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Marvin Bechtel An NCC legend retires

Gumbo of Ballroom Raising the DanceSport bar

Official Publication of USA Dance

LAS VEGAS: Catching the Fire!

July - August 2011

Issue 31



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We have over 400 titles including every style of dance and levels, bringing the dance world’s most talented, certified instructors right into your home. Dance Camp Los Angeles at the Emerald Ball Apr 27, 2011 - May 2, 2011 at the

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On the Cover 12 Las Vegas

Photo Courtesy of Deron Linkenheil

Las Vegas chapter shares the secrets of their record membership increasse.

28 Gumbo of Ballroom

The bar was raised one again in Baton Rougue as the Gumbo DanceSport Championships.

42 Marvin Bechtel

After working closely with the NCC Marvin Bechtel retires from his position as treasurer.

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Creating the best Volunteers Dynamic Duo of Dallas Las Vegas: Catching the Fire! Cruisitude 1.0 How to Take a Dance Lesson

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USA DANCE in the Public Eye


24 A View to Great Dancing - Columbia Star Ball 28 Gumbo of Ballroom 32 New Jersey DanceSport Classic - Summer Sizzler 36 Young and Dancing in Dayton 40 Let’s Move in School



Photo courtesy of Pete Eaton

2011 July - August 3




any of you are probably wondering about the status of DanceSport’s chances of getting into the Olympic Games, given that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in its announcement on July 5, 2011 did not include DanceSport on the short list of eight sports being given further consideration for inclusion in the 2020 Olympics. The final decision by the IOC on which of the eight sports may be included in the 2020 Games will be made in 2013. While this has certainly been a disappointment, it in no way implies that the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) which is recognized by the IOC as the International Governing Body for DanceSport and which includes USA Dance among its 88 member countries, is giving up the effort to have DanceSport included in the Olympic Games. If anything, the WDSF has announced that it will be redoubling its efforts, and is preparing for the next round of sport evaluations to be conducted by the IOC in 2015. In fact, Carlos Freitag, President of the WDSF, has announced that “DanceSport must continue on its Olympic quest, taking it as seriously as ever, because through it comes further improvements that will benefit our sport as well as the athletes.” Of particular note is that DanceSport participates in the World Games, which are under the International Olympic Committee umbrella. The World Games consists of sports that are not yet in the Olympic Games. In 2013 they will be hosted by Cali, Columbia, and that will provide an opportunity for DanceSport to show to the world and to the IOC officials who will be in attendance all that it has to offer were it to become an Olympic sport. Of particular note is that the DanceSport events will be danced in an open air arena that is used at other times of the year to stage bullfights, rather apropos given that one of the standard Latin dances is the Paso Doble. It is anticipated that as in Taipei during the 2009 World Games where DanceSport events had ticket sales second only to Rugby (now an Olympic sport), and all the finals were standing room only, DanceSport will again draw sell-out crowds.

4 Line of Dance

As I have informed our members before, the next step for DanceSport is to be included in the Pan American Games, and the WDSF has been working steadily to build support in Latin America. At present there are 12 countries in North and South America whose DanceSport National Governing Bodies are recognized by the WDSF and by their National Olympic Committees: United States, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina. As the DanceSport programs grow and develop in Latin America, it is only a matter of time before DanceSport is included in the Pan American Games. For the U.S. that means that at such time as DanceSport enters the Pan American Games, the USOC will begin to provide some level of financial support to USA Dance. Sports like Rugby worked many years in order to be included in the Pan American and Olympic Games. They never gave up hope of accomplishing their journey to the Olympics, and neither will DanceSport.

Lydia T. Scardina National President, USA Dance


2011 July - August 5


Contributing Writers

A m e r i c a n

Jean Krupa

National Officers

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6 Line of Dance



Cover Photo Photo by bogdan oporowski

David Wright & Liva Wright Gumbo DanceSport Championships

Marvin Bechtel An NCC legend retires

Gumbo of Ballroom Raising the DanceSport bar

Official Publication of USA Dance

LAS VEGAS: Catching the Fire!

July - August 2011

Issue 31

Announcements Prospective Sponsers Companies, Individuals or Groups interested in becoming a National Sponsor for USA Dance, should contact PR Director Angela Prince. All sponsorship programs are customized to the branding and marketing needs of the sponsor and are at least one year in duration. Sponsorships needed for the following programs and events: The National DanceSport Championships, DanceSport Travel and Development Fund for Athletes, Championship Level Couples, K-12 After School Dance Programs, Special Olympics Ballroom Program, and USA Dance General Programs. Other programs available to supporters include advertising in American Dancer Magazine, vendor event booths, dancesport division and trophy sponsorships, scholarship funding, etc.

Important Change to the NDCA Rule Allowing Amateur Athletes Opportunity To Dance as Professional Partner of an Amateur Competitor at NDCA Pro-Am Competitions In January of this year the NDCA passed a new rule allowing Amateur Athletes to dance as the Professional Partner in an NDCA Pro-AM Competition, without any change of the Amateur ‘s Competitive Status. USA Dance agreed to comply with this new NDCA ruling for a grace-period to give the USA Dance DanceSport Council (DSC) an opportunity to revise the USA Dance Rulebook in the August meeting of the DSC. We were mindful of the new ruling, but also skeptical that the new rule would sustain. Subsequently, the new rule was overturned at the June 2011 NDCA meeting. This means Amateur Athletes are no longer permitted to dance as the professional partner of a pro-am partnership, at NDCA-sanctioned events, and still retain their Amateur Competitive Status. To help our athletes in this transition following the NDCA rule change and to avoid jeopardizing their amateur competitive status, USA Dance will consider a special one-time waiver for our amateur teachers if, prior to August 9, 2011, they have entered and submitted fees to an NDCA-sanctioned competition as a “professional partner” with their students. The amateur teacher must submit their request immediately in writing to Ken Richards, USA Dance DanceSport VP, at for review. Ken Richards DanceSport Vice President USA Dance Inc.

