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Musical Chairs of Dance Wheelchair bound body builder inspires others to keep dancing.

WDSF World Championships Dancers representing the USA competed at the Junior II Standard, Adult 10-Dance, and Senior III Standard World Competitions. Official Publication of USA Dance

National Collegiate DanceSport Championships

January - February 2012

Issue 34

On the Cover Photo Courtesy of Aubree Marchione

18 Musical Chairs of Dance

USA Dance members Nick Scott and dance partner Aubree Marchione have competed and performed across the naton, raising awareness about wheelchair dancing and inspiring others along the way.

36 WDSF World Championships

Dancers representing the USA competed at the Junior II Standard, Adult 10-Dance, and Senior III Standard World Competitions.

41 National Collegiate DanceSport Championships

Students from across the country lit up the dance floor in Columbus, Ohio, detrmining who the best college dancers are in the country.


Nick Scott & Aubree Marchione at 2010 Paralympic World Wheelchair DanceSport Championships

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President’s Report Editorial Information & Contributors Important Announcements


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National Leadership - Who’s Who Quick Reference List

Dance Floor

On Beat

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USA DANCE in the Public Eye Kiki Nyemchek & Ted Volynets: USA Dance members share their “Dancing With the Stars” experiences


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The Quake Chicago DanceSport Challenge Competition Calendar WDSF World Championships Wrap Up

12 USA Dance Members Audition for Shows 14 National Chapter Conference 2012 In Step 15 Greater NYC Chapter President on Radio Show 41 National Collegiate DanceSport Championships 16 Are Dance Mixers Necessary? 44 Collegiate Formations Championships 17 USA Dance National Dance Cruise 2012 18 Musical Chairs of Dance 20 Chapter Highlights Claremont McKinley COllege Performs their Nightmare Before Christmas Formation number


Photo Taken by AD Staff

2012 January - February 3



I would like to report that the Governing Council had a very productive annual meeting in October, and with the New Year at hand, I thought I would take this opportunity to announce a major new initiative being undertaken by USA Dance. NEW WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT AND ON-LINE SERVICES Since 2002, during the presidency of the late Archie Hazelwood, USA Dance was aware that its website and on-line offerings were not what they could be. Ideas were presented over the years during the subsequent presidencies of Esther Freeman and Peter Pover to improve our on-line capabilities. The difficulty always was that as an all-volunteer organization, USA Dance did not have a national volunteer ready and able to oversee this effort. That changed in October 2010 when Senior Vice President, Bill Rose, who is skilled in website issues and serves as our resource person in assisting chapters with their website questions, agreed to chair a committee of national volunteers to evaluate the technology needs of USA Dance and recommend a way forward. After a full year of review, Bill and several members of his committee made a recommendation to the Governing Council to expand the role of Dance Notions, which operates AccessDance, to revamp the USA Dance national website and the websites of those USA Dance chapters requesting this enhanced service, as well as to serve as system administrator. AccessDance has already been providing a more limited service to USA Dance for a number of years, and therefore has gained considerable knowledge about USA Dance and its chapters, which will help insure that a transition to an expanded internet presence will be a smooth one. The Governing Council accepted this recommendation by an overwhelming vote of support. This program launched in mid December 2011 with the new USA Dance National Website. It will be followed in quick succession with the following new services for our 180 chapters starting in January 2012: Bronze Level – Service at this level will be available to all chapters no matter how large or small. It will include a single page listing, a listing on AccessDance, and a simple description of the chapter and its activities. No chapter website coordinator is needed to access this level of support. Chapters will see Access Dance drive its many monthly visitors looking for ballroom dance activities in their communities to nearby USA Dance chapters, providing chapters with a stream of potential new participants

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for chapter workshops and dances. We hope, of course, that a number of these new participants will ultimately become members of the local chapters, increasing chapter strength and vitality. Silver Level – In addition to the services available at the Bronze level, services at the Silver level will include enhanced marketing through a multi-marketing database that will allow for the opportunity to list articles, events, images, videos and date-specific events via a calendar. The Silver level does require a chapter website coordinator to access this level of service. Gold Level – In addition to the services provided at the Bronze and Silver levels, the Gold level will include a full feature website, consisting of multiple (unlimited) pages and advanced features. The Gold level does require a chapter website coordinator to access this service. For those chapters with highly developed websites, an individual consultation with AccessDance will be available to see how AccessDance can assist them with the further growth and development of their site. We hope that these three options will satisfy the requirements of the vast majority of USA Dance chapters. Over the years a number of chapters have told our national volunteers that help with website services and membership growth are more important to them than the small amount of funds they receive from National each year in the form of rebates. We have listened to our chapters, and this expanded website and chapter growth initiative at the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels is being provided via the former rebate program at no additional charge to the chapters. We will of course be evaluating this new initiative to gage its continuing success, and will make adjustments after the first year of operation as necessary.

Lydia T. Scardina

National President, USA Dance


2012 January - February 5


Contributing Writers

A m e r i c a n

Jean Krupa

National Officers

Jean Krupa currently serves as the Social Vice President for USA Dance. She served as Region VI Vice President in 1999. She is a founding member of the Greater Daytona Chapter in 1990.

PRESIDENT Lydia Scardina, 415.469.9815 e-mail: SENIOR VP Bill Rose, 949.842.8284 e-mail: SECRETARY Stan Andrews, 217.454.8879 e-mail: TREASURER Esther Freeman, 541.779.6787 e-mail: DANCESPORT VP Ken Richards, 302.290.2583 e-mail: SOCIAL VP Jean Krupa, 386.761.1625 e-mail: •

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Editor-in-chief Shawn Fisher PEODUCTION DIRECTOR Michael Mecham WRITERS Michael Mecham • Jean Stoddard • Breanna Olaveson ART & PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Aimee Mecham DESIGNERS Aimee Mecham • Michael Mecham

Angela Prince Angela Prince is the National Public Relations Director for USA Dance, responsible for all integrated PR programs, organization publicity and communications, national media relations, social media relations and brand development. She is also the editorial advisor for American Dancer magazine and other publications.


WRITERS Jean Krupa EDITORIAL ADVISOR Angela Prince, USA Dance Director of Public Relations •

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AD REPRESENTATIVE Angela Prince 704.507.2699 e-mail: •

Jillian Zacchia Barbara Word


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Ravi Narayan

Chapter News


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6 Line of Dance

USA Dance would like to inform all of our athlete and professional members that the Governing Council has voted to approve an important, but modest dues increase commencing December 31, 2011, and that beginning January 1, 2012 our athlete and professional memberships shall commence on a calendar-year basis. We are pleased to let you know that dues will increase only $5.00 per year for minor and student athletes; and only $10.00 per year for adult and professional athletes and for DanceSport professionals. Adult Athlete $70 Student Athlete $25 Minor Athlete $20 Professional Athlete $75 DanceSport Professional $80

As our members are aware, USA Dance has not had a dues increase for a number of years, yet the costs for administering our fast-growing DanceSport programs have continued to rise. As evidenced by our National DanceSport Championships, National Qualifying Events and other activities, we are committed to providing our athletes with the most cost-effective and highest quality of competitive opportunities. Some of the important dancesport expenses include providing USA Dance Observers for all of the USA Dance-sanctioned competitions, making important upgrades to the proficiency point system and other related website services, as well as maintaining the best of judging and administrative support for our competitions.

