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TOP 3 SHOES YOU SHOULDN’T WEAR FOR A JOB INTERVIEW Women are addicted to shoes. They can either make or break your outfit.You don’t have to be a fashion icon or updated with the current trends to get this one right. Here are some shoes to avoid for your benefit of nailing that interview. TOWERING HEELS It can be unbearable to hear your complaining about your swollen feet because of high heels.Being at a job interview that you have been eyeing on isn’t the place to be practicing “beauty is pain”.Your interviewer is after your experience and work skills and not by what type of shoes your buy. Any shoe that has more than 3 inches of heels is definitely something to complain about especially if you use them the entire day. INFORMAL SNEAKERS Sneakers are also a big “no-no” even on a rainy day. Why? You will be showing how unprofessional you are.Interviewers might think you came from a running activity and come straight to the interview right after.Looking casual and laid back is not the best way to look when seriously interviewing for a job. Casual Shoes that are appropriate for corporate office wear must be changed into even if you are commuting to your interview.The job interview is important as it is their first impression of you.What you wear on your feet is something to be conscious about even if the person you are talking to can’t see them. BOLD SANDALS © 2012

Footwear that shouldn’t be considered as options during a job interview are open-toed discount shoes and sandals. Again, you don’t want them to have an impression of you that is much too casualSave those discount shoes for leisurely walks outside of the office. Preparing to step out of your comfort zone is vital in order to make sure you get past that job interview.Inquire the dress code for the office when you have been hired.Put those comfy Crocs back in the shoe cabinet and keep on searching for a pair that is worthy for office. Not being an official member of a company does not mean you can wear dilapidated discount shoes. It will not be of importance if those pair are your favorite as it will ensure your failure in the interview. A pair of discount shoes which are smart looking and comfortable are good things to invest in. We hope you have learned a little something from reading all of this.In summary, you need a pair of presentable footwear that are dark shaded, closed toes, clean and not higher than 3 inches.By following these simple instructions, you will be ready. Online Web 2.0 Version “3 Kinds of Shoes That You Shouldn't Wear to a Job Interview“ You can read the online version of this press release here. © 2012