New USOC logo! Because membership of the USOC is a national membership, the logo can only be used in partnership when USA Dance is acting as a national body. This means that the logo cannot be used at the chapter or NQE level. www.USADANCE.ORG

2011 July - August 7

Creating Volunteers By Jean Krupa, Social Dance VP

An important function of your chapter is to recruit and build a strong support team of volunteers. Because of that, creating volunteers was a topic at the recent Chapter Conference. Invest in your chapter. Here is the good news: you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The National Chapter Conference held in March is a valuable tool for chapter success. This is a key factor for continuing growth and building a strong chapter. Attending the NCC will recharge and build team spirit among your chapter members. Remember, excellence does not just happen and good leadership is about what you can inspire, encourage, empower, and coach others to do. Understanding that we need volunteers to run our chapters is a factor that we need to recognize in more than one way. Recognition is motivational—it’s not too early to look around and see who deserves to be recognized with a nomination for Volunteer of the Year. The selection process begins with a district award then onto the national board. USA Dance’s award program was established to recognize chapter volunteers and chapters who made outstanding contributions to further USA Dance’s goals. This award process begins at the chapter level. All chapter boards are encouraged to develop a local annual award program. This allows chapters an opportunity to recognize their volunteers and ultimately identify their “Chapter Volunteer of the Year.” This individual can then be nominated by the board for the “District Volunteer of the Year” award. Submit your nominations to your local district coordinator by October 31. 8 Dance Floor

Local recognition can be as simple as printing a certificate of appreciation and announcing it at your monthly dance. Perhaps solicit a gift certificate from a local business or restaurant, maybe even a member affiliate. Or simply say “thank you.” It may seem silly to mention it, but just telling your volunteers “thank you” when they’ve helped will go a long way. Sometimes we get so busy or focused on seeing that the dance is going as planned, tunnel vision arises and can cause you to skim on the “job well dones”. In addition, USA DANCE presents the “District Chapter of the Year” award to the president of the outstanding chapter in each district. One of these 11 district “Chapters of the Year” is then selected as the “National Chapter of the Year”. This is the highest honor that can be awarded to a chapter in USA Dance. When we have volunteers we can count on, it gives a feeling of confidence for the future and, we can look forward to watching our numbers grow and our organization thrive. So, let’s get ready for the confetti! If you would like to nominate someone for volunteer of the year or nominate your chapter for chapter of the year, go to library for the forms listed under “Board, Officers & District Structure” and then submit them to me for review. Deadline for the entry is Oct 31, from chapter level to district then on to national. The awards will be presented at the National Chapter Conference with expenses paid trip to Dallas for the recipient of volunteer of the year, as well as the president of the chapter selected as chapter of the year.

Photo Courtesy of Carson Zullinger


2011 July- August 9

Dynamic Duo of



They call each other Lucy and Ethel. Whether they’re chatting at board meetings, co-hosting USA Dance events, or swinging around at ballroom dance clubs, Diane Montgomery and Betsy Lee are always together, and they’re always laughing. Two years ago, Betsy Lee, a member of the USA Dance Dallas board, wanted to create an event that would be different from the typical social dance. To pull off something new and exciting, she needed dependable people to help organize; that’s when she found Diane Montgomery.

10 Dance Floor

By: Jean Stoddard

Betsy knew Diane from the chapter’s dances and noticed she was “always smiling and cheerful.” Betsy didn’t know how she persuaded Diane to commit to volunteering with the board, but even now she is grateful. “Diane’s a lovable person. It takes special people to donate the time.” Together, with the help of a diligent board and volunteers, they planned the Art and Soul of Ballroom Dancing. What began as the “seed of a dream” attracted hundreds of attendees. The team was able to bring in ballroom champions, JT Thomas and Tomas Mielnicki, along with local professionals.

After all the hours dedicated to organizing, Diane and Betsy looked at each other and realized the dream had become reality. With tears in their eyes, they wondered what they were going to do now. The pair has been working together with USA Dance Dallas ever since, a chapter that has expanded from 190 to 235 members. “We’re like a family,” said Betsy. “Everyone loves each other.” Diane and Betsy became inseparable friends in and outside of USA Dance, communicating with each other every day through phone calls, e-mails, or texting. It’s a brainstorming session that never stops. “It was through our association of working on things for USA Dance,” said Diane, “that at some point we just became joined at the hip.” They spend time with each other on holidays, birthdays, and shopping expeditions. The two don’t always agree, but they realize their strengths play off each other. They bring unique skills from their professional backgrounds: Diane

has marketing know-how and Betsy has budgeting expertise. “With Betsy I feel like it’s one of life’s fortunate partnerships,” said Diane, “where you are working and associating with someone whose styles and strengths mesh with yours.” Although Diane and Betsy have different personalities, they are both passionate about one thing—dance. It’s what brought them together. “We just can’t stop dancing,” said Betsy. “Just play some music in front of us and we’ll move our bodies like crazy.” Diane admits that every idea doesn’t always work out perfectly. That’s why they became Lucy and Ethel. “When you’re trying to do a variety of things, you’re just going to flub up.” Still, they laugh at each other and have fun. “I guess the most important part is we genuinely like each other on and off the dance floor,” said Diane. “I think that’s what makes the whole thing work.”

Photos by Sharen Bradford - The Dancing Image

“ I t w a s t h ro u g h o u r a s s o c i a t i o n of working on things for USA Dance that at some point we just became joined at the hip.” “We just can’t stop dancing. Just play some music in front of us, and we’ll move our bodies like crazy.”


2011 July- August 11

LAS VEGAS: Catching Fire!


SA Dance is heating up in Vegas. Chapter membership nearly tripled this last year, the fastest growth rate of any chapter in the nation. It’s no wonder that board members are looking for bigger venues. Four new board members are directing the chapter with fresh ideas and a flair for outreach. The new officers have built their efforts on the foundation set by former board members, with an emphasis on expanding membership in the chapter. Deron Linkenheil, president of the Las Vegas chapter, said the driving force of the chapter’s growth is the combination of a proactive board, collaboration with other organizations and public involvement. “We try to be an organization for the whole Las Vegas community.” Members of the board represent various local ballroom studios, allowing the chapter to introduce more dancers to USA Dance. The chapter hosted 12 of 13 dances at ballroom

12 Dance Floor

By Jean Stoddard

studios during the year, where the studios showcased their styles and techniques for the crowds of attendees. The chapter plans events around competitions and studio events in an effort to work with, rather than compete with, the dance community. Linkenheil attributes the chapter’s success to the support of the Las Vegas dance studios and as well as to area professionals. Board members aren’t, however, just reaching out to the studios. “The more people we get involved the better dances we have,” said Linkenheil. In recent months the chapter teamed up with a local organizer to host a dance in conjunction with a competition, partnered with UNLV to get collegiate dancers involved and planned to co-sponsor dances with the city in to use bigger venues. As the dances become bigger, the plans become bigger. Making each dance event affordable and “a little special” are the chapter’s goals for these

Photos Courtesy of Deron Linkenheil

“I hope all the USA Dance chapters can get the Las Vegas buzz for dancing.” Deron Linkenheil dances. From a Hawaiian luau to Chinese New Year to Italian night, armies of volunteers get involved by decorating and planning refreshments. Dances are often free for USA Dance members and are low-priced for non-members, which has been a lifesaver for some members given the economic recession. Members told Linkenheil dancing lifts their spirits. With each event, the board learns new lessons about the challenges of facilitating a larger group.