Arianna Fender Alexandra Caluen

Letters to the editor

Please include chapter name and number, contact information and any photos with caption information that you might have. •

Membership Updates For 2012

There are several important reasons for these changes:


Individual Non-Member $25 Canadian Air Delivery $32 Overseas Air Delivery $36 Library Subscription $9 •

Please include your name, city and state. Names will appear in full unless specified otherwise. •




Musical Chairs of Dance

Cover Photo William Stansbury and Jenny Sokolsky Dancing at Junior II Standard World Championships in Chisinau - Moldavia

Wheelchair bound body builder inspires others to keep dancing.

WDSF World Championships Dancers representing the USA competed at the Junior II Standard, Adult 10-Dance, and Senior III Standard World Competitions. Official Publication of USA Dance

National Collegiate DanceSport Championships

January - February 2012

Issue 34

Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Stansbury

NEW PRO-RATED CALENDAR-YEAR MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM FOR ALL USA DANCE ATHLETES AND PROFESSIONALS A number of our members have raised questions about whether USA Dance membership dues will be paid on a pro-rated schedule in 2012 as USA Dance converts athlete and professional memberships to a calendar year basis. The new pro-rated schedule will be provided to all athletes and professionals as individual renewal dates approach, showing the correct pro-rated amount due for 2012 and into 2013. USA Dance wishes to thank all its athlete and professional members for their support as we begin this transition. Lydia T. Scardina President, USA Dance


2012 January - February 7

Director Positions

National Officers

Lydia Scardina President

Bill Rose Senior Vice President

Gerald Bonmer Dir. Membership Services

Angela Prince Dir. Public Relations

Efrosyni Iosiphidis Dir. Administrative Support

Bobbi Jo Gamache Dir. Chapter Liaison

Barbara Wally Dir. K-12 Student Programs

Jean Tauber Dir. Development

Stan Andrews National Secretary

Staff Positions Esther Freeman National Treasurer

Ken Richards DanceSport VP

Jean Krupa Social Dance VP

Shawn Fisher Editor-in-chief American Dancer Magazine

8 Association


Daphna Locker Chair, Nationals Organizing Committee

January - February 9

Quick Contact List National Officers NAME




Lydia Scardina

National President

Bill Rose

Senior Vice President

Stan Andrews

National Secretary

Esther Freeman

National Treasurer

Jean Krupa

Social Dance VP

Ken Richards

DanceSport VP

Appointed Directors NAME




Gerald Bonmer

Dir. Membership Services

Angela Prince

Dir. Public Relations


Efrosyni Iosiphidis

Dir. Administrative Support


Bobbi Jo Gamache

Dir. Chapter Liaison


Barbara Wally

Dir. K-12 Student Programs


Jean Tauber

Dir. Development

Staff Positions NAME Shawn Fisher



Editor-in-Chief American Dancer Magazine


Daphna Locker

Chair, Nationals Organizing Committee New

Mary Schaufert

Central Office Manager

10 Association

JULY 15-22, 2012

After two consecutive sellout dance cruises to the Caribbean, join your fellow USA Dance members for the third National Dance Cruise, July l5-22, 2012, aboard Princess Cruises’ magnificent Star Princess as we sail to Alaska!

1,299 *Based on double occupancy. Cruise taxes & insurance not included.

USA Dance Members Audition for Shows

Audition Tips 1. Be Prepared – Know your trade.


is no substitute for professional training and experience. Auditions are your way to market your skills.

2. Think and behave professionally – From the security guard to the receptionist to the casting director, other people in the room, everyone! An actor’s personal behavior speaks volumes.

3. Be on time – Casting takes place in a Erik Linder and Rickie Taylor, Left Photo with Carrie Ann Inaba

Jazzmyn and actress Gabrielle

by Breanna Olaveson

Shows like Dancing With the Stars obviously need dancers, but ballroom dancing appears on shows like America’s Got Talent as well. But what about shows like Oprah, Maury Povich, MTV’s Made and USA’s Burn Notice? Ballroom dancers are showing up all over the entertainment industry, and many of them are USA Dance members. Erik Linder and Rickie Taylor auditioned for America’s Got Talent in 2009 after appearing on Oprah’s “All-Time Smartest, Most Talented Kids” in May 2008. They made it all the way to the America’s Got Talent semi-finals and enjoyed their experience, but they both said that being on the show wasn’t exactly what they were anticipating. “It’s a lot different than I thought,” Erik says. “You wait most of the day for your rehearsal, then you go back to your hotel and sleep. Then the next day go to the studio at seven in the morning, and then you wait until you do your thing again. So, it’s a lot of waiting.” Rickie also said that being on the show was fun, but not what she expected. “They were filming us a lot,” Rickie says. “Whenever we’d come by the studio, they’d get their cameras out 12 Dance Floor

and tell us what to do. Right after performances, we would leave the stage and they’d always interview us. It wasn’t the best, but it was kind of fun.” Erik and Rickie love dancing, and they loved sharing that with others on the show. But it was a big commitment for them and their families, and Erik’s father says that’s something to consider before auditioning for a television show. “If you want to audition for a television show, I’d say go for it,” Lars Linder says. “But be aware that if you make it, it could be an all-consuming part of your life. You have to be prepared and committed to it. It might be the only thing that happens at that point in your life.” Dancing With the Stars is another show that’s put ballroom dancing in the national spotlight. In its 13 seasons, about three-quarters of the show’s professionals have been current or former members of USA Dance. Besides the professionals, the Dancing With the Stars troupe has two USA Dance members, Ted Volynets and KiKi Nyemchek, in its ranks. This means that USA Dance has succesfully auditioned 12 couples for the show since season one.

USA network’s Burn Notice isn’t exactly known for featuring ballroom dancing—in fact, it generally doesn’t have much dancing at all. But when one episode, “Better Halves,” needed background dancers, USA Dance members responded to the call.

fast-paced environment and industry professionals appreciate consideration of their time. Don’t waste their time.

4. Have different dances ready – Club dances are likely candidates for a scene re-

Jazzmyn Iglesias, Zhenya Vitko and Irina Gavrilovitch were all cast as dancers in the episode, and Jazzmyn was cast as the dance double for Gabrielle Anwar, one of the lead actors in Burn Notice. Jazzmyn dressed in the same costume as Gabrielle and was prepared to be her body double as needed.

quiring dance extras, but you will still need

Performing is much different from competing, but with new experiences comes new perspective. In fact, Erik Linder says that his experiences on television have made him a better competitor.

choreography – Learn the terminology

“It’s helped me because on TV there’s a huge crowd,” Erik says. “When you’re doing a competition, it’s a lot less stressful. You’re not as nervous because there are only 50 to 75 people instead of a couple thousand people. So you have a lot more confidence in your dancing after you do something like that.”

to know how to lead/follow other styles in order to be useful to a casting director.

