportunity to learn from industry thought leaders. You’ll also work with professors who are employed in the fields in which they teach, so you learn from their up-to-the-minute experience. Whatever their professional backgrounds, Concordia professors are passionate about their subject matter, enthusiastic about teaching and eager to engage students in thought-provoking discussion. They are available for consultation when you need them and they value and respect your contributions as a student and as a professional in your own right.

Flexible & Affordable • Complete coursework in 16-24 months (depending on the program) • Class one night a week, always on the same night • One-time program registration • Transfer-friendly • One of the best private college values in the state • Sequential course scheduling for defined start/stop dates

Concordia professors become your partners in education and your learning is their top priority.


Accounting This program will prepare students for accounting careers in business, government or nonprofit organizations. The major builds upon a strong liberal arts and business core foundation and will prepare students for professional certifications such as the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Tapping Into Potential “Having worked in a variety of organizations before I came to teaching, I saw a lot of different people who were struggling to find their niche … what kind of career they really wanted and what they wanted to pursue. Many had unrealized potential because they hadn’t been able to incorporate their life experience, passion or interests with education. I find it very satisfying to facilitate that learning process.” Rita Kenyon Chair, Human Resource Management

Academic Credentials • J.D. (cum laude) – William Mitchell College of Law • B.A., Psychology – University of Minnesota • Industrial Relations Certificate – University of Minnesota • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification

Academic Focus Legal issues in human resources, employee and labor relations, applied ethics, human resources as a strategic business partner

Industry Experience More than 30 years of experience in corporate human resources, including at the executive leadership level. For the last six years, Kenyon has been dedicated to full-time teaching and to sharing her broad understanding of the human resources field with the HR practitioners and aspiring professionals enrolled in her classes.

Career Highlight “For me, it’s hearing from a former student who says the encouragement, advice or guidance they received from me helped put them on a path to achieving their goals. As educators, it can be hard to know if you’re really making an impact on students’ lives. These little ‘snapshots’ in time say that, yes, we’re making a difference. This is most meaningful to me.”

Business Management The Business Management program prepares students for leadership roles in business and nonprofit organizations. It emphasizes applying effective management in real world situations based on sound theory. A problem solving approach is applied using appropriate management tools for specific situations. Efficient management of resources is needed in every organization in today’s environment and students learn to think creatively and critically about how to achieve organizational goals. Sustainable, “green” business concepts are integrated into all the courses in the program. A key application of both personal and organizational ethics, stressing the college’s stewardship principles, is a theme throughout the program.

Food Retail Management The Food Retail Management major combines the building blocks of merchandising, marketing and management with the practical tools that individuals need in the business world. The program is based on concepts of adult education, which include an interactive classroom or online setting, limited lectures, and a focus on practical, hands-on learning. Ethics, innovation, merchandising, operations, economics and consumer behavior are some of the topics explored throughout the curriculum. Students achieve an understanding of leadership skills and group dynamics related to organizational effectiveness and directing change.


Business Human Resource Management The Human Resource Management major offers a practical and thorough study of key skills required by human resource practitioners. Students receive training in key skill areas of human resources and its application to the dynamics of today’s and future organizations. The overall context of the course centers on human resources’ role as a strategic partner within its organization.

Information Technology in Management The Information Technology in Management program is designed specifically to help IT professionals approach technology from a strategic business perspective. Where business strategy meets technology. The ITM program is where business strategy meets technology. Successful IT managers understand technology is an integral part of business strategy. In the virtual world of technology, IT support is easy to outsource; strategic management is not.

Marketing and Innovation Management The Marketing and Innovation Management program combines the building blocks of marketing with the practical tools that individuals will need in the business world for years to come. Ethics, globalism, creativity, customer service, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship are some of the topics explored throughout the curriculum.

Organizational Management and Leadership The Organizational Management and Leadership major brings together key ideas and skills useful in working with people. Students achieve an understanding of group behavior and its relation to organizational effectiveness by translating theoretical learning into practical, hands-on experience. By learning to implement ideas in practice, students apply concepts and themes from a variety of disciplines to effective organizational approaches. Students become proficient in understanding and directing change, and making decisions about the behavior of people within groups.

Industry Outlook We are living at an unprecedented time in which global economic crisis has ignited a paradigm shift in attitudes about work, finances, relationships and even goals and aspirations. Research shows that the typical college graduate will hold an average of 29 jobs and make eight career shifts over their working lifetime, so the ability to manage your personal enterprise has never been more critical. No longer do organizations hire you for life; they hire you for the skills and abilities you bring to the organization. As a member of the 21st century work force, you need the necessary skills for employment, but, more importantly, you must have the ability to understand and manage larger concepts such as innovation, leadership, sustainability and communication. At Concordia University, we help you develop the tools to create and charter your destiny and the future you want for yourself.