“We try to stay close to the USA Dance motto of promoting the quality and quantity of dancing,” said Linkenheil. “Whenever the organization keeps that in mind, everything works well.” Visitors from other USA Dance chapters often drop in to dance when staying in Las Vegas. The chapter welcomes anyone who wants to visit to check out a USA Dance event. “I hope all the USA Dance chapters can get the Las Vegas buzz for dancing,” said Linkenheil. Visit the USA Dance Las Vegas chapter online at

2011 July- August 13

Experience the 2011

USA Dance Cruise

Cruisitude 1.0 By Jean Krupa

Excitement has been building ever since the last cruise ended.

This year, you will experience spaciousness and elegance aboard Holland America’s ms Westerdam. Come with us and explore the private island, Half Moon Cay, snorkel over the beautiful coral reefs of Grand Turk, explore the exotic St. Maarten Island and join us dancing in the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

returning the following Sunday, December 11, with 250 dancers, attending workshops with Dan Calloway teaching International Foxtrot, Tango Waltz, Quickstep and Silke Calloway teaching International Cha Cha, Samba and Rumba. This year we also have Ken Richards, DanceSport VP, teaching workshops in Hustle, Salsa, West Coast, Bolero plus lead and follow classes.

Aboard the ms Westerdam, you can enjoy a week of nearly non-stop dancing, grand meals, gala theme nights, exciting shows and an onboard casino.

And this year we introduce Nathan Simler and his sister Mary from Washington state teaching American Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing, Tango Foxtrot and Waltz. Nathan has performed and taught at the Tidewater New Year’s Eve event.

Imagine seven days aboard the Westerdam, leaving Ft. Lauderdale Sunday, December 4, 2011 and

This is a great opportunity to share your passion for dancing, to meet new friends, and enjoy the

14 Dance Floor

Caribbean. We will hold workshops daily, more while at sea and a few while in port, plus evening dances. This year, we plan to have some afternoon dances leaving your evening open to enjoy a show. With restricted smoking areas and a continental cuisine, you can look forward to culinary delights that change by the day. All staterooms are equipped with a flat panel TV, mini-bar, DVD player, safe, data port, telephone and muti-channel music. Check out some of the experiences from last years passengers: Ray LaPlant from Arizona, lost 5 pounds from dancing so much on a cruise, an almost

unheard of achievement. “The dance instructors and lessons were fantastic,” he said. Hyeyong Temlin said, “It was a lot of fun last year and this year will be awesome. It was so much fun and I can not wait to go on the December cruise.” Teresa Steinberg from Alabama said, “I really enjoyed the dance workshops! Looking forward to working with Nathan Simler and Mary Simler and the other instructors.” Joe Aiken of Pennsylvania, wrote, “I met a lot of great people which are now my dance friends and went on some awesome land excursions in Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Key West. I danced my legs off!”

Photos Courtesy of Ray LaPlant

Excitement has been building ever since the last cruise ended. Photos Courtesy of Holland America Inc


2011 July- August 15

How to

Take a Dance Lesson By: Daniel Calloway, F.I.S.T.D.

Photos Courtesy of Fran Needham

16 Dance Floor


When an adult student takes a dance lesson, whether he or she knows it or not, both dancing skills and a set of essential learning skills are integral parts of that student’s learning. A student must implement learning habits, in addition to the dancing, in order to become a successful dancer. Learners often become frustrated and quit because without these learning skills their learning stagnates. On an academic level, most universities recognize this problem and require freshmen to take a basic study skills course to teach them these learning skills. Developing study skills in dancing is similar to developing good habits early in life. Developing disciplined habits at dance rehearsals enables any dancer to get more out of each rehearsal.

reviewed as part of your preparation. When a partner is involved, warm-up can take longer and the agenda for the lesson should be discussed as a partnership before the teacher arrives.

Good preparation for any lesson is more than just arriving early. “On time” for a lesson is actually fifteen minutes late. The dance teacher’s maxim, “early in life, late in dancing,” conveys the image that on the dance floor, most dancers rush the music, failing to get the most out of the dance experience; it also suggests that it is better to be early than late so the rush of preparation doesn’t cheat you out of the full value of the experience.

Because most dance students must fit their lessons into an often hectic and unpredictable life, these habits of being early for a lesson, practicing between lessons and taking notes on that practice can’t always be maintained to perfection. The important principle is that they are habits worth cultivating. Learning to dance is most enjoyable when accompanied by the feeling of accomplishment and progress enjoyed by those who have developed these habits.

There can be a lot to do before a lesson: some socializing is to be expected; shoes need to be brushed and put on; the body needs to be warmed up; and notes from previous lessons should be

Individual work between practices is extremely valuable so the lesson can begin with a quick discussion of your individual efforts since the previous lesson. Normally, questions about choreography and technique arise when new material is rehearsed, especially when you have practiced them on your own. Get in the habit of composing a written list of questions about prior material. The highest compliment to the teacher is the value beyond the lesson that the student places in what is being taught.

Daniel Calloway

has been performing, competing professionally, coaching and adjudicating for over 30 years. In addition to being the Chairman of Judges at the North American and United States National DanceSport Championships, Dan teaches ballroom on the Costa Atlantica cruise ship. Dan is the coach for the Georgetown University and University of Maryland DanceSport teams.


2011 July- August 17

,'+ +!#*#* #./ $*')'#/+"$.'#+"/$,.0&# Second Annual USA DANCE National Dance Cruise, December 4-11, 2011,  ,.",))+" *#.'!7/#)#%+0*/#/0#."* $,./#2#+"5/,$$1++"+#.)5+,+/0,-"+!#!0'2'0'#/ #-.0'+%$.,*01"#.")#),.'"0&#!.1'/#$#01.#/ #4!'0'+%2'/'0/0,.+"1.(1.(/+"'!,/+1+ 1#.0,'!,&')'-/ 1.%0.0#++")$,,+ 5 &*/+"'+!)1"#/$1))-.,%.*,$ )).,,* )0'++"!)1 /05)#"+!#!)//#/01%&0 50&#!,1+0.57/0,- -.,$#//',+)'+/0.1!0,./ Last year’s cruise was a sell out and cabins are limited, so book NOW!

 +!#+! ! +,+-.,80,.%+'60',+'/0&#+0',+)%,2#.+'+% ,"5$,.+!#-,.0'+0&#+'0#"00#/+".#-.#/#+00'2#,.%+'60',+

18 Dance Floor $,./,!')"+!#./!.,// *#.'!3331/"+!#,.%.1'/#,.%+'6#.'/ +!#,!')#+.1-/,!')2- 1/"+!#,.%

We have dressed celebrities on the red carpet and on ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars. You too can sparkle with our haute fashion jewelry. MsBellezza Jewelry offers dazzling yet affordable pieces for every woman, no matter her budget, big or small.