5. Be prepared to learn, or to produce, of basic stagecraft and stage dancing, and you will be better positioned to learn from a non-ballroom choreographer. To be an asset to producers, develop choreography skills and/or the ability to freestyle. Contributing writer: Alexandra Caluen

Erik & Rickie Photos, Courtesy of Lars Linder Jazzmyn & Gabrielle Photo, Courtesy of Zhenya Vitko


2012 January - February 13

The National Chapter Conference is a great opportunity to network, mingle, and share ideas with other USA Dance members. In addition to the knowledge that can be gained from other attendees, this year’s conference has a stellar lineup of teachers covering a variety of topics. Angela Prince Director of Public Relations - Understanding the PR Role of USA Dance - Maximizing Good PR for Your Chapter - Successful Social Media Strategies & Best Practices for Your Chapter and Protecting the USA Dance Logo, Brand and Reputation Bill Rose, Senior VP - Guidelines and Templates for Building your Chapter Website

Esther Freeman, Corporate Treasurer - “Staying Exempt” - How to Safeguard the Chapter treasury - How to Budget - The Benefits of Sending in your Financial and Annual Reports on time Jim DiCecca, District 4 Coordinator - Creating Volunteers and Committees Marta Pascale, District 9 Coordinator

- BMI/ASCAP licensing

-Recruit and Retain New Members

Bobbi Jo Gamache, Director of Chapter Liaison*

Other Topics:

- Conflict of Interest and Neutrality Policy

Chapter Election Procedures, Music Selection, Ballroom line dances, Adopting Causes, increasing community involvement.

Photos courtesy of stock.xchng

*one on one private consultations available

Travel!Radio Travel!Radio Travel!Radio Travel!Radio Travel!Radio Travel!Radio Photo Courtesty of Yang Chen

Let’s A n n o u n c i n g t h e Let’s NATIONAL Let’s To Register Go to CHAPTER Let’s CONFERENCE Let’s DATE March 1 - 4 LOCATION The Love Field Wyndham - Dallas, Texas Let’s

Let’s Travel!Radio Let’s Travel Let’s Travel!Radio USA Dance GreaterLet’s NYC Travel Let’s Travel!Radio Let’s Travel Chapter President Appears Let’s Travel!Radio Let’s Travel on Global Radio Show Let’s Travel!Radio Let’s Travel Let’s Travel!Radio Let’s Travel by Breanna Olaveson

Yang Chen, president of the Greater New York Chapter #3004, joined other dance representatives on Let’s Travel! Radio Oct. 20 to share—and further—the mission of USA Dance with people around the world. “During the interview, I wanted to make sure we were getting the message out about ballroom dancing both in New York and across the country,” Yang says. “We wanted to get the word out about the mission of USA Dance—to improve the quantity and quality of ballroom dance in the United States.” Let’s Travel! is a live radio talk show about travel and culture, and this installment was called “Dance Dance Dance.” Yang participated as an expert on ballroom dance and joined two other guests, Denise McClellan of the National Dance Association and Bea Becker of the American Dance Therapy Association, on the show. As president of the Greater New York chapter of USA Dance, Yang had a unique ability to speak to ballroom dancing’s ability to cross all backgrounds and cultures. New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the United States, and Yang brought to the radio show the perspective of one who has seen ballroom dance bridge gaps between people of different backgrounds. Members of USA Dance themselves are very diverse. Dancers travel around the world for competitions, and individual members travel with the organization. Everywhere they go, ballroom dancers learn the power dancing has to bridge gaps between people— even if you don’t speak the language of a place, you can always communicate through dance.

14 Dance Floor


“Dance is a universal language throughout the world,” says Angela Prince, public relations director of USA Dance, who arranged the interview. “The radio station gave us an opportunity to talk about the way dance unifies people and our role as USA Dance.” Let’s Travel! is a live radio broadcast , but episodes are also available online. This gives the show a global reach and allows for greater flexibility in sharing individual episodes, thus spreading the word about USA Dance to people all over the world. “I, for one, am a big believer in the power of the internet,” Yang says. “When we started recording the show, I shared the link on Facebook so people could listen to it live. As soon as the broadcast was available on their website, I posted it on Facebook and Twitter. I used as many ways as possible to get the word out. My hope is that other people will spread the word.” USA Dance members can help share the mission of USA Dance by sharing the podcast of the radio show (available at and by following Yang’s lead in taking opportunities to talk to the media about why they love dancing. “Whenever a chapter president or someone in leadership of a chapter is invited to speak about USA Dance and educate the public, I think they should do it,” Yang says. “It can only help us pursue our mission, and perhaps it will lead to new members joining. It’s a tool for growing membership, public education and general publicity. If USA Dance can do a part to spread the word, we should do it.” 2012 January - February 15

Are Dance Mixers Really Necessary? By Jean Krupa


n planning any chapter dance, several ingredients are necessary: music, sound system, venue, instructor, refreshments, and, of course, dancers. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere is a “must” to mark it as a successful dance where guests and members mingle and participate in the dances. Changing partners improves your dancing. Dance mixers give you that opportunity. In other words, you have to work to fit in. Take the initiative and dance with more advanced dancers. Take some classes or workshops or who knows you may just find a partner who wants to practice and become a “more advanced” dancer. One of the more popular dance mixers is the ‘Snowball’ which can highlight a guest or guests of honor by having them first take the floor, then stopping the music for both parties to find new partners from the crowd, continuing until the floor is full of dancers. In the ‘Chair’ dance mixer to a Foxtrot or Waltz, the women line up on one side of the floor and the men take the women at the front of the line around the room once, dropping her off at the back of the line and proceeding to the front for a new partner. This can also be done reversing the roles (think Sadie Hawkins dance) with the men lining up. A word of caution: it is considered rude to avoid taking the next partner in line, although, if you have just danced with one another or the person is your regular partner you may offer to skip your turn and defer to the next person in line. The chair dance also encourages people to meet and mingle. Whether with your dance partner or while waiting in line, you have the chance to chat

16 Dance Floor

and introduce yourself, overcoming the tendency to never get to know ‘new’ friends. It is best to have your mixer within the first half hour of the dance, this way you can meet people you might want to ask again later and visitors are made to feel welcome. If you have a large number of unescorted ladies, you may want to consider having two to three short mixers—no longer than fifteen minutes— during the evening. Ladies, you will become a better follower by learning to adjust reaction time as a “follower” and make you a more desirable dance partner. For the men, learning how to lead well doesn’t mean a “tug of war” -- there is an art to leading. Some of the best male dancers have a lead that is precise and feels “like butter”. Get a partner, change a partner, and meet more friends.

The Star Princess,

USA Dance National Dance Cruise Trying to make some New Year’s resolutions? Worrying about the ones you made last year and forgot about in March? Want to do something that will really change your life? Here’s the solution: book your space on the Third Annual USA Dance National Dance Cruise. Start your year off right by making a decision that has the potential to expand your world travels, spark a new interest or hobby, and improve your dancing technique. The Destination: Alaska

Princess a lush traveling paradise. The Star Princess comes equipped with her Wheelhouse Bar, which offers a complimentary British-style pub lunch menu on sea days for a treat and her renowned Sabatini’s Italian restaurant which is open every day to tantalize your taste buds. The Dancing: Simply the Best Experience a full range of dancing with over 18 ballroom, latin, and club-style dance workshops. The workshops will be taught by some of the most popular professional instructors. This is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your dance passion or to come back and impress your friends with your by Michael Mecham new dance moves.

5. Increases Self Esteem.

Alaska is the place to be this summer on the Third Annual USA Dance National Dance Cruise. In the first summertime national cruise participants will be able to experience sea wildlife along the gorgeous waterways of the inside passage. Glacier viewing in Tracy Arm Fjord is another unique aspect of this year’s cruise that you won’t want to miss. Other stops along your voyage will include Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan and Victoria, B.C.

