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How and why are photos used in the media? In this application, the photograph is the focus as it is a medium close showing the man’s facial expression. Without having to read any of the text looking at the photograph tells a story. The photograph connotes a happy atmosphere. the headline enlightens what has happened which brings the story being told by the image to life and gives the audience more understanding of the story. In addition, the big bold white headline which states “FOUR MORE YEARS” simply captures the audiences’ attention which makes them want to read more about the article. Also, the different subheading helps the reader get a better insight to the article and it also makes it easier for audience to read the article without getting confused. In this application, the photograph shows a man and a woman. The woman seems happy as she is shown smiling. This is reflected by the white dress she is wearing. This is because white is normally associated with happiness and peacefulness. However, this is juxtaposed in the same photograph by the man dressed in black who seems sad. The black connotes sorrow as it is usually worn in funerals. Also the headline is

written in bold which captures the audiences’ attention. In addition to that the word ‘galore’ is written boldly in red which is usually associated to blood. This red colour is reflected on the blood on the face of the man. This is an advertising application photo which the purpose is to market coca cola product. The focus of this photo is the face of the woman as it is a close shot of her. Looking at just the woman I can immediately get a positive and peaceful vibe. The facial expression of the woman already shows how good the product is as she seems to be enjoying it. Fur-

thermore, there is a contrast between the white and red colour in the coca cola logo. The word coca cola is written boldly in white which could imply that coca cola product stands out in comparison to other products. In addition, the empty bottles in the photo also tells good of the product as the woman has finished it which shows how good the product is. This is an advertising application photo which purpose is to market MacDonald’s. The focus of the photo is the boy as it is a close shot of him. The

facial expression of the boy already shows that he is happy with MacDonald also the fact that he has only taken a bite of the burger and he is very impressed with it, leaves a good impression on MacDonald

which would attract more people to try out their food. Furthermore, looking at the text which says ‘real good’ corresponds with the facial expression of the boy and how the boy is feeling about the burger.

The purpose of this photo is to tell a story about the conditions of war and the mind set of the soldiers in war. Firstly, there is a young girl dead on the floor with all the soldiers just walking past like there’s no one there. This shows how strong mentally a war gets soldiers to be and it shows that no one is safe when it comes to war that even little children can be greatly affected by war.

The purpose of this photo is to tell a story. Firstly, the women are all reaching to holds his hands with smile on their faces which shows leadership this shows leadership because it seems like they all look up to him and see him as a leader and that he is important to them that’s why they all want to hold him at the same time another idea that I get from this photo is togetherness and unity this is because in the photo there are all black people trying to come together which could imply that they might be coming together to fight for their beliefs.

The purpose of this photo is to increase sales. looking at the photo I can already spot a silhouette of the men on the horses which could suggest that it is a countryside setting and western part of America setting. The purpose of this is to indirectly inform people of what genre of music it is. The word ‘GOLD’ is written in bold with a gold colour which could suggest that the music is very important is valued which could be a way to get people to buy the cd on the cover photo there is a list of all the songs which helps the audience get more knowledge about the songs on the cd.

The purpose of this cd cover is to increase sales. The picture shows a face with different emotions which could be a way to increase sales because the audience could listen to the song no matter how they are feeling and what mood they are in. the fact that some parts of it is a bright colour and the other parts is darks shows that it doesn’t matter if you are happy or sad you can still listen to the song.

In this application which shows a promotional advert, it explores the idea of a magical Christmas layout. The display of the studio gives the viewers an idea of how to decorate their house for Christmas and to make it look beautiful and colourful. Furthermore, the Christmas tree and bright colours surrounding the room creates a Christmas vibe. This is a deliberate technique in order to help viewers in planning out the setting of their homes this Christmas. The front cover of ‘Ikea’, exhibits a red painted wall, lit Christmas tree with presents underneath, tile chairs and red shelves. All the colours of furniture compliment on another this can be shown through the positioning of items and objects.

From the first page, which shows the audience how to set up their houses for Christmas, it then moves unto showing them objects that the can buy to make their house look as beautiful as the first page on the IKEA website. This is a very good promotional technique as people would have an understanding of how their house would look if they buy the items to decorate their house for Christmas.

This is a charity photo; which purpose is to tell a story. Firstly, the photo shows a little girl holding two glasses of water. One of which is dirty and the other clean. Her head is tilted to the side of the clean water with a smile on her face which could suggest that she prefers the clean water and that’s why she’s happy. This tells a story because people would understand how happy clean water makes people feel.

This is a charity photo from a water charity. The purpose of this photo is to tell a story. Firstly, the boy is looking up into the sky with a smile on his face and his hands open wide ready to receive the water this is symbolic because it looks like he is getting a blessing from God in the form of water. Also, the light shinning from the sky onto the boy emphasises on the fact that the water is like a blessing. The purpose of this is to show people how important it is to the boy that he is getting water.

unit 27 part 1  
unit 27 part 1