MsBellezza Jewelry 2033 Gateway Place, Ste. 600 San Jose, CA 95110 408.573.6308 www.USAdance.ORG • •

2011 July- August 19


PUBLIC EYE Angela Prince

And the Winners of the Swarovski Elements “People’s Choice” On-line Contest Are … Excerpted from the chapter newsletter story by Yang Chen, President of the Greater New York Chapter, who attended the June 8th event at the Swarovski Crystallized TM in Soho. As mentioned here for the last few weeks, Swarovski has been holding a contest on Facebook to decide which of the costumes created by four designers for ten of the nation’s top couples were the people’s choice. Thousands of votes were cast on the Swarovski Elements Facebook page, and last Wednesday, June 8, I was privileged to be among the invited guests to a special gala event held at the Swarovski Crystallized store in Soho in downtown Manhattan at which the winners of the on-line contest held by Swarovski Elements were announced. At the event, many of the DanceSport athletes selected to wear the beautiful costumes using the new Swarovski stones created especially for DanceSport were in 20 On Beat

attendance, including Senior I Standard Champions Xingmin and Katerina Lu, Adult Standard Champions Igor Mikushov and Margaretta Midura, and Junior II Standard Champion Anna Kaczmarski. Also in attendance were designers, including Dawn Smart of Doré Designs, Maria McGill of Designs to Shine [and Tatiana Noll of ElleDance Studio. Representing Deirdre of London was USA Dance sponsored couple Xingmin and Katerina Lu.] Before announcing the contest winners, Heidi McCormack, Swarovski’s Key Account Manager Textile East, announced that the costumes sponsored by Swarovski would be put up for sale and the proceeds would be split between the designers and Swarovski. Heidi declared that Swarovski would be donating back its share of the proceeds to USA Dance to support its scholarship fund for DanceSport athletes. Heidi then introduced Angela Prince, USA Dance National Director of Public Relations, to talk about

the partnership between Swarovski and USA Dance. After describing the brand ambassador program that has been established between Swarovski and USA Dance, Angela introduced Ken Richards, USA Dance National VP for DanceSport. Ken expressed USA Dance’s deep appreciation for the support of Swarovski for the talented and dedicated DanceSport athletes that represent the United States in world competition. Heidi then introduced Stephan Toljan, Swarovksi’s VP Sales and Market Management, to announce the winners. Third place with 994 votes went to USA Dance National Latin Champions Val Chmerkovskiy and Daria Chesnokova from New Jersey, with a costume designed by Maria McGill of Designs to

Shine. Second place with 1083 votes went to USA Dance Natioanal Youth and 10-Dance Finalists Taras Savitskyy and Liya Podokshik from New Jersey with a costume designed by Dawn Smart of Doré Designs. First place went to USA Dance National Junior II Latin finalists Eric Rosenberg and Nicole Ahkmerova from California, with a staggering 1811 votes, wearing a costume designed by Dawn Smart of Doré Designs. Congratulations to all the couples who wore the fabulous costumes made with Swarovski Elements. And thanks to Swarovski for being such a great sponsor of USA Dance and DanceSport. You make our champions look like the winners they truly are. For the video from the gala, visit the NYUSADance You Tube channel.

Earning the highest number of votes on Facebook, Junior II Latin Championship Couple Eric Rosenberg and Nicole Akhmerova of California won the Swarovski Elements “People’s Choice” Awards for their 2011 costumes designed by Dore Designs made with Swarovski Elements. The Awards Gala was held June 8th in NYC. Photos Courtesy of Yang Chen and Cynthia Stansbury


2011 July - August 21

Are You In The Public Eye? Have You ‘Googled’ Your Chapter Lately? Nowadays, in our internet-focused world, it’s important to be discoverable on Google. So we decided to see which USA Dance chapters have either deliberately or unintentionally worked their website’s “search engine optimization” (aka, SEO) to their advantage. Search term was “USA Dance” (not USA Dance Inc since most people don’t call us conversationally by that name). And congratulations to our first-found chapters in cyberspace! And for those further down on the list, you can learn how your website, press releases, postings on Facebook & tag words can improve your SEO results -- check out for the latest articles & case studies.

1 USA Dance National 2 Los Angeles 3 Charlotte 4 Dallas 5 Minneapolis/St. Paul 6 Seattle 7 Phoenix 8 Pittsburgh 9 Northern California 10 Memphis * Google pages are moving targets. Results above as of Midnight, August 3, 2011.

Chapters from all over USA dance at nationals 2010

22 On Beat

GREATER NY CHAPTER’S E-NEWSLETTER PROVES EXEMPLARY MODEL FOR DANCE SCENE COVERAGE If you read the Greater New York Chapter’s story above about the Swarovski Elements’ Gala Awards Night, you got a taste of the extensive weekly reporting that this chapter contributes to the New York dance scene. The NY Chapter’s newsletter is quite extensive, covering events, instructional opportunities, the latest dancesport and industry news and even what’s happening for our members in the public limelight. . .but keep in mind, this chapter has all of the Greater New York area to cover – quite an undertaking – so we commend chapter president Yang Chen, and all of the contributing volunterers, who are responsible for not only keeping things up to date, but in providing understanding and perspective to what’s reported. Check out their website: There are links to the weekly newsletter and their YouTube channel. You’ll find great photos from all their citywide events and fabulous dancing videos. USA Dance encourages all of its 180 chapters (and members) to check out all the chapter websites, Facebook pages and newsletters around the country. Connecting with other chapters becomes a great learning experience and chance to share new ideas and happenings. Newsletter Link:

Send us the latest happenings of your chapter to be considered for an upcoming issue. When submitting, please keep in mind the following:

1 2 3 4

Articles should be a maximum of 175 words. High quality, digital photos relating to the event at 600 dpi or higher. Accurate photo caption, or names of persons (left to right). Name of photographer for photo credit.

Send submissions and questions to :

We want to hear from your chapter!


Has your chapter been in the news lately? Have you been featured in the paper, on TV, or online?