6. Improves your Posture.

The Ship: Star Princess

out. You don’t want to miss

While you are cutting through ocean waters along the coast, you will be doing it in style aboard the Star Princess. Comfortable surroundings and venues like The Sanctuary, the Piazza-style atrium, and Movies Under the Stars makes just being on the Star

out on this one. Go online to

Ten reason to be in Mixers:

1. Dancing is Fun. 2. Improves your Coordination. 3. Keeps you Fit. 4. Builds Self Confidence.

7. Get to Meet New People. 8. Improves your Social skills. 9. Become a Better Leader. 10. Become a Better Follower.


Don’t wait. The first two USA Dance National Dance Cruises were completely sold to book your space today.

2012 January - February 17

Nick Scott & Aubree Marchione


“For the injured and disabled, Aubree Marchione believes their greatest hope is dance.” 18 Dance Floor

For dancers, injury is their greatest fear, but for the injured and disabled, Aubree Marchione believes their greatest hope is dance. Marchione has been teaching and participating in wheelchair ballroom for years, and is testament to its advantages, but recently she has decided to produce a documentary which showcases proven benefits of wheelchair dancing with the hope of spreading awareness and reaching out to countless more who are wheelchair bound. “Wheelchair dancing originated in Europe in the 60s and became very popular over there,” says Marchione, who explains that there are “two different types of wheelchair dancing, combi style, which is when a person without a disability dances with a person in a wheelchair, and duos, which is when two people, both in wheelchairs, dance together.” Marchione has done her part in promoting wheelchair ballroom and Latin dance, her specialty within the wheelchair dancing field. Just last week, October 25th 2011, Aubree and her dance partner, Nick Scott, performed at the Jewish Foundation for Group Home’s ‘Evening of Dancing with the Stars,’ where the pair got to showcase their Samba dance skills in front of two thousand people, including some of DWTS’ professionals and contestants, thanks to the non-profit organization that supports those with disabilities. “Dancing with Nick is inspirational,” says Marchione, “in a matter of years we’ve had the opportunity to spread so much awareness about wheelchair dancing, and I hope it leads to others getting involved in the sport.” The wheelchair bodybuilder, Nick Scott,

“ Europe we were the first couple to ever represent the United States of America in a World Wheelchair Dancesport Championship.”

“is an icon in the fitness industry right now,” says the wheelchair ballroom expert. The two met at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2009 where Marchione was hosting for 2B Entertainment, the production company that is producing the upcoming wheelchair dance documentary. She invited him to take dance lessons with her, and says “he flies from Kansas every month to practice with me and learn the new choreography.” Together, the pair has won first place in the Latin division for both the ‘Atlantic Coast Dancesport Championships’ in Philadelphia in June 2010 and the ‘Heart of America Dancesport Championships’ in Kansas in August 2010. “In those competitions there were about eight couples each,” admits the dancer, “but over in Europe we were the first couple to ever represent the United States of America in a World Wheelchair Dancesport Championship.” Together they competed against 22 nations and over 200 couples in the ‘World Paralympic Wheelchair Dance Sport Championship’ in Germany in November 2010. Since then Marchione has put her talents to use by choreographing for feature films and commercials, such as the upcoming feature film, Musical Chairs, and in producing the award winning documentary “Perspective: the Nick Scott Story” with 2B Entertainment. Now she’s combining her choreography and production skills for the upcoming documentary on wheelchair dancing’s benefits. The documentary is focused around a course given by ‘American Dance Wheels Foundation,’ a nonwww.USAdance.ORG

profit organization that teaches both students and teachers like Marchione how to wheelchair ballroom dance. A group of young veterans in California invited the organization to give them a course during the month of January 2012 where they would show the effects of the program by conducting a study on the mental, physical, and social benefits of the activity. “If they find positive results,” explains the choreographer, “it will open doors for wheelchair dancing to be a form of rehabilitation in rehab hospitals and health facilities instead of just a form of recreation.” Teaching or taking a wheelchair ballroom course is inexplicably rewarding, and this choreographer recounts a touching story of a wedding couple she instructed last month. “They said they wanted to try dancing, but the groom got hurt in an accident and they weren’t sure how the dance would turn out. When they started taking lessons the bride said to me ‘I can’t believe were actually dancing for our wedding, this is what I’ve always wanted. I always wanted to feel like a princess and dance with the love of my life, and it’s happening.’” After video taping their last lesson together with Marchione, she says “I played back the video for them and they both started to cry. They were very happy to have their dream come true.” Anyone who would like to contribute to the documentary can do so by mailing a check to: 2B Entertainment LLC, 535 David St., South Amboy, NJ 08879. By Jillian Zacchia Photos Courtesy of Aubree Marchione 2012 January - February 19

Big Heart!

Florida chapter gives the gift of ballroom dance

A Small Chapter With a

Photo Taken by: Tony Grillo

By: Ravi Narayan Chapter #4007

USA Dance – Honolulu held its 18th Anniversary Ball on April 23, 2011. The Chapter Board decided to donate 100% of the proceeds Performers and volunteers at the USA Dance – Honolulu 18th Anniversary Ball from the event to the Japan was heartwarming and overwhelming. A total of Red Cross Society through the Japan America $8,330 was raised in tickets sales and donations to Society of Hawaii (JASH). A call went to all the support the earthquake and tsunami disaster relief other ballroom clubs in Honolulu to support the efforts in Japan. fundraiser. The event was extremely successful with almost 500 attendees, including the Managing Director of the City and County of Honolulu, Mr. Douglas Chin, Presidents of all the major local Ballroom Dance Clubs as well as local dance professional instructors. Three of the five couples doing the exhibition dances had just returned from the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships, including Glenn Okazaki and Anne Ho who placed 4th in the Senior II Standard Division and went on to place 47th in the WDSF Senior II Standard Championship held in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. There were almost three hours of general dancing with great music by DJ Gary Kawasaki, refreshments, and of course the exhibition dances - all for a bargain of $8. The response from the attendees and their support for the disaster victims

20 Dance Floor

combination -– a box step with cross body lead to an open break, followed by a back spot turn with the men dancing an under-arm/over-arm reverse turn ending with side breaks, leading the lady from side to side.

Last year, the Honolulu chapter donated $5,953.00 to the American Red Cross for the Haiti Earthquake Disaster as well as $2,198 in light bulbs for the City’s ballroom dance facility. Previous beneficiaries included the American Red Cross for the Pacific Island Earthquake Relief Fund and the Meals on Wheels program to help the Elderly. The Honolulu chapter may be a small chapter with less than 150 members and a small 11-member volunteer board, but our members and the Hawaii community surely showed their large hearts and their Aloha spirit once again! If you are visiting Hawaii, we would love to see you at one our dance events. We are walking distance from Waikiki hotel district. For more information on USA Dance – Honolulu events, check our website at or email info@