Criminal Justice Major This program enhances interest, experience and knowledge in the field of criminal justice. Professionalism, ethics and leadership remain central themes throughout the program. Individual and organizational dynamics are explored from a systems thinking perspective, focusing on criminal justice. The study of history, research and trends impacting the criminal justice system are examined as

Meaningful Connections

they interrelate with a changing society. This program

“I believe it is the responsibility of the instructor to engage and empower

position themselves for promotional opportunities, and

students, and Concordia’s online cohort model is able to do that in

to facilitate life transition. This degree program is not

a very dynamic way. The breadth of the discipline areas represented

intended for Minnesota peace officer licensure, but will

by the students in our program – everything from law enforcement

qualify for continuing education credits where accepted.

to corrections to social services – also exposes students to a broader

Successful completion of this bachelor’s degree program

perspective that enriches their learning.”

will enable students to:

Ervin R. Weinkauf Chair, Criminal Justice Department

Professional Credentials • M.A., Criminal Justice Leadership – Concordia University, St. Paul • B.A., Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement – Metropolitan State University • Minnesota Chiefs’ CLEO & Command Academy • FBI National Academy and LEEDA graduate

Academic Focus Criminal Justice and the media, professional values and ethics, wellness issues for the criminal justice professional, supervision and leadership.

Industry Experience After launching his career with the Brown County Sheriff’s office, Weinkauf proudly served for 35 years with the New Ulm Police Department, working his way up through the ranks from patrol officer to chief of police, a post he held until his retirement in 2009. He was an adjunct professor at several higher education institutions as well as the Minnesota Chiefs’ CLEO and Command and Leadership Academies. He assumed leadership of the Concordia Criminal Justice department in 2010.

Career Highlight “Being able to return to the institution where I earned my master’s degree and to serve as the department chair. It just doesn’t get any better than that!”


is designed for students working in the criminal justice field who desire to improve the work they do, to

• Articulate an understanding of the varied roles and relationships comprising the criminal justice system; • Understand the organization and administration of criminal justice; • Apply a systems thinking perspective to personal and professional relationships; • Demonstrate a theoretical and practical knowledge of American constitutional law; • Implement the personal and professional change that comes from examining such issues as ethics, diversity, academic growth and spiritual reflection; • Develop strategies for maintaining a healthy balance of career and life in a uniquely stressful profession; • Effectively transition to the master’s degree program if desired.

Criminal Justice Careers in Criminal Justice The career opportunities for criminal justice professionals span a wide range of disciplines. Although not a comprehensive list, following are some of most common career paths our graduates have taken: Law Enforcement Correctional Officer Private Investigator Game Warden/Conservation Enforcement Officer Probation Officer Court Services Paralegal Family & Social Services Victims Advocate Private Security Officer Loss Prevention Officer Homeland Security Criminal Investigator

Industry Outlook

Federal Agencies – FBI, CIA, DEA

Although their careers paths may vary widely, the

Military Police

qualities that unite Criminal Justice practitioners

Jail Administration

are their desire to be in public service, readiness to help people in times of crisis, and the drive

“The faculty members

to make a difference in their communities and

at Concordia University were the most personable and understanding

for a living, while rewarding, can also place a

education professionals I’ve ever worked with. Their personal approach

burden on the physical, spiritual and emotional

to my learning was unbelievable. I entered the educational process as a

well-being of practitioners: they must be able

working adult: I was anxious about returning to school, but the staff was

to maintain a healthy balance between their

overwhelmingly helpful, knowledgeable and understanding.”

personal and professional lives.

Lt. Jason Bartell (’09) Criminal Justice Leadership Minnesota State Patrol, Training & Development Section

the lives of others. Saving and changing lives

For these

dedicated professionals, the Criminal Justice field is a vocational calling and no other career is more rewarding.