2011 July - August 23

A View to Great Dancing Columbia Star Ball

By: Beth Knoll

The Columbia Star Ball, sanctioned by USA Dance and NDCA and organized by Mark and Tiffanie Tabor, was held in Janzen Beach, Oregon, on May 7-8, 2011, and what a spectacle it was! From the moment the doors opened, spectators, officials and competitors alike were awed by the fantastic event. Operating out of a new venue—the Red Lion in Janzen Beach—guests were treated to a full wall of windows overlooking the majestic Columbia River. Getting somewhat distracted by the view was certainly forgivable, as it was opening day of boating season on the river. Hundreds of boats graced the view, sailing in full rig and high color up the river. A more glorious background outside

24 DanceSport

could hardly have been arranged for the fantastic dancing inside. Mark and Tiffanie, in their second year of organizing and celebrating their wedding anniversary with a ball, must certainly have been pleased at the turnout. Significant prize monies in the forms of scholarships and Top Teacher incentives brought on DOUBLE the entries from last year, meaning full finals and some semi-finals in many amateur events, and very competitive Pro/Am events. Standouts in the competitions included the formation team competition, the only event of its kind in Oregon or Washington. There were five teams, and all presented hugely entertaining routines. The ball

this year also added professional events to the agenda. Seemingly tireless, Top Teacher Dave Watson showed off his students brilliantly, and still managed to cheer for amateur couples. Congratulations to Dave, and to Ballroom Parkrose for Top Studio honors. But no article about the Columbia Star Ball would be complete without mentioning the professional


July - August 25

showcase. Umpteen-times US Amateur Champions, US Professional Vice-Champions and representatives to the World Championships as amateurs and professionals, Eugene Katsevman and Maria Manusova provided characteristically stellar performances. Bringing the audience to their feet after nearly every dance, Eugene and Maria both charmed and entranced everyone with their dancing and their personalities.

26 DanceSport

The opinion of this author is that it is safe to say that Mark and Tiffanie hit a home run with this event, and that they have set themselves up to provide great entertainment every year. I look forward to next year to see the great dancing the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Photos courtesy of Pete Eaton


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   Royal Caribbean “Liberty” Round trip from Barcelona, Spain Provence (Toulon), France * Villefranche (Nice), France Livorno (Florence/Pisa), Italy * Civitavecchia (Rome) Italy * Naples, Capri, Italy

   Royal Caribbean “Adventure” Round trip from San Juan St. Croix, US Virgin Islands *Philipsburg, St. Maarten * St. John’s, Antigua * Castries, St. Lucia * Bridgetown, Barbados

   Island Princess Vancouver to Whittier (Anchorage) Glacier Bay * College Fjord * Juneau * Skagway * Ketchikan Contact Cathy & Brent Paxton Colorado (303) 250-7344 ♦Toll Free Phone (866) 409-SAIL ♦ Fax: 1-303-284-0983  www.USAdance.ORG

July - August 27


Gumbo of Ballroom

By: Ann Durocher


rom the time we started until the last event, the ballroom was electric with outstanding dancing. I can’t remember our ever having so many quarter final rounds, thanks primarily to the young dancers. First, I want to acknowledge the tremendous work of some outstanding instructors and directors of youth programs. First of all, our own Jefferson Parish dancers were the best group we have had on our Gumbo dance floor and we owe a ton of gratitude to Nicole Champagne and Stephan Howard who spent so much time with the 17 couples who danced for the Gumbo chapter in the USA Dance Gumbo DanceSport Championships. Job well done! Five couples came to us from Lake Charles out of the Dancing Classrooms program led by Nancy 28 DanceSport

Vallee and her talented instructor Angela. These young dancers stayed throughout the weekend, taking in all of the activities. I was so impressed with their dancing, but even more so with their poise and politeness. Jessica Cubelli from Katy, Texas, brought her young dancers again this year, delighting the crowd with their dancing precision and style. We always look forward to having her students dance with us. Competitors weren’t the only young dancers on the Gumbo floor over the weekend. The talented and fun O. Perry Walker High School Dance Ensemble entertained the crowd on Saturday evening between the Adult Championship events. Here is a group who had no formal dance training when Karen Davis-Jones walked in. She has developed a dance team capable of entertaining anyone. With her drive, I am

anxious to see the ballroom competitors she will soon develop. At the competition, all of our teams performed so well, from our set up crew, to the hospitality room, the registration desk, and all of the volunteers everywhere. I love all of you great team members! On Friday afternoon of the competition Raymond Stanley left the dance floor and, shortly afterward had a heart arrest. It was quite an anxious moment, but within feet


of him were several doctors. Pam Craven Hamilton, a cardiologist, was the first to get to him, immediately starting CPR, with Jim Crowell assisting. Fortunately, Jim and Sterling always check out the hotel’s defibrillator when they arrive at the hotel, and it was on the scene within a minute. Although this could have gone very badly for Ray, the doctors had his breathing and pulse restored within minutes. He was sent to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital and released the following Monday with a stent to open up the artery that created his problem. We understand that he is doing well. I want

Photos by bogdan oporowski

July - August 29

to thank everyone who played a role in saving this very nice gentleman’s life. All of us wish Ray well and look forward to seeing him again next year.

Throughout the weekend we awarded $8,500 in scholarships to the winning couples.

The Adult Championships are always a highlight of our competition. Dancing at the Gumbo for the first time were Angus Sinclair and Susan Sidman National American Smooth runner ups. Also placing in the finals at Nationals and coming to us for the first time was Larry Woodward and Jessica Bryant. David and Liva Wright, Blackpool semifinalists, danced with us for the first time. Placing second at Blackpool in Rising star and first time Gumbo dancers were Pasha Pashkov and Daniella Karagach, who wowed the crowd every time they set foot on the dance floor. Pasha and Daniella stayed over to coach dancers, leaving them with, according to the dancers, “some of the best training they have ever had.” Throughout the weekend, we awarded $8,500 in scholarships to the winning couples We congratulate all of the gold medalists and everyone who competed this year. Dancers have several NQEs to choose from, and we are very pleased that you put the Gumbo on your 2011 dance calendar. The bar of the Gumbo DanceSport Championships was raised this year and I am anxious for June 29, 30 & July 1, 2012, to arrive. Please join us in Baton Rouge next year for another outstanding weekend of ballroom.