Photo provided by Lake-Sumpter Counties Chapter


ne Florida chapter found that the way to boost attendance and membership and give the gift of ballroom dance to the community is to open your doors “free to all” for workshops and a dance during National Ballroom Dance Week 2011. The USA Dance #6106 Lake-Sumter Counties chapter ran each of three workshop sessions a full hour and general dancing lasted three hours. Nearly 100 attended the event held at the Leesburg Community Center on a spacious terrazzo floor overlooking the park and Lake Harris where the event occurred on Sept. 23, 2011. Popular deejay “The Santellas” played true ballroom style music using the prescribed USA Dance ballroom format for the event. Originally from England, dance instructors Ron and Barbara Martin taught an advanced level International Quick-Step to eight couples. Participants taking this session had to already be familiar with the dance and capable of dancing progressive chasses, forward and back locks and natural quarter turns. The Martins are not only excellent professional instructors but also accomplished dancers who everyone enjoys watching. Chapter president and certified dance instructor Ray Gardner taught an intermediate level Rumba


An instructor for 57 years, Gardner taught originally in Indianapolis and the Atlanta area where he was a studio owner and for 19 years the organizer of the Atlanta Star Ball. He continues to teach, as well as, DJ at various venues in the Lake-Sumter counties area. Gardner also instructed West Coast swing with the participants reviewing and dancing a variation of a turning triple basic to put the lady into the slot. Gardner said, “I introduced this variation so they could start the dance without always beginning with a Sugar Push.” This was followed with the introduction of four side passes, ending with the ladies being led into an inside under-arm turn. Another highlight of the evening was a West Coast Swing exhibition by Ocala cardiologist Dr. Justin Ferns and his partner Sigrid Schwartz. The event took a lot of preplanning and with donations of $500 in merchandise and gifts from local merchants, the NBDW event was a success, primarily due to a great group of energetic members who pitch in as needed and show up early to situate the décor, the food, dance information and welcome table. The chapter thrives because it is known as a friendly chapter with creative officers. Lake-Sumter Counties chapter plans to continue giving the gift of ballroom dance in this way and in other creative ways to come. By Barbara Word Chapter #6106

2012 January - February 21

awards are presented by Carrie Ann, following the final round awards presentation of each division to the one couple that exhibited exceptional and unique “star performance” qualities. Their placement in the final round is not a criteria for the Star Quality Award decision.



Carrie Ann will be present throughout most of Nationals 2012, attending various educational and VIP functions. She will hold press interviews and a meet-greet autograph session with fans on the USA Dance Red Carpet.

Angela Prince

Carrie Ann Inaba and Ken Richards Photos by Carson Zullinger

Another Lucky Break for USA Dance Members Dance Troupe Members Rise to Stardom Each Week On “Dancing With the Stars”

2012 Star Quality Awards

Carrie Ann Inaba to be honorary celebrity judge at National DanceSport Championships in Baltimore. Once again, USA Dance is honored and pleased to announce that Dancing With The Star’s Celebrity Judge Carrie Ann Inaba will return to the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships in Baltimore, March 30-April 1, 2012, as Honorary Celebrity Judge for the 3rdannual USA Dance Star Quality Awards. The Star Quality Awards were first launched with great success at the 2008 USA Dance Nationals in Baltimore and then again at the 2010 Nationals in Los Angeles. Only in 2011 did the awards program not occur when Carrie Ann’s DWTS schedule prevented her attendance in Baltimore. The Star Quality

22 On Beat

Two very well-known USA Dance dancesport athletes, who’ve competed in USA Dance competitions for many years, have gained newfound stardom on ABC-TV’s Dancing With the Stars for the past two seasons – Kiki Nyemchek and Ted Volynets. Kiki and Ted trained together under Maks and Val Chimerkovskiy. Both Maks and Val are performing professionals on Dancing With the Stars, a position that both Kiki and Ted hope to have in the future.

Carrie Ann Inaba Congratulating winners

Awards supplement and are outside of the traditional judging that occurs at Nationals;

Several seasons ago, Ted also was cast by USA Dance in MTV’s reality show “MADE”, as he helped a teenage girl in New Jersey realize


her dream of being “made into a latin dancer” on the show. Episodes are still online and on YouTube for viewing. This season they were joined on the floor in the routines by new DWTS Pro Val Chmerkovskiy, who competed with Italian model Elisabetta Canalis. Read Kiki and Ted’s stories in this issue of American Dancer. Also, check out Ted’s exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment online at

2012 January - February 23

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS SPONSORED DESIGNER COSTUMES NOW FOR SALE The absolutely gorgeous Swarovski/Designersponsored gowns and latin costumes created for 10 of the USA Dance championship-level couples are now for sale. These are the costumes that debuted at Nationals 2011. If you are interested in buying one of these costumes from the designers (Dore Designs, ElleDance Studio, Designs to Shine and Dierdre of London), please email PR Director Angela Prince at publicrelations-dir@usadance. Half of the proceeds will be donated to the USA Dance Athlete Development and Travel Fund, compliments of Swarovski Elements. Photos by AD Staff

USA Dance LA County Chapter Entertain Millions Atop Kit-Cat Float in 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade The USA Dance Los Angeles County Chapter entertained 50 million parade viewers worldwide and three million along the parade route January 2nd, when the Kit-Cat® Clock float (#74 in the queue) rolled down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, Calif. during the 2012 Tournament of Roses® Parade. Kit-Cat Clocks, one of the best known household decorating items, was celebrating its 80th anniversary as a company with a nostalgic float remembering the eight decades since its founding with a float themed, “Timeless Fun for Everyone.” USA Dance DanceSport couplesl performed to 50’s Swing tunes during the parade and then showcased many styles of dancing at the Post Parade event.

Top Photo Eric Rosenberg and Nicole Akhmerova Top Right Ron Garber and Ashley Goldman Bottom Right William Stansbury and Jenny Sokolsky 24 On Beat

On the 55-foot long and 24-foot high float, junior couple Aaron Altman, 12, and Rashell Khalfin, 11, danced swing to the 50s song “Rock Around the Clock” along with eight skateboarders and LA chapter members, who danced in the streets alongside the moving float. As USA Dance stated: “USA Dance and our local Los Angeles County Chapter, representing all ballroom and Latin dancers across America, are excited to be part of the Kit-Cat Clock float in the 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade. What better way to “swing in the new year” than “Dancing for America” in alliance with the California Clock Company, whose magnificent Kit-Cat float is a fun celebration and tribute to all that is American-made.”

Full story details in the March-April issue of American Dancer. www.USADANCE.ORG

2012 January - February 25

USA Dance JoinsTV Celebrities To Tell the Behind the Scenes Story The Saturday Evening Post has been a magazine icon for half a century. Many will remember the magazine’s early-day covers that so whimsically (and truthfully) depicted everyday American life as illustrated by the legendary artist Norman Rockwell. USA Dance worked closely with the magazine on its October-November story “America Goes Dance Crazy” and were delighted by its now very famous cover depicting Uncle Sam dancing with the Statue of Liberty. We were also pleased that many photographs of our dancers, from pre-teen to seniors, were included in the issue. The story is still available online at www. and is perhaps one of the best portrayals of dancing in America. Interviewed were PR Director Angela Prince, Dancing With The Stars Judge Carrie Ann Inaba, So You Think You Can Dance? Judge Mary Murphy as well many tv dancing celebrities and non-celebrities, like ourselves, who share this in common -- dancing has changed their lives for the better, and forever.


America’s War Over Guns

THE NEW SCIENCE OF STRESS Stop Worrying, Start Living!