Exercise Science Concordia University’s Exercise Science program will prepare students to become effective wellness managers and leaders and help them understand critical factors driving business. Students will apply classroom learning to current fitness and wellness problems and opportunities. They will develop problem-solving, decision-making, written and oral communication skills. Students will develop skills to help

Inspired By Students

them become innovators in their own field of expertise. Throughout the program, students will develop learner

“Anyone can teach, but I believe it takes passion to want to do it. For me, it all

independence and self image. They will have the

comes back to passion, integrity and giving back to the field. When my students

opportunity to join and participate in the CHAMP club

graduate I feel like a part of me goes with them to make a difference in their

(a student-led Kinesiology organization). This program

professional lives and in the lives of their patients. Their success inspires me.”

is aligned with the National Council on Strength

Joseph P. Buhain, MBA, RRT, NREMTB Instructor and Course Coordinator, Pulmonary Science

Professional Credentials • Ph.D. – North Central University • MBA – Aspen University • B.S., Health Service Administration – Baker College • A.S., Cardiopulmonary Sciences – University of Central Florida/ Valencia College • Instructor Certificates for BLS/ACLS and PALS • Medical Specialist/EMT, certified and registered – U.S. Army Medical Corp. • ACLS, BCLS, NPR, PAL – Allina Hospitals

Academic Focus Cardiopulmonary advancement in respiratory care studies, simulation studies, neonatal and adult transport and emergency/critical care management, and medicine with online case-based studies.

Industry Experience Buhain is a Registered Respiratory Therapist assigned with the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice Respiratory Care Counsel, CORE Respiratory Services. He serves as the program director for the Respiratory Care Program and Simulation Studies at Saint Paul College. A decorated veteran with 16 years of military service in Iraq and Afghanistan, Buhain served as a combat medical specialist, respiratory NCO and acting first sergeant with the U.S. Army Medical Corps. He is stationed with the 407th Civil Affairs Unit and is currently accepting a direct commission with the United States Naval Officer Branch as a Campus Liaison Officer.


and Fitness Certification. All graduates are strongly encouraged to sit for the exam upon completion of the degree program. Students are encouraged to join and attend professional organizations, such as the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, as well as the American College of Sports Medicine, during their tenure at Concordia and after graduation as appropriate.

Careers in Exercise Science Although not a comprehensive list, some of the common career paths for graduates of the Exercise Science in Kinesiology program are listed below (additional training or accreditation may be required): Athletic Trainer Personal Trainer Exercise Physiologist Heath and Wellness Associate Fitness Manager Strength/Conditioning Coach Physical Therapist Occupational Therapist Physician’s Assistant

HEALTH care Independently Designed Majors: Health Care Management Students in the Health Care Management program will develop the knowledge, experience and confidence to succeed in the competitive and rapidly changing health care industry.

Careers in Health Care Management Career opportunities for health care professionals are becoming more diverse and positions can be found in a wide variety of settings. A few of the possible opportunities for Health Care Management graduates include: Ambulatory Care Facilities/ Hospice Care Facilities Home Health Agencies Hospitals and Clinics Long-Term Care Facilities/ Managed Care Organizations Mental Health Organizations Public Health Departments

Pulmonary Science

Industry Outlook The health care industry is one of the few career fields that, despite the difficulties of global economic crisis, has continued to experience

The Pulmonary Science degree program is designed to assist Registered Respiratory

substantial hiring increases. Health care jobs are

Therapists in completing their bachelor of science degree at Concordia University,

expected to grow faster than any other industry

St. Paul. Completion of the Pulmonary Science degree prepares students to provide

– roughly 22 percent or 3.2 million new jobs

enhanced patient care, to understand the diverse disciplines of the Respiratory Care

by 2018 (

profession, strengthen their understanding of the health care industry as a whole,

in the health care industry continue to offer

and to understand the framework of ethical and informed decision-making.

opportunities for qualified individuals. According

Careers in Pulmonary Science Some of the common career paths for graduates of the Pulmonary Science program are listed below (additional training or accreditation may be required):


to, “Health Care is a major segment of Minnesota’s workforce that welcomes job seekers with all types of skills and interests.” This is an exciting time for health care professionals who want to take their careers to the next level and for

Pulmonary Specialist/ Pulmonary Research

individuals who are searching for an industry filled

CPAP Clinician/ Sleep Specialist/ Airway Management Specialist

with unlimited opportunity.

Mechanical Ventilation Specialist Pulmonary Critical Care Management and Supervision Clinical Education Academic Education


Child Development The purpose of this degree is to educate learners to work with young children and families in early childhood settings. Practices of early childhood professionals focus on teaching strategies based on child development and learning styles; creating developmentally, individually, and culturally appropriate practices; assessing children’s development and learning; and developing positive

Power of Collaboration

relationships with children and their families.