30 DanceSport


National Collegiate

DanceSport Challenge Columbus Convention Center Columbus, Ohio

November 19-20, 2011

Establishing Excellence for more information go to www.USAdance.ORG

July - August 31

New Jersey Danc

By: Wendi Davies


n Hackensack, New Jersey, the summer really started off with a sizzle. With just under 400 dancers competing in various events, Wendi Davies and Mario Battista had their hands full at the New Jersey DanceSport Classic. Wendi and Mario weren’t the only busy ones, as volunteers hurried around the Battista Dance Studio days before the event, making sure everything was just right. “I am always grateful to all our volunteers who help us run our events,” Wendi said, “without them, [the competitions] would not be possible.” With everything set for the “Summer Sizzler,” it was time to light the fires! Things started to heat up with the adult competitions starting at noon on Saturday. Spins and drops filled the studio, leaving

32 DanceSport

everyone on the edge of their seats. Of course, the culminating event of the evening and highlight of the competition came during the open competitions where 11 perpetual trophies and over $5000 in scholarships were awarded to competitors. The generosity of those who donate time and resources to these events is almost unbelievable, but here was another tribute to the generosity of those who support dance. After the time and energy that the competitors put into their art, it was wonderful to see their efforts rewarded. The competition continued to simmer as Sunday filled up with Junior events. With an entire day devoted to Junior events, the New Jersey Classic is still one of the largest kids competitions in the country. Sunday was

ceSport Classic SUMMER

beautiful: there is a simple beauty in seeing children excel at a young age. The syllabus dancers were especially enjoyable to watch. After hours of preparation and dancing, it was finally time to cool down. This was the competition’s first time being held in May, but next year, organizers hope to get things sizzling even sooner. “We plan to try and run the competition two weeks before Blackpool in England so that competitors have a chance to dance a big event before they go to Blackpool,” shared Wendi Davies.


to try and qualify as early as possible.” The quality of dance at the competition has always been astounding, and as the date of the competition may change, one thing is certain, next year’s New Jersey Classic will be sizzling.

Results at

She also noted another way that this would benefit the competitors: “With the new rules which require dancers to finish in the top 75% of events, it will be advantageous for dancers


July - August 33

DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport D DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Qualifying Events forDanceSport Danc DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Da USADanceSport Dance 2012 National DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Dance DanceSport Championships DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Dan 010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2009 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championship 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championship 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championshi DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Dan 2009 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championship DanceSport DanceSp DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Da Sport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceS DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Dan Errol Williamson & Vashti Reed Photo by: Carson Zullinger


Challenge Phoenix, AZ

Carolina Fall Classic Greensboro, NC Oct 7 - 9, 2011

Chicago DanceSport Challenge February 19, 2011 Chicago, IL Nov 4 - 6, 2011

011 The Phoenix Quake DanceSport

San Francisco, CA Nov 13, 2011

Northwest DanceSport Championships Seattle, WA Jan 14 - 15, 2012

Manhattan Amateur Classic-(MAC) Manhattan, NY Jan 13 - 15, 2012

Derby City DanceSport Championships Louisville, KY Feb 18 - 19, 2012

For More Information visit 34 DanceSport

Nationals Sponsors 2011

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS (Title Sponsor) Arlene Yu

Nadia Eftedal Holiday Ball Competition Erminio Stefano & Luana Conte Eugene Katsevman & Maria Manusova Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyeva Larinda McRaven Dance Pants Scott & Sarah Coates USA Dance Central Florida Chapter # 6002 USISTD USA Dance Michigan Northern Lights Chapter #2048 USA Dance Royal Palm Chapter #6016 USA Dance Treasure Coast Chapter #6004 USA Dance Tidewater Chapter #6008 Spencer & Elena Nyemchek David & Connie Taylor Aida Renzo



July - August 35

Young and Dancing in Dayton By Mary Rose Pica


other Teresa stated, “Loneliness is the most terrible poverty,” but in an Arthur Mur-

ray studio in Dayton, Ohio, surrounded by girls, that is exactly how 13-year old John Griffin found himself: lonely. Though it may have felt like poverty at the time, from among that group of girls, John was able to find a rich partnership. One by one, the girls of the class dropped out until there was only Renee Knapke, who would be his dance partner for the next six years. Since the start of their partnership, John and Renee have been able to use their dancing to enrich both their lives and their community. “[Dance] has added a dimension of creative expression that has become more than a hobby to us,” said Renee. Renee, also an accomplished horsewoman, expressed how that set of skills has carried over to the ballroom. “Competing in horse events and showing my horse actually helps my performance in dance.” She says her poise on a horse contributes to her poise on the dance floor. John says that his involvement in his high school theatre program also helped make it “less daunting to perform with a partner before a dance audience.” John and Renee have found that their talents can even benefit their community. They began performing at local dance clubs for the enjoyment of dancers and peers where their dancing began to get a reaction. John says that many of

36 DanceSport

their peers had seen ballroom on TV, “but after watching us dance they saw that it really was that glamorous, and it wasn’t just something people only did on TV.” In a further outreach to their community, John and Renee were able to help organize and participate in events like a community “Senior Senior Prom.” No stutter here: John and 30 other students went to a local assisted living center and held a dance with some of their more mature toe-tapping neighbors. It left a lasting impression on many of the students, including John who said, “When I asked a lady for a dance, I saw the same look of excitement and pleasure in the eyes of an 85-year-old great grandmother as I see in that of a teenager.” Most importantly, John says that he learned that “there is no age limit for wanting to be appreciated and valued.” John and Renee proved that there is no age limit for making a difference in younger lives, as well at a talent show at Renee’s school whose proceeds went to benefit disabled children. John and Renee took the floor again, mostly against rock bands and other musical numbers, but the elegance of ballroom prevailed as they danced away with first place. “It wasn’t even winning that mattered,” they said, “it was just being able to do something with our dancing that helped somebody else.” With all the hours dedicated to practices, performances, and competitions, why would two teenagers want to ballroom dance? John said, “It’s not like other sports. It’s something

“It’s not like other sports. Its something you can do from really young to 96 or older..."

you can do from really young to 96 or older if you want. It’s a good way to meet new people and make new friends.” Renee added, “It has added a dimension of creative expression that has become more than a hobby to us.”

Photos of John and Renee Photo courtesy of Mary Rose Pica


July - August 37

38 DanceSport

C O MP E T I T I O N CALE N D A R Events listed with the * do not accrue proficiency points

Sep 17, 2011

Nov 13, 2011

Crystal Ball*

The Quake-NQE

Seattle, WA

San Francisco, CA

Sep 18, 2011

Jan 13-15, 2012

New Englad Fall Challenge

Manhattan Amateur Cassic (MAC)-NQE

Glastony, CT

Manhattan, NY

Sep 24, 2011

Jan 14-15, 2012

Quest For the Best*

Northwest DanceSport Championships-NQE

Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

Oct 7-9, 2011

Jan 21, 2012

Carolina Fall Classic-NQE

Royal Palm Winter Frolic Extravaganza

Greensboro, NC

Coconut Creek, FL

Nov 4-6, 2011 Chicago DanceSport Challenge-NQE Chicago, IL

Competitions noted as “NQE” are National Qualifying Events for the 2011 National DanceSport Championships.

look for future event updates at competition-calendar/ www.USAdance.ORG

look for future collegiate event updates on FaceBook sign onto FaceBook, click on “Groups,” and type in “USA Dance Competitions”

July - August 39

Let’s Move in School “..takes aim at the growing epidemic of obesity among the nation’s school age population.”


