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I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.

Le Corbusier

Justyna Breczko Architect and Designer, Amsterdam breczko +31 6 16371144 justyna.breczko@gmail. com I am an architect and designer currently based in Amsterdam. My interests revolve around urban architecture, public realm and culture. In 2014 I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Wroclaw University in Technology in Poland with a MArch degree. I participated in the student exchange program at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft in the Netherlands.

I have acquired in total more than 1 year of relevant professional office working experience and I am constantly seeking new architectural and design opportunities. I am able to independent problemsolving and making decisions on architectural problems and methods. For my graduation Thesis project, Juvenile Detention Center I received attention and very positive

remarks. Currently I am pursuing a traineeship at architecture office Buro Ruim in Amsterdam. During my studies I practiced in offices – BASIS Wroclaw in Poland, and abroad in Italy at Caterina Tiazzoldi Studio in Turin. At one of my internships I was also involved in the construction of the Football Stadium in Wroclaw for the FIFA Euro Cup in Poland and Ukraine in 2012.

The office refurbishment of existing space and fit-out of collective functions. Concept Design, Space Planning and interior Display Proposal Schematic Design Phase with Buro Ruim Our team refurbished MRDM Enschede office to create an

engaging environment that accommodates two big workstation spaces with core and collective finctions grouped along the corridor. Space planning studies explore different concepts of the zoning and level of accessibility.

Final layout concept with the proposed floorplan. Hand sketched interior projections.

How to convert an unique building into housing?

Study on the dwelling typology and apartment layout Frans van Mierisstraat Residential Block, Schematic Design Phase with Buro Ruim

The design task was to propose new internal residential layout into existing urban block. The studies include corridor, gallery and uban villas typologies varying into apartment size and horizontal circulation schemes.

Hand Rendering. Studies on ground floor and inner courtyard facades. Landscape design study for fantasy garden at the rooftop level.

Conceptual diagram.

Park’n’targ as an atractive public space which just happens to be transformed into a market. 1st Place Competition for Experimental Marketplace Tendering Phase with BASIS Wrocław Our competition entry is designed as an extrovert urban space, a kind of covered city public square. My responsibilities with this design included schematic design of a market stall and post production and alteration to photoreal rendering explaining both day and night impressions.

Market schematic plan and section showing applied sustainable sollutions.

The new market shed is designed like a giant green roof, which covers both technical facilities as well as the space assigned for the costermongers and their stalls. The view towards the roof from the surrounding buildings was conceived as an important aspect of the design.

Renderings before post-production.

Renderings explaining the possible occupation of two zones during the daytime and at night.

My main focus through the all design phases of this project was the study of the facade and appartments layout development. I approached those tasks from different scales and points of view, working both through sketches, drafting and 3D modeling.

Search for nongeneric facade while establishing CPO identity BLOK 6 Zeeburgereiland Residential Complex for Private Clients Collective Schematic Design + Design Development + Construction Design Phases with Buro Ruim

Model and facade final impression. Post produced rendering of the main facade with balconies and entrance verandas. Facade development sequence.

Design Phase section and floor plan. Construction Phase apartment plan. Sellling materials rendered plan of the same apartment. Detailed section through the balcony and conceptual diagrams explaining balcony idea.

Faรงade redesign to take advantage of the shaping of the EFTE envelope structure as a mean to reinforce natural ventilation.

Cumulus Cloud Climate Facade Facade redesign for the glasshouse at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft Delft University of Technology supported by Florian Eckardt This increase of structural grid of columns became possible due to the choice of utilizing EFTE air inflated cushions as a faรงade structure. Technical detail of the truss joint. Longitudal section.

Facade redesign for existing building while preserving its nature Jan Toroop Residential fit-in into Office Building Specification Phases with Buro Ruim

I conducted the final studies on facade impression with final material specifications. Final realized facade pictures. Final facade drawing showing openings layout.

Control and organization of spaces through Void. Juvenile detention center MArch Thesis Project Wroclaw University of Technology supported by Marek Lamber

Axonometric hand rendering and conceptual diagrams.


Level 0 floor plan.


In my thesis I conclude that the void in architecture is a tool to establish control as the air cavity acts in-between buffer zone and maintain visual and sound surveillance. In relation to my design I managed to confine the experience of the space by manipulation of emptineess sizes, dimensions and contrast between the mass and cavity.

Justyna Breczko Architect and Designer, Amsterdam 0616371144

Justyna Breczko Junior Architect Portfolio 2016  

Justyna Breczko Junior Architect Portfolio 2016

Justyna Breczko Junior Architect Portfolio 2016  

Justyna Breczko Junior Architect Portfolio 2016