“An important part of the learning in our programs comes from the

Careers in Child Development

collaboration of the students themselves – when they engage with one

Although not a comprehensive list, some of the common

another to discuss issues, share ideas and assess effectiveness.

career paths for graduates of the Child Development

Karen Moroz Associate Professor

Academic Credentials

program are listed below (additional training or accreditation may be required):

• Ed.D., Education – Hamline University • M.A., Education – St. Mary’s University • B.S., English Education – St. Cloud State University • Minnesota Reading Endorsement – Hamline University • Advanced Graduate Certificate in Literacy – Wollongong University, Aust.

Child Care Administrator

Academic Focus

Corporate Homan Services Consultant

Teaching methods, educational psychology and literacy education.

School-Age Care

Child Life Specialist Social Worker Infant and Toddler Care Preschool Teacher Child Development Consultant

Industry Experience Moroz refined her interactive approach to teaching during her 13 years as a 7th grade English teacher and literacy coach in the Anoka Hennepin School District #11. At Concordia, she inspires future teachers in their preparation and helps equip in-service teachers to improve learning outcomes. She is currently co-authoring two books on effective pedagogy. Her doctoral dissertation explored the impact that life transitions, such as parenting, have on a teacher’s classroom practices and teaching philosophy.

“This degree program has

been a wonderful experience for me. I found that I

Career Highlight

could do it – and do it well. I’m really grateful for

“For the past five years I have been collaborating with colleagues here at Concordia to explore effective teaching strategies across varied disciplines and will co-publish a book on the topic next year. It has been very rewarding to bring my years of experience in K-12 teaching and literacy coaching into the higher education setting and to share effective pedagogy with others in this way.”

the opportunity to find that out about myself.”


Lisa Denninger (’09) BA – Child Development

Education Family Life Education The goal of this degree is to articulate the definition and role of the human service professional — particularly the role of the family life professional. The broad principles and philosophy of family life education are explored including the ability to plan, implement, and evaluate such educational programs, and the ability to define and establish leadership within the field. Graduates of the Family Life Education program are eligible to sit for the certification examination to earn the Certified Family Life Educator designation.

Careers in Family Life Education Some of the common career paths for graduates of the Family Life Education program are listed below (additional training or accreditation may be required): Family Life Educator Social Worker Child Care Center Director/Owner Curriculum Specialist Corporate Trainer

Industry Outlook

Child and Family Support Specialist

In a rapidly changing profession that is being

Pre-Marital Educator

heavily influenced by technological advances,

Community Resource Professional

economic pressures, state and federal mandates,

Toy Research and Development Professional

fractured family structures and socio-cultural

Parent Educator

shifts, educators face increased demands on their

Geriatric Care Counselor

time, talents, resources and creativity.


with these and many other factors influencing change in the education profession, what

“Concordia was one of

remains constant is a child’s need for a nurturing

the few schools that offered Family Life Education with a certification.

intellectual stimulation and growth. What also

Because I am a stay-at-home mom, the fact that Family Life Education

remains unchanged is the need for education

is offered as an accelerated online program was very important for me.

professionals who are equipped with the training,

The program offers cutting edge material on family studies, which is so

skills and experience to help children become

important in staying up to date as a Family Life Educator.”

productive, successful learners for life.






Jilleen Cade (’11) BA – Family Life Education


Services and Amenities Student-centered. That’s our approach to the programs we offer, the way we deliver them and the way we strive to interact with you. The outcome? Services that help you make the most of your education, and amenities designed to make your life as a Concordia student a little easier.

Career Services The Office of Career Services can help guide adult students in making the most of their degree to achieve their career goals. • One-on-one career coaching • Career change strategies and counseling • In-person, email or phone consultations; evening office hours to serve adult students • Career workshops, such as interviewing techniques, career exploration,

Access to Opportunity Eighteen





resume building, leveraging your strengths, skills and interests assessment.

Dedicated Cohort Advisor

headquartered in the Twin Cities, offering

Every cohort has a dedicated cohort advisor who serves as your liaison to the

access to a wealth of potential employers and

University once you start classes. Your cohort advisor can answer questions

opportunities for career growth.

about administrative or academic policies and procedures, and guide you to campus services or other support you may need during your time at Concordia.

Virtual Library Concordia’s extensive virtual library gives you 24/7 access to countless resources for homework and research, from scholarly databases to full-text articles. Our professionally trained research librarians are available to guide your research in person, by phone and by email. Concordia is a member of Cooperating Libraries in Consortium (CLIC), which gives you access to more than 2 million items available in the collections of member college libraries.

Free Wireless Concordia offers free wireless connectivity in all classrooms, library and public spaces, including our Commons Café coffee shop.