aunched in February of 2010 and headed by First Lady Michelle Obama, “Let’s Move in School” takes aim at the growing epidemic of obesity among the nation’s school age population. The Surgeon General recommends that children and youth spend one hour (60 minutes) per day in moderate physical activity, yet P.E. classes nationwide are frequently the victims of budget cutting and the push for higher academic test scores. Studies show that approximately 1/3 of children and teens are overweight or obese, and only 36% of high school students meet the recommended level for physical activity. Dance is not limited to P.E. classes. While basic dance steps may be taught in P.E. classes, dance can also provide meaningful experiences and active learning across the curriculum, including World Language, Social Studies, Music, Literature, Art, even Math and Science. In addition, extra-curricular or after-school dance clubs can provide much needed physical activity. Clubs provide students an opportunity to learn or improve their skills, and contribute to the development of critical thinking, problem solving and

40 DanceSport

decision making. Some older groups may focus on a specific genre like Swing or Latin, but all teach valuable lessons in cooperation, collaboration, respect, and self-discipline. Engaging students in dance can open a gateway to a healthy lifelong activity. Starting and nurturing a school dance club is a long-term commitment that requires support and commitment from the Chapter, school personnel, parents, and students. The Guide to Starting a School Dance Program, available on the USA Dance web site, presents strategies and useful tips for establishing programs. Because each chapter, school and community is unique, with unique problems and resources, there is no single “best way” to initiate a program. In most communities, the school year will begin soon. This is a good time to start building a club, before teachers, parents and students are committed to other activities.

night. See the SDP Guide for samples. Invite educators to a chapter dance or NBDW event as special guests. Contact the school administrative staff to learn how to distribute the invitations and guest passes. If you have youth members, feature them in a spotlight dance. Teach a simple line dance or basic amalgamation that teachers can use with their students. Hold a special door prize drawing for the educators who attend. The prize may be introductory group lessons donated by a local studio, dance CDs or videos. By: Barbara Wally Photo courtesy of stock.xchng

“ can also provide meaningful experiences and active learning across the curriculum.."

If you are ready to begin a program or have an existing program, have brochures, parent invitation letters, and pertinent information available for “Back to School”


July - August 41

Accounting for “


ollege students are a really terrific group. If they’re involved in ballroom, then they’re OK!” said Marvin Bechtel, “I’ve had a lot of fun with them.” Marvin Bechtel has been involved with college students and the National Collegiate Challenge for over 10 years and has been part of it since its inception. Drawing from years of experience, Bechtel has many sweet memories. “I wouldn’t trade any of it,” he said, “but it’s time for me to move on.” 74 year old Bechtel was a key core of the volunteers that keep the NCC running and growing. Originally invited on in 1999 to be the treasurer of the event, he has seen the event grow from 500 people attending each year to last year’s whopping total of over 800 students. In that time USA Dance has grown and changed. “It was a bit of difficult time in terms of finance for USA Dance. We had to smooth things out and make people accountable for what they did with money,” said Bechtel. Being accountable is a core principle of Bechtel’s personality. In 20 years in 42 InStep

the Marines, he rose from the rank of private to captain, and from those years and subsequent years of experience in business, real estate and other ventures, he learned the meaning of hard work and accountability—the necessity of having paperwork to back any financial claim. He finally discovered ballroom dancing in 1981 and has been involved in USA Dance since. “I’ve worked with a lot of chapters and universities, kept records for them, and sent reports to the National Treasurer and President. I’ve been NCC Events Director and Treasurer,” said Bechtel. But the real joy of serving has come at the NCC and being around the college kids that make the event memorable. “At my age it’s fascinating to see. These kids are not on drugs, they’re not alcoholics, and it’s the girls getting the guys involved,” he said. “It’s really exciting to give them an event like the NCC.” Thanks to an arrangement between USA Dance and event organizer Sam Sodano, the price of registration at the NCC gains students admission to the Friday night


Marvin Bechtel Retires from the NCC

semi-finals, and the Saturday night finals of the Ohio Star Ball. In this way, the NCC allows collegiate-aged dancers to compete against each other, and be inspired by some of the best dancing in the country. It is Bechtel’s belief that young people could not be involved in anything better. Ballroom opens people up to a network of dancers and friends available all throughout the country. It allows people to reach a higher standard of excellence. It allows people to have fun and help others have fun. It is Bechtel’s belief that the NCC is a place that young people can get a sample of the world of ballroom. While stepping down as treasurer is hard for Bechtel, he remains optimistic. “For the first time since getting involved in USA Dance, I can sit on the side lines and just dance,” he said, “My duty was to contribute to ballroom dancing. Now that it’s time to take a break, I hope I’ve inspired others to do their part too.” By: Ivor Lee


Image courtesy of Marvin Bechtel

2011 July -August 43


Dancers competing in the team competition for the title of the nation’s best school

44 InStep


By: Ivor Lee

hat is the National Collegiate Challenge? Just another collegiate level ballroom competition? The NCC in Columbus, Ohio is the only high caliber competition for collegiate students on the national level. The November competition features something for all levels of competition. With heats of competition from bronze to championship, the NCC is truly an event for college students looking to get a taste of the world of DanceSport. The 2011 NCC promises to be another exciting competition. Riding on the success of the 2010 championship, the 2011 event will again feature the third national formation dance competition in addition to the much anticipated collegiate challenge. College students from all over the country will have the opportunity to test themselves against other dancers of their level, prove their worth, and just have fun. Competitors will also have a chance to put their pride on the line in the team competition, where dancers representing different schools will compete against each other for the title of the nation’s best. Currently the University of Michigan holds back to back titles of being the best team. Will they be able to hold onto their title or will they be dethroned? Competitors must remember that this year’s purse will be split into first, second and third place prizes—more motivation to do well. The NCC offers more than just dancing. One of the perks of competing against other dancers from around the country is the opportunity to network. “They have a chance to make friends with other students, and who knows? Maybe years down the road, they may be able to call on that friendship,” said Marvin Bechtel, former treasurer of the NCC.

“Riding on the success of the 2010 championship, the 2011 event will again feature the third national formation dance competition in addition to the much anticipated collegiate challenge...”