Working Medical Miracles

Founded a.d. 1728 by Benjamin Franklin


BONUS! Luscious HoLiday Recipes! THe QuieTesT pLace on eaRTH RockweLL’s cHRisTmas Vision

NOV/DEC 2011

26 On Beat


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2012 January - February 27

Recaps Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars With American Dancer By Michael Mecham

Oksana Dmytrenko & Kiki Nyemchek Perform the Samba

USA Dance members Christopher “Kiki” Nyemchek and Teddy Volynets just finished their second season as part of the Dancing With the Stars professional troupe. Both Kiki and Ted trained under Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy who are two of the professional competitors on the show. American Dancer had the opportunity to talk with Kiki, who told us how his 15 years of ballroom competition helped prepare him for DWTS and what makes the show worthwhile for him. Kiki Nyemcheck & Magda Fialek

Kiki Nyemchek: Competing is pretty much like performing for an audience and for the cameras except at competitions you have judges looking at your technique and everything else to give you a score. I’m not saying there’s less pressure [on the show] but there’s a different feeling on TV. At a competition you have to be pretty much perfect every time. It’s the same on TV, but you only have one shot and you just do what you can. Previous troupe members have become competing pros of the show, would you be interested in doing that as well? Eventually I would. That is the goal for the show, so if the opportunity came, I don’t see why not.

If you were to become one of competing professionals, is there a specific celebrity you would want to have as a partner? Not really. I’m really open to anyone. I’m not picky. As long as they are willing to work hard and want to succeed, I’m really open.

Student - Dancer - And Reality TV Star on Season 13 Dancing With the Stars


ed Volynets began dancing at the age of 11. He studied under Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy. Four times a week he would make the hour and a half drive to their studio and then back home. Ted has competed in ballroom competitions all over the world. He made his television debut in 2009 on the MTV reality show “Made.” Television aduiences apparently like him so much, he came back as part of the professional dance troupe on “Dancing With the Stars.” In 2009 Lisa DePace wanted to be “made” into a latin dancer. With a lot of practice and some help from her all-star partner Ted, she was able to turn that dream into a reality and show off her new dance moves in front of an audience. In his final year at NYU majoring in economics, Ted got a call asking him to be part of the “Dancing With the Stars” professional troupe. “I was literally four weeks from graduating when I got the call to come on the show,” Ted said in an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, “so I had to withdraw.” Ted still plans on finishing his degree, it’s just going to take a little longer than four weeks since he has to take classes during breaks in the show. Since being on the show he has been able to spend time with coaches Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy and friend Kiki Nyemchek. Ted practicing with Lisa DePace on MTV’s Made

American Dancer: You have been to competitions all over the world. How has competing helped prepare you for Dancing With the Stars?

Ted Volynets: Ted and partner Bridgette Glazarov at Blackpool Festival 2007

Kiki Nyemchek & Ted Volynets

“One of my favorite performances ever was Mark and Val’s “Toxic” duel.” Ted said in his Wetpaint interview. Another of his favorite experiences on the show included being able to perform with his coaches and friends in an all-male pro number. “I don’t get to dance in a number with Val and Maks and everybody at the same time often. That kind of brought me back to when Maks used to fly us out to Vegas and we’d do performances at the casinos.” In his interview with Wetpaint, Ted said that what he wants more than anything is become one of the competing professionals on “Dancing With the Stars.” He’s competed around the globe amd “made” a teenage girl into a latin dancer. Ted’s next stop may just be among the “Stars.”

Do you have a favorite Dancing With the Stars memory? Not to sound cliché, but the whole experience has been great. I got to do it with some good people and some good dancers. I have some good friends on the show that I got to work with. I’ve known Maks and Val since I can remember, and I’ve known Ted for a while because we trained together. He’s like a brother. The whole thing has been a great memory.

By Michael Mecham Ted and Kiki perform with other Dancing With the Stars professionals

28 On Beat


2012 January - February 29

“The Quake was a very well run event. The

Lets Get Ready to Rumble!

The Quake

facility was great from a dancer’s as well as a spectator’s view point. The organizers and staff were friendly.. this event is a great addition to the other events offered by Erik Linder and Rickie Taylor Photos Courtesy of Alex Ren

USA Dance.”

The Quake ballroom competition certainly caused a commotion this past November as skilled dancers came from all around to rock the city of San Francisco. Organized by Ava Kaye and Stephan Krauel, The Quake took place for the first time this year and is projected to continue to be held for years to come. As a National Qualifying Event for the National DanceSport Championship, the competition naturally attracted many skilled dancers. Six of those dancers were awarded scholarships. The scholarship program rewarded the winning competitors in all of the adult championship events. The first place winners received $500, second place received $300 and the third place winners won $200. Other sponsors and scholarships were accepted by organizers for those interested in sponsoring additional events. These scholarships rewarded not only the talent displayed on the competition floor, but the years of hard work and dedication that preceded. Winning the Adult Open Argentine Tango was Winter Held and Ariel, Adult Open Latin was won by Jose Comoda and Chris Phan, The Amateur Championship Adult Smooth was won by Anthony Sanchez-Torres and Marina Sanchez-Torres and Amateur Latin was won by An Hoang and Stacey Chuang. Congratulations to the winning individuals!

Peter Chien And Jennifer Chang

30 DanceSport

Quake dancers competed in a variety of events including senior and youth Championship and PreChamp; Smooth, Standard, Rhythm and Latin, Bronze through Novice; Smooth, Latin, Standard and Rhythm as well as numerous others. The Quake also provided same-sex events. Such events are not sanctioned by USA Dance and NASSPDA. However, in 2007 33 same-sex ballroom dancers, competitors, organizers, and other interested parties from the U.S. and Canada, held a meeting in Emeryville, CA. At this meeting they voted to create a membership


organization whose primary focus would be to provide opportunities for same-sex individuals to compete in North America, making it possible for individuals at The Quake to compete with a partner of their same sex this year. The winners of the Ladies Adult Standard B and C were Amy Percy and Sharon Washington, Nancy Taylor and Katherine Day. Gents Adult Standard A was won by Rob Jenkins and Photis Pishiaris. The Quake was held Nov. 13th in the San Francisco Airport Marriott’s beautiful ballroom, an ideal location for traveling dancers. The hotel offered a discounted rate to all competitors. Ballroom competitions held in hotels always seem to be a favorite. Not only do they make for easy access to the competition venue and low travel pressures, but make for a fun, upbeat atmosphere. It is exciting to be in the midst of fellow dancers and be a part of the competition day rush as competitors primp all morning and run down the halls fully clad in their competition attire. It is not only a competitive event but also a social one as competitors find opportunities to mingle with one another at the hotel’s restaurants, pool and even in the elevators. Shawn Fisher, USA Dance’s magazine publisher, at the competition, said, “The Quake was a very well run event. The facility was great from a dancer’s as well as a spectator’s view point. The organizers and staff were friendly and the Berkley University students brought lots of energy. This event is a great addition to the other events offered by USA Dance.” All of those that attended will agree that they felt “the earth move under their feet” at The USA Dance Quake ballroom competition and are excited to have this new addition to the competitive ballroom world. By Arianna Fender

2012 January - February 31

Seventh Chicago DanceSport Challenge a Success

“We keep improving. The first year we had this competition, it was held in a gymnasium, and we had over 100 competitors. Now we have over 300. We keep growing because everyone is very pleased with our competition.” - Barbara Finn

The Chicagoland Dance Chapter #2001 held its seventh annual competition Nov. 4–6 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel, and competitors came from all over the country. More than 300 dancers competed in dozens of areas, in age groups from preteen to senior four. And it’s the volunteers who made it all possible. “This competition could not be run as successfully without all our volunteers and our committee,” Barbara Finn says. “They’re what makes this such a great event.”

In the past, dancers have come to the Chicago DanceSport Challenge mainly from other cities in the Midwest. But with the growing popularity and good reputation of the event, dancers are coming from across the United States. “This competition keeps growing,” Barbara says. “We keep improving. The first year we had this competition, it was held in a gymnasium and we had over 100 competitors. Now we have over 300. We keep growing because everyone is very pleased with our competition.“ One of the things competitors liked most about the event was the new floor the Chicagoland chapter acquired. “We wanted to improve the floor, so we rented this one,” Barbara says. “Everyone loved it. It was smooth with none of the rigid seams you get with other floors. You could just glide across and not catch your shoes.” The competition floor was an impressive 44’ by 72’, and the logistical improvement was indeed appreciated by the dancers. “The dance floor was very well designed and built, and I really appreciated that,” says Alan Burns, a member of the competition committee and a competitor in the event. But it wasn’t just the floor itself that the dancers appreciated. They also loved what happened on the floor after the music stopped. Instead of waiting half an hour or more for results, competitors learned their rankings only seconds after the music stopped.

Tal Livshitz and Vlada Semenova

32 DanceSport

Mark Tabor, a USA Dance member from Oregon, created an application called O2CM (Online and Onsite Competition Manager) to streamline the judging and awards process. While O2CM has been used in competi-

Oskar Wojciechowski and Caroline Holody

tions across the country, the Chicagoland chapter was among the first to use it. Robyn Pearce, a dancer in this year’s competition, wrote to Barbara to say how much she appreciated the immediate results. “I loved that everything was automated with the iPads,” she wrote. “The immediate results made it wonderful for the competitors and the people who came to see them.” Quality competition was obviously the focus of the event, but there were successful non-competitive events held during the competition as well. Professionals conducted workshops and taught private lessons, competitors and spectators participated in Jack and Jill events and open dancing, and event winners performed honor dances after awards were distributed. More than $8,000 in scholarships were awarded during the competition as well. www.USAdance.ORG

“We were able to print scholarship checks immediately after people finished their dances,” Alan says. “We could present it right then. It was fun to be able to do that.” Barbara and her committee have already begun preparations for the 2012 and 2013 competitions. Both will be held at the Hyatt Regency on the first weekend in November. The competition will continue to be a national qualifying event, and many officials from this year’s competition have been invited to return. The popular dance floor is reserved for the next two competitions, and open swing and tango events will be included, as requested, as well. by Breanna Olaveson Photos Courtesy of Anne-Marie Lund, LNT Photography

2012 January - February 33

DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Qualifying Events forDanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport USADanceSport Dance 2012 National DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Championships CALENDAR 2012 DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport 010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships 2009 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships Jan 13-15, 2012 Feb 24, 2012 Manhattan Amateur Cassic (MAC)-NQE National Youth Showdance Formation and 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships Manhattan, NY Cabaret Championhips Rexburg, ID 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships Jan 14-15, 2012 Feb 25 - 26, 2012 Northwest DanceSport Mid-Atlantic Championships-NQE Championships-NQE Bethesda, MD 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships Seattle, WA Mar 16 - 17, 2012 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships Jan 21, 2012 Steel City DanceSport Classic Royal Palm Winter Frolic Extravaganza Pittsburgh PA Coconut Creek, FL 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships Mar 30 - Apr 1, 2012 Feb 4, 2012 2012 N D S C 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships USA Dance Southwest Regional-NQE B , MD Laguna Woods Village, CA 010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships April 20, 2012 Feb 18 - 19, 2012 2010 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships Derby National Adult Formation Championships City DanceSport Logan, UT Championships-NQE Louisville, KY DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport 2009 Southeastern Regional DanceSport Championships look for future collegiate event DanceSport DanceSp updates on FaceBook look for future event updates at sign onto FaceBook, click on “Groups,” DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport Sport DanceSport DanceSport and type in “USA Dance Competitions” competition-calendar/ DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport DanceSport



Maksym Kapitanchuk & Elena Krifuks Photo by: AD Staff

Derby City DanceSport Championships 011 Phoenix DanceSport Louisville, KY Feb 18 - 19, 2012

Northwest DanceSport Championships Mid-Atlantic Championships Seattle, WA Bethesda, MD February Jan 19, 14 2011 - 15, 2012 Feb 25 - 26, 2012 USA Dance Southwest Regional Laguna Woods Village, CA Feb 4, 2012

34 DanceSport




Manhattan Amateur Classic-(MAC) Manhattan, NY Challenge Jan 13 - 15, 2012 Phoenix, AZ

ance port

Carolina Fall Classic Greensboro, NC Oct 5 - 7, 2012

Events listed with the * do not accrue proficiency points

Competitions noted as “NQE” are National Qualifying Events for the 2011 National DanceSport Championships.

Chicago DanceSport Challenge Chicago, IL Nov 2 - 4, 2012

Gumbo DanceSport Championships Baton Rouge, LA Jun 29 - Jul 1, 2012 For More Information visit


2012 January - February 35

orld W C hampionships WDSF

SENIOR III STANDARD Colorful gowns and tail suits flooded the venue as hundreds of couples representing countries around the world paraded onto the floor. These were the competitors at this year’s WDSF World Senior III Standard Championships in Mons, Belgium on Oct. 22. The couples representing the United States were four of 206 Senior III couples who competed in the World Championships Senior III competition. Adjudicators eliminated couples as dancers performed the waltz, fox trot, tango and quickstep through six rounds and a final.

Pasha Pashkov and Daniella Karagach Photo By AD Staff

ADULT 10 DANCE Pasha Pashkov and Daniella Karagach represented the United States at the 2011 WDSF World Ten Dance Championships in China Nov. 12 and 13, placing 27th in the competition. Thirty-four couples from over 40 countries took to the hardwood at the Luwan Stadium in Shanghai. The world’s all-around best dancers faced off in the competition, demonstrating highly-trained skills in both the Latin and Standard dances. This was Pashkov and Karagach’s third time competing together at the World Ten Dance 36 DanceSport

Championships. They received 10 place in 2009 and last year finished at 13th place according to The couple is currently the USA Dance 2011 National 10-Dance Champions, Karagach being the youngest competitor to hold that title. Reigning champions Bjorn Bitsch and Ashli Williamson of Denmark became World Ten Dance Champions again this year.

The United States competitors represnted their country well. Terry Yeh and Glendy Yeh placed 33, Thomas Keller and Evelyn Lafferty placed 45, Hiroshi Kawanawi and Juliana Kawanawi placed 66 and Winston Chow and Lilly Chow placed 105. Terry and Glendy Yeh also entered the Open Senior III competition the following day and placed 10 out of 83 couples. Jouko Leppälä and Heljä Leppälä from Finland became the overall champions for the 2011 World Senior III Standard Championships. In addition to the Adult Latin competition, videos of the Youth Latin competition can be seen on the DanceSport Total YouTube channel.

Thomas Keller and Evelyn Lafferty

“Colorful gowns and tail suits flooded the venue as hundreds of couples representing countries around the world paraded onto the floor. These were the competitors at this year’s WDSF World Senior III Standard Championships in Mons, Belgium on Oct. 22.”

by Jean Stoddard


2012 January - February 37

orld W C hampionships WDSF

Junior II Standard Two couples from the United States traveled to Chisinau, Moldova to compete in the WDSF World Junior II Standard Championship on Oct. 15.

Ploszaj and Kacmarski practice about 12 hours a week. Practice is one thing Stansbury and Sokolsky understand. The couple has been dancing together for seven years.

William Stansbury and Jenny Sokolsky placed 32th among their international competitors, while Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmarski placed 44th. Ploszaj and Kaczmarski also competed in the open competition the following day, placing 5th out of 33 couples.

Stansbury says one of the reasons the couple has been successful is that they have been together so long. That and hard work. Sokolsky agreed. “It really helps to get along with your partner, and teamwork is one of the things that brought us this far.”

This was the third World Championship for Ploszaj and Kacmarski. They have competed in “America’s Got Talent” and several open international competitions receiving high ranks, including 2 and 3. Ploszaj said the competition was tough because the European style of dance is so much different from the American style. However, he said the couple had fun and did their best. “I’ve learned to enjoy myself and not to be embarrassed of who I am as a dancer,” said Ploszaj. “It’s not always about winning. We just practice to do our best in competition, but at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun.” Ploszaj’s mother wanted to dance when she was younger, but never had the opportunity. She told herself when she had children she would sign them up for dance. And she did. “The first day I wasn’t sure,” said Ploszaj. “But after weeks and months I started to enjoy it. 38 DanceSport

preparing for future competitions, including Nationals. Stansbury and Sokolsky are preparing for Blackpool in the coming months, and Ploszaj and Kacmarski are getting ready for the next World Championships in Moscow.

The rest Stansbury and Sokolsky both attribute to dedication high expectations from their coach. “We have a really good teacher who has a clear idea of where he wants us to be,” said Stansbury. Stansbury, who has not been to many international competitions, said it was interesting to see the level of competitors at the World’s competition. Sokolsky agreed. “I got to experience a whole new world of dancing . . . Every couple has their own little something.” Sokolsky said competing is exciting for her. “Seeing the judges lined up on the edge of the floor, and watching competitors practice on the carpet, just makes me more anxious to dance!” “They were really proud to be representing the United States in the national competition,” said Stansbury’s mother, Cynthia Stansbury. “It was pretty exciting.”

Top Photo Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmarski Photo to Left William Stansbury and Jenny Sokolsky

Ploszaj, Stansbury and Sokolski said they had a great experience at World Championships and are

Photos Courtesy of Cynthia Stansbury


2012 January - February 39

Nationals Sponsors 2011

National Collegiate DanceSport Championships University of Michigan

Hail! to the victors valiant Hail! to the conqu’ring heroes Hail! Hail! to Michigan The leaders and best! “The Victors” rang out as University of Michigan students left their seats and joined the joyful throng as the University of Michigan was announced as the overall champions at the National Collegiate DanceSport Competition in November. With nearly twice as many competitors as any of the other schools, U of M refused to be beat, but that didn’t stop any of the other college competitors from having an incredible weekend of ballroom dancing as well.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS (Title Sponsor) Arlene Yu

Nadia Eftedal Holiday Ball Competition Erminio Stefano & Luana Conte Eugene Katsevman & Maria Manusova Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyeva Larinda McRaven Dance Pants Scott & Sarah Coates USA Dance Central Florida Chapter # 6002 USISTD USA Dance Michigan Northern Lights Chapter #2048 USA Dance Royal Palm Chapter #6016 USA Dance Treasure Coast Chapter #6004 USA Dance Tidewater Chapter #6008 Spencer & Elena Nyemchek David & Connie Taylor Aida Renzo

40 InStep

Thank you for your support!

The NCDC took place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center where competitors practiced in the hallways, touched up hair or makeup between events, and occasionally took a nap in a corner or on their bags. College students from all over the country spent the weekend in the largest and most competitive collegiate level ballroom competition in the country. During the day they practiced and danced, and in the evenings many of the students watched the professional dancers at the Ohio Star Ball competition. Some of the students even had the opportunity to cheer on their school’s coaches during that time. The events ranged from newcomer to championship level in both American and International www.USAdance.ORG

dance styles. The majority of dancers competed in the newcomer and bronze events. During these events, hundreds of dancers lined up along the wall waiting for their turn on the floor. Once on the floor, it was clear that some of the new dancers were nervous, but amidst encouraging cheers and catcalls from the spectators, they were able to relax and enjoy their moment in the spotlight. No encouragement was needed among the more advanced competitors. During the pre-champ and championship events, the usually rambunctious audience became uncharacteristically quiet at times, seeming to be caught up in the elegance and grace of the dancers. Once the lull in audience volume was recognized, spectators hurriedly made up for it with wildly enthusiastic cheers and yells. The audience members, made up primarily of other college competitors, were a unique and memorable part of the competition. It was not uncommon to see a grin spread across a competitor’s face in response to some comment that a spectator made. One dancer in particular turned quite red after an audience member called out, “I want to marry you!” The enthusiastic audience, incredible dancing, and unconquerable school spirit made the 2011 NCDC an event to remember. By Michael Mecham Photo by AD Staff 2012 jANUARY - February 41

NCDC Photos by AD Staff

42 InStep


2012 jANUARY - February 43

Collegia te Form ations C ompetit ion UVU


lack capes cover the dancers from Claremont McKenna as they line up on either side of the dance floor. All the capes get ripped off at the Fairmont State University. Their same time to reveal red and black costumes as the formation team was smaller than dancers enter the floor in perfect unison. some of the other schools’, but Fairmont sure left an impression They hit their positions and wait. And wait. on the crowd who erupted into applause at the And wait some more. Due to some technical conclusion of their performance. “We decided difficulties, they exit the floor while the music we were ready to break into it,” said Fairmont’s is switched. Despite the music problem, coach James Suter. The incredible first-year Claremont performs a stunning Latin performance may inspire other teams to join medley set to music from Tim Burton’s “The the competition in the future. Nightmare Before Christmas.” Four teams entered the third annual Latin formation dance championship at the 2011 National Collegiate DanceSport Championships. Veterans and newcomers competed in an exhibition of not only individual and couple dance talent, but also the talent that an entire team can show; and the performances were incredible.

Utah Valley University also competed in the Latin medley competition. “We have a lot of flair,” Joelle Jewks said of her team. Jewks said her team had spent hours working on all the little details, so the performance would be as clean and crisp as possible. UVU’s crisp clean Latin medley was impressive enough for them to win the event.

One of the teams that entered the formation competition for the first time this year was

In the Standard formation competition, one team stood alone. Literally. Utah Valley


University returned to the competition this year to defend their title as National Collegiate Standard Formation Champions. With no other teams competing in the event, they did just that. Despite the lack of competition UVU delivered a remarkable performance. UVU swept the formation competitions this year, but with this year’s competitive teams from Claremont, Farimont, and Indiana University, it’s impossible to tell whether they will be able to hold on to their titles in the future. By Michael Mecham Photos By AD Staff

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Claremont McKenna

2012 jANUARY - February 45




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2012 jANUARY - February 47


NATIONALS Crowning Champions USA Dance National DanceSport Championships Baltimore, MD March 30 - April 1, 2012

America’s DanceSport Champions

January-February 2012  

2012 January-February issue of American Dancer

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