Online Writing Center Accelerated learning is writing-intensive. If writing isn’t your strong suit, get one-on-one editing assistance with papers (online or in-person), as well as tutorials and writing resources to help hone your writing skills and enhance your results in class.

Online Textbook Ordering Don’t worry about making special trips to the Concor-

“I’ve been surprised

dia Bookstore. You can order all of your textbooks (and

by how much I have learned about myself in pushing my limits,

Concordia branded items) online and have them shipped

expanding personal growth and planning for my future. It is more

directly to your home.

than learning about a certain career field or getting to the end of the

Web-Based Collaboration

program. It’s about what you take out of your experiences and how you apply the learning to better yourself.” Marie Yang (’11)

Concordia’s web-based course management platform

BA – Human Resource Management

provides an online resource to access course syllabi,

Senior Financial Coordinator, Automated Logic

discussion forums, live chat (for online or blended programs), academic resources, frequently used links and more.

Student Rates

Convenient Location

Enjoy a music concert, watch our three-time NCAA National Champion

For students coming to campus, Concordia is

gives you free or reduced admission for an array of campus events – a fun

conveniently located just minutes from both downtown

and inexpensive way for you and your family to enjoy the perks of being a

St. Paul or Minneapolis and is served by multiple bus

Concordia student.

volleyball team in action or take in a play. Your Concordia student I.D.

routes. The campus is an easy stroll to the beautiful Victorian mansions of historic Summit Avenue and the more than 20 blocks of unique shops and restaurants of Grand Avenue.

Alumni Association Membership Your degree offers you lifetime membership in the Concordia University Alumni Association and a variety of alumni-exclusive events and offers.

Free Parking Students in the adult accererated degree programs park FREE in any campus lot. Parking is ample, so you’ll usually park just steps away from your classroom building.


Next Steps Thank you for your interest in accelerated learning with Concordia University. We hope you choose to enjoy the benefits of of the Concordia Advantage and join us on the truly transformative process that higher education can be. Take the next steps in your journey:

1)Attend an Information Session. Concordia regularly hosts information sessions to help you get all your questions asked and answered about the benefits of accelerated, cohortbased learning. Visit for a schedule of upcoming information sessions in our accelerated adult undergraduate degree programs.

2) Meet With an Admission Counselor. Your admission counselor can provide more information about the application process, credit evaluation, financial aid and more. Contact us

Concordia Mission The Mission of Concordia University, St.

at 651-641-8230 or email

3) Get Your Concordia Roadmap.

Paul is to prepare students for thoughtful and

Have your transcripts from all colleges you’ve previously attended sent to

informed living, for dedicated service to God

the Concordia University Office of Admission. We’ll evaluate all the credits

and humanity, and for the enlightened care of

previously taken and provide you with a free Concordia Roadmap. As the

God’s creation, all within the context of the

name implies, the Roadmap presents any outstanding credits you may need

Christian Gospel.

in addition to the accelerated curriculum to fulfill the requirements for

Our History

a baccalaureate degree and will present the options for completing those

Founded in 1893, Concordia University is owned and operated by The Lutheran Church-Missouri


4) Submit a Financial Aid Application.

Synod (LCMS). We are among 10 colleges and

In order to be eligible for financial aid in the form of scholarships or

universities owned by the LCMS throughout

loans, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

the United States that comprise the Concordia

(FAFSA). Go to to create a PIN number, then complete

University System.

the FAFSA at

5) Complete the Application Process. You may apply online at You can also print a downloadable PDF that you may return by mail to the Office of Admission.



Affiliation and Accredidation

Concordia University, St. Paul is registered as a private institution with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statues, sections 136A.61 to 136A.71. Registration is an endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to all other institutions.

Concordia University, St. Paul is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association (www.ncahigherlearningcommission. org or 312-263-0456). Concordia University is a member of the Lutheran Education Council of North America and also is one of 17 member schools in the Minnesota Private College Council.

In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, the Concordia University Security department publishes an annual campus crime report by October 1st of each year. The report contains statistics on crimes reported on campus property. The Campus Crime Report is available online or can be requested in hard copy form by contacting the Office of Campus Security at 651-641-8717 or contact assistant security director Mark Heiser at

Concordia University, St.Paul 275 Syndicate Street North St. Paul, Minnesota 55104

Learn more at Phone: 651-641-8230 Toll-free: 800-333-4705 Fax: 651-603-6320 Or email

Office of Admission 275 Syndicate Street North St. Paul, MN 55104 UAM-410-811

Undergrad Brochure  

Brochure for potential students

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