Since the NCC is run in conjunction with Ohio Star Ball, students at the competition also gain admission to the Friday night semi-final rounds and the Saturday night finals rounds of the ball. This fantastic opportunity for students allows them to attend a World Professional Smooth, Rhythm and World Pro/Am championship, and observe and learn from some of the best talent in the world. While NCC 2011 may feature some new faces in its organization committee due to the retirement of veteran Marvin Bechtel, the NCC promises to be another exciting competition. Projections estimate that there will be upwards of 800 students in attendance, rivaling if not surpassing 2010’s total attendance. With all of this excitement in store, don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the best that education has to offer. www.USAdance.ORG

2011 July -August 45

AD Marketplace CLOTHING, SHOES & ACCESSORIES Ballroom Gifts

Yin Zhang 14 Pine Ave Cohoes NY 12047 Phone: 518-782-7903 Email: Website: Exclusive gifts from around the world for dancers’ health and beauty. Tax included. Free shipping on orders over $25. No charge until order has shipped. (142452 3/31/2012)

Designs Inspired LLC

Deborah Pendarvis 1469 Colonial Blvd # 230, Ft Myers FL 33907 Phone: 239-278-4223 Email: Website: Designs Inspired is a small design house showcasing an incomparable collection of savvy gowns both for evening-wear and competitive ballroom attire. Conceived to showcase innovative design of the highlest caliber, we hope you will allow us to be part of your most memorable events. Designs Inspired . . . Your Destination for Fabulous! (142098 3/31/2012)


Michelle Friedman 686 St. Georges Rd., Bridgewater NJ 08807 Phone: 908-218-1926 Email: Website: Custom music editing including tempo change and/or seamless merge of diverse pieces. Credits include music for top professionals visit website for examples. 10% discount USA Dance members. Experienced DJ & MC for DanceSport, Dance Studio and Social Events; state-of-the-art equipment, exceptional music library, fully insured. (106545 10/31/2011)

Timeline Media LLC

Rassi Borneo 3751 Mazewood Ln, Fairfax VA 22033 Phone: 703-864-8208 Email: Website: Professional dance photography by Rassi Borneo. Provides dynamic, unobtrusive photography coverage of ballroom dance events from their base in the metro D.C. area. Photos from recent events available to view at (141687 2/28/2012)

46 InStep

Toe To Heal, LLC

Stephanie Durham Phone: 425-308-5701 Email: Website: Toe to Heal, A Journey of Healing Through Dance. A documentary film follows the lives of six individuals who all have a story of healing through dance. Our Mission - To share inspirational stories of courage, healing and personal growth experienced through the unique sport/art of ballroom and partner dancing. (138531 3/15/2012)


Ken Richards (VP of DanceSport-USA Dance) Wilmington, DE and the Delaware Valley. Phone: 302-984-BLUE (2583) Email: Website: Learn Salsa, Swing, Ballroom, Latin, Hustle, Country, Nightclub Slow Dancing, Argentine Tango and more! Group classes, personal training, and coaching from top dance stars available.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio

8225 E. Washington St. Box 13, Chagrin Falls OH 44023 Phone: 440-543-1559 Website: The Fred Astaire Franchise is known for its excellent dance curriculum and dance programs along with guarantying the private dance sessions. Offering private and group dance lessons for beginners as well as advanced lessons for more seasoned dancers. Also offer Zumba Dance classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. (142216 3/31/2012)

Patti Wells’ Dancetime Center

Pattie Wells 1255 W Morena Blvd, San Diego CA 92110, Phone: 619-275-3533 Email: Website: Offering group classes, private and semiprivate lessons in almost all partner dances including Latin, Ballroom, Swing, Tango, Blues, Country-Western and more, practice dance parties, San Diego Westie (WC Swing), San Diego Jitterbug Club. Top ranked, award winning dance instructors. (142665 4/30/2012)

Pacific Ballroom Dance

Brent Mecham 1604 15th St SW #109, Auburn WA 98001 Phone: 253-939-6524 Email: Website:

Pacific Ballroom dance builds character in youth by providing a positive ballroom dance experience emphasizing inclusiveness, dedication, leadership, teamwork, fitness, respect and excellence. Our vision is to provide youth with a positive artistic, social and athletic experience designed to help them be productive community members. (135247 1/31/2012)

Rhythm In Motion

3333 DelPrado Blvd S, Cape Coral FL 33904 Phone: 239-542-3500 Email: Website: Southwest Florida’s premier dance studio specializing in Ballroom instruction American Smooth & Rhythm. Also offering childrens and youth Ballroom & Latin Dance, International, Standard & Latin, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, adult Belly Dancing, Yoga, adult Ballet & Zumba. (139912 3/15/2012)

OTHER DanceDeck Dance Floors

Eric Hochman 50 E 42nd St, New York NY 10017 Phone: 800-709-9055 Email: Website: DanceDeck is the premier source for portable and permanent dance floors - from the most affordable dance floors to the ultimate in elegance and performance. (142090 3/31/2012)


Online*Onsite Competition Manager Phone:503.970.6515 Website: Manage your DanceSport competition using the latest technology with the system used by many USA Dance event organizers. Online registration, event management, scheduling and results. Onsite networked system for registration, management and communication which may include wireless electronic judging. (11/30/2010)

Competition Management Services Inc.

Mark Garber, Atlanta GA Phone: 770-645-8707 FAX: 770-645-6350 Email: Website: On-line registration, scheduling & payment for dance competitions. (94188 5/31/2009)

DanceMart MEN’S DANCE SHOES For Sale- Brand New Diamante Men’s Dance Shoes, made in Germany, size 8, slim foot. Also 2 pair of same, worn but serviceable all three pair for $85. Contact William K. Wall at 434-975-7358 or email [1] MENS WHITE SATIN SHOES NEVER WORN / $20 + shipping English Size 7, 1-1/2” Heel, Gamba Brand. 561-558-6077 [1] Men’s Capezio Standard Oxford, Model BR02, Black, Size/Width 8M (American), Heel 3/4 inch. Condition: Like new! Worn only once before I realized they were medium width … not wide width like the box said. Asking $75. Email: [1]

WOMEN’S DANCE SHOES Champion Dance Shoes like new. Beautiful bronze t-strap, 2 1/2 inch Latino heel. American size 10. Worn once. $118 new; will sell for $75. Contact carolynnescott@ [1]

DanceMart DanceMart continues to serve members of USA Dance as a free space to advertise and sell personal costumes, shoes, etc., or search for a partner. To be included in DanceMart, please limit your classified ads to 50 words or less. You must include your membership number and name to ensure compliance with the free space for members only. Classified ads will run in American dancer for two issues. If you wish to run it longer, you must resend the ad. To place or renew an ad, Please send it to:

MEN’S COSTUMES International Standard Tuxedo. This resale, traditional tuxedo with tails was custom designed for International Standard ballroom competition dancing. The tuxedo is being sold with all the accessories: Jacket w/ tails (38R), pants (32/32), shirt (medium), bow tie, handkerchief, suspenders, and waist coat. Excellent condition. Asking $850.00. Contact: Call Jaime (407) 498-3144; or email